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2021 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

COVID-19 Timeline: Chronology and Actions Taken

Why Bother with Medical Politics?

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Maryland Medicine

From the President

From the President... Shannon P. Pryor, MD, President, MedChi Advocacy and fomenting change is at the core of what MedChi does. This issue of Maryland Medicine highlights MedChi’s advocacy efforts from the 2021 Maryland General Assembly Session. Despite the unique (and uniquely challenging) virtual nature of the session, MedChi worked tirelessly as your advocate and achieved major wins on behalf of Maryland physicians and patients. The full scope of our legislative victories can be seen on pages  4 and 5. What else have we been up to? The IDEA Task Force continues to meet monthly to discuss ways to decrease racial, gender, and other biases and disparities in the realm of health care. If you are interested in joining us for the next meeting, please reach out to Catherine Johannesen at CJohannesen@medchi.org. Mentorship has always been close to my heart, so I am particularly excited about the newly formed Mentorship Workgroup. The aim is to use our collective experience and knowledge to help guide new physicians, residents, and physicians new to practicing in Maryland with best practices and successful career paths. Stay tuned for our next meeting date. In April, MedChi started sending out bi-monthly COVID-19 updates, mimicking the pattern of the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) COVID-19 updates. On April 12, all Marylanders sixteen and older became eligible to schedule vaccination

appointments through all providers. In response, new sites have sprung up across the state, including Frederick Community College, Navy-Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, and the Germantown campus of Montgomery College. Lastly, MedChi joined forces with the Horizon Foundation of Howard County, The Maryland Hospital Association, and AARP Maryland to create the Maryland Honoring Choices Coalition, whose goal is to educate Marylanders about advance policy solutions that will help them make informed end-of-life care decisions, and to ensure that those choices are respected through the use of advance health care directives. This newly formed coalition will focus on raising awareness about the importance of naming one’s health care agent, and educate Marylanders about end-of-life issues and the ability to upload their advance health care directive documents electronically for their physicians to readily access. The coalition will reach out to health care providers, insurers, and legislators and advocate for changes to statewide practices to ensure residents are periodically prompted to name a health care agent and/ or complete an advance care plan. The aim is for all Maryland patients to understand the importance of advance care planning, and to ensure that they have access to the resources they need.

Volume 22, Issue 2



Maryland Medicine

Volume 22, Issue 2


Cover Story

Addressing Health Disparities and Inequities Contributed by Schwartz, Metz & Wise, PA A primary focus of the General Assembly this Session was addressing health disparities and inequities, which was also a MedChi priority. The following initiatives were enacted. House Bill 28/Senate Bill 5: Public Health – Implicit Bias Training and the Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities expands the data reporting requirements of the Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities (“Office”) to include racial and ethnic data in their annual “Health Care Disparities Policy Report Card.” In addition, all licensed and certified health care professionals will be required to attest to the completion of an implicit bias training course approved by their licensure board on their first application for licensure renewal after April 1, 2022. A Maryland Commission on Health Equity was created by the passage of House Bill 78/Senate Bill 52: Public Health – Maryland Commission on Health Equity (The Shirley Nathan-Pulliam Health Equity Act of 2021). The Commission is charged with developing a “health equity framework” to examine ways for state and local government agencies to work collaboratively to implement policies that will positively impact the health of Maryland residents. A “health equity framework” is defined as a public health framework that the public and private sectors can use to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequities. The Commission will assess the impact of a comprehensive list of factors on the health of residents, including but not limited to: access to safe and affordable housing, educational attainment, opportunities for employment, economic stability, access to transportation, food insecurity, and social justice. House Bill 309/Senate Bill 565: Public Health – Data – Race and Ethnicity Information requires the Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities (Office), in coordination with MHCC and MDH, to establish a plan by January 1, 2022 for improving the collection of health data that includes information on race and ethnicity. It also requires the Office to collaborate with MHCC and professional licensing boards to publish the annual “Health Care Disparities Policy Report Card,” which will include data on the ethnic and racial composition of the health care community. A framework for the establishment of Health Equity Resource Communities (HERC) in areas of the State with demonstrated health inequities and disparities was established with the passage of House Bill 463/Senate Bill 172: Maryland Health Equity Resource Act. The legislation as enacted is no longer funded by an alcohol tax, and the program will be administered 6

Maryland Medicine

by the Community Health Resources Commission (CHRC). The General Assembly allocated $14 million from the separate Relief Fund legislation to the Commission to administer shortterm grants related to health equity priorities for two years. During the two-year period, an Advisory Committee appointed by the Governor, President of the Senate, Speaker of the House, and led by the Chairman of the CHRC is charged with the development of a framework for a permanent HERC program, including the identification of a permanent funding source. Schwartz, Metz & Wise, PA, is MedChi’s lobbying firm.

Addressing Health Insurance and Incentive Arrangements Contributed by Schwartz, Metz & Wise, PA In December 2020, CareFirst announced its intention to have legislation introduced to authorize downstream risk arrangements (including capitated payments) between insurers and physicians, health care practitioners and health systems. Maryland’s current law does not allow these types of arrangements outside of the federal waivers granted under Maryland’s Total Cost of Care contract because the acceptance of risk is equivalent to being in the insurance industry. Therefore, legislation is necessary to authorize these types of arrangements.  At the request of CareFirst, Delegate Shane Pendergrass and Senator Pam Beidle introduced House Bill 1021/Senate Bill 758: Health Insurance – Incentive Arrangements – Authorization. While some physicians and others expressed an interest in pursuing this type of arrangement, many were skeptical, especially given the inability to work through issues during the 2021 Session and the lack of exploratory discussion. After careful consideration with physicians and other stakeholders, MedChi took the position to oppose this legislation. Of particular concern was: 1. Data transparency — Practitioners noted that data is needed in advance (prior to entering a contract) to enable them to be able to negotiate. CareFirst amended the draft to reflect the provision of data after a contract is entered into but not prior to or during contract negotiations. 2. Fair negotiations — Negotiating power between the practitioner community and insurers struck many as being “uneven”, especially in light of CareFirst’s market share. This became a two-prong discussion. One prong was the ability to fairly negotiate contracts to enter into these arrangements, and the other was the ability to have protections in place if a practitioner did not want to enter a downstream risk arrangement.

Cover Story

3. Practitioner Safeguards — The concern over fair negotiations raised the need for more specific guardrails. The legislation described contract provisions as being “mutually agreed upon,” a term that struck many as too loose. 4. Self-Referral Laws — Practitioners raised the concern that Maryland’s self-referral law would need to be adjusted in order to allow practitioners to enter these arrangements, not unlike like the changes needed for initiatives under Maryland’s All Payor Contract. Self-referral in and of itself is controversial. 5. COVID-19 — The issue of health status was also brought up as a major concern. This proposal would have practitioners assume risk both during a health crisis or when a patient’s health is in decline. For example, a patient — out of COVID-19 fears, may not have undertaken a wellness exam or screening in over a year, which potentially increases medical acuity. This makes it much harder to determine a fair negotiation.  6. Consumer Protections — How will protections be considered for consumers? Downstream risk arrangements mean that monies may be taken back from practitioners. If monies are “clawed back” (required to be returned), will premiums be adjusted for consumers or will rebates be given? Will consumers have access to appeals and grievances, health benefit plan review? How will there be assurance that quality of care is not compromised. Schwartz, Metz & Wise, PA, is MedChi’s lobbying firm.

Expanding the Definition of Telehealth Contributed by Schwartz, Metz & Wise, PA Heading into the 2021 Session, a major priority for MedChi was Maryland’s telehealth law, which became critical during the pandemic. Considerable effort went into developing legislation to address telehealth issues and work with other health care practitioners and facilities to develop a broad coalition in support of the proposed legislation. The result was the passage of House Bill 123/Senate Bill 3 — Preserve Telehealth Access Act of 2021, which was signed by Governor Hogan the day after Session ended. Starting in 2020, the General Assembly adopted “Chapter 15,” which expanded the use of telehealth. However, the 2020 legislation did not define telehealth to include audio-only patient calls. By Spring 2020, it became readily apparent that audio-only calls would be vital for connecting with elderly patients and those who do not have internet access. Medicare and Medicaid quickly responded at the federal level by allowing reimbursement for audio-only calls, and with the passage of Executive Order 20-04-01-01. Governor Hogan followed suit.

