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The Three Little Zebras By Fergus Beadel

Once upon a time there were three little Zebras. There was a BIG Zebra, a little Zebra and a baby Zebra. On a hot day all of the Zebras would cross Rainbow River. The Zebras needed to go over the river to get the special grass. This grass was so special the Zebras needed to eat it every 48 hours.

There was no bridge to cross over so they always had to go through the river. The only problem was that there were Crocodiles in the river. The three little Zebras always took a gamble that they would be safe. Baby Zebra would always go first, then Little Zebra and last Big Zebra. Today Baby Zebra got caught by the Crocodile and he said, “Please, Please donʼt take me. Iʼm just Baby Zebra. Wait until Little Zebra crosses, he was way more juicier than me.” The Baby Zebra was lucky and he got to eat the special grass.

Little Zebra started to cross the river but he got caught by the big Crocodile. Little Zebra also said, “Please, Please donʼt take me Iʼm just Little Zebra. Wait until Big Zebra crosses, he is lots more juicier than me and Baby Zebra.” The Little Zebra was also very lucky and he got to eat the special grass as well with Baby Zebra.

Big Zebra now had to cross the river while Crocodile was hiding. Big Zebra walked through the river and Crocodile jumped at Big Zebra but Big Zebra did a commando roll and jumped onto the Special Grass and started eating it. Crocodile had broken his arms and legs so there is now no more worries for the Three Little Zebras.

The Three Little Zebra's  
The Three Little Zebra's  

The Zebra's can't cross rainbow river to get the special grass.