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Eucalyptus Menthol

Lemonade Drops

Hard candies, 90g

Candies filled with fizzy filling, 90g

The novelty in ARGO’s offer are hard caramels Eucalyptus

Lemonade Drop’s – it’s one of recencies in the assortment of the

Menthol. Menthol and Eucalyptus

producer. The product includes

flavour achieved thanks of natural

bottle-shaped candies, lemonade-

oils, lack of gluten and allergens,

flavoured in 3 colours: yellow,

natural colour are indisputable

orange, pink, filled with fizzing

features, which have an effect of

powder. Attractive package with

success of debut the product on

transparent wrap exhibits the higher

polish as well global market.

quality of the article. The product is

Caramels are packed in a 90g and 1

packed in a 90g bag, 1 kg bag and

kg bag, 3 kg box.

2,5 kg box.

Party mix

Jogo mix

Candies covered

Yoghurt centered candies

in chocolate with

in four flavors: wild

strawberry and black

strawberry, raspberry,

currant flavor.

peach and lemon.

Turka Tortilla Wraps „TURKA Tortilla & Breads is a place, where the flour turns into love” – TURKA is recognized by this original slogan. TURKA as one of the biggest producer of tortillas in Europe offers its products not only in its continent but also in the USA, Africa and the Near East markets. Among its customers are the biggest supermarket chains and HORECA sector. Since many years the company produces high quality products keeping precise quality control which is approved by numerous certificates like ISO 22000, IFS and QUALITY OF THE YEAR 2016. TURKA constantly improves technical modern level of factories and its skilled staff is working on introducing new types of products to anticipate customers’ expectations.


Food from Poland ANUGA Edition 2017  

We describe Polish FMCG market

Food from Poland ANUGA Edition 2017  

We describe Polish FMCG market