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The Awakening of an American Treasure

OCTOBER 15-16 Winsted, Minnesota


423 State Hwy 261 6th Street South Winsted, MN 55395


Head for the Winsted Water Tower!

- Take the ramp onto MN-5 W - Merge onto I-494 W - Take exit 16B to merge onto MN-7 W - Continue straight thru two traffic circles - Turn right at Babcock Ave/County Rd 1 - Auction site will be on the right (approximately 3.5 miles) - Directly under the Winsted Water Tower

Auction Special Notice:

Mecum Auctions will allow boats, engines, and other Warner Collection items to be stored at the Winsted, MN auction site for 2 weeks following the sale, at no charge, to allow time for buyers to make transportation arrangements. All boats, engines, and parts must be removed before November 1st and will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Any items remaining after November 1st will be subject to daily storage fees. Quotes will be available on-site for local (seasonal) storage at alternate nearby facilities. Transportation quotes will also be available on-site.


Sheraton Minneapolis West 12201 Ridgedale Drive Minnetonka, MN 55305 Reservations: 952-593-0000 Approx 38 miles from auction. Ask for the special Mecum rate: $69.00 Single/Double + tax

Country Inns & Suites 591 West 78th Street Chanhassen, MN 55317 Reservations: 952-937-2424 Approx 30 miles from auction. Ask for the special Mecum rate: $89.00 Single/Double + tax

PREVIEWS Special Preview By Appointment Only

Wednesday 10/13 and Thursday 10/14:

Public Preview Friday October 15 9AM - 5PM CT ____________________________________________ AUCTION Saturday October 16 ____________________________________________ Parts and Engines: Starting with Lot Z1 will begin 10AM CT ____________________________________________ Boats and Rare Engines: Lot S1 through Lot S150 will begin 12PM CT ____________________________________________ Parts and Engines: Continue when Boats are completed

Holiday Inn Express 7855 Century Blvd Chanhassen, MN 55317 Reservations: 952-401-8850 Approx 28 miles from auction. Ask for the special Mecum rate: $109.00 King Exec. Room + tax

BUYERS PREMIUM: 10% Buyers Premium on all items purchased on-site 12% Buyers Premium on all items purchased by telephone, online, or absentee Information and photos in this brochure have been provided by and/or authorized for use by the consignor/seller. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. The lot and information presented at auction on the auction block supersedes any previous descriptions or information. Mecum is not responsible for information that may be changed or updated prior to the auction. The decision to purchase should be based solely on the buyers personal inspection of the lot at the auction site prior to the auction.

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w w w.M E C U M.c o m 950 Greenlee St. Marengo, IL 60152

Beyond Passion

Some Thoughts from Dana Mecum My words here are intended to help you know the man behind the Warner Collection and the reason this auction is taking place. This auction began for me as another piece of business. After a trip to Minnesota to inventory the auction, I became aware this was much more. When I arrived, there was already a team on site in full gear working on “get ready” of inventory including clean up and moving of boats to the auction facility. They were at full steam with a dedication comparable to a Mecum Auction crew at work. They were not a Mecum crew, they were Todd Warner’s Mahogany Bay wood boat business staff and crew. In the middle was Todd piloting the ship. When the Mecum crew landed on site, Todd’s group had us two to three days ahead of the power curve on this massive undertaking. Over two days of working side by side, I realized who this person was. Over the past several years the word passion has become vogue to describe people dedicated to their task at hand that enjoy what they are doing. Todd Warner is beyond passion. Wood boating is his culture. It’s his DNA. It’s his way of life. He began as a youngster and has remained at the forefront for over 40 years. For Todd to sell his beloved collection of boats, like a 17’ Higgins which he has had