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NEWS: NCAA March Madness is upon us and Medaille has teamed up with the Hotel Lafayette to throw a kickoff event. Jeanine Purcell has all the details you need to know.

February 25, 2013

Volume 11, Issue 6

What’s your reason to relay?

Story on page 7 A student who wishes to remain anonymous can’t stand the underage patron bans on the “chip strip”. However, freshman Travis Chavanne doesn’t really mind them. How do you feel about the bans? Story on page 8

OPINIONS: Should people be allowed to say “we” when talking about their favorite sport? “We” find out as two sports fanatics duke it out in this editions debate. Story on page 4

LIFESTYLES: Everyone’s been in those awkward situations that you just can’t seem to avoid. Read about some of the most common awkward situations and send us your most awkward story for a chance to win $25! Story on page 12


Some students have followed in their parents footsteps by coming to Medaille. Parents and their children like Lou and Kelly Pozantides are keeping it all in the family.

L r o F ife on

Story on page 13

SPORTS: Cory Bukowski has been playing baseball all his life. When tragedy struck, the sport he loves helped get him through it all. Story on page 20

By Casey Dunlap Opinions Editor


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Casey Dunlap photos

Relay for Life event takes place on April 12th, 2013.

Cancer survivors will be at the

edaille College for the first time Relay sharing their stories. ever will host a Relay for Life event. “It’s the start of a new tradition,” If you would like to join the Relay, get a team together and sign according to Ashley Byrd, Residence Director up with Mary Johnson. and Relay for Life Coordinator. Byrd encouraged students and faculty alike to register for Relay for Life at the kick-off event The kick-off event took place in the Sulon February 12. An event to livan Center and students could sign-up to participate in the April 12, 2013 Relay for Life “spread the word and get event. The relay will be from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. Stueveryone excited dents could sign a banner or have their photo taken with a sign stating ‘My Reason to Relay’. Lunchtime visitors to the about Relay for Sullivan Center were treated to a video about the experience of Life.” Relay for Life. In the video, a cancer survivor described to listeners

“The kick-off event was to educate students and faculty about Relay for Life and to hopefully get more students involved and excited about the Relay” Ashley Byrd

how significant the Relay is to those fighting cancer. “The kick-off event was to educate students and faculty about Relay for Life and to hopefully get more students involved and excited about the Relay” says Byrd. Byrd says that students were really excited about Medaille having their own event this year. Previously students from Medaille would participate next door at Canisius College’s event. Byrd describes Relay for Life as teams that are formed consisting of students and faculty, sports teams and coaches, friends and co-workers. These teams create campsites alongside the track on the day of the Relay. There must be at least one team member walking the track all night long. Relay events are to celebrate survivors and to fight cancer. It is a fun filled night for friends and families with music that creates a carnival atmosphere. Throughout the night teams can listen to survivors and celebrate and remember those that have battled cancer with a LumiSee Relay on Page 8



Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013


Cartoon by Earl Atwell

Lead, follow or get out of the way...

Mavs Mouth Off

In today’s day and age college students want it their way, and they want it right now. If you don’t give them what they want and how they want it, they have no interest in you. In the age of smart phones, internet, and on-demand television, our patience has absolutely disappeared. That is why when students were told that they were allowed to use debit cards at the commons café, they expected to be able to use their debit cards at the commons café. Anything less than that is unacceptable. Before you start making an excuse about the technology not working or whatever else may be the problem just remember this; they don’t care. There is no sympathy in this fast moving world for the person who can’t keep up. Everyone is on cruise control, they know what they want and how to get it. If you are left behind, then tough luck. There will be no slow and steady wins the race out here, you will be cooked and enjoyed as turtle soup. To adjust to the changing times the fourth floor commons café needs to find a way to make it possible for students to get up there, grab a coffee, swipe their plastic rectangle, and get out. Until that happens they will just continue to lose business to someone who can provide that convenience.

Would you go up to 4th Floor/Spot more often if they accepted credit cards and why?

Compiled by Casey Dunlap

At at the end of the night ‘Mav’ left with over 5000 condoms determined to use every last one of them!

You Won!

ShawnWells Freshman Biology

Tyshanny Spears Freshman Biology

Maria Hall Freshman VetTech

Sarah Brenner Junior VetTech

Tiffany Bryan Freshman Psychology

“Yes, its more convenient, I don’t usually carry cash on me.”

“Sometimes I don’t carry cash on me, I don’t trust myself, I’ll just spend it, so I carry my card.”

“I do a lot of stuff with my credit card anyways, I don’t carry cash. It’d be easier.”

“Sure, I’d go up there more, it’s just easier to use a card, I don’t like carrying cash.”

“I don’t have cash on me, so it’d be more convenient if they took cards.”

Brianna Mathis Freshman Education

Jamie Swartzmeyer Freshman Liberal Studies

Cameron Hall Freshman VetTech

Preshay Bryant Freshman Communications

Taje Jones Freshman Communications

“It’d be easier to get coffee with my card if I wasn’t carrying cash that day.”

“I wouldn’t just because its so expensive, I don’t go anyhow.”

“Yeah, because I usually only use cash.”

“I use all my cash at the vending machine.”

“I rarely carry cash, but I always have my card.”

Note to Self...

Compiled By Perspective Staff

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to We tip our hats ra the new New E Mav hats!

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Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013

Three strikes and you’re out... of the ball game? My favorite time of the year is right around the corner, baseball season. Don’t get too excited though, your favorite player might have to sit out the first 50 games. There has been another Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s) scandal in the MLB. The MLB has tried many different ways to stop PED use in their league but at this point the reward still outweighs the risk. Right now, the penalties are a 50-game suspension for the first offense, then a 100-game suspension for the second offense, and then expulsion from the league. I don’t think these penalties are severe enough, not even close. The decision to juice or not is a risk, reward decision. With the penalties that are in place

Derek Wangler Editor-in-Chief

Elevating my Anger

It is out of reach for so many

Pat McGuire Staff Writer is when the “close door” button is pressed after passengers get on or off. News flash: The elevator doors close automatically within a matter of seconds! If one cannot tolerate waiting just a few seconds for the doors to close, he/she has a significant problem with patience. While riding the elevator can sometimes be a stressful experience, waiting for the elevator to come can be its own hassle. It takes the elevator in Main up to five minutes to travel to the destination of one’s desire, especially if passengers are waiting in the basement or the fourth floor. If you’re running late to a class on another floor, that won’t do you any favors. Now, how can we solve this problem? My suggestion is that Medaille installs faster elevators with only “open door” buttons, which will require everyone to wait those long ten seconds for the doors to close. Outside of the elevators on each floor will be a sign that says “Unless you are physically incapable of doing so, use the stairs if only going up one floor!”

MEDAILLE PERSPECTIVE EDITORIAL POLICY The Medaille Perspective is published every three weeks during the school year. The Perspective has a circulation of 2,000 copies distributed on the Buffalo, Amherst and Rochester campuses.

Letters to the editor are always welcomed and encouraged. Letters must be signed and no longer than 300 words in length. The Perspective reserves the right to select which letters will appear, and edit them to meet space constraints.

The Medaille Perspective reserves the right to reject or edit any advertisements or editorial copy. “A battle lost or won is easily described, understood, and appreciated, but the moral growth of a great Each edition, the senior staff will discuss nation requires reflection, as well as observation, and agree upon an issue for an unsigned editorial to appreciate it.” that will be the official position of the Perspective. - Frederick Douglass


73 Humboldt Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14214 (716) 880-2601,

got caught last season for using PED’s. Cabrera was hit with a 50-game suspension because it was his first offense. However, before he got caught he won an all-star game MVP, and this offseason he was signed to a two year $16 million contract. He also may receive a World Series ring because even though he didn’t play, his team won the World Series last year. Do you think he regrets his decision to use PED’s? No way. The MLB should be embarrassed for the way that Cabrera abused their system. These players are looked up to by younger ballplayers. Right now, those young ballplayers are seeing that using PED’s can make you into a star. Is that the message you want to send to the public MLB?

The new ipad breaks the bank

When it comes to riding an elevator, don’t push my buttons Elevators on campus have lots of benefits. For example, they save us some time when going from the first floor to class on the third floor and are helpful when one has to carry heavy equipment. While the elevators at Medaille have similar benefits, to many people they are more of a hassle and, at times, useless. I’m sure everyone has had that moment when we’re running to catch the elevator as its doors are closing. But, to Medaille seniors Pat Gregoire and Alec Pinterpe, it’s a wonder why anyone bothers with that scenario. “I hate when people use the elevator to only go up one floor,” said Gregoire. Alec Pinterpe can attest to the fact that some people make it their top priority to use the elevator, even when just going up one floor. “I saw a student in the South dorms run for her life to catch the elevator so that she could go from the first floor to the second,” he said. Another common elevator pet peeve people have (and by people, I mean me)

right now, the reward of money and stardom far outweighs the risk of a suspension. The way to stop PED use is to hit the players where it hurts most, their wallets. I’m not talking about a fine, take it all. Every penny they ever made in the MLB, whether it be a thousand dollars or 100 million. After that, they should be thrown out of the league. That way they have no chance to make that money back. It’s your company MLB, they don’t deserve the money they made if they broke your rules while making it. Obviously those are very extreme penalties but look at how ineffective the penalties that are in place are. Current Toronto Blue Jay and former San Francisco Giant Melky Cabrera

PERSPECTIVE STAFF Marvin Atkinson Earl Atwell Shantina Addison Bianca Barrons Kenisha Barrow Sara Chriswell Maria David Simon Fedak Cameron Ferguson Dan Feidt

Brandon Kilijanski Josie Martin Pat McGuire Chatham Marcolini Alec D Pinterpe Jr Heather Prior Shannon Ruda Jon Sherman Alec Short Cherise Slazyk Christopher Ripley

Hello Ladies and Gentleman and welcome to a little segment in the paper called the “Come on Son” moment of the month. We all know of Apple’s technology and how it transcends America. Devices with the glowing apple on the back are everywhere. However Apple has made a fourth generation Ipad, that contains 128 gigabytes. This means that you can play more games, have access to more apps and can pretty much personalize this device the way you the “average consumer” want it to be. But here is the thing that is mind blowing; this IPad is $800. Apple, you are going crazy. You guys sell over 120 million Ipads internationally, and you do this? Who really is your target consumer? Do you guys really care for the middle class? Just because you guys supply many wealthy businesses and so many people begin using your products does not mean you leave middle class out. On Apple’s website you mention that “the

Earl Atwell Staff Writer bottom line for our customers is winning football games”. SAY WHAT Apple? What games are you guys playing? This is not the super bowl of Tech. Samsung is trying to catch up to you and doing a very good job, however, in many people’s eyes you guys have already won. You guys receive tons of awards and have many accomplishments, and then on top of that you guys are trendsetters for people all over the world! Apple you guys already have overpriced items that many people will go into debt for. Come on Son give us a break. I do not really see many people even using this device, except gamers because of infinity blade. However, Apple, I am sorry to say even though I am an apple fan boy, this is a waste of space. You have not done anything besides change the charger port. Apple please work with us “Average Consumers” That’s all we ask.

Award show Overload Trophies don’t always stand up to abilities Alec Pinterpe Sports Writer The Oscars have come and gone and the Awards season is over. Well, apparently this happened. I wouldn’t know because I don’t waste my time watching any of the awards shows. Did anybody know that there are 13 (or maybe more) shows that recognize the same people? And for what? For standing in front of a camera? For operating the camera? Or maybe just for telling the cameraman what to do? Oh and the best one is for the person who makes the poster for the movie. Do actors/cameramen/directors/producer need more recognition than they all already get? They make millions upon millions of dollars, based on how successful the movie is. Everyone knows who he or she is, or has heard of him or her. Their lives are pretty much on TV 24/7. Do they really need another way for them to stroke their all ready huge egos? Some TV stations are worried more about

how much cleavage a dress shows than the actual award winners. If it was me and I was up for an award (if I showed up) I would wear jeans, a -shirt, and maybe a hoodie. I would not dress up to have a thousand pictures of me taken with people screaming at me to turn the other way. Doing this, I would get more attention than the actor who won Best Actor. Isn’t the success enough? Do these people need a gold/silver/whatever color the trophy is, trophy to validate their existence? I’m not saying acting is something everyone can do, but I would think that seeing how successful an individual’s movie is would be enough for him or her. I don’t think that having hundreds of trophies proves anything about someone’s ability. If you feel like you’re good at what you do then you don’t need trophies to say it for you.


OPINION Fans don’t suit up each day


“We really need to get a new quarterback”, “I can’t believe we won that game”, “How do you think we are gonna look next year?” In the world of sports, phrases such as these are commonly thrown around. However, these expressions all share the same grammatical error; the usage of “we”. Athletics are the only area in which this pronoun usage is an issue. If somebody is a fan of a musical act, statements such as “we need to change our sound with this new album” are not made. If a person loves a movie franchise, they do not say things like “we need some different actors in the sequel”. Then why is this sort of talk so common in the sporting world? Because fans spend their hard earned money on sporting events and are the driving supportive force behind their favorite teams, it can create a sense of entitlement that leads to terms like “we” or “us” being used. Supporting a team with both their wallet and emotions does not make fans any more a part of the squad. People can support bands in the same way they cheer for a sports team through buying an album and attending a concert, but it does not make them a member of the band. As much as they would like to be, fans are not there with the team every step of the way. They are not practicing day in and day out, they are not in the locker room with the team and they are not putting their physical health at risk for the good of the team (though sometimes it may seem that way). Unless these fans also happen to routinely suit up for the teams they root for, “we” is never the correct word to be used. Sports have an incredible ability to bring people together. Individuals can rally around an athletic franchise forming a strong and devoted fan-base. When accepted into a community such as a group of fans, one can often feel a sense of camaraderie, something to belong to. In this sense, “we” can be used when referring to a fan-base. There is nothing wrong with supporting and establishing an emotional connection with a team, it is part of why people love sports. However, as deep a connection one may have with their team, there is no “we” or “us” involved. Fans are part of the sporting experience as a whole, they are not members of the team.

Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013

When you refer to your team should you really say ‘we’? Are you really on the team?

Fans put hard earned money into teams

Being an athlete requires losing blood, sweat and tears and in many cases, being a fan involves making these sacrifices. Fans put their hard earned money into their favorites teams pockets to help keep their team on the field, court or ice. Of course, fans do not perform on the field or in the press box with management but without fans, what is the point of professional sports? While talking about their favorite team, many fans will use terms like “we”, “us” or “our”. For example, “We really need a new goalie” or “Did you see the game last night? Our powerplay was dreadful.” Technically, fans are not a part of the organization, but the fans have a huge impact in their sports favorite teams financial state and even the outcome of the game. Many players appreciate and respect the dedication of their fans and they let them know. Players thank fans for their support on a game by game basis. Many players feel bad for their fans when the team performs poorly, sometimes even asking for their forgiveness. Being a part of a community or team creates a feeling of acceptance. Sports bring fans together through their shared passion of their favorite team. If these people spend hours and money on their favorite sports franchise, why shouldn’t they be allowed to refer to their team as “we”? If the fans didn’t put that money into the wallets of the owners, they may not have been able to sign that big time star in the offseason. If the fans didn’t scream and shout until their trachea fell out, maybe their favorite player wouldn’t have been inspired to score that game winning goal. The fans are a big part of a team emotionally and financially. In today’s new world of media, fans are connected even closer to the players lives with forms of social media like Twitter and Instagram. Fans can see what their favorite athletes are doing off the away from the sport and can even directly message the player to congratulate them on a great game or inspire them after a lousy one. Many times, the players will respond to the fans on Twitter, making that feeling of acceptance even stronger. With no bottoms in the seats or eyes locked on the screen, there would be no major corporations sponsoring teams, games and arenas. At the end of the day, professional sports are driven by money and without the fans, no money would be made from sports. With all that being said, I’m a big Maple Leafs fan and WE are going to make the playoffs this year.

In a world so populated we are challenged to actually make a mark

Josie Martin Staff Writer

I was thinking, as I’ve been known to do, as we all do I suppose, about life. On any given day of the journey, it might strike me more futile than it had the day before or it possibly could on the next. This distinction seems to come about when the mind weighs a certain way, when it’s bogged down to the floor with all the possibilities that were never yours. That is, what can we really be? Today, in a room of people, I thought to myself, “Who are you?” I looked out to the world and I said, “Who are you?” Then I got down to the numbers, to the United States Census Bureau which pegged the world population at approximately 7,067,324,350, and I am .0000000141 of a percentile, one of seventy-one million people that makes a single, whole part in this world of human inundation. I shrink down to the size of a parasite resting on my arm and start to nibble at dead skin alongside the

invisible, lost in another special throng. Humans fancy themselves, create grand illusions of purpose, scoff at the parasites that cleanse them every minute because they are meager and thoughtless. But are we unlike parasites, living and thriving on the organism Mother Nature? Are we any more numerable these days than a crowd of krill being sucked into a whale’s mouth, than the parasites in our hair or on the fins of a shark? Does thought separate us so much from other species that we are unable to be swallowed up by sheer number? While I’m wondering my life away, it occurs to me that a parasite would not be writing this. He simply thrives, he does not live, he does not wonder. He is as unperceivable to himself as he is to us. It is consciousness that endows man with such confidence and it is consciousness that gives him worry. An organism does not ask why it exists. It does not hope. Man wants to be

something. He wants to last and he believes he can. He carves his name into trees and creates and creates in an attempt to mark himself out, yet he remains microscopic. In the face of this statistic I come to the realization that it is too overwhelming to picture yourself amidst such an insurmountable number, too mundane to toil away at making your mark on the human race. There is so much to see that we see nothing, so many people exist that we exist as nothing outside of them. To a cat, whose life comes and goes within one frame of our existence, we are everything. The life, the breath, the end all be all, the owner. To a person you might be the one memory that their life amounts to. To the masses you are anonymous. To the universe you are nothing, at all. The victories must lie then, in what we can see and feel and be and do right now.


Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013

Campus NEWS Compiled by Sara Chriswell, Staff Writer

Life of a Recruiter Have you ever wondered what really goes on when recruiters are hiring and interviewing? Now is your chance to find out what they are looking for. In the President’s Dining Room on February 27 from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. there will be a variety of employees from different businesses. Those businesses include Ingram Micro, GEICO, and Fetch Logistics. These people will share their success with their careers in these businesses. From how to get hired to the social media aspect of the business, students can surely learn a lot that may benefit them in the future. Pizza will be provided.

Buffalo Startup Weekend Starting on March 1, 2013 and continuing until March 3, 2013 Medaille will be sponsoring a Startup Weekend where students are given the opportunity to start a temporary company. This will allow students to gain experience with the challenge of launching their own company in 54 hours. Tickets are $25 for students. Local meals will be provided. Visit for more information.

New York City Day Trip Have you ever wanted to see the big apple but couldn’t afford the expensive travel costs? Medaille College is offering limited spaces to students and guests for a bus trip to New York City. The cost is just $50 per student and $65 for guests. The bus will leave Buffalo Saturday March 2 at 12 am and arrive at New York City Saturday March 2 at 7 am. Students and their guests will be able to go off and explore the city as well as do some shopping. The bus will leave New York City Saturday March 2 at 8 p.m. and arrive back in Buffalo Saturday March 3 at 2 a.m. See Mary Johnson in Student Affairs to sign up or to get more information about the trip.

Commuter Incentive Program Calling all commuters! Is your car long overdue for a wash? Well if you are active on campus you could score a free wash from Delta Sonic. The Student Involvement Center is rolling out a new program for commuters to earn $5 gift certificates to Delta Sonic. To get your gift certificate all you have to do is attend three Student Involvement Center, Center for Multicultural Education & Diversity (CMED), or Commuter Student Council events. For every three events you attend you receive a $5 gift certificate. So come out to events and earn your rewards!

Write Thing Series Continues The latest installment of the Write Thing series will feature Erie, PA poet and slam poet Sean Thomas Dougherty. He will be speaking on March 21st at 7 p.m. on the 4th floor of Main. Dougherty is the author or editor of 14 books across genres. He is the recipient of two Pennsylvania Council for the Arts Fellowships in Poetry and a Flubright Lectureship to the Balkans. Dougherty has performed at hundred of venues including national television appearances in Albania and Macedonia.

Homeland Security Lecture Series After the series was successful last year, Medaille has brought back the Homeland Security Lecture series for this year. The series will continue with Chris Martinez, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Homeland Security Investigations, Hoboken, NJ. The speech will take place on on Thursday, March 21st from 7 - 8:30 p.m. at the Amherst campus in the Kevin I. Sullivan Mulitpurpose room. Space is limited and admission is free.

If you have an activity you would like to include in Campus News please email it to us at

Hit the road Jack (Adams Award winner) By Jon Sherman Staff Writer The unthinkable has been done. Buffalo Sabres head coach Lindy Ruff has been fired. After a little more than 14 seasons, the longest tenured coach in the National Hockey League has been relieved of his duties. In 1,165 games, Ruff won 571, lost 432, tied 78 and had 87 overtime losses. He was loved by players and fans and respected all over the league, but a change was needed. The change comes on the heels of a horrid 2-1 loss to the Winnipeg Jets at home. At the time of the firing, the Sabres were 13th in the Eastern Conference out of 15 teams, and dead last in the Northeast Division. The Sabres have the ninth highest payroll in the league but have been a huge disappointment this year. Speculation circled at the start of the short season about Ruff being fired. Many questioned Buffalo owner Terry Pegula’s reasoning for keeping Ruff and General Manager Darcy Regier for this long.

Chris Koester Major: Sports Management Year: Junior “He’s a great coach, real class act. I hate to see him go but it’s a business..”

