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Interview with Łukasz Dominiak – General Director of the National Poultry Council – Chamber of Commerce. Poland is the poultry power of Europe!

country, and consequently, to an increase in significance and de-

For many years, Poland has stayed in the top tier of European

velopment of exports.

poultry producers. Since 2014, we have uninterruptedly held

In 2016, we recorded an almost 16% increase in exports in

the first place in the European Union with regard to the volume

comparison with 2015. This dynamic development is predicted

of meat produced. In the first half of 2017 alone, Polish enter-

to be maintained for several years to come. The growing exports

prises employing more than 50 persons produced over 1,3 mil-

are favoured, above all, by the constantly high price advantage of

lion tons of poultry meat. This means we have an opportunity to

Polish poultry on the EU market and the expected development

break the record – the last year closed with a result exceeding

into non-EU markets.

2.5 million tons. To compare, the United Kingdom, being second after us, ended the year of 2016 at a level of approx. 1.7

What challenges is the Polish poultry sector facing, both on

million tons. Therefore, one could say we produce 47% more

the domestic and foreign market?

meat than the British.

A serious challenge is surely the myths concerning poultry, still

Moreover, we are the fastest and most dynamically develop-

very widespread among the Polish society: chickens riddled with

ing EU country in this regard – we have maintained our growth

antibiotics, hormones, etc. The National Poultry Council – Cham-

rate on a two-digit level. Taking into account the still perceptible

ber of Commerce has been constantly implementing a range of

effects of the crisis and economic slowdown, our development

measures intended to provide the society with facts about poultry

in this sector is the most dynamic among all states of the Euro-

meat. These are mainly information campaigns concerning the

pean Union.

advantages and value of Polish poultry. In view of the increasingly stringent EU regulations prohibit-

At what pace will exports develop? What are the predictions

ing the use of GMOs, we have to reckon with possible increases

in this sector?

in feed prices, and consequently, with increases in poultry meat

Due to its taste advantages and competitive price, poultry is

production costs. Within a timeframe between several and al-

continually gaining popularity. The demand for white meat on

most twenty years, the poultry sector will also have to prepare

the global market is continuously growing. According to the Food

itself further for foreign trade, due to the saturation of the do-

and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), poul-

mestic market. This is what makes the development of exports

try will be the world’s most consumed meat in 2025. All of this

so important.

contributes to an increase in production of poultry meat in our

On foreign markets, on the other hand, we will have to face the


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