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EMPOwering global citizens to transform their communities through industry, TECHNOLOGY, TRADE and commerce.

Capital is being superseded by creativity and the ability to innovate, and therefore by human talents, as the most important factors of production. If talent is becoming the decisive competitive factor, we can be confident in stating that capitalism is being replaced by ‘talentism.’ Just as capital replaced manual trades during the process of industrialization, capital is now giving way to human talent.

Klaus Schwab, Founder & Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

ABOUT GENyize GenYize (short for “Generation Wise”) is a global platform and advocacy clearinghouse that empowers citizens to reach their full potential and to transform their local communities through industry, commerce, technology and trade. We do this by developing and managing programs in vocational training, healthcare, education, housing and more. In the long-term, GenYize’s vision is to augment and sustain a larger and prosperous middle class around the world, through its programming and investment in human capital. GenYize is aligned with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and achieves its mission vis-à-vis the Global Goals through membership in the UN Global Compact.

The World We Want In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, also known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. It is true, these goals have galvanized support like no other time in history. More than ever before, an unprecedented number of actors from the private and public sectors are collaborating, and individuals are pouring in their personal fortunes behind their actualization. However aspirational, the SDG goals are an overwhelming endeavor. With 17 goals and 169 targets the global agenda risks failing. The true “Achilles heel” of the SDGs, however, is the lack of data. It is a contradiction of our times. Now more than ever, technology and data gathering has permeated all sectors of life in the modern world. But for the rest of the world, especially in regions that are underdeveloped, there is no collection of meaningful data and therefore we know little about the true needs and impact of solutions offered. This is the very reason behind the lackluster achievements during the Millennium Development Goals—the SDGs’ predecessors—and the very reason GenYize is poised to revolutionize how the global agenda is pursued and accomplished. GenYize has taken the 17 global goals and organized them into four categories: economic opportunity, the environment and our planet, well-being and health, and peace and prosperity. We seek to bring solutions in every single category through our holistic approach, bound through Goal 17—global partnerships. Through our global platform we measure our activities and impact through data analytics, focusing on how the next billion people will connect, learn, and solve for their communities, in the process transforming the entire global development agenda.

The Challenge: The Piecemeal Approach According to the most recent World Bank Group estimates, almost half the world—over three billion people—live on less than $2.50 a day. At least 80 percent of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. And more than 80 percent of the world’s population lives in countries where income differentials are widening. The good news: since 1990 we have brought down extreme poverty rates by 35 percent with nearly 1.1 billion people moving out of this bracket. However, even while poverty rates have declined in all regions of the world, progress has been uneven. The majority of the global poor live in rural areas, are poorly educated or illiterate, and are mostly employed in the agricultural sector. Over half are under 18 years of age, making this a truly generational challenge. In the next two decades, the global population is projected to grow from 7.2 to 9.7 billion, mostly in less developed areas of the world, adding to present economic disparities and intensifying pressure on basic infrastructure requirements. This fact, coupled with economic, climate, conflict, and many other factors, will drive 70 percent of our global population to settle in cities and megacities. The challenge: global institutions, while well-meaning, remain unable to respond to these systemic problems with sufficient scale. What’s more, current solutions are designed to solve for one or two single problems. There is no holistic or comprehensive approach that looks at these interconnected issues together and thus solutions exist in silos. And perhaps most important, both government and industry lack the information and data—as well as the ability to collect such data in a meaningful way—to even properly assess the impact of their programs.

The Opportunity: The Generation of Prosperity In the book, Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think, space entrepreneur turned innovation pioneer Peter Diamandis and science journalist Steven Kotler, present an antidote to today’s dark pessimism. The research backs their claims: mind-boggling progress in artificial intelligence, robotics, infinite computing, broadband networks, and many other technologies are enabling humanity to make extremely fast gains in every industry and field. These advances, claim the authors, will make abundance for all a reality in our lifetime. Exponential technologies are just the beginning, however. We are also seeing the rise of a generation—GenYize—that has been brought up to think everything is within their grasp. This generation, youthful as ever, is eager to join the ranks of prosperity. The exponential technologies available to almost three billion people in the developing world are soon going to be available to the Next Billion. And this enterprising, hyper connected, and entrepreneurial generation is conspiring to solve the world’s biggest problems through enterprise, partnership, and sheer resilience. GenYize exists to harness and serve this burgeoning generation of enterprising young people. We are a global clearinghouse that is not bogged down by old-fashioned bureaucracy. We are driven by local needs and by local human capital and talent. GenYize has a significant role to play in the genesis of the growing worldwide emerging consumer class and the Next Billion, and in the development of consumers who are needed to drive economic expansion through peaceful co-existence and growth.