The consensus seems to be that this needed to happen, but it’s a sad day. Everyone from Pegula and Regier to the players said it’s sad to see Ruff go. “Players are upset, shocked but felt it was appropriate… We’ve played the same game for years now,” expressed one player who asked to remain anonymous. These comments should not come as a shock to any fan that follows the team. After the last lockout, Ruff ’s system worked magically. The Sabres were an up and coming team and rolling off wins left and right. That was also with two superstars in Chris Drury and Daniel Briere. Could his system have worked just because of those two stars? It makes sense. The change was extremely tough for Ruff ’s longtime friend. “Ultimately, it was my decision. I made this decision,” said Regier in his press conference at First Niagara Center on Wednesday, Feb. 22. Replacing Ruff is Rochester Americans former coach Ron Rolston. He coached Buffalo’s American Hockey League affiliate

Kaite Stampe Major: Communications Year: Sophomore “It’s sad to see him go, however the Sabres needed this push and to get new, fresh ideas.”

Photo courtesy of The Buffalo Sabres fired Head Coach Lindy Ruff after a 6-10-1 start to the season.

for the past year and a half. He led a team that was decimated with call-ups last year all the way to the Calder Cup playoffs. According to Regier, Rolston will coach the Sabres on an interim basis until the end of the season. Regier did say Rolston is a possibility to be Buffalo’s fulltime head coach, depending on how he does for the remainder of the year. With the Sabres near the bottom of the league, there isn’t much lower they can go. Hopefully Rolston can bring a new culture into “Hockey Heaven” and turn things around for the city that is so desperately waiting for a winner.

Matt Cieslik Major: Business Year: Senior “He’s a good coach but his message was getting a little stale. He’s taken them far but hardly anything to show for it.”


NEWS Things to do

Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013

SAB shares final semester plans so students aren’t left in the By Chatham Marcolini Staff Writer

Don’t miss these Step up and dance for Alzheimer’s

March 1 6pm to march 2 until noon First ever 18-hour DANCE MARATHON to benefit the WNY Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Assocation! Ages 17+ welcome register as an individual or a team! Registration fee includes swag bag, prize drawings, goodies and more! Great DJs, musics of ALL kinds, dance lessons, too! This is an alcohol-free event for all participants.


American Red Cross Clement Mansion 786 Delaware Ave. (corner of Summer st.) $10 presale $15 day of Benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society of Upstate NY March 3 2-4pm

Open Mic comedy

Mr. Goodbar every Wednesday night 8:30 pm

Date Night Niagara Rock Climbing

$12 for students 1333 Strad Avenue
 North Tonawanda, NY 14120 716-695-1248 www.

Sky Zone

425 Cayuga Rd, Cheektowaga, NY 14225 $14 for an Hr. 716-206-3300

Date Night Backwards!

Go on a date and do everything backwards that you would normally do on a date! Dessert at Dolci on Elmwood Ave Movie at Regal Cinema Dinner ( for deals!)

Stay in Date Night

Get delivery (zonies calzones deliver til 5am!) make a fort, turn off the volume to a movie and make up your own words!

The Student activities board is gearing up for the end of the year with some fun events for students. The events include the Condon Casino, the Psychic Fair, a performance by the Eclectic Improv Company, and the end of the year carnival. “The condom casino tour combines the fun of Casino Night but ties it in to sex education” said Brandon Pietron, the president of SGA. This the first year for Condom Casino so there are big expectations for this event. The casino will include games such as “Beer Goggles Black Jack” and many others. It will be held in the Sullivan Center on Thursday February 28th from 7 -10 p.m. The Psychic Fair will have four or five psychics that will include different specialties including tarot card and palm readers. In past years the fair has always had a good turn out so this year SAB isn’t expecting any less. It will be held on March 19th in the president’s dining hall. The location is subject to change. The Eclectic Improv Company will be performing an Improv show on April 9th at 7 p.m. “We do improv. That means we make it all up. On the spot. No scripts.

Nothing but our wits, and your ideas for inspiration… We create hilarious and witty dialog, brand new short plays, and completely original songs and duets. And we do it all instantaneously, with zero preparation time. You have to see it to believe it”. According to Eclectic Improv’s Todd Benzin “You’ll never see the same show twice.” Eclectic Improv Company has been to Medaille in years past and has always entertained students. “It is going to be a fun night where everyone can come out and have some laughs.” Pietron said. The end of the year carnival was one of the highlights of last year and Pietron hopes to continue the tradition. “We are hoping to improve on last year’s carnival, we are meeting with the carnival company soon, if any students have suggestions SAB meets every Friday from 12:30 -1:30 p.m. in the student affairs office.” SAB member Sam Andermanis urged students to join saying “Students should join SAB to be more involved and aware of activities on campus. It’s fun to come up with ideas and plan events for the college because you as the students have a lot of input of what you’d like to see. It’s a really fun club and you’re given the opportunity to meet new people.”

Alec D. Pinterpe Jr. photo Students attended SAB’s movie night event on Wednesday February 13th. SAB has many more events planned for students for the rest of the semester.


u u u u

Condom Casino teaches students unsafe sex is not worth the gamble By Jon Sherman Staff Writer Hey guys, let’s talk about safe sex! Those are words that don’t usually make a person jump for joy. Let’s be honest, who really wants to relive health class and talk about safe sex? That is why Medaille College is bringing the Condom Casino tour to it’s campus on February 28th, from 7-10 p.m. on the first floor of the Sullivan Center. Condom Casino is a national sex education program that travels all over the U.S. to help college students learn about safe sex. “This highly interactive program, uses casino games and condoms to relate to the campus hookup culture. This unique combination of casino play masterfully intertwined with topics like safe sex, sexual consequences, sexual choices and sexual identity guarantees to create a compelling and thought provoking evening for any college student.” The awkwardness will be left at the door and no question is a stupid question. Some of the fun games to be held are; Beer Goggles Black Jack, STD Bingo and Lucky In Love Dice. SAB President Brandon Pietron is really looking forward to the event.

“Condom Casino is a sex education related event that combines Sex Ed facts and casino games all in one event. They have games like Beer Goggle Black Jack and Fact or Crap.” Sounds pretty cool, but it is just going to be a fun spin on a health class? What’s in it for the students? “It is all free to students and they will learn to play awesome casino style games and have a chance to win prizes,” explained Pietron. “Plus, everyone leaves with a whole bunch of condoms. It’s a great event for Sex Ed Week and it’s new and should be a lot of fun!” Students aren’t sure what the event really is, but they are definitely interested in finding out. “I’m thinking a semi-awkward night full of games that will make people blush. I mean, why wouldn’t I go?” said Senior Communications major Brittany Pfeiffer. “Free condoms and to see people in awkward situations, I’m down!” So there you have it, students have mixed reviews, but now you have all the facts. As Brittany Pfeiffer said, “…semi-awkward night full of games that will make people blush. …why wouldn’t I go?” But it is also very important to learn about safe sex, let’s not forget that, children.

Condom Casino - In the Sullivan Center Thursday February 28th, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Psychic Fair - In the Presidents dining hall (location is subject to change). March 19th Eclectic Improv Company show April 9th, 7 p.m. End year carnival - Details for this event are still being worked out. If you have any suggestions for the carnival SAB meets every Friday from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.



What do you think of the upcoming Condom Casino event?

Corey Gibbons Major: Sports Management Year: Junior “I have no clue what this could be. I’m a terrible poker player and that’s all I even know.”

Isaak DeMaio Major: Education Year: Junior “Well it must be a combination of Poker Night but instead of chips, they use condoms… unopened.”

Eric Grezchowiak Major: Psychology Year: Junior “It’s obviously about sex education. I got enough of that in high school. I am quite the black jack player though.”

Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013

March madness event begins new partnership at Lafayette


By Casey Dunlap Staff Writer NCAA March Madness is almost upon us. This annual sporting frenzy begins on Thursday, March 14, 2013 and what better way to jump start activities than by celebrating basketball fever at the Pan-American Grill and Brewery inside the newly renovated Hotel Lafayette downtown from 4 – 9 p.m. A social event for this occasion has been planned to take place at the Lafayette by Director of Philanthropy here at Medaille, Jeanine Purcell, along with Buffalo developer and Hotel Lafayette owner, Rocco Termini and PanAmerican Grill and Brewery/ Pearl Street Grill and Brewery owner, Earl Ketry. “Everyone that stops into the Lafayette will receive a bracket sheet, so they can keep track of what teams are playing and who. There will be television sets that will be showing that nights games. Medaille’s own basketball coaches will be there to explain seating and how the tournament works. The kick-off for the basketball tournament is being celebrated because, “all hope is available on the night that the tournament kicks-off, all teams still have hope” according to Purcell. There are no upfront costs for the event and there will be discounted prices on drinks. Delicious food will be available for purchase at the Pan-American Grill and Brewery. Students can park their cars on campus and ride the train. The Hotel Lafayette, on Washington Street, is mere blocks away from the train stop, and students will not have to hassle with parking and can enjoy a few beverages and still be safe.

Marvin Atkinson photo Brandon Rebert (pictured above on the right) and a group of cross country students want to start up a track and field club. They hope to be able to start the club after spring break. At the CCOC championshps this past semester Rebert finished 37th in a field of 173.

File photo The Hotel Lafayette is a historically famous facility and has recently been restored to its original grandeur. Medaille is collaborating with the Hotel Lafayette to put on a March Madness kickoff event on Thursday, March 14, 2013.

Hotel Lafayette is a historically famous facility and has recently been restored to its original grandeur. Everyone that goes to the social is welcome to look through the historic site. The actual festivities will be held in the Pan-American Grill and Brewery, also restored to its original 1900’s beauty and luster. This event is to celebrate basketball and to celebrate buffalo. It is for the fun and excitement of college basketball” says Purcell. The idea behind the event is to jumpstart more events and therefore to bring more people to downtown. “We are looking for an investment for the future of Buffalo and want to attract more people to downtown” says Purcell, “this event is for the whole community.” Purcell believes that Termini and Ketry are trying to restore beauty and elegance to all of Buffalo, not just the Hotel Lafayette and the Pan-American Grill and Brewery, and feels that this social

“All hope is available on the night that the tournament kicks-off. All teams still have hope” -Jeanine Purcell College Relations

event is a start to getting the community to visit downtown and enjoy all of the excitement. “Medaille is known as Buffalo’s college because we reflect and are representative of the city, so we should show off why” states Purcell, “ It would be nice to have a great turn out from the sports teams, and the entire student body.” While the event is open to the entire Medaille student body, it is also open to the entire Buffalo community.

True blue and gold hosts spaghetti dinner

Marvin Atkinson photo Laura Amantia and Alexis Eagen enjoy some spaghetti dinner in the Sullivan Center.

By Shantina Addison Staff Writer

Marvin Atkinson photo Patrick Lamattina plates some spaghetti during the True Blue and Gold event.

