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MEDANZ News Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand February 2010 / March 2010 It‟s my turn to be „it‟. Remember when you were little and played tag? And some poor ninny got to be „it‟ and do all the run ning? Amanda, says it‟s my turn to be „it‟. I get to write the lead article for this edition of the MEDANZ news letter. So here it is. Past, Present and Future: a time for reflection Middle Eastern Dance, raks sharqui, belly dance, in whatever permutation you dance it, whatever you choose to call it, or wherever it came from, has been around for a very, very long time. Pictures on the tombs of Egypt, 7000 years old – give or take a few years here or there – show dancers dressed in pleated linen and playing zills. Etruscan wall murals, Bronze Age Greek or Spartan murals, Babylonian clay tablets, Roman mosaics. Each and every ancient culture had a form of dance, and often it was preserved on walls, floors, papyrus or linen or vellum, in writing, pictographs or oral tradition, for us to wonder about and marvel at. And as modern Middle Eastern dancers, we could, if asked, probably fall in at the back of the group and follow the moves of dancers who performed those iconic movements so very long ago. This far removed from those long ago origins, however much we speculate none of us can say for sure what the purpose of the d ance was. Religion? Dancing to please a deity that ruled their home, hearths, marriage, fertility? Spectator sport, dancing for money from the crowds? To please the lord of the manor, or his lady? To please and entice a lover? Or for the pure enjoyment of moving, expressing the meaning of melody, harmony or an irresistible drum beat? When it comes right down to brass tacks, does it really matter? Like the dance itself, the reasons for dancing have changed and evolved with the passing of time and tide; and in a peculiar paradox, like the dance itself, they haven‟t changed at all. We dance for as many reasons as the ancients; to please the crowds, friends or a lover, for money or appreciation, to connect to the divine. But I suspect the greatest reason of all is still that we dance for the sheer pleasure of moving with friends to music that inspires us, a drum beat we can‟t ignore; the pleasure of being, and feeling feminine, and celebrating that with movement. The purpose of this ramble is this. We are the current generation of dancers. We look to the past to anchor ourselves, and to reaffirm our connections with our ancestors. We still dance „traditional‟ styles; Ghwazee, Khaleegy, Saiidi. We use traditional movements – shimmy, over/under/forward/backward eights. We dance to the beat of zills and drums. We have a history of ever evolving dance behind us. This is as it should be. Stagnation awaits that which cannot change, and dance is, by its very nature, a thing of movement and change. The past is fixed, static, unchangeable, but the dance is not. We, those who dance now, are the present, what the dance is now. It is this generation of dancers who have moved it in unusual ways, to include poi, fan veils, Isis wings. There is nothing to say that these things haven‟t been used in Middle Eastern Dance‟s history; there is, however, no evidence that they have, so for us, they are innovative. Modern dancers include movements from other styles. Bollywood, burlesque, pure invention. This too, is as it should be. We are what holds, maintains and protects the old, while providing a base on which to build the future. The future of the dance is in the hands of those who are now beginner dancers, or those yet to come. It is the responsibility of groups such as MEDANZ to ensure that these dancers are taught well, that proper dance safety is taught to prevent injury. We need to ensure that the traditional styles and movements are taught as a good, solid base for any new „sideways‟ developments of the dance. It is always wise to know the rules, so that you know which ones you can break or bend with impunity! With a little luck, what we as today‟s dancers are providing will last for a long time. We may not appear in mosaics for archaeologists to unearth in a thousand years, or on scrolls or in books for bibliophiles to find and exclaim over in musty museums, but many of us are „immortalised‟ in photograph or video. On you-tube or DVD. We are making a solid start on building the future. The MEDANZ Festival for 2010 is coming upon us fast. The schedule of classes is out (and being thumbed through, annotated and decided upon!), the Show (Yalla Reprise) is set; lights, camera, soon the call for action……… We have the opportunity to learn new moves. To meet new people, get our minds around new ideas. To venture into unfamiliar territory, maybe drumming, maybe performing. New costumes to consider – yes, you like this, dear heaven, why is she wearing that! Where did she get the beads, the fabric, the ideas….. Festival is a time for socialising and for learning. For making or renewing connections with other dancers, who can support us with our dancing, and, if we are lucky, who will turn into friends who may continue to be part of our lives outside of dancing. (yes, there is life outside of dancing. At least, I‟m told so?) I have served two years on the committee for MEDANZ, but have decided not to be part of it for next year. I wish all of you who dance – whether you are able to attend festival or not – joy in your dance. Like friends who are there for a season or a reason, I hope that dance gives to you what you need, and that you give back to dance what you can. To all of us who are the present, I wish good fortune, good friends, and good dance for the future. Anoushka (aka Sharon Denfield)

Committee Contact Details Amanda Bound — President & Secretary Hm: (06) 758 1097 Cell: (027) 478 9029

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Bronwyn Mohring Hm: (03) 471 0247 Linley Duncan Hm:: (07) 552 4352 Cell: (027) 286 3452



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Sharon Denfield Hm: (07) 570 0054 Cell: (027) 488 2947

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P.O. Box 3385, New Plymouth 4341

Contributions, including original articles, photos, reviews and letters are very welcome. Email to:

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February 2010 / March 2010

It really doesn‘t seem that long since I was writing the previous report for the newsletter, however, Christmas and New Year celebrations are all ―done and dusted‖ and most people have returned to work after the Christmas break. YAHOO – have you checked out the Workshop Booklet. What an exciting range of workshops to choose from. Registrations are rolling in thick and fast to the mailbox, so please bear with me while I get to grips with it and get the confirmations out to you. For those who have been really observant you will see in the Workshop Booklet that A’mal is a very busy tutor on Saturday, teaching Beginners Zills from 12.15 to 2.15, and Turkish Flair from 1.00 to 3.00. We are not trying to overwork A’mal, the Beginner Zills workshop is in fact on Friday from 12.15 to 2.15. The registration form correctly records the day and time for the respective workshops. Angel offers are also coming through really well – thank you to all those who have volunteered so far, it makes life so much easier when people make the effort to help. Do not be alarmed by my name change on the Festival Booklet, I am still the same me!! If you think you may have some free time during the Festival, it is still not too late to put your name down as an Angel, there are still plenty of workshops requiring a volunteer. In case you don‘t know what is involved, essentially the role of the Angel is to greet the people at the door, check their names against the master list, assist the tutor with turning the music on and off and generally be in the class to assist. This is not an onerous task and can be quite a lot of fun, it also becomes one less thing that the tutor needs to worry about. We will show all Angels how the music systems work before the workshops commence. The Committee nomination form was also included in the last newsletter, sadly, we have several current committee members who are not available for re-election at the AGM. The maximum number of members on the committee is 8. One of the things that may help our association to work smarter is to streamline the membership renewal date, so that all memberships are renewed at the same time instead of spread out throughout the year. I have checked our constitution and had discussions with a solicitor, and believe that our constitution, as it stands, will allow us to streamline the renewal date. The introductory membership would still be for a 12 month period, and after the 12 months would be renewed until the renewal date and annually thereafter. Taking a moment to take my President‘s hat off and put my grumpy Secretary‘s hat on – many newsletters have been returned this month due to people having moved and not provided a forwarding address. I have been able to make contact with some of those people and re-direct their newsletter. Please if you are intending to move, or have just recently moved, let us know your new address. It is really frustrating and expensive to have the mail returned and then have to try to track people down and forward their mail on. Finally, we have had a change of newsletter editor. If you are intending to submit an article or advert for the newsletter please can you use the following email address to ensure that the email is received by the correct person and included in the next issue. A reminder that the deadline dates for newsletter articles are as follows: 20 March for the April/May issue Well, that‘s it for me for this issue, keep shimmying ;-} Regards Aaminah February 2010 / March 2010


P age 3

Teachers Forum So what is the teachers forum?

Well it‘s where

teachers or potential teachers (or those interested in what goes on behind the scenes) can find support, mingle ideas and discuss burning hot topics such as…. ….well just tell us.

If any issues are jumping around in

your head desperate to get out, share them with us. If you have concerns about safety, cultural or technical issues this is a safe environment to voice your concerns.

If you have trouble communicating ideas

except in a babble of ohhs, ahhhs and weeeees and your fellow dancers are looking at you blankly, someone may be able to turn this into real comprehensible human language. Oh no, I think that‘s just me. Any way as I said this will be a controlled forum where everyone is allowed to speak. Noone will be made feel small over their issues.

Don‘t be afraid of asking questions, no

matter how long some of us have been dancing and teaching, none of us know all the answers and we all started from the same place. there as well as a lot of differing view points.

There is a lot of mis-information out You may not always get the definitive

answers you would like but you will get ideas, support and information. So what is the teachers‘ forum, well it‘s guaranteed to make you think! If you would like any issues raised at the forum please send them to our MEDANZ committee so we can forward them to the facilitator.

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February 2010 / March 2010



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MEDANZ Festival Drum and Dance Jam Everyone is welcome to the Drum and Dance Jam Cabaret, Classical, Folk, Tribal, Fusion‌ Everyone!! The jam will be run a little differently this year. Fern is going to try her hardest to get all the drummers and dancers working together and she hopes this isn‘t going to be as hard as herding her chooks. The Jam is Not a performance, it is a time to play with friends. The intention is to provide a time and space where All musicians can join in and will be provided the opportunity to take turns leading, no matter what their experience. All that is needed is enthusiasm, Fern promises heaps of support. Like wise All dancers or dance troupes will have a chance to lead the drum- mers rhythm changes.



We are going to try to create and environment where All participants contributions are integral. To make this happen we will all need a sense of humour and spirit of kindness and co-operation. We will also need to follow a few simple rules. So you lovely dancers and drummers, brush up on your rule of four because this is what is going to hold us all together. Dancers brush up on the names of the rhythms and drummers practice your rhythm changes! And Hang on Tight its going to be a bumpy ride!!

February 2010 / March 2010


P age 5

Love Beautiful Costumes?

Hip scarves (These are absolutely luscious, not just plain hip scarves. Make your costume look professional).


(Made from fantastic quality stretch lycra with

beautiful sequins and beading. These flatter all body types. Sizes SXXL).

Dancing Shoes (Better safe than sorry when performing! Gold and silver leather soles/fabric upper in sizes 37-41 (Euro). Arrive from Egypt late Feb.

Bodystockings (Wow these are amazingly comfortable. They cover and firm you up without restricting movement. Flesh tone, they have clear straps or can be attached to your bra. Sizes M—XXL.

Isis Wings (Gold and silver. Wings are gorgeous to dance with. The ultimate glamorous prop).

Cabaret dresses (made to measure just for you in Egypt. Your colour/style choice). (Samples arrive late Feb.)

Windows Of The East Ltd Contact Jan 09 4492417 or 021 043 5053 (coming soon) Page 6


February 2010 / March 2010

Dance Levels for Middle Eastern Dance in the Oasis for Dance I just read Pip‟s contribution to defining the levels in dance. It is a good starting point and being visual, I like the idea of the colours of the rainbow for the levels. I would like to take this opportunity to share my own guide of teaching and categorizing students in the Oasis for Dance. It has evolved over a few years of teaching now and I am still changing parts. I have done lots of research, especially in well established European schools and came up with the following 6 Level guide. The following scheme will help you to estimate your dance experience and knowledge and to find the right level for you. Your dance skills might be really good, but you still fall short of knowledge of rhythms. In that case just choose the level you cover most aspects of. ABSOLUTE BEGINNER You have no experience with Middle Eastern Dance/Bellydance You have no or little experience in other dance forms You like to get to know Middle Eastern Dance/Bellydance You are an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER student if most of the points apply to you. BEGINNER Dance experience: You have some experience with Bellydance You dance less than one year or practise little You can dance the six elemental movements in place (vertical, horizontal, sagitale, rock, twist, bumps). You can dance Routines A-E. Rhythm: You can hold the rhythm most of the time. Control of Body: You can dance with awareness of right and left, front and back Behaviour: Curious, open or closed up You are a BEGINNER level dancer if most of the points apply to you. INTERMEDIATE Dance experience: You have been dancing 1-3 years and practise more or less on a regular basis. You can dance the six achses in space with level changes. You can dance hip shimmy, basic hagalla and ¾ shimmy in medium speed You can dance simple patterns with cymbals and veil. You start to improvise. Rhythm: You can count “4” and can find the one. You can recognise masmoudi saghir, chiftetelli, saidi, maksoum and can play simple patterns for main rhythms with the cymbals Control of Body: You have good isolation skills. Expression: You learn to smile. Repertoire: You can dance short and simple choreographies. Background: You have superficial knowledge about oriental countries and their culture. Behaviour: Unconfident, doors open up Positive: It is fun to learn Negative: Doubts- Will I ever learn this? You are an INTERMEDIATE level dancer if most of the points apply to you. ADVANCED Dance experience: You have been dancing for more than 4 years and you practise often and intensively. You can dance different and layered shimmies and hagalla in fast speed. You can dance drum solos and more advanced veil technique. You can dance routines with different hand gestures, turns, accents, shimmies and undulations. You can dance well with cymbals, veil and cane and have some experience with different folkloric dance styles. You can improvise well. You can dance all of Keti Sharif‟s original A-Z routines. Rhythm: You can recognise and dance to Fellahin, Masmoudi, Malfuf, Ayoub and can play various patterns on cymbals. (Continued on page 9)

February 2010 / March 2010


P age 7

CTION E R R ET CO L K O P BO O H S tually c WORK a l is a m 2.15 ’ A o t with 2.15 1 s l l i m fro r Z e 0 n 1 n 0 i Beg ril 2 p ril. A p A 9 0 y ay 1 is d Frida r u t a m r S fo ot n o i and n t ra egist r shop k r o w The ct. e r r o c

Calling all vendors‌ Come to the beautiful Bay of Plenty entice us with your wares There will be bellydancers from all styles eagerly awaiting the opportunity to purchase jewellery, costumes, music, props - all things bellydance related.

Book your space at the MEDANZ Festival Hudra

With Suezy Or contact the MEDANZ committee P.O. Box 3385, New Plymouth 4341

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February 2010 / March 2010

Control of Body: You have good isolation skills, good posture and beautiful hands and arms. Expression: You can distinguish different moods. Repertoire: Complete dance routine Background: You have knowledge about customs and traditions of countries of the Middle East and their most important artists (Dancers, singers, musicians and teachers) Behaviour: You become more ambitious. Performance world is opening up. Positive: You have a confident appearance Negative: You are jealous and copy others. You are an ADVANCED dancer if most of the points apply to you. MORE ADVANCED Dance experience: You have been dancing for several years, practise regularly and develop yourself continuously further. You can dance long and complicated combinations with numerous changes in speed, direction and level, using space extensively. You can dance with live musicians. Rhythm: You can recognise and dance to 9/8, Samai and other specific rhythms. Control of Body: You control turns with various dance props. You control sophisticated turns and arabesque turns. You are able to dance long and complicated dance combinations with numerous turns and space orientations as well as level changes. Expression: You know which expression is used for which dance and why. You develop personalities in your performances. Repertoire: You have experience in choreographing. Your repertoire expands from classic to modern and includes dances of different styles and moods. Background: You have expansive and intense knowledge of the Middle Eastern Culture, including literature, architecture, language, religion and artists. Behaviour: Stage performances are opening up. Positive: You display sincere collegiality. Negative: You try to force success, also through unfair behaviour. You are a MORE ADVANCED level dancer if most of the points apply to you. MASTER Dance experience: You have excellent choreographic and improvisational skills. You have been dancing and performing for numerous years. Rhythm: You recognise rhythms immediately and know which movements to dance to it. Control of Body: You can harmoniously combine fast and slow movements according to the music with ease and virtuosity. Expression: .Your expression is absolutely convincing. You can enthuse, evoke feelings, play with energies and use pantomime. Repertoire: You have a big repertoire and expand it regularly with your own or bought choreographies. You can improvise without problems to unknown music. Background: You are at home in the Middle Eastern world and specifically deepen your knowledge. Behaviour: You enjoy public recognition based on your actual ability, keep in touch with the scene and contact with colleagues. Positive: You always behave warmly and correctly. Negative: not possible; you would not be a master dancer. You are a MASTER dancer if most of the points apply to you. Happy Dancing! Dallia February 2010 / March 2010


P age 9


Has moved. The dance studio and shop is now at: 12B Homestead Drive, St. Johns, Auckland I would love you to visit but please phone beforehand, to make an appointment If you cannot visit go to the online Webstore for Beaded fringing, coin belts, kurti, skirts, dance sets, bindis, chagra choli sets, canes and MORE

10% discount on all orders received before BEFORE April/May issue e.mail: phone: (09) 5272350 mobile: 0211158548

With thanks to David Letterman, we bring you

Top 10 Reasons to be a Belly Dancer 10

Your partner can whine to his friends about being a Belly Dancing Widower !


You can shock your partner’s drinking buddies by turning up to his club in full dance gear and doing a show !


You find yourself doing hips drops and backwards 8’s to the muzak while waiting in line at the checkout !


You get invited by strangers to their parties !


It doesn’t seem so much like “exercise” when you are wearing Chiffon !


You can sing along to lyrics in a foreign language !


You can entertain yourself at red lights by practising Chest Isolations !


You have a perfectly valid reason tote round a sword !


You have yet another reason to rummage round at the local emporium & op shops ! AND THE NUMBER ONE REASON FOR BEING A BELLY DANCER IS:

Costumes - Costumes - Costumes !!!

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February 2010 / March 2010

Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion & Base Belly Dance Classes Have you ever wanted to try Tribal Fusion or American Tribal Style, but weren‘t sure what classes were out and about? Well every week Pip E-Lysaah teaches classes in both styles in Wellington AND Christchurch. Every Saturday Pip E-Lysaah teaches Tribal Style Level 2, Level 3 and Mixed Level Tribal Fusion at the School of Contemporary Belly Dance in Christchurch. Tribal Style Level 2 covers the essential cues, formations and movements of American Tribal Style, Tribal Style Level 3 steps up the challenge by adding shimmies, levels and layers to the technique, advanced formations and props such as sword, veil and finger cymbols. Mixed Level Tribal Fusion takes students through an exciting 35 min belly drill section, which leaves you warmed and sweaty, and then into the combography portion of the class. Combo-graphy is choreography by combination, learn a combination and then add then together with a modern twist on musical stylings. Saturdays, Christchurch School of Contemporary Belly Dance, Level Christchurch  Tribal Style Level 2: 1.30 – 2.30 pm  Tribal Style Level 3: 2.45 – 3.45 pm  Tribal Fusion: 4 -5 pm





Every Tuesday Pip E-Lysaah teaches classes in belly dance at the Tarrant Dance Studio on Cuba Street in Wellington. Building Blocks of Belly Dance are revolving six week courses, that cover technique for major parts of the body from ‗ The Belly‘ , through ‗Arms and Turns‘, ‗Shimmies‘ and ‗Travelling‘. Tribal Style is a class for those learning Tribal Style Belly Dance, focusing on advanced combinations and technique. She also teaches Tribal Fusion classes through private instruction. Tuesdays, Wellington Top Floor, 125 Cuba Street, Tarrant Dance Studio  Building Blocks of Belly Dance: 7.30 – 8.30 pm  Tribal Style: 8.30 – 9.30 pm

Pip E-Lysaah; text: 021 542 013 twitter: pipbellydance

February 2010 / March 2010


P age 11


AMERICAN TRIBAL STYLE BELLYDANCE & INDIAN DANCE WORKSHOPS With 2 Highly Acclaimed International Tutors in Akaroa

DEVI MAMAK & APRIL ERZETICH of Ghawazi Caravan, Australia 12th & 13th June 2010


Devi and April will assist each other, so they will both be present at all workshops FRIDAY NIGHT – Meet & Greet . SATURDAY NIGHT - HAFLA & DINNER with a performance by Devi & April For workshop registrations please contact:

Tracy Miller 07 572 4456 or 0274 781 991 E: South Island contact: Margy Morris 03 304- 7804 or 021 02600 952 E:

DEB RUBIN TRIBAL FUSION BELLYDANCER AND YOGA TEACHER Of Sattya Body Healing Arts & Dance Collective and SF Mecca Immersion comes to Christchurch 20—21 February Five Workshops and a Performance evening Deb is a former member of Ultra Gypsy, has performed with Urban Tribal and assisted Rachel Brice with workshops. Hosted by Red Queen Pip E-Lysaah

supported by Kiwi Iwi

for more information please contact: Email: Website: Ph: 021 542 013 Join the ‘Fusion Menagerie with Deb Rubin’ group on Facebook

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February 2010 / March 2010


THE DESCEND TO ASCEND TOUR: SASHI OF ASCEND TRIBAL DOWN UNDER 2010. In July/August of 2010, Australian and Kiwi dark and gothic belly dancers unite! Sashi of Ascend Tribal Dance will be coming to select cities of Australia and New Zealand to teach her unique Ascend Tribal format and perform her signature style of haunting grace and drama. Official Tour information, dates, locations and further information will be released as it is confirmed. Keep an eye on the Windblown Tribal website: & the Facebook group: ‘Descend to Ascend Tour’

ATTAR 2010 A range of belly dance Workshops and multimedia Presentations with local and national teachers. AUCKLAND 20-21 Feb Teachers: Kashmir, Tanya, Zumarrad,Tais, Ziva CHRISTCHURCH 27-28 Feb Teachers: Zumarrad, Tanya, Kashmir, Fern, Yurie WELLINGTON 6-7 Mar Teachers: Tanya, Kashmir, Zumarrad, MoonJelly, Ziva

February 2010 / March 2010


P age 13

WHAT’S ON? NEW ZEALAND Beginners Tribal Fusion Bellydance with Louise & Sarah

8 week course beginning

Louise 021 256 4843


Monday 8 February 2010

or Sarah 021 354 525



Sunnynook, North Shore , Auckland

Tauranga 9 - 11 April 2010

MEDANZ Festival


AHLAN WA SAHLAN Festival hosted by Raqia Hassan 27th June—4th July Cairo, Egypt Featuring guest teachers: DR MO GEDDAWY, DINA, MONA SAID and many others


JUNE 2010


This tour is being centred around Ahlan Wa Sahlan, the biggest Oriental Dance Festival in the world!!! The tour will include lodging at the fabulous Mena House in Giza ( site of Ahlan Wa Sahlan,) and a historic palace to boot! Plus the Festival's workshops, gala shows, off-site dinner/ Nile Cruise shows, costume & souvenir shopping at Khan Al Khalili, excursions to Sphinx & Pyramids, Egypt Museum, Citadel, Coptic Cairo, and an optional Nile Cruise in Upper Egypt.



On the Norfolk/Suffolk border, England More than 30 world-renowned artists in a workshop and performance Festival Page 14


February 2010 / March 2010


Gothla: The Evoking Gothla USA Gothla UK

Journey to the Underworld

5 - 7 March 16 - 18 July

Pomona, California Leicester, England


Sharon Kihara & Debra Rubin Underbelly Dance 19-29 March 2010 Melbourne Workshops and Performance

RAKKASAH One of the world ’ s largest bellydance festivals. 2010 is the 30th anniversary!

Rakkasah West

Richmond, California March 12 - 14

Rakkasah East New Jersey, USA

October 8 - 10




BRISBANEWINTER WARMUP Hosted by Azziza Guest Teacher for 2010:


3rd—6th July February 2010 / March 2010


P age 15

YES - YOU CAN ADVERTISE IN THE NEWSLETTER ! In addition to keeping a list of available services which MEDANZ will print from time to time, MEDANZ accepts paid advertisements for the newsletter at very reasonable rates: A4 : $20 / issue - $80 per year A5 (landscape): $10 / issue - $40 per year Business Card Size: $5 / issue - $20 per year This is for black and white only. Text and/or graphics should be emailed or sent on disc at least ten (10) days before issue deadline. Acceptable formats are (in preferred order): pub, tif, jpeg, doc, pdf. Resolution must be no more than 200 dpi. The Committee reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse to accept any advertisement for publication.


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The cut off date for the April / May newsletter is: 20 March 2010 Page 16


February 2010 / March 2010

2010 Feb Mar MEDANZ Newsletter  
2010 Feb Mar MEDANZ Newsletter  

Feb Mar 2010 Edition of the bi-monthly newsletter of the Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand