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Written and illustrated by Etienne Harrington-Watt

In the dense African jungle lived 3 baby boars and there mother. One day when the 3 baby boars were at home the mother decided to go hunting. Some how she got pulled across the river to the other side. In the river she nearly got chomped by a some angry crocs. “Crack crumb smack fu-m iʼm going to eat some boars thumb” said the crocs. The 3 baby boars heard the crocs and went to the river to investigate.

Once they got to the river the 3 little boars soar there mum on the other side but there was a big big angry croc in the river. “ Crack crumb smack fu-m iʼm going to eat some more boars thumb” “we just want to see our mother” said the three little boars”. “you will have to get past me first” bellowed the croc.So the 3 little boars got together and made a plan. Okay huge croc you are the mightiest of them all and you can eat us but first why donʼt you eat a bigger animal who lives across the river,” the 1st boar said slyly pointing at the lion kings den.Over the croc went, when he got there he realized that it was lion king but it was to late.He got munched and crunched until only his bones remained.

As the three little boars were entering the water a smaller croc emerged from the river. “crack crumb smack fum iʼm going to eat some boars thumb” boomed the 2 crock. “sorry sir croc I just wanted passage to my sick mother on the other side of the river” mumbled the 2 boar. “If you want to cross my river you must pay me with one of your brothers” expressed the the angry croc. So the 3 little boars had a conference to see what they should do. the 1st boar suggested that they should go to the croc and trick him like the 1st croc.And thats what they decided to do. “okay croc you can eat my brothers if I can go and see my mum” shouted the 3rd little boar. “ Crack crumb smack fum iʼm going to eat some boars thumb” laughed the croc as he saw the boars coming into the river.

They got closer and closer then all of a sudden the croc saw something in one of the boars hand. “ croc I have decided it would not be nice for you to eat my brothers without this beverage.You must drink this now to soothe your throat and then eat my brothers.� So sure enough the croc drunk the beverage but then realized it was poison. By the time the croc realized it was already in his digestive system. The 3 little boars laughed before crossing the river and helping there mum back home.

Copy wright

Al Bi Jo James  

A folk tale.

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