The first ever spaghetti dinner hosted by the Freshman True Blue and Gold students took place on Friday, February 15 in the Campus Sullivan Center. At the spaghetti dinner there was great food, prizes and a 50/50 ticket ruffle. Tickets were sold

before and at the door. All of the proceeds from this event went to the Relay for Life Cancer Association event sponsored by Medaille College. Relay for life will take place on April 12 at 4p.m. at the Medaille College Events Arena. An upcoming fundraiser from the Freshman True Blue and Gold will be a bottle drive competition between freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Medaille Cross Country team wants to start a Track club By Derek Wangler Editor-in-Chief The members of the Medaille cross country team plan to start up a track and field club as early as after spring break. “We thought that it would be something that some people might be interested in,” Sophomore Brandon Rebert. “There are no cuts for the team, there are multiple events you can try out. It’s just about having fun,” said Rebert. The group that is comprised of a few cross country runners including Alex Sein and Brandon Rebert are still working out the details on how to start competing. “We would probably have to contact the other schools to play. Contact the AMCC, the NCAA, to make it official,” said Rebert. Sein has a list of 17 students and counting that are interested in joining the club. The team is not just comprised of cross country runners, other students are signing up as well. High jump, triple

jump, shot put, and discus are some of the spots that the group still needs to fill. There are only two teams in the Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference (AMCC) that have a track and field team, Franciscan and Penn-State Behrend. “We would probably compete against those two and probably find teams outside of our conference like Buffalo State or some other schools around there that do track and field [to compete against],” said Rebert. If you are interested in becoming a part of the track and field club, the team would like to have a meeting in the near future. “We are going to make up flyers and set up a meeting to talk about it,” said Rebert. “We are trying to shoot for either before or after spring break.” Be on the lookout for flyers that will put up all around campus when the group sets up a time and date for a meeting. You could also talk to Brandon Rebert or Alex Sein to join the club.

UB professor comes to Medaille for workshop

Marvin Atkinson photo (From left to right) Peggy Milliron, Brianna Capria, and Chelsey Carumglia discuss what they learned at the workshop.

By Derek Wangler Editor-in-Chief A group of 35 students attended a training workshop on how to conduct oral history interviews on Wednesday, February 6. The group was comprised of students who are in an Honors first-year Learning Com-

munity and some who are in an upper-level course. Dr. Michael Frisch and Christopher of the University at Buffalo came to Medaille to teach a short training workshop. The group of students they talked to will be conducting ethnically focused interviews this semester.



Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013

Mixed reaction to “Chip Strip” bans

Relay from Page 1

By Dan Feidt Staff Writer Chippewa was the place to be for Mardi Gras in Buffalo this year. It’s too bad most of us couldn’t be there due to the bans on under-21 patrons. The bans on underage patronage to the Chippewa area has been going on for a while now. It’s nothing new, as the initial ban to restrict underage patrons was originally set in March of last year. However, they did allow a special Thursday Night “College Night.” This let those who were under 21 to be allowed inside bars and other establishments on the “Chip Strip” after 10 p.m. College Nights in the Chippewa Entertainment District were effectively ended in early October of 2012 when Mayor Byron Brown approved of the legislation proposed by the Buffalo Common Council. So, five months later, entertainment owners in Chippewa are reporting overall business on Thursday nights to be low. The overall perspective of the Chippewa area by some of Medaille’s students can confirm this. “I don’t think anyone goes there,” said Travis Chavanne, a freshman who studies Sports Management at Medaille. Chavanne stated he would much rather just simply hang out with friends and play sports around his

Casey Dunlap photo Students signed the Relay for Life banner during the kickoff event on February 12th. Photo courtesy of Chippewa street is where most students used to go on Thursday nights until the bans on underage patronage were put into place.

home in West Seneca. Other students at Medaille, like one student wishing to remain anonymous feel a little more strongly about the situation. “It’s annoying,” said an anonymous Medaille student, “I used to be the designated driver for my friends a lot when we went out and now it’s like I can’t even hang out with them anymore.” The Medaille student is not allowed inside any of the bars in Chippewa but still drives their friends home when they call to be picked up. “As long as they give me gas money, it’s all good,” the student added. Darius Pidgen is the Common Council member of the Ellicott

district which features Chippewa. Pidgen has not taken a position on the matter, yet, as there are also many owners in the district who enjoy the absence of college students. “[Customers] think there is just mad chaos going on and I think it’s a good thing this isn’t going to happen anymore,” Dominic Paladino, manager of ‘Bada Bing’ night club, told Channel 4 reporters. With Buffalo having such a bad representation of driving away businesses, one has to wonder why this issue isn’t being taken more seriously. It’s been five months and there have been no thoughts of lifting the ban.

We offer 3 to 6 bedroom updated apartments at various locations, all within walking distance to campus. Call us today for more details and to schedule a showing!

Teams will fundraise for the Relay event naria Ceremony. Luminaria bags can be purchased and decorated in honor of those that have fought against cancer. The night of the Relay the bags will be placed around the track and candles inside will be lit to display the names of those that are being remembered. Byrd said that there will be more random events before the Relay, and teams can hold fundraising events. Teams are encouraged to begin fundraising as soon as possible. Byrd encourages all students to get excited and to get involved with the Relay for Life event, “let’s fight back, and let’s fight cancer!”

Coach Mac and Men’s basketball team hold basketball camp over weekend

Derek Wangler photos Medaille hosted their annual basketball camp over the short President’s day break.

February 14 - March 10, 2013 Thurs., Fri., Sat., 7:30PM; Sat., 3PM; Sun., 2PM

Available May 31st Phone 716-374-0464 Tony Award Winner! From Ireland’s greatest living playwright. The five unmarried and struggling Mundy sisters in the summer of 1936 are recalled in this nostalgic and vivid memory play.

Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013

Exchange students celebrate


Chinese New Year

Students decorated, cooked, and welcomed the new year with the Medaille community By Josie Martin Staff Writer

The year of the snake is upon us. A group of Medaille’s international students sits down to lunch February 11th to celebrate the start of the Chinese Spring Festival which marks the beginning of the New Year in their home country. It is a time to celebrate new beginnings, flowers coming back to life after the dormancy of winter, sprouting anew from the ground in which they hide to hear the sounds of birds chirping with a warm drawl. It is a time to celebrate family, to reunite, as the flowers did with one another and share the year’s laments and hope together for things to come. For Medaille’s Chinese students, so far from home this year, the celebration is a call to tradition and a memory of their country and the ones they left there. I join them for a meal of rice and beef, chicken lo mein, and pot stickers and we talk Chinese New Year, we talk culture; we talk America. They speak candidly to me about the myth of a monster called Nian whom the festival is named after and whose figure we often see dancing in a parade or chasing during a performance. The people of myth confronted the monster with loud drums and fireworks, and in his shock, Nian collapsed and was killed, China purged of him forever. The flares and booming rhythms that are familiar to the festival symbolize this triumph and purge the people of all their modernday monsters though, as Xinyu Shi said, “often people forget why they take part in this tradition.” Then, for dessert, they hand out chocolate coins inside a red stenciled envelope which I am told often hold cash gifts known as “lucky money.” The lunch event is the hopeful first of many hosted by the Asian Culture Club which these students have been working hard to implement. Around campus at Medaille there certainly is a lot of diversity, but we see a separation in that. We see this same group of Chinese students walking always together and very few Americans in line to join the club. As we dis-

cuss this separation, I gather that all the students agree they would like to be more involved with their fellow students at Medaille. “Who takes the first step?” wonders Huan Li (Melinda). “It’s a lot of pressure.” In creating this “culture” club, the Chinese students hope to “become the hosts,” giving American students an opportunity to learn about another country while making the most of their own experiences. Essentially, the club aims to initiate an intercultural conversation which, until now has been avoided for one reason or another. ”There is an opportunity to communicate, and no one is taking advantage,” said Lei Sun who will be president of the club. We can all, “truly get something” from the experience,” he said. As it is, their image of the average American is of a friendly passerby that is not easily approached and seems to carry out the depiction of an “individualistic” American. These students live together on campus and their experiences in America are limited as far as transportation and without a local to let them in on the good secrets, I wonder what things they might miss out on. I worry they might return to China with a tourist experience, thinking they had seen all there was to see. So now, the international students ask the American students to reach outside of their comfort zones and meet them far less than halfway, to be interested in another culture, Chinese culture, and to participate in activities like paper cutting, karaoke and card games that are perhaps unfamiliar to them. More importantly, they are asking them to be not only receivers in this cultural conversation but senders as well, to instill them with some memory of America that will last when eventually, they return to China as most of them plan to do. They are calling for the gap between Chinese and American students to be bridged with a shared cultural experience. So stop by an Asian Culture Club meeting and say Ni Hao to your international student body.

Ruby Cheng photos Top: (From Left to Right) Yu Fu (Lena), Chang Liu (Christy), Jie Chou (Jessica), Qianru Liu (Jessie) finish decorating and get in line for some food. Left: (From Left to Right) Chengxin Guo (Sam), Yanhong Liang (Phoebe), Shucai Lv (Cathy) make some crafts for the Chinese New Year event. Bottom: (From Left to Right) Chang Liu (Christy), Xueqing Xue, Shucai Lv (Cathy) show off their paper cutting skills.

Ruby Cheng photos Top: The students hung some crafts on their window in preparation for the Chinese New Year. Right: Qianru Liu (Jessie) helps prepare the dumplings that the students made for a local church. Bottom: American students and Wei Chen (Vicky) get some food during the Chinese New Year event.

Take a look at...

AMCC weekend

Right: Mavs Center Alex

Baron brings down a rebound in the AMCC finals at Hilbert College.

Both the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams competed in the AMCC weekend

Play off action Above: Senior Josh Laureano jumps to avoid going out of bounds and throws a pass back through traffic towards Alex Baron.

Right: Freshman guard Brittnee Perry sets up in the defensive zone in the AMCC semi-final game Below: Sophomore Morgan Howe elevates over three defenders to sink a bucket in the paint.

Above: Brittney Rowland drives to the net for two

of her 14 points in the semi-final loss to Penn-State Behrend.

Above: Freshman Ryan

Grandits muscles his way around a Lions defender. Grandits contributed three points and two key free throws to keep the Mavs close late in the game.

Above: Guard Josh Laureano sets up a play from up top in offensive zone.

Above: The Lady Mavs get ready for an inbound pass in their defensive zone. Left: Senior Brittney Rowland blows by a Lion defender in the conference semi-final matchup.

Right: Josh

Laureano drives to the rack and throws up a shot over a Penn-State Behrend defender in the Mavs 6360 AMCC finals loss.

Men’s basketball photos by Laura Edholm, Women’s basketball by Alec Pinterpe



We’ve all experienced those situations when there couldn’t be anything worse than the awkward dead silence, until someone utters “awkward”. As if we didn’t know it was awkward and by pointing out the obvious awkwardness just makes it painfully worse. Ways to avoid this? DON’T SAY

AWKWARD! Just let it slide, change the conversation, do anything but say awkward... please, just don’t.

It’s about to get

You’re walking down a long hallway, just you and your thoughts. You can look wherever you want to, talk to yourself, and if you trip, who cares? Nobody’s watching. Then it happens, someone else is also flying solo on the other end of the hallway. Crap. They’re fifty feet away and closing in. Ok, its ok, just look to the left for a while then quickly gaze at the person then look to the right for awhile. Thirty feet away now, that’s not working this is awkward. Oh no, twenty feet away I can see the whites of his/her eyes! Wait, I got it. Pull out your cell phone! Ten feet away now. Just checking my twitter feed, no big deal. Ok good now when he/she is right next to you give them a nod and just keep walking. Success.