Still, the need to codify this practice was apparent. MedChi and its allies spent hours negotiating telehealth bills against staunch resistance by the health insurers. As passed, the legislation codifies audio-only calls as telehealth and requires payment parity between in-person and telehealth visits. It extends these protections to Medicaid but provides flexibility to implement them in regulations. The bill’s provisions go into effect starting July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2023. During this period, the Maryland Health Care Commission (MHCC) is required to study the impact of providing telehealth services in accordance with the bill’s requirements, and to issue a report with recommendations to the General Assembly on or before December 1, 2022. This timeline provides the General Assembly the opportunity to make permanent changes to the law during the 2023 Session (before termination of the provisions on June 30, 2023). Also related to telehealth was House Bill 732/Senate Bill 568 – Health Care Practitioners – Telehealth – Out-of-State Health Care Practitioners, which did not pass. These bills were proposed by the Hogan Administration and would have established a registration requirement for physicians and other health care practitioners who are licensed by another state but wish to practice telehealth in Maryland. MedChi opposed the bills on the basis that Maryland entered the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which makes it easier for physicians to become licensed in multiple states. (The Compact more readily allows Maryland physicians to be licensed in other states, and for physicians from other states to become licensed here.) To add a registration requirement creates an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy and would not provide for patient safety protections that are currently in the Compact. Given these concerns and MedChi’s opposition, House Bill 1021/Senate Bill 758 was withdrawn prior to the bill’s hearing. However, the sponsors have requested that MedChi, the Maryland Hospital Association, and CareFirst work together to develop legislation for the 2022 Session that would allow for these arrangements, while providing physicians and consumers with protections. MedChi is forming a Physician Advisory Group to further examine this issue. Schwartz, Metz & Wise, PA, is MedChi’s lobbying firm.

Volume 22, Issue 2


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Maryland Medicine

Cover Story

Addressing Occupations: “Podiatric Physician” Contributed by Schwartz, Metz & Wise, PA MedChi remains vigilant in defending physician scope of practice and resisting any efforts that can potentially undermine the practice of medicine. House Bill 182/Senate Bill 169: Health Occupations – Podiatric Physicians would have allowed podiatrists to use the term “podiatric physician,” a term that is currently in use in other states. MedChi successfully opposed the bill for the third year in a row, arguing that the term “physician” should be reserved for MDs and DOs. The phrase “podiatric physician” creates confusion for patients; moreover, after everything that physicians have done for Maryland residents during the pandemic, they have rightfully earned their physician title and this is not the time to freely give it away. The House Health and Government Operations Committee passed the bill by a vote of 20–4, and the full House passed it with a vote of 99–34. The Senate bill was heard by the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee, but was never brought up for a vote, so both bills died. MedChi continues to strongly advocate against the use of the Podiatric Physician title. Schwartz, Metz & Wise, PA, is MedChi’s lobbying firm.

The 442nd Session of the Maryland General Assembly Contributed by Schwartz, Metz & Wise, PA The Maryland General Assembly began its 442nd Session at noon on Wednesday, January 10th and concluded its legislative work at midnight on Monday, April 12th. As expected, this was a unique session, conducted virtually via YouTube and Zoom due to the pandemic. Gone were the opening receptions,

legislative dinners, and Sine Die parties. Even the First Aid room — normally staffed by MedChi physicians, moved to a virtual platform. Despite the pandemic, the number of bills introduced ended up being higher than in previous sessions. In this last Session, the General Assembly considered 2,788 bills and resolutions. By comparison, the General Assembly considered approximately 2,499 bills and resolutions during the 2019 Session. Another stark difference with this past Session was that roughly 783 bills were pre-filed and introduced on the very first day — a record-breaking number. While this virtual format created many opportunities, it also had its share of setbacks. A key advantage to conducting in-person testimony is the ability to read a legislator’s body language and make eye contact. Since a virtual format does not allow for this, it makes it harder to determine the success of the argument. Moreover, many committees limited the number of individuals who could testify on a bill. Perhaps the greatest challenge was the lack of “curbside chats,” as pointed out by one legislator. Curbside chats means strategically positioning yourself in the hallway to allow for impromptu conversations on multiple bills in a short period of time. Without this technique, lobbyists resorted to phone calls, texts, and emails, which was more time-consuming. One advantage of the virtual Session was the newfound ability to observe committee work, hearings, and voting sessions, and to toggle back and forth between them when they occurred at the same time. Moreover, with everything being recorded, materials could be reviewed more than once. Testimony was also uploaded on the Maryland General Assembly website, making it easier to access rather than requesting copies from each individual committee. However, testimony was not uploaded until after the committee acted on the bill.

