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Written And illustrated By Matthew Palmer

once upon a time there was a little boy who lived in a small town in Siberia. The little boy liked to go on walks by the stream. It was summer when Little boy went on his walks. His mum said he always had to wear a hat on his walks because it was summer. The little boy woke up and decided he should go on a walk. Firstly he had to get his shoes and his hat. The little boy passed all through the neighborhood and greeted everyone. The little boy was very sociable to anyone and everyone loved the little boy.

The little boy was nearly at the stream. He liked the turtles and the fish that swam in the stream. When the little boy was at the stream he was looking in the water for turtles and fish but there were no fish. He was very worried so he got the little old man to help him find the fish. The little old man went in the water to find the fish, but when the little boy was standing on the path a sudden gust of wind blew the little boyʼs hat in the water a long way away. The little boy called, “Help, help My hatʼs away Can you find it Some time today?”

When the little old man got out of the water he said, “Where is your hat?” The little boy replied, “It flew away in the stream”. The little old man was quite sorry for the little boy so he went looking for the hat. The little old man couldnʼt find the hat so he called the little boyʼs parents. As soon as the little boyʼs parents came they all started looking for the hat. They still couldnʼt find the hat. They sang: “Help, help My hatʼs away Can you find it Some time today?”

So they got the little old woman to help them find the hat. The little boy, the little old man, the little old woman and the little boyʼs parents looked all though the stream But they still couldnʼt find it. The little boy was sad that his hat was gone. Suddenly a thought went inside the little boyʼs mind. He thought that the hat might be in the river. They all sang:

“Help, help My hatʼs away Can you find it Some time today?”

They all walked down from the stream to the river. When they got to the river they were looking around and the little old woman found the hat in the middle of river on a rock. The little old man got a long stick and got the hat. The little boy was very happy and he continued his walk and lived happily ever after.

The Missing Hat  

A Folk Tale.

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