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A complete outlook on the EKG technician job! Before enrolling yourself in the training program of EKG technician, it’s important to know everything about it and then decide whether it would be a perfect career path for you or not. If you are looking forward to become an EKG technician, here are some essential things that you need to be aware of: 

Duties: An EKG technician solely responsibility is to take out EKG reading of people heart. For this he first of all need to keep everything ready in the room, greet the patient for examination and lastly perform the EKG with the help of electrocardiogram machine. This whole process takes only five minutes, but yes, if not done correctly would end up resulting into wrong reading. Therefore, a technician needs to be every cautious while performing his task. There are times when doctors recommend stress tests (patients walks on treadmill), along with EKG test which again would be conducted under the supervision of technician. Once both the tests are completed, technician would then clean up the room. Additional responsibilities: Alongside performing electrocardiogram, a technician also perform some additional activities like scheduling appointments, maintaining test equipment and patient’s files. If technicians are highly qualified and have attained advanced training they are said to perform additional task of Holter monitor test. Unlike to electrocardiogram machine, during this process, patient would be kept under observation for 24 hours. Skills: Getting done with the task of electrocardiogram is not only the duty of a technician. He also needs to be communicative with his patients and doctors. For this, he should have strong, interpersonal and verbal communication skills. In addition, he needs to have good stamina, so that he can efficiently do all his work quickly. At times, patients who are suffering from life-threatening heart problem would be requiring mental support and sympathy when they would be coming to hospital or clinic for their tests. This is where an EKG tech plays a great role to console the patients. Job outlook: Due to growing aging population, is likely that wide number of heart patients would increase in hospitals. Subsequently, to take care of those patients, the need for EKG technician has also increased in health care centers, thus giving a hike to EKG technician jobs opportunities. Education: A candidate can choose either path of education: institute learning or onthe-job training. During the institute education program, classroom training (theoretical subjects would be taught like medical terminology, electrocardiography, heart anatomy and phlebotomy), as well as hands-on-training (gaining of work experience in real working environment) programs would be covered. Students who would be directly taking on-the-job training, they would not be going through a long process of learning as that of institute training, instead they would already get a chance to work in health care center.


Location: Technicians get to work in wide areas of medical care centers like hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation center, cardiology clinic and emergency room.

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A complete outlook on the EKG technician job!