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Volume 22, Issue 2



Maryland Medicine

Cover Story

The 442nd Session..., continued from pg. 9

While this was a productive Session, we welcome the opportunity to return to the Capitol halls, hold in-person conversations, and attend a reception or two. However, we hope that committees will continue livestreaming and recording their activities, as this ensures greater transparency and encourages public involvement. Schwartz, Metz & Wise, PA, is MedChi’s lobbying firm.

Why Bother With Medical Politics? Stephen Rockower, MD, FAAOS @DrBonesMD There is a truism, “If you are in medicine, you are in politics.” This is undoubtedly true. Whether you are in private practice or in academia, politics will be there in some form or fashion. Every phase of our medical lives is influenced in some way by politics. Trying to get vaccines for your patients? Trying to be paid for your services? Trying to deal with environmental illnesses? Politics. So why get involved? Because there is no one better suited to argue for you or your patients’ benefit than you. In Annapolis, the legislators are bombarded each year with pleas from varying groups as to why their cause needs to be addressed. Each year (even in a pandemic) the senators and delegates meet in Annapolis to discuss a few thousand bills for new laws or modifications of old ones. Medically, they relate to insurance, public health, and legal affairs, encompassing scope of practice and boards and commissions. The Legislative Council — led by Benjamin H. Lowentritt, MD — takes place virtually every Monday evening. The weekend prior to the meeting, each of the subcommittees meets to discuss upcoming bills and prepare for presentation the following Monday. The Council votes to support or not support a bill, or it may propose amendments. MedChi’s House of Delegates policies dictate the approach.

The positions are then presented to the legislature by the ablebodied lobbying team of Pam Metz Kasemeyer, Steve Wise, and Danna Kaufman. How does all of this affect you? Every patient you see, every prescription you write, every order you type, every claim you send to an insurance company, every untruth from an untrained practitioner needing to be confronted and cleared up has some basis in medical law. To riff off of Smokey the Bear, “Only YOU can prevent Legal Fires.” YOU are needed to talk to legislators and share your story. YOU are needed to talk to legislators about the obstacles you face in caring for patients or getting prior authorizations. YOU are needed so that legislators can craft laws that help physicians and their patients. How do you do this? Next year, while the Legislature is in session, respond to MedChi’s “Legislative Alerts” about specific bills. Call your delegates and senators about these bills. They need to hear from you. Any MedChi member is eligible to participate in the weekly Legislative Council Zoom calls. Every bill the Council discusses involves medicine in some way, and therefore involves you. How else can you help? Contribute. The Maryland Medical Political Action Committee (MMPAC) distributes funds to friendly and influential legislators. Their election isn’t until 2022, but funds are needed now to help raise their coffers. MMPAC supports medicine-friendly legislators, whether they are Democrat or Republican. You can contribute here: https://www.medicalpac.org. Lastly, I have to put in a plug for the AMA’s PAC, AMPAC. While the AMA does not get involved in state politics, they do help with specific issues. They contribute to Congressional candidates who align with AMA values. To contribute, visit the following link: raz.mobi/C1072.StephenRockowerMD. Stephen Rockower, MD, is an orthopedic surgery specialist and chair of the Maryland Medical Political Action Committee (MMPAC).

Volume 22, Issue 2



Maryland Medicine

            

  

                             

   

                                             


 

                    

                           

                

            

Volume 22, Issue 2


                                                     


Maryland Medicine

    

 

                      

         

                          

  

 

 

    

    

    

   

 

 

   

                                            

                                                       

       

    

  

     

             

      

    

 

  

 

  

 

     

         

    

           

Volume 22, Issue 2



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Maryland Medicine

MedChi and Component News

Baltimore County Medical Association Promotes Equitable Vaccine Distribution Russel J. Kujan

More than 100 physicians, public health professionals, and community leaders attended “The Colors of COVID-19: Advancing Equitable Distribution of the Vaccine,” a virtual panel discussion with Michael Osterholm, MD, on February 25. Structured in a talk-show format, speakers from different medical specialties addressed the barriers to advancing the equitable distribution of vaccinations in communities of color and the lack of confidence stemming from the Tuskegee syphilis study. Public health officials discussed the tremendous toll the pandemic has taken on health care workers, while business leaders gave their perspectives on the pandemic. The online program was a collaboration between the Baltimore County Medical Association (BCMA), the University of Maryland Center for Health Equity, and the MedChi IDEA Task Force. An edited version of the CME can be viewed on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9PaMsHjAQM.

