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Tymbark drink 250ml

Kubuś mousse

Tymbark flavours blends are smooth and fruity.

Our mousse contains only fruits and

Tymbark also features unique bottle caps. The

vegetables without any added sugar. Kubuś

catchwords hidden underneath are funny, intriguing,

Mousse is the perfect combination of a rich

expressive, and help to make contact and relate

source of fibre with a daily recommended

to others.

portion of vitamins (e.g. vitamin C) in

Refreshing Tymbark fruit drinks come in delicious

a form of healthy snack. Vitamin C is

flavours: apple-mint, lemon-mint, raspberry-

especially important for children who are

mint, apple-cherry, apple-peach, apple-

just beginning reception or school, when

watermelon, orange-peach, apple-redcurrant,

they are exposed to contact with many

apple-white grapes. Tymbark drinks are available

new harmful microorganisms – the vitamin

in 0.25 l glass bottles, 0.5 l and 2 l pet bottles

C in Kubuś Mousse helps support proper

and 1 l and 2 l cartons.

immune system function.

Castellan Cheese

Royal Cheese from Sierpc

There is a cheese Poles loved for years. Maturing – but light in the taste and

A noble and subtle taste with a note

flavour. Noble but discreet. Charming

of the meadow herbs. Old recipes

but not imposing. A faithful fellow

of regional masters of cheese. Milk

of everyday slice of bread. Ideal

from cows living in the fields of one

for breakfast, brunch, lunch and

of the purest corners of Europe: the

supper… Castellan Cheese comes

Northern Masovia. A cheese “with

in two flavours – Castellan Cheese

holes” maturing for at least 4 weeks.

Classic with stronger taste (in

Its opening allows to open and close

a black package) and Castellan

the product safely for several times.

Cheese Creamy with milder taste

(in a white package).

Confectionery Cheese Excellent for cheesecakes for bakers and confectioners

Thermized Confectionery Cheese


Thermized Confectionery with vanilla flavour-excellent for rolls, irreplaceable for bakers and confectioners



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