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Medcom Inc. Offers More Than 245 Online Streaming Videos for Nursing Education Medcom’s online streaming video provides cost-effective and convenient online education for nursing students allied health students and faculty. With more than 245 videos available, the available titles cover everything from certified nursing assistant training to medical assistant videos dedicated to specific areas of practice such as cardiology, pediatrics and gerontology. Some of the most popular topics in education videos for nurses are anatomy and physiology, basic clinical skills, infection control, nursing assistant skills and pediatric nursing. Through the LMS program from Medcom, students can view award-winning videos that have been developed in collaboration with working healthcare professionals for a quality nursing education. Summary: Medcom’s specially designed learning management system (LMS) provides nursing students, allied health students and faculty with 24/7 access to award-winning streaming videos from any location where they have internet access.

Bio: Medcom Inc. has been producing and distributing healthcare education print materials and video programs for more than 50 years. Their long list of program and video titles include instruction in a wide range of healthcare areas of interest to students, patients and those who are concerned about being healthy. Their courses are developed with the assistance of leading subject matter experts in their fields of expertise. The result is a library that contains more than 1,000 video, print and online course titles that Medcom has produced or distributed. They are also the recipient of more than 50 major awards for excellence, including the Emmy.

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Medcom Inc. Offers More Than 245 Online Streaming Videos for Nursing Education