Vaccine hesitancy is slowing vaccination rates in some communities. In response, the BCMA is promoting a Speakers Bureau for county physicians to engage their communities about vaccine safety and effectiveness. As physicians are oftentimes the first source of information and guidance that patients trust, outreach to underserved and rural areas is critical to boost vaccination rates. Volunteers are still needed.

Baltimore City Medical Society Update

Medicaid, and assure physician payment for such vital patient services. RPM legislation, championed by BCMS and MedChi, was successful in this year’s General Assembly. BCMS Foundation is finalizing plans for a pilot RPM initiative, the results of which will be shared widely.

Lisa Williams

On May 19, the BCMA held a 2021 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Wrap-Up to review the legislation that affects physicians and their practices. The Wrap-Up was an excellent opportunity for physicians to learn more about the legislative process and get answers to questions. Russel J. Kujan is the Executive Director of Baltimore County Medical Association. He can be reached at rkujan@medchi.org.

Maryland legislators adjourned their annual ninety-day Session in Annapolis at midnight on April 12. For BCMS, it signaled the beginning of annual post-Session COVID-19 CME and More — Having legislative and advocacy activities. held well-attended educational Baltimore City Medical Society (BCMS) programs last year on COVID-19, members will carefully review the final including practice re-opening/ legislative report, prepared by MedChi re-vamping, point-of-care-testing, lobbying team, Schwartz, Metz & Wise, as and vaccine development, BCMS well as results of City-specific initiatives. is planning several offerings for the General BCMS membership meetings to fall. Additionally, opportunities for review key initiatives and new laws are physicians and patients to continue to scheduled for May. Additionally, BCMS share their experiences with COVID, anticipates exchanges with City leaders as individuals and in roundtable (L to r): Sarah Nelson, MD; Del. Robbyn Lewis for briefings on current City Council (District 46); Padmini Ranasinghe, MD. discussion, will be heightened. legislation, and new State laws and their BCMS Foundation Celebrates in impact on health care in Baltimore City. 2022! — Baltimore City Medical Society Foundation will Before the end of the year, BCMS legislative liaisons will be celebrate its 50th anniversary next year! Plans are underway, in contact with members of the City delegation to Annapolis. beginning this fall, to highlight this significant milestone. And, before the 2022 General Assembly convenes, BCMS Celebratory activities will include feature stories on medical leadership will, again, meet with the City delegation. school scholarship recipients — where they are now, and Remote Patient Monitoring — BCMS President, Camellus updates on signature programs, that include BCMS Report O. Ezeugwu, MD, a cardiologist, has long championed remote (patient newsletter), Furlong Memorial Lecture, and “KYDA” patient monitoring (RPM), as a means to improve health care (Keep Your Doctor’s Appointment), the most recent addition to outcomes for patients. BCMS introduced resolutions during program offerings. the November 2020 and April 2021 sessions of the MedChi Lisa Williams is the CEO/Executive Director of Baltimore City House of Delegates requesting that efforts be enhanced to Medical Society. She can be reached at info@bcmsdocs.org. provide access to RPM for patients, particularly those receiving

Volume 22, Issue 2


Merritt Hawkins, the nation’s leading physician search firm Proud to collaborate with MedChi

Founded in 1987, Merritt Hawkins is the leading physician search and consulting firm in the United States and is a company of AMN Healthcare (NYSE: AMN), the largest healthcare staffing organization in the country. We are proud to collaborate with MedChi to provide its members with white papers, surveys, speaking presentations and other informational resources pertaining to physician recruiting, compensation, and related topics. We are also proud to recruit physicians and advanced practice professionals on behalf of Maryland physician practices and hospitals, and to match Maryland physicians with outstanding practice opportunities throughout the Old Line State.


Maryland Medicine

If you are seeking physician partners or associates or are interested in reviewing new practice settings, contact: Jeremy Robinson Regional Vice President Merritt Hawkins 770-481-1105 jeremy.robinson@merritthawkins.com Marian Monchais Marketing Consultant Merritt Hawkins 410-317-4910 marian.monchais@merritthawkins.com Click here to visit MerrittHawkins.com

We look forward to assisting you!

MedChi and Component News

Harford County Medical Assoc Update Russ Kujan

The Harford County Medical Association (HCMA) met with Harford County’s newly appointed health officer, David Bishai, MD, on April 21 to discuss the county’s rate of COVID-19 infections and the expansion of vaccination sites. Harford County’s test for Covid positivity has been at 7.5 percent, compared to just above 5 percent statewide. Dr. Bishai hopes to curb the recent increase in county infection rates among the younger population. Dr. Bishai said the county is expanding the accessibility for vaccination by opening a large-scale drive-thru vaccination site at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen in the coming days. Members shared their concerns over slowing vaccination rates, pointing to patient reluctance and mistrust as the primary reasons. HCMA resolved to assist the county in boosting vaccination numbers. HCMA has several virtual CMEs in the works, including a panel discussion on Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Russel J. Kujan is the Executive Director of Baltimore County Medical Association. He can be reached at rkujan@medchi.org.

MedChi Holds 433rd House of Delegates Meeting James J. York, MD

House business got underway with reports from affiliates and programs. Careful consideration was given to the following slate of resolutions that were passed: •

Encouraging patient access to remote patient monitoring as well as equal pay to physicians who provide it;

Recognizing the rights of peaceful protesters to assemble without being subjected to nonlethal weapons;

Taking measurable steps to address the significant gender pay gap in medicine;

Advocating for improved health care access for ICE detainees in Maryland;

Supporting increased protection for physicians from racial discrimination or any type of negative bias from patients;

Working to address clinical issues that impact health equity;

Establishing a task force to study restrictive covenants in physician employment contracts.

Awards were presented to the following individuals for their outstanding contributions: Debbie Sciabarrasi, MedChi COO and Executive Director of the Center for a Health Maryland, was honored for her work as the Center’s leader; Michele Manahan, MD, was honored for her contributions to MedChi’s Board of Trustees and her work as founder and chair of MedChi’s IDEA Task Force; and Benjamin Lowentritt, MD, was honored for exemplary service as chair of MedChi’s Legislative Council.

The meeting concluded with CEO Gene Ransom’s presentation of MedChi’s operations and how members and staff work tirelessly to support physicians, ensure access to care for patients, and improve public health. Of particular note was the one-year anniversary of the MDH Covid-19 Maryland Update webinars presented The event began with a CME by Howard Haft, MD, and presentation titled “Ten jointly produced by MedChi’s Action Items to Combat CME Department and the Racial Bias in Medicine.” Maryland Department of Presented by two nationally Health (MDH). In the last renowned neurologists, Paul year, MedChi has provided Mathew, MD, and Jerome more than 100 CMEDebbie Sciabarrasi Michele Manahan, MD Benjamin Lowentritt, MD Lisk, MD, the presentation accredited webinars with focused on specific, actionable more than 5,000 participants. ways that physicians can gain insight on implicit biases, Details can be found at www.medchi.org/HOD. address structural racism in medical institutions, champion James J. York, MD, an orthopedic surgery specialist, is Speaker of diversity among colleagues, and reduce causes of burnout that the House, MedChi. disproportionally affect physicians of color. On Sunday, April 25, 2021, MedChi held its 433rd House of Delegates meeting. This was the second time holding this event on a virtual platform, and while we are eager to see fellow members in person again very soon, the meeting was nonetheless productive, informative, and collaborative.

Volume 22, Issue 2


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Maryland Medicine

MedChi History

Lessons Learned from the 1918 Pandemic: Hunt History of Medicine Lecture Feedback from our members has been nothing short of impressive after tuning in to the Thomas E. Hunt, Jr., MD, History of Medicine Lecture. This virtual lecture, now in its 11th year, took place on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. This year’s topic was “The 1918 Pandemic and Lessons Learned,”, presented by Philip Mackowiak, MD. In his presentation, Dr. Mackowiak explored the origins of the pandemic, its peculiar timeline and clinical characteristics, and the critical elements that gave rise to what evolved into a “perfect storm” of misery and death. Dr. Mackowiak is the Emeritus Professor of Medicine and the History of Medicine Scholar-in-Residence at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of History at the University of Maryland, College Park. For more than two decades, Dr. Mackowiak has hosted an acclaimed series of Historical Clinicopathological Conferences in Baltimore and has authored two books. The Hunt History of Maryland Medicine Lecture is named for the late Baltimore orthopedic surgeon Thomas E. Hunt, Jr., MD, who was a long-serving active member of MedChi and the Baltimore City Medical Society. Dr. Hunt’s interest in the history of medicine in Maryland led to the establishment of this annual lecture series in his honor. Details about the lecture can be found here: http://medchiarchives.blogspot.com/p/the-thomas-e-hunt-jr-md-history-of.html.

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Volume 22, Issue 2


Member News/Events

MedChi’s Newest Physician Members MedChi welcomes the following new members, who joined between February 11, 2021, and April 22, 2021. Ehsan Abdeshahian, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Edom Ajayi, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Rubiliatu Akinwande, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Nabil Altememi , MD — Neurology Center Hitesh P. Amin, MD Anita Bansal, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Neal D. Barnard, MD Christopher Bednarek, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Helen M. Bellete, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Akil S. Benjamin, DO — Clearway Pain Solutions Stephanie Block, MD — The Neurology Center PA Peter J. Bluvas, Jr., MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Zachary A. Borman, MD — Capital Digestive Care Malori M. Callender, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Falana Carter, MD — Maryland Primary Care Physicians, LLC Gary H. Cassel, MD — Cockeysville Opticians & Eyecare Katrina Elizabeth Castillo, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Accounts Payable Kaiser Permanente Nilika Chaudhary, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Accounts Payable Kaiser Permanente Jules Marie A. Chehade, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp An Chen, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Gurdeep S. Chhabra, MD — Greater Washington Oncology Associates Elizabeth N. Chimah, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Mowree M. Choudhury, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp So Yeon Chung, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Victor Ciofoaia, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Ezra D. Cohen, MD — Neurology Center Zahra L. C. Dawson, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Oluseyi A. Fadayomi, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Michael Alan Fenstermaker, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Eric Finkelstein, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Wai Leong Foo, DO — Clearway Pain Solutions Damean W. Freas, DO — Clearway Pain Solutions Shayla Kristin Gaither, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Michelle C. Garner, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Elliott Mason Gauer, DO — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Benjamin Gonzalez, MD — Altantis Medical Wellness Center Denise R. Gooch, MD — 21st Century Oncology Nidhi Gupta, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Felix G. Gurman, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Matthew A. Hahn, MD — River Bend Family Medicine Mariam Hameed, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Alyssa R.Hammer, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Kalpana M. Hari-Hall, MD — Neurology Center Rhanni Herzfeld, MD — Neurology Center Michael Holdsworth, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp 22

Maryland Medicine

Jeffrey D. Horowitz, MD — Jeffrey Horowitz, MD, LLC Omulola Idowu, MD — Howard University Otibhor Igene, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Roselyn Markane Itoe, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Rajesh K. Jari, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Margarita Beatriz Jovel, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Aminata Anifa Kamara, MD — Adfinitas Health Mehwish Karim, DO — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Bhuwan Kayastha, MD — Mid-Atlantic Nephrology Associates Alice Soung Kim, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp In Kim, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Chesahna Kindred, MD — Kindred Hair and Skin Timothy M. Klepper, MD — Maryland Primary Care Physicians, LLC Ira D. Kornbluth, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Neal M. Kurzrok, MD — Neurology Center Duniya R. Lancaster, MD — Lancaster Pediatrics Julita Lett, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Huamin Harry Li, MD, PhD — Institute for Asthma & Allergy Debbie Chang-Chin Lin, MD — Neurology Center Martina Zink Liu, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Richard Cheng-An Liu, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Natalia M. Llanes Aaron, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Min Lu, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Jyotsna Mareedu, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Nora Belinda Martin, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Joseph Tant McDonald, MD — Privia Health LLC Robin Medic, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Melissa A. Merideth, MD — National Institutes of Health Ramaz Metreveli, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Emily Colleen Mirkin, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Inai M. Mkandawire, DO — Clearway Pain Solutions David G. Moore, MD — Neurology Center Samwiri K. Mukasa, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Tina Musa, DO — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Mamata N. Mysore, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Fadi Nasrallah, MD — Retina Consultants, PC Justin P. Newstadt, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Dang Nguyen, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Don J. Nicholson, MD John H. Niles, MD Monica Nirschl, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Lotanna Stephanie Obiora, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Chioma Adanma Ohalete, DO — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Chukwunonyeluanyi Okocha, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp

Member News/Events

Chukwuma Onyewu, MD — Choice Pain & Rehabilitation Centers LLC Toyin Opesanmi, MD — LifeBridge Health Sinai Hospital Paul A. Paetow, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Chris Chung-Hyun Park, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Donna F. Parker, MD Michelle Y. Price, MD — Maryland Primary Care Physicians, LLC Philip D. Pulaski, MD — Neurology Center Ghazaleh Rahbari, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Fariha Hanif Ramay, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Milly Turakhia Rambhia, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Robert L. Rankin, Jr. , MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Michelle Ann Roach, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp David Rodriguez, DO — Clearway Pain Solutions Marcos Roffe, MD — Allegany Imaging, PC Todd Harris Ruth, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Nina Sabzevari, DO — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Payam Ismail Sajedi, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Sean Sanderson, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Armando Sardi, MD — Mercy Medical Center Aman A. Savani, MD — Neurology Center Svetlana L. Savchenko, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp

Zahra Sayyid, MD, PhD Kapil Simlote, MD — Maryland Vascular Specialists Charles W. Simmons, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Jaideep Singh, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Manish Singla, MD — Capital Digestive Care Usha Sivakumar, MD — SiviMed Internal Medicine and Primary Care Garrick David Spears, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Robert F. Stephens, MD — Retina Consultants, PC Ke Sun, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Sadiq N. Syed, MD Nicholas J. Tannous, MD — Clearway Pain Solutions Lenore M. Tietjens-Grillo, MD Hosai N. Todd Hesham, MD William Edwin Towne, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Jessica Marie Traylor, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Songoli Chinyelu Umeh, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Nika Mary Vinson, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Ritu Ramedo Vyas, MD — Mid-Atlantic Nephrology Associates Stephanie H. Walsh, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp Don H. Yablonowitz, MD — Metropolitan Medical Specialists Nadia Yusuf, MD — Neurology Center Eyassu Zena, MD — Mid-Atlantic Permanente Med Grp

MedChi Calendar of Events JUNE 8: MMDA Awards Committee Meeting 9: Baltimore City Medical Society Board of Directors

Meeting 9: Baltimore County Medical Association Board of Governors Meeting 12–16: AMA Annual Meeting 17: MMDA COVID-19 Update 18–19: Advances in the Management of Prostate, Bladder and Kidney Cancers 2021 Virtual Conference presented by MedStar Health

JULY 6: MMDA Executive Committee and MMDA Finance Committee Meetings 15: MedChi Board of Trustees Meeting 15: MMDA COVID-19 Update 20: Committee on Ethics and Judicial Affairs Meeting

AUGUST 10: MMDA Nominating Committee Meeting 11: Baltimore City Medical Society Board of Directors Meeting 17: MMDA Membership Committee Meeting 19: MMDA COVID-19 Update

SEPTEMBER 8: Baltimore City Medical Society Board of Directors Meeting 14: MMDA Board of Directors Meeting 16: MMDA COVID-19 Update 22: Baltimore County Medical Association Board of Governors Meeting 23: MedChi Board of Trustees Meeting 29: Baltimore County Medical Association CME Program

A complete list of MedChi and component events can be found at: http://www.medchi.org/Calendar-of-Events.

Volume 22, Issue 2


Maryland Medicine The Maryland State Medical Society 1211 Cathedral St., Baltimore, MD 21201

Presorted Standard U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 425 Southern, MD

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1-855-MD-BHIPP (632-4477) www.mdbhipp.org

Offering support to pediatric primary care providers in addressing the behavioral and developmental needs of their patients

Call MD BHIPP at 1-855-MD-BHIPP (632-4477) to learn more about:


Resources & Referrals


Telemental Health

Telephone consultations provided by our team of experienced child psychiatrists and mental health professionals

Referral and resource networking to help identify local resources tailored to the patient and care coordination services

Training for individual practices, CME webinars, and Project ECHO® web-based learning sessions covering behavioral and developmental topics

Telepsychiatry and telecounseling provided for pediatric patients in a primary care office *limited availability

BHIPP is made possible through funding from the Maryland Department of Health, Behavioral Health Administration and partnerships among the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Salisbury University School of Social Work, and Morgan State University School of Social Work. This series is supported in part by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) as part of award U4CMC32913-01-00. The content(s) are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official views of, nor an endorsement, by HRSA, HHS, or the U.S. Government.

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Maryland Medicine Volume 22, Issue 2  

Maryland Medicine Volume 22, Issue 2  

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