We are at the start of a new era of radically increasing standards of living throughout the world. At GenYize, we are grounded in practical solutions addressing the world’s most pressing issues such as, food, water, energy, education, health care, and prosperity. As a global clearinghouse that is not bogged down by old-fashioned bureaucracy, we are driven by local needs and by local human capital and talent. We have developed a powerful and comprehensive model that derives funding from commercial and industrial growth of our private sector partners and funders into a social/community undergird, facilitating the natural and functional relationship between community and industry without the burden of government subsidy and through the natural system of a free market.




➣ FORGING A New Economic Model GenYize plays the role of market maker by creating an efficient gateway for new consumers to access global goods/services and social infrastructure support systems, and by creating a network for the export of goods and services. We partner with worldclass infrastructure companies, financial institutions, NGOs, local institutions, and consulting firms to ensure the development of a social support system that is durable and sustainable.

➣ TRANSFORMING Aid Recipients

to Consumers to Productive Citizens The GenYize platform supports the global shift in consumerism from geographic proximity to one centered on global relationships and personal interactions. GenYize’s interaction with consumers provides a deep understanding of their needs and aspirations, providing a firstmover advantage and visibility into every aspect of the consumer journey and their path to purchase.

➣ Closing the Skills Gap for

the Jobs of the Future

In each locale, GenYize identifies specific workforce needs for continued community development. The GenYize platform provides global employment gateways to match skill sets with the roles required by the infrastructure creation and local community across the global network. To accomplish this, we partner with a range of organizations locally and globally in support of job creation commensurate with 21st century skills and needs.

➣ HARNESSING Information as the New Currency The GenYize technology platform provides the ability to optimize information for the benefit of community by effectuating the necessary goods and services required of providers, in effect monetizing information. The collection, aggregation and associated analytics of consumer data will provide the requisite consumer intelligence to help resolve community issues and generate value for consumers and market participants, GenYize, and its partners.

➣ CREATING Stability Through Prosperity GenYize works to ignite commerce and trade continuously over the long-term, with industrial and agricultural commodities, petrochemicals, and ancillary products in a robust logistics network and dynamic trade bloc. Our ultimate goal from these activities is to create and foster a globally competitive labor force, adding three billion new consumers to our global economy, producing $80 trillion in global GDP, who collectively redefine the global marketplace and will make up 70-80% of all worldwide commercial expansion into the future. This is prosperity. This is peace.

Our Story GenYize is the brainchild of social entrepreneur Becky Graham. Graham began her career in journalism and she’s spent the last five years in senior communications roles supporting companies focused on expanding individuals’ opportunities to connect to quality work, to start businesses, and to build assets and economic stability. Graham developed GenYize initially as an online platform for millennials to discuss global challenges and to inspire creative, scalable, and sustainable solutions, among our constituency. Under her leadership GenYize grew into a multimedia platform. Today, GenYize has evolved from a convening platform into a global clearinghouse that works to enhance the lives of the emerging global citizenry and help them reach their full potential.

Our PEOPLE Senior Leadership Becky Graham is the Founder & CEO of GenYize. Prior to GenYize, Graham spent a decade working in communications and marketing. Becky was a founding director of strategic integration and communications for Kratos Infrastructure, an infrastructure development firm, and completed a year-long project management fellowship with Faithful+Gould, a world-leading integrated project and programme management consultancy. She has also worked as a freelance marketing consultant and as a journalist. From 2008-2011, Graham worked as on-air reporter/fill-in anchor for NBC affiliate 14 WFIE. Tom Gaillard serves as the Chief Operating Officer of GenYize. Tom is an experienced executive leader who leverages his strategic knowledge of marketing, technology and omni-channel communications to create innovative data driven solutions that have enabled Fortune 500 companies to achieve outstanding results. He has led the development of industry leading systems and marketing programs for customer identification, personalization, engagement, loyalty, digital interaction and marketing content delivery. Possesses more than 25 years combining data, predictive analytics and best-in-class technology to deliver digital marketing solutions. Ana C. Rold serves as the Chief Communications and Marketing Officer. Previously, Rold was the Founder and CEO of media conglomerate Medauras Global, which owns Diplomatic Courier, a magazine and global media network. Rold is also the Host of the World in 2050, a futuristic virtual think tank focused on global megatrends. Since 2009 Rold has served as the Editor-in-Chief of the annual leadership publications of the G7 (formerly the G8), G20/ B20, and APEC Summits. In tandem with her publishing and editorial work, Rold has taught Comparative Politics and Political Science at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies since 2006 maintaining the position of Adjunct Faculty. At Northeastern, she has also served as Director of the Cyprus Program and co-Director for the Egypt Program for Northeastern’s Dialogue of Civilizations Initiative.


Senior ADVISors

Ken Griffin was Commercial Director at AT&T, CIS in Moscow, Russia, responsible for all sales and marketing activities for AT&T in Russia. As Deputy General Director of Golden Telecom’s business unit in the former Soviet Union, he introduced telecom services into Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan, and participated in the successful IPO of Golden Telecom on Nasdaq. As CEO of Impact Services Inc., a radioactive waste removal company, he oversaw business with the U.S. DOE, the U.S. D.O.D., and many large U.S. commercial power plants. Karl Farrow is a Business Entrepreneur with more than 30 years in the Energy Sector delivering billion-dollar EPC projects for major Blue Chip Organizations and Stakeholders across Europe, West Africa, the Gulf of Mexico and Asia Pacific. Currently based in Mexico City, he specializes in the development of upstream, midstream and downstream infrastructure projects. Craig Quigley is a retired Navy Rear Admiral who has spent nearly three decades in uniform and seven years as a senior executive with Lockheed Martin. Craig has significant experience with government at all levels, maintains a particular focus on Washington, DC. and strategic global developments, and is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy Burrell Saunders is the Chief Architect & EVP Architectural Design at Lyall Design with more than 30 years of experience in planning and designing vibrant, livable, mixed-use urban centers and communities, Burrell specialized in public private partnerships throughout the country. He has taken on the role of advisor as well as architect through collaborations with developers and city managements by helping bring prosperous livelihood to a community’s vision. He has planned and designed seven major town centers in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and throughout the United States. Willi Lauterbach has more than 40 years of entrepreneurial leadership experience in the finance and implementation of infrastructure development internationally. Through the facilitation of strategic alliances, tactical land acquisition and innovative financing, he has implemented large infrastructure projects in partnership with a wide variety of institutions, and forged relationships with partners in Asia and Asia Minor, Central and South America, Europe, Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Alan McArthur has spent more than 30 years in the Energy and Education space. Previously, he served the UK Trade & Investment as a recognised expert in international educational training and skills development, appointed to the British High Commission in Asia Pacific to advance education and training across the region. Following this attachment, Alan became the Regional International Trade Adviser specialising on Education & Training and then International Business Specialist for UKTI’s Education and Skills Sector.

Our partners Hellenic, LLC and its operational arm Gaugamela LLC are leading a collaborative alliance of commercial and socially-minded participants to expand global markets and increase market share for all those involved. The backbone of the Hellenic market approach is a worldwide logistics network and distributed international trade bloc that generates multiple commodity streams in growing markets and is strategically located near facilities which produce water, power, infrastructure, industry, agriculture and community. Enermex is a UK Mexican Partnership with corporate offices in Mexico City and London, developed and structured to provide mutually equitable partnerships and commercial relationships, motivated by a corporate structure to deliver technology transfer and project financing structures facilitating bilateral trade in key growth areas over a range of key sectors. Valurity is a data-driven, technology enabled marketing solutions provider. For nearly 20 years, Fortune 1000 companies have partnered with Valurity to design, build and execute innovative marketing technology which seamlessly connects myriad data sources while maximizing the value of their customer portfolios. TVET is a leading authority in the development of Technical Vocational Education Training framework, competency development for workforce across multiple sectors at government level undertaking needs analysis studies, identifying skills gaps, curriculum development to align to international best practice. Aspen Institute: Forum for Community Solutions. The mission of the Aspen Forum for Community Solutions is to support community collaboration—including collective impact—that enables communities to effectively address their most pressing challenges. The World in 2050 is a virtual think tank, which convenes multi-stakeholders in the private and public sectors through a series of global summits and forums, research papers and reports, and digital and print media. The World in 2050 focuses on seven megatrends: the future of society, humanity, energy, health, transportation, off-world civilization, and artistic visions of the future. The think tank operates a global challenge in the seven megatrends through a program called “The Olympics of Innovation.”


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