It’s awkward you make the mistake of calling someone ‘mom’ when talking on the phone and It’s about to get hanging up. awkward when you realize you’ve walked into the wrong class and you’re late and It’s awkward everyone is staring when you wear at you. your shirt inside out and the tag is sticking up in the back!

One of the main sources of awkwardness these days is in a college classroom. No matter what time of day it is or what the surrounding environment is like, there’s always that moment in which there is dead silence within the classroom in response to a professor’s question or comment. Whether you’re the student or the professor, this particular scenario is equally awkward. If you’re the student, you’re feeling even more pressured to speak up in class since none of your classmates are doing so. It’s even worse when the professor grades you on speaking up in class. Therefore, if you feel like you’re in an “if you, then who” situation, you struggle to think of something to say that won’t make you sound like an idiot. As for the professor, each professor has his/her own way of dealing with the awkward silence. First, there’s the professor that keeps pushing and pushing for a response until the silence is finally broken. (Ex. “And can anyone tell me how plants make food? What’s that called? Anyone? Plants? How do plants make food? Jason, do you know? How do plants make food? SarahMolly? Did I see a hand? No? Plants make food by....? Anyone have it?’s photosynthesis. Now, can anyone tell me how many eyes we have? How many eyes do we have? Jason, do you know? Eyes? How many? Sarah-Molly, did I see a hand? Eyes...? Rhymes with boo....Anyone?”) Certainly, this kind of professor enjoys talking to him/herself. Then, there’s the professor who just stands silently and waits for a response, no matter how long it takes. If he/she ends up waiting for over an hour, you’re taking a “Theory of Awkward Silence” class. But, you certainly don’t want to find yourself with a professor that hands out a pop quiz if no one is answering his/her questions.


Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013

Silence is something nobody wants to deal with anywhere, much less in class. But, speaking up in class can actually make the time go by faster and make class go by faster.

You’ve all had ‘em! Those awkward moments when you just wish you could disappear!

Win $25

Send your most awkward moment in to perspective@ and we’ll enter it in a drawing. It may be published! And you might win the $25! Have you ever walked down a hall where there are a million people, and than realized you were going in the wrong direction? Everyone is watching and you start to believe that the little banter they are having is about you since you look like a complete idiot.


What do you do in this situation? Continue to walk in the wrong direction and take the long way all the way around to the right destination. Don’t have time to do that? Just too lazy to do the extra walking? Pull out your phone and say to yourself out loud “oh today is Tuesday? I forgot class was in the library?” And turn around and walk in the right direction. Or Turn around in the right direction, look at the people in the hall and say out loud “yes I’m walking in the wrong direction and now I’m going to turn around and go the right way” and walk away like a boss.

It’s awkward when you follow a school bus and all the kids are staring at you...then you try to look inconspicuous by texting and realize that’s illegal. You stand in the dairy aisle of the grocery store you offhandedly wonder if there is really that much difference between 1% and 2% milk. What about skim milk. What is skim? That is when you hear the voice behind you. He’s a twenty something year old, well dressed, maybe a little too well dressed, for the grocery store at least. You didn’t hear what he said but he was talking to you. You say “w-what?” then he says “hold on a minute.” Hold on a minute? What is this guy’s deal? Then he touches his ear and you see the Bluetooth headset. “Can I help you?” he asks. “No.” you say as you quickly grab the first milk carton you see and run away.


“How could this situation have been avoided that?” The answer is clear: don’t be a Tool and only Tools ware Bluetooth headsets. You walk to the checkout as you offhandedly wonder why they call it Bluetooth. It it’s not blue or a tooth. AWKWARD FIRST KISS!!!! The Situation: You have the girl you have always wanted to ask out sitting across from the table. Everything is going well. Dinner was fabulous. The conversation is going along. You drive her home and walk her up to her front door. Then you move in to give her a first kiss. REJECTED!!!!! The Initial Feeling: O, CRAP! What did I just do? You are both staring at each other and its


She quickly says goodnight and goes inside and you’re left alone with your thoughts, which is never good for any man. You think the worst, that you’re not good enough. That you committed a cardinal sin. The Solution: First thing done wrong in this situation, you waited until the end of the date to attempt the kiss. At least if you get rejected in the middle of the date, you still have a chance to heal the wounds. Second, you tried to kiss her on the first date. This send the wrong message that all you want is kissing and “more.” So to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, just wait until you’re both comfortable with each other before you attempt to kiss a girl.

Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013 Those who want to achieve in life, in their careers, and school career at Medaille was the radio station. We had with anything they do look to others who have already 50 people on it, and I did a show with Robby.” been successful. This is especially seen in Medaille alumni Kelly Pozantides, Louis Pozantides daughter, wanted that have influenced others in their family to follow in to come to Medaille after her father told her “that their footsteps to college at Medaille. Medaille had great classroom sizes and that the one on Megan Anderson is a senior who will be graduating one attention from the professors is outstanding.” Kelly this May with an Education degree with a concentration is currently going for a Master in Psychology at the in Sciences. Megan came to Medaille after her sister, Amherst campus. Brittany, told her what a good school it is. “I’ve always Kelly got very involved at Medaille as an undergrad. looked up to my sister and wanted to do what she did.” “I was in Student Government for 3 years. I started as a Megan’s older sister, Brittany, graduated in 2011 with freshman senator then moved up to the public relations a bachelors in Vet Tech and a bachelors in Biology. officer which was a great honor to promote all the Brittany has already been successful in finding a job in amazing things they had to offer on campus.” this competitive market. She is currently the head Vet Kelly is thankful that she ended up at Medaille like Tech at the Niagara County SPCA. “She loves what she her father. “I met great people and had some amazing does [...] She loves her animals,” say’s Megan. professors. I would recommend this school to Brittany is working hard and hoping in the future to anyone!” get a job in a lab. “She really wants to do the research part If one thing can be learned from these of it, she really really enjoy that,” says Megan. Medaille Alums and students, it is to Megan is very happy she came to Medaille, but her be active and get involved and it will experience has been very different than her sisters. “I bring amazing experiences and great found being a commuter [...] you’re kind of an outsider at opportunities. Strive to work hard first, so I got involved. I’m very outgoing, but that is one and maybe one day your family will thing Brittany wasn’t.” Megan is now President of the Life look up to you and want to follow Sciences and involved in SAB and Future Teachers Club, your path at Medaille College. and she also plays softball. Brittany and Megan’s younger brother Jimmy was also persuaded to come to Medaille. He is currently a sophomore working on getting a bachelors in Criminal Justice. Megan also added, “Maybe my younger sister will end up at Medaille too. She’s still a junior though, so we’ll see.” One thing is for sure, the Anderson family is headed for success. Professor Louis Pozantides currently teaches in the Communications Department at Medaille. His first experience at Medaille though was not as a teacher, but as a student. “Medaille has opened a lot of doors to a 20 year career for me,” says Louis. Louis has worked for two years in television and now is in his tenth year of teaching at Medaille. He also was a part of the local radio market as a director of news, programming, and on-air broadcasts. Louis’s advice for all Medaille students is to “do the internships and get to know everyone. It is the best thing for you.” Lou and Kelly While at Medaille, Louis was a part of the radio station Pozantides with Robby Takac. Robby Takac is better known as the bassist for the Goo Goo Dolls! “My high point of my

lifestyles 13

Attending Medaille is something that some people keep

All in the


By Shannon Ruda Staff Writer

Django Unchained a favorite among many Although stirring controversy among some, this movie is a true hit with a large number of students on campus By Kenisha Barrow Staff Writer After having asked three Medaille college student’s which movie in 2012 or 2013 caught their eye or interested them the most, it seems as if the film that they chose as being “Bold and Original” was Django Unchained. Although Medaille student Danielle Oldacre said that the movie that interested her most was The Lucky One. Danielle Oldacre described The Lucky One by saying it was a lovestory. “I love love stories. It was a movie about a picture saving the main character’s life, which is why I found it to be very interesting,”said Oldacre. One Sports Management major chose the movie Django Unchained by saying “it was very interesting, because it was like an inside look of what could have really happened in those days”. The movie Django Unchained demonstrated an enormous amount of violence, but it also gave a truthful portrayal of racism and prejudice. It opened up the eyes of many different individuals, and acknowledged people with information of that specific time period that they may not have known before watching the film. Medaille student

Justin Baumann, sports management major, also chose the movie Django Unchained as his favorite of the year. “ It opens up your eyes to violence and it was pretty damn good. Did you see it? It was great,”said Baumann. That is a reaction that many viewers shared after watching Django Unchained. Former Civil Rights leader Jessie Jackson and movie director Spike Lee both were opposed to the movie Django Unchained, because of the fact that they believed that it mocked slavery, which indicates that there were also viewers who didn’t agree with everything that was put into the film. There were also critics who stated that the movie may have been over the top and lasted too long. There was much controversy about Django Unchained where critics enjoyed the movie overall and others picked out some parts of the movie that they would consider to be flawed. Django attracted the amount of attention it did by what went on in the movie but, also by who was in the movie. The movie starred Jamie Fox, Sammuel L. Jackson, and Christopher Waltz. The controversy and excitement of the movie is what gets viewers to become more interested in the movie.




Drakes single: the best start or rock bottom? By Cameron Ferguson Staff Writer Fresh off his recent Grammy win for Rap Album of the Year, Canadian musician Drake is already gearing up for his next project with the release of his latest single “Started From The Bottom”. While the new track might not live up to the Grammy standard Drake has now established for himself, it provides a stellar lead single for his upcoming third studio album Nothing Was The Same, which is expected to have a summer release. Originally scheduled to be released on Grammy night, plans were scrapped with the single being dropped earlier than expected. The audio was accompanied with a personal written statement from Drake explaining the background behind the song. “I feel sometimes that people don’t have enough information about my beginnings” the rapper posted on his official blog. “My family and my second family (consisting of the best friends anybody could ever have) all struggled and worked extremely hard to make all this happen.”

Despite the pre-analysis provided by Drake, the song itself is one of the least complex works the rapper has put forth. Consisting of two brief verses and one bridge (all in eight bar format) sandwiched between an overly repetitive chorus, the single may seem like a lazy effort from the MC. However, despite the song’s overall simplicity, “Started From The Bottom” maintains the classic catchiness that have come to be expected from Drake singles. The chant-like chorus, “Started from the bottom now we here, started from the bottom now my whole team here”, is bound to become stuck in one’s head and repeated constantly. The instrumental is courtesy of Mike Zombie, a producer affiliated with Drake’s October’s Very Own conglomerate. The track features an eerie and distorted piano loop for a backdrop which is accompanied by heavy percussion. Drake recites his lyrics in a laid-back melodic style that fans have grown accustomed to, adapting a certain drawl in his voice to blend with the haunting instrumentals. The song’s content includes

the Toronto native providing a loose autobiography of his rise to rap stardom. In typical Drake fashion, his story of struggle is much more dull than the average rap superstar. While his lyrics about wanting to move out of his mother’s house and keeping his uncle’s car out all night may seem like schoolyard bragging compared to more hardcore hip-hop content, it is these relatable topics that allow many fans to identify with Drake. After his last album Take Care resulted in a Grammy award and international success, the music world will be patiently waiting to hear how Nothing Was The Same measures up. While “Started From The Bottom” is not a total miss, Drake will need to release better material going forward if he wishes to stay at the top of the rap game.

Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013



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Pat McGuire Staff Writer Songza

“It gives pandora a run for its money.”


Shannon Ruda Staff Writer MyMusic YouTube show “Better than comedy shows on TV.”


Movie 43 rated as a hit and miss comedy. By Pat McGuire Staff writer

Ever heard the phrase “The sum of the parts is greater than the whole”? That phrase pretty much sums up the new comedy “Movie 43”. Featuring an all-star lineup, this movie is a series of comedic short films which represent the movie ideas a filmmaker (Dennis Quaid) is pitching to a studio executive (Greg Kinnear). These short films include a teenage girl having her period at her boyfriend’s house, causing a big production from the boyfriend’s family, the iBabe; an iPhone of sorts in the form of a naked woman, and a truth-or-dare game between Halle Berry and Stephen Merchant gone wacky. As the movie progresses, the executive eventually resorts to holding the filmmaker at gunpoint in attempt to be “wowed” by an idea. While these short films are a kick, they tend to blur the overall theme of the movie. The average movie has a plot. But, in this movie, with each scene having a completely different scenario from

the other, if there’s actually a plot, you have a hard time following it. Yes, there may be a plot involved in the scenes with the filmmaker and executive. But, when it breaks away to the short films, the plot seems unfinished and disorganized. Another downside to “Movie 43” is that it is, at times, sexist towards women. (Yes, this is coming from a dude.) For example, the iBabe scene is suggesting that women and their “parts” should be taken advantage of. Another sexist moment is during that fake tampon commercial in which the shark eats the girl who’s having her period. This may imply that women having their periods are hard to deal with. This is basically a movie that would be discussed heavily in my Gender and Communication class. What’s my final verdict? “Movie 43” is one of those movies that you just want to fast forward to the funny moments when watching it on DVD. This movie is hard to follow and the moments that aren’t so funny are really nothing special.

Alec D. Pinterpe Jr. Staff Writer Bandits games

“Cheap way to have as much fun as you do at a Sabres game... except they win.”

NoT So



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Did you like this movie? If so, try these! The Kentucky Fried Movie Amazon Women on the Moon

Josie Martin Staff Writer Cosmopolis movie

“The dialogue is really weird and cheesy.”



“His qualities have made this decision very difficult. I personally want Lindy to know that he can consider me a friend always.” - Terry Pegula (Sabres owner)

Cherise Slazyk Staff Writer Buckwild

“I don’t know why people want to watch a show about people being stupid.”


Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013

The cast of ‘Taken’ is back & better than ever


THIS or THAT Compiled by Kenisha Barrow

By Jon Sherman Staff Writer

Liam Neeson is back and better than ever. The master of getting his family and himself out of trouble has topped his first brush with death.

What’re your spring break plans? Partying or sleeping?

Party Michael Davis Freshman Accounting

“Party, because it’s spring break!”

Kayla Golden Junior Criminal Justice

Taken 2, directed by Olivier Megaton, has blown its first installment out of the water. With the same cast of characters, Taken 2 is even more action packed and ten times more suspenseful. As in the original Taken, Liam is forced to save his family from foreign thugs by any means possible. In the first movie, Liam’s character Bryan Mills, is forced to travel halfway across the world to save his kidnapped daughter Kim, played by Maggie Grace. Kim was kidnapped in France and sold into the European sex slave market. Bryan hears the news and goes back i nt o

“Party! I’m going to Miami to party.”

Erin Rollins

Sophomore Criminal Justice “Party! Because sleep is overrated.”

Morgan Howe Sophomore Criminal Justice “Party!”

Nikolle McMahon Sophomore Education

“Party, it’s St. Patrick’s Day!”

Jamie Wisner Senior Communications

“Party! I can’t party much when I’m at school.”

Sleep Shamecca DeJarnette

lifestyles 15

his CIA mode to find and eliminate anyone who stands in his way of him and his daughter. In the sequel, Kim, Bryan and his ex-wife, Lenore, played by the beautiful Famke Janssen, travel to Istanbul to enjoy a vacation together. When word gets out the family is traveling there, the same gang that kidnapped Kim, is after the whole family. The gang leader, Murad Krasniqi, played by Rade Serbedzija, is out for revenge on Bryan for killing his sons while en route to rescuing his daughter the first time she was kidnapped. As the gang is searching Istanbul for the family, they are unsuccessful in finding Kim but are able to locate and take Bryan and Lenore. Unlike the first movie, it is now Kim’s job to save her parents’ lives. By Bryan’s CIA training and Kim’s brains, the two are able to save themselves and Kim as she is near death. In the end, it once again comes down to Neeson’s character showing off his amazing talent as the ultimate bad ass, as he takes on leader Krasniqi, one and one. It appears Bryan won’t kill Krasniqi, as he just asks to put an end to all of this. Krasniqi is still crushed by his sons death, but Bryan insists that both end it in a peaceful way.

The movie seems to end as both men giving up and walking away, until Krasnigi pulls out a gun and tries ending Bryan’s life. It would have all come true if it wasn’t for Bryan unloading that same gun swiftly only a minute before. Bryan realizing what Krasniqi tried to do, puts an end to the gang and finishing off Krasniqi. In the final scene, it’s Bryan and Lenore spending a nice evening together with Kim and her boyfriend, as Bryan finally accepts him and seems to be on the right track in getting Lenore back. Taken 2 is one of the best action movies in the past two years. With edge of your seat suspense and so many plot twists, you never know what will happen next. If you are a fan of the original Taken, Taken 2 is a must to see. Five stars out of five from me.

Pretty Little Liars: the juiciest season yet! By Bianca Barrons Staff Writer Pretty little liars is a T.V. series about four teenage girls. Aria Montgomery played by Lucy Hale, Hanna Marin played by Ashley Benson, Spencer Hastings played by Troian Bellisario and Emily Fields played by Shay Mitchell. The girls are trying to solve one huge mystery: how one of their best friends, Allison DiLaurentis, was killed... and who is behind the murder. As the series goes on, love plays a major role. Each relationship is tested and proven of its worth. A secret character disguised as “A” seems to be behind all the madness. Clues are given, hints are dropped but the mystery hasn’t been solved. “A” has a way of manipulating the minds of these ladies and but she isn’t winning. Emily seems to be doing a fine job of putting the pieces of the puzzle together. After losing her soulmate Maya St.

Germain. Other than all the drama, there are positive things going on in the show; such as the relationship between Aria and Ezra Fitz, A.K.A. the shows cutest couple. Rocky is just now finding out he had a child that he never knew about from his high school girlfriend, Maggie. Hanna helped her boyfriend Caleb Rivers connect with his Dad whom he never knew and was abandoned by all his life. Spencer is heartbroken because she believes her ex-boyfriend Toby Cavanaugh is helping “A” in some way. She has changed significantly since, and she lashes out on Mona Vanderwaal suspected “A”. A Juicy plot is what catches the attention of the viewers and the thought that someone in the small town, Rosewood could really be behind all of this doesn’t strike as a shock in any way. They seem to be holding together pretty well. “A”’s games continue through each episode and the best is yet to come.

“‘A’s games continue through each episode & the best is yet to come” Does this interest you? If so, tune in to ABC Family every Tuesday at 8pm!

Freshman Psychology

“Work and sleep, because a girl trying to get some money!”

Kim Cornelius Senior Vet tech

“Sleep, because we work really hard and deserve it.”

Erin Kelly

Senior Criminal Justice “Sleep, I have a volleyball trip over break!”

Similar shows: Switched at Birth Degrassi Junior High



Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013

Perspective Crossword

Across: 1. List of things to do 7. The “i” in roygbiv 13. Crimson Tide state 14. Dine-in is the other option 15. Selects NCAA bowl competitors 16. Records TV 17. George Michael Bluths girlfriend; her? 18. 3g-4g-_ 19. _ what? 20. 6th sense, or a guitar company 21. What you do in bed (g rated) 22. After noon 23. Cleveland state 26. 3rd person singular present tense of the verb “to be” 27. Red octogonal direction 29. Cowboy entertainment 31. It is a double helix 33. Wests antithesis 34. Tracking dog 37. Common insect 38. Bharat Ganrajya 39. Go-_ 43. Pets (3) 49. _ vera 50. Holds a golf ball 51. Smaller than a class, larger than a family 52. Degree of progress 53. To _ or not to _ 54. Of long ago 55. Succesful TV series 56. Blows air 57. TV alien 60. _, Edd, and Eddy 61. A lesser known psychedelic drug 63. Located beside the space bar 64. Buddy 65. You carry things in one 66. Guilt 68. Made at an ealier time 70. Folded down corner of a book page 71. Rates of movement

Theatre Rent

@Musical Fare Theatre Feb 25- March 3rd $15 for students

Night Life Open Mic Comedy @Mr. Goodbar Every Wednesday night 8:30 p.m. Defiant Monkey Improve Jams! @ Second Presbyterian Church No experience needed! Every Wednesday Night $5 for students 7pm


days @ Allentown Every Friday starting March 1st Enjoy FREE art, artists, music and more.





15 19





















March 16 8pm @Shea’s Performing Arts Center


















12. A small military camp 13. Like a sponge 24. Grooms response 25. Office of Economic Opportunity 27. Large saline body of water 28. SIN, COS, _ 30. What happens if you take too many drugs 31. Prohibited 32. Slight push 35. I wasn’t the seeker, so I _ 36. Digital Advertising Alliance 39. Long-term employment 40. Surprised 41. Decay 42. 50 across

Movies March 1 21 and over The last exorcism part 2

44. _ & from 45. Brians nickname 46. Brides response 47. Reads a second time 48. To dig 53. Light-weight wood 56. Paid to take a bus 57. On your iPhone 58. Wearing costumes and acting out characters 59. To run away 62. A style of rock music for “deep” 13 year olds 65. Not good 67. Ice-T’s 4th album 69. Who it is if its not you

Get Fit Step Up and Dance for Alzheimer’s March 1st 6 p.m. to March 2 until noon

Yogathon Benefit the National Oz: the great and power- Multiple ful @American Red Cross Don’t Stop Believing: Ev- Clement Mansion eryman’s Journey 786 Delaware Ave. (corner Spring Breakers of Summer St.) $10 presale $15 day of Sclerosis (MS) Society of March 15 Upstate NY The Incredible Burt Won- March 3 2-4pm derstone March 8








Down: 1. Must be 21 to obtain 2. Fuel for your car 3. “Its the better egg” 4. Slang for a hand-held explosive device 5. Places you go to renew your license 6. Organization for people over 50 7. Sweetened frozen dessert made with fruit 8. Something owned by your grandfathers wife 9. Glasses brand 10. The worst internet browser, ever 11. Spanish soccer match exclaimation

Larry the Cable Guy




March 16, 8pm @Bear Den at Seneca Niagara Casino




March 15 8pm @Kleinhan Music Hall




Bill Cosby





Rihanna Mar 8 7:30 @First Niagara Center









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created by Jake Weiss

Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013


Mavs rolling on after a slow start

Despite a young roster, the #12 Mavericks expect big things for 2013 By Pat Gregoire Sports Editor

As many great teams lose graduating players, they must enter a rebuilding stage.For Medaille men’s volleyball team; it is not rebuilding, rather building off the strong foundation they already have. The 2012 ECAC champions got off to a slow start as they dropped their first three games of the 2013 campaign. “We’re a very young team and when you have a young team, you’re going to have guys who are inexperienced at the college level,” said junior Trevor Barrett. “Also, we had a lack of chemistry early because we had some guys not used to playing beside each other.” The Mavericks have nine new players that made their college hard court debut at the Golden Flyer Invitational on the first weekend of February. “Out of my four years I’ve been here this is the most the freshmen have ever played,” said senior defensive specialist Brandon Kilijanski. “Not just playing, but contributing at such a high level. It’s very rare and surprising but it’s been great.” The men’s squad have already turned things around and have started to click as a team. The Mavs have won the six of their last nine games, including beating #9 SUNY New Paltz. “These young guys are only going to get better,” said Kilijankski. “They’re young but have great talent and they’re going to learn and are already learning. We have a reputation here, that we win and drilling that mind set into these new kids will be crucial to success.” The Mavericks dropped a five set thriller against the

nations top team, Springfield College on February 16. The Mavs came out to an early 2-0 lead in sets and looked poised to complete the upset. Springfield clawed back to win three unanswered sets to capture the match victory. Barrett was stellar in the loss as he posted an impressive 17 kills and six digs. Kelly also chipped in 11 kills and served up three aces. Freshmen Cody Smith also added seven kills and a match high seven blocks. The junior hitter earned AMCC player of the week honors after his outstanding play during the week of February 18. The Amherst, native amassed 33 kills, eight digs and three digs in the week. The Mavs currently sit at a 9-6 record with a UVC record of 4-1. Medaille will need to continue to play strong in conference play as the competition has been tight. “Every team seems to be even this year,” said Barrett. “Any team can beat another team on any given night.” Despite the youth of the Mavericks squad, the expectations are still high for Medaille. “We should be able to do well in our conference,” said Kelly. “I expect us to do even better than last year and not have to play in the ECAC’s but instead play further in the NCAA tournament. The Medaille men’s volleyball team may have a youthful roster, but with the returning talent combined with the skilled rookies, the winning tradition is expected to continue.

Mavs hockey finishes season With a loss to SUNY Canton club hockey team’s inaugural UNYHL season ends as a step in the right direction By Pat Gregoire Sports Editor The Medaille Mavericks season came to an end Friday, Febuary 22 as they fell at the hands of the SUNY Canton Roos 4-2. The Mavs finished with an Upstate New York Club Hockey League record of 8-3-1. Despite the season coming to an end, 2013 was a huge step in the right direction for the club. “The season had it’s ups and downs, but this is by far the most talented team we’ve ever had at Medaille,” said senior Jon Sherman. “Every year we keep getting better and better. Our goalie Chris Koester and Captain Josh Smith had phenomenal seasons.” The Mavs will head into next season with a heavy load of experience as they only graduate four players this season. Alongside Sherman, Matt Cieslik, Simon Fedak and Smith each played their last game in a

Susan Belica photo Captain Josh Smith delivers a bone crunching hit to a St. John Fisher defensemen in the Mavs 4-3 overtime loss to the Cardinals.

Maverick jersey. “The last four years of Hockey at Medaille were the best years of hockey in my life,” said grinder Sherman. “It’s unbelievable how far we’ve come. We were a joke my freshmen year and now we’re one of the best club teams around. Beating D1 club teams when four years ago we would get smoked by some D3 teams.”

17 Mavs


Compiled by Pat Gregoire Sports Editor

George Tor makes pro soccer debut with Tampa Bay Rowdies photo

Former Medaille men’s soccer star George Tor made his professional debut on February 13 against the Montreal Impact of the MLS. The Impact downed the Rowdies to a score of 4-1 at the Disney Pro Soccer Classic in Orlando, Florida. Tor did not start but made his way into the game and made an major impact against Montreal. Despite not finding the back of the net, Tor made several runs catching the defense off guard and creating chances but the Rowdies could not convert. This marks the third time a Medaille soccer player has taken the field in a MLS match. 2009 grad Gary Boughton competed against the New York Red Bulls while playing for FCNY of the USL in 2010. Boughton also played for Sporting Kansas City in a reserve match against Real Salt Lake. Current Rochester Rhino Kendall McFayden also saw time in the 2010 US Open cup while playing for the Austin Aztex of the USL. Tor ended his senior season by nabbing First Team Regional All-American honors. Tor currently sits in fifth in total points with 122 and is fourth in all time goals with 48.

Baseball is more than a game for Bukowski Bukowski from page 20

In his first at-bat for ECC after his mother’s death, Cory belted a homerun. Seemingly, a perfect script had already been written. “I texted my dad right away and said that one was for mom,” said Cory. That season, ECC won its region in playoffs and made the Junior College World Series in Tyler, TX where the players were treated as professionals by signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Cory was able to play one inning in the field at first base, as the team finished fourth in the country. “It was an amazing opportunity,” he said. One year later, Cory got a tattoo on his left arm in honor of his mother. It is a ribbon that says “mom” in it and there are angel wings on the ends, with the dates of when she was born and when she died. “I told her when she was sick that I was going to get something for her, and I told her my ideas and she liked that one the best so I got it for her.” Cory is now a 21-year-old sports management major at Medaille – after transferring from ECC for the spring 2012 semester – playing in his first season with the baseball team. He has continued to play baseball during each summer since his mother passed away. Baseball is one of the best ways that Cory gets to keep a connection with her. “My dad continues to help coach during the summer, so it keeps the whole family still there,” said Cory. “My grandma still comes to my games and my mom is always there too, just not physically.” Before each at-bat, he touches the plate with his bat and looks up to the sky. Just like former Yankee Nick Swisher does every plate appearance. And after each time safely reaching base

with a solid hit, he pays his respects to his mother. Cory feels that he is a better overall baseball player and person in general, who does not take life for granted. His passion for baseball has not wavered, it has only grown stronger. “I realize that baseball is not given to us, we have to earn it. You have to earn the opportunity to be out there. It’s not a right, it’s a privilege to play.” What does Cory remember most about his mother? “She kept pushing me to play baseball and be my best, and never let anything get me down,” he said. Without baseball, Cory admits that his ability to cope with the loss of a loved one would have been completely different. It certainly would have been a lot tougher. So just like in baseball how the odds are stacked against you when you walk up to the plate, the odds were stacked high against Cory in life, and to continue to play the game he passionately loves. “Everything that happened to me in a twoto-three year time span was odds stacking up against me and I felt like the odds just kept building up,” said Cory. “It got to where it wasn’t three-out-of 10 anymore; it was one-out-of 10, or .5-out-of 10. I guess I kind of beat those odds. It feels like an accomplishment to still be playing.” “I feel like it’s going to be really hard for something to get me down, because now I have a different take on life in general. I feel like it’s really hard to get someone down that’s been through so much and overcame it already. I can take on almost anything now.” As you can see, baseball can sure be quite the healer.



Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013

Mavs Lacrosse in hunt for program first NEAC title After a heart breaking loss in the NEAC championship to rival Keuka, Coach Mike Carbery and the Medaille Men’s Lacrosse team looks to gain vengeance en route to first conference title By Simon Fedak Staff Writer The Medaille Mavericks Lacrosse team will be looking to bounce back after a tough end to the 2012 season. The Mavs NEAC championship dreams ended with a loss to Keuka College last year in the conference final and are eager for the new season to get started and underway. The men’s lacrosse team have a fresh outlook and are ready for what this season will bring. Last year wins came from focusing on basics such as playing as a whole, maintaining good communication and playing a full four quarters. The team knows that if they can execute those basics again, wins will come. “We want nothing short of a conference championship. We had a taste last year and we feel that we have the talent and the athleticism to run with any team we play. We play to win and know what we are capable of,” said junior Sean Cunningham. Offense will look to pick up right where they left off last year. Burying on chances when the opportunity comes is something that the offense knows how to do. Brock Levick, Drew Belica and

Joe Kozovski return on attack and bring production and leadership to the table. Captains this season are Kozovski, Belica, Sean Phillips and Pat Gregoire. However, there are leaders throughout the entire roster. “This entire group of guys puts the team first and themselves second,” said senior Joe Kozovski. The team welcomes new freshman and the new guys are fitting in nicely. “Everyone has been very welcoming to myself and the other freshman. Everyone is treated equal which helps build team chemistry,” said freshman Jordan Partyka. Overall the Mavs are beyond fired up to get the 2013 season underway. They know what has to be done for success and they have the depth and core to go far this year. Capturing a NEAC Championship is looking like a strong reality. Expectations are higher than any other year in the past. The boys want to be the best and know that they can be. “Our overall attitude we have as a team now is awesome, we are hungry for a banner and will do anything to hang one in that gym,” said Cunningham.

UPCOMING GAMES l March 2 @ SUNY Canton 2 p.m. l March 10 vs. Elmira College @ Baltimore,MD TBA l March 12 vs. Albright College @ Towson, MD l March 20 @ Brockport 6:30 p.m. l March 23 @ Franciscan 3 p.m. **ALL AMCC GAMES IN ITALIC**

“ ”

“Our overall attitude we have as a team now is awesome, we are hungry for a banner and will do anything to hang one in that gym.” Sean Cunningham Junior, Longstick Midfielder

Drew Belica Men’s Lacrosse

A1. To win our

Q1: What are your team goals for the year? Q2: Favorite Mav Memory? Q3:Favorite Pre Game Meal? Q4: Favorite Pre Game pump up song? Q5: Pre game superstitions? Q6: Favorite Athlete ?

NEAC Conference Championship

A2. Beating

Morrisville on their own turf last year in playoffs.

A3. I chow down

on some fruit in the locker room before games.

A4. Hate me now by P . Diddy

A5. Touch the end

line with my stick before every opening face-off

A6. Jim Brown

Alec D Pinterpe Jr. photo Redshirt senior Sean Kettles makes a save against senior midfielder Scott Johnston during winter practice at the new Events Arena at the Sullivan Center. The Mavs open their season on March 2 against SUNY Canton.

Trevor Barrett Men’s Volleyball

A1. Win our

conference championship and make it to the National tournament

A2. Beating Nazareth College at home last season in 5 games A3. Grilled Chicken and Pasta

A4. Anything

Mike Volpe Men’s Baseball

A1. Like every year our team goal is to win the AMCC Conference and make it deep in the playoffs. A2. Tam yamion our trip for spring training down in Florida A3. Two chocolate chip cookies before every game. That’s it. No more, no less.

Biggie Smalls

A4. White StripesSeven Nation Army

A5. Cold shower

A5. Chipper Jones

A6. Kevin Durant

A6. Write the book, wax dolphin, watch Bukowski do the Raji dance, paint Benz’s face, play the gun game and last but not least, never touch the foul line.

Medaille Perspective February 25, 2013



Lady Mavs fall short of AMCC final appearance By Alec D Pinterpe Jr. Staff Writer At the beginning of the season, Women’s basketball coach Pete Lonergan stated, “In order to win the AMCC Conference, we must find a way to beat La Roche in Pittsburgh.” They had that opportunity to earn a rematch with La Roche if they could beat Penn-State Behrend. However, the Lady Lions would not give Medaille the chance to play La Roche as they upset the Lady Mavs 60-52. Coach Lonergan only had to glance at the score sheet to see why his team was unable to pull out a victory. “We only shot 31%, missed 37 shots and only got 9 offensive rebounds, along with being out rebounded for the game 37-24,” said Lonergan. “That isn’t a good formula for success.” Penn-State Behrend controlled the lead for most of the game leading by as many as 18 points in the game. Neither team shot well as the Lady Lions only shot 37.7% from the field but were able to shoot better than Medaille’s 31.5%. Junior guard Joelle Pollak led the Lady Mavs in the losing effort with 18 points, five assists and three steals. “In the first half, we lacked intensity and they shot a lot better than us,” said Pollak. “Our shots weren’t falling. We had a chance at the end but they got too big of a lead and we ran out of time.” Behrend was able to take advantage of Medaille’s lackluster first half jumping out

to a 33-21 lead. The Lady Lions outshot the Mavs 44.83% (13-29) to 29.17% (7-24) and Medaille was never able to catch up. Senior Brittney Rowland added 14 points in her last game in a Medaille uniform. Rowland also had three assists and one steal in the game. For the Lady Mavs, the loss brings them to a final record of 14-4 in the AMCC. That is their lowest win total in the AMCC since the 2008-2009 season when they won just 11 conference games. There were a few highlights this season despite the disappointing ending. Coach Pete Lonergan earned his 200th win against Hilbert on December 5. Joelle Pollak reached 1,000 points on January 22 against Hamilton College and became the program’s all time leader in 3-point shots made on February 13. Brittney Rowland earned 8th all time in the same category on January 23 and 9th all time in total assists on February 22. The Lady Mavs made the AMCC tournament for the 8th straight year since joining the conference eight years ago. Medaille’s season may not be over just yet as they may be invited to the ECAC tournament. Last season, the Lady Mavs defeated Bethany College and Moravian College to become the school’s first team to win an ECAC title. Lonergan puts it very simply, “If we are invited, we will go.”

Alec D Pinterpe Jr. photo The Lady Mavs huddle up before taking the court against Penn State-Behrend in the AMCC semi-finals at the La Roche’s Kerr Sports Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Medaille fell to the Lions to a score of 60-52.

Heartbreaking loss ends Men’s AMCC title hopes Mavericks fall short of their fourth conference title in five years By Alec Short Staff Writer The Medaille Men’s basketball team will not be going to the big dance this year as they fell just short to rival Penn State Behrend by a score of 63-60 in the AMCC conference championship game. This game went back and forth with six lead changes and eight ties. Medaille was down for most of the first half, but slowly picked away at Behrend’s lead to go ahead with 5:24 left in the half. At the end of the first half the Mavs were up 33-30. After the break it continued to be quite the thriller at the Hafner Recreation Center. Behrend went up once again, but the Mavs would not let up. Almost at the halfway point of the second half Jammal Coleman hit a big jumper to put Medaille up by one. Robby Seyler came down less than a minute later and hit a big three to put the Mavs up by four. Medaille would go up by as many as seven points a couple of times, but that was thwarted by the Lions 7-0 run that tied up the score at 54 with less than three minutes to play in regulation. With just about a minute to go the Mavs would go up by two 5856 with a pair of free throws made

by Ryan Grandits, and a big drive to the hole with a nice left hand finish by Josh Laureano. On the next possession, Behrend would hit a big three to put them up by one. That three proved to be the Mavs undoing as they could never get the lead back after that. All eyes were on Ryan Grandits as he got the ball with six seconds left just missing a three that would’ve potentially put Medaille back up by two. As the clock hit zero the Mavs saw their hopes and dreams of going to the NCAA Tournament fall just short. Jammal Coleman lead the team with 15 points, while also grabbing seven boards. Robby Seyler and Anthony Battaglia each had 12 points respectively to add to the teams total. Josh Laureano was once again the top assist man handing out five total. Looking back on the whole AMCC conference playoffs Medaille had a great run. Their first opponent was the Mounties of Mount Aloysius. They proved to be no match for the Mavs as a total of 16 players got to see the floor in a 97-68 rout. It was a packed house in the Sullivan center as Medaille put on a show. They went 57% from the field while holding the Mounties to just 31%. Jammal Coleman was once again on top of the scoring charts as he went 9 of 12 from the

floor with 23 points. Robby Seyler and Alex Baron were next on the list in points, finishing out with 12 a piece. As Josh Laureano continued his giving ways handing out seven assists. The semifinal game would match the Mavs up against the number one seed Hilbert Hawks. Medaille controlled most of the game only going down by one with just over 11 minutes to go in the second half. Losing the lead didn’t phase the Mavs at all. Taking their time they were able to secure the lead and carry it out to a final score of 72-69 in front of a packed crowd. Tyler Stevens went 5 of 7 from behind the three point stripe, while adding two more shots to go 7 of 9 from the field with a total of 19 points. His game high was tied by Jammal Coleman who also had an impressive 19 points as well. Coleman also dished out four assists not to be outdone by Josh Laureano who had four of his own. The Mavs finished out the season with an overall record of 1810 after all was said and done. They now wait to see if they’re invited to play in the ECAC tournament to test their winning ways there.

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Ruff gone! In a surprise move, the Sabres let longtime coach Lindy Ruff go in search for a new message.

When the odds are stacked against you... baseball helps to ease the pain By Brandon Kilijanski Staff Writer

Baseball is a game that overflows with numbers. No other sport has more statistics than baseball – there’s batting average, RBI’s, slugging percentage, OBP (on-base percentage), OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging percentage) – and those are strictly just a few offensive statistics. We could spend a whole day going through the pitching, defense, and base running statistics. Numbers help to describe the game; it’s like a science. But there is more to baseball than just numbers. Baseball is also a game that overflows with passion. It’s a game that the odds are stacked up against you. Even the best players to ever step inside a batter’s box are destined to fail 70 percent of the time. Ted Williams – widely considered as the best hitter of all time – said it best, “Baseball is the only endeavor in which a man can fail seven out of 10 times and be considered a good performer.” However, this is not a story about numbers. This is a story about how the odds can be stacked up against you in life, and the passion for baseball helps to ease the pain. Cory Bukowski fell in love with the game of baseball at the age of five by picking up a ball in the backyard and playing catch with his father. Quickly, he became quite good at the game and began to play travel baseball at the age of seven. By the time he was 10 years old, his dream was to play college baseball. “I love baseball because it’s a big game of chess,” said Bukowski. “You have to think about what the players are thinking, what the coaches are thinking, and what your coach wants you to do. Plus, making the impossible plays – the hardest thing to do is hit a 90 miles-per-hour fastball. It’s a challenging sport, but it’s fun to play. If you’re at a game and try to understand it, I think you fall in love with it.” After graduating from Depew High School in 2009, his dream was realized as he was on the roster as a first baseman at NCAA Division II Gannon University in Erie, PA. One of the major driving forces as motivation to improve to become a college baseball player was his mother, Julie Bukowski. At Gannon University, you need passion like how a cell phone needs a battery. Baseball begins at 5:30 in the morning, followed by a hitting workout at noon, and finishing with practice each night from 10 p.m. to midnight. “Those were long, long baseball days,” said Cory. “But it was fun.” His mother had been to every baseball game since he started playing at age five. She was sitting on the bleachers, or in a lawn chair, as the scorekeeper for each game. In 2004, she even kept score each game for Cory’s travel team that played in a week-long tournament in Cooperstown, NY, the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. He has a picture of the two of them standing at home plate in Cooperstown – him wearing his jersey, and her wearing a “Scorekeeper Mom” t-shirt. Julie was a baseball enthusiast – a huge New York Yankees fan with a not-so-subtle love affair for Derek Jeter. “I can go to every field I’ve ever played on and tell you where she would be sitting,” said Cory. “When I would swing at a pitch in the air or in the dirt she would yell at me and say ‘what the hell are you doing!’ or I would get a huge ‘Cory Walter!’ from the stands.” However, during his only year at Gannon University, the odds were stacked up against Cory and the entire Bukowski family. His mother Julie was thought to have lymphoma. But at the beginning of See Bukowski on page 17

the 2010 spring semester, she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. With his older brother Steve finishing up his degree at Mercyhurst College, Cory decided to transfer to Erie Community College to be closer to his family. Cory continued his baseball career by playing fall ball with ECC, and still had his biggest fan in the stands. His mother’s illness did not stop her from watching Cory play the game they both loved dearly. “She went to every baseball game in the fall even when she was really sick and in a wheelchair,” said Cory, who gave his mother a signed Derek Jeter baseball for her birthday while she was sick. But right after the fall season at ECC was done, Julie’s fight with lung cancer was over. On November 16, 2010, Julie Bukowski passed away at the age of 45. Cory, then at the age of 19, went to baseball practice the very next day. “Baseball keeps your mind off of it,” said Cory. “And doing something that my mom loved watching me do really helped to keep going.” “She lit up a room definitely with her smile and her laugh too,” he added. “My mom would drop anything to help a person. She was definitely someone you can’t replace.” This was obviously the most devastating and traumatic event that happened to Cory. However, even though his mother’s life had ende, Cory did not let his own life come to a halt. He continued to play baseball, and used the game he is most passionate about to help cope with the pain. “Just because you lose someone you love, doesn’t mean you’re going to lose something else you love also,” said Cory. “So you have to hold onto it and never let it go. I thought about dropping baseball, but I knew that it wouldn’t help at all. My recovery process was to keep playing baseball. Some days I would just go sit out at the field and look out and think.” His teammates at ECC, all of whom went to Julie’s wake, really helped Cory cope with the loss of his mother. And in the 2011 season, the team went on a magical run. Cory was the backup first baseman on the team and was able to earn spot duty as a designated hitter.

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Doing something my mom loved watching me do really helped to keep going. Cory Bukowski Junior, 1st Base/Pitcher

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Medaille Perspective  

The February 25, 2013 edition of the Medaille College student newspaper, The Perspective.

Medaille Perspective  

The February 25, 2013 edition of the Medaille College student newspaper, The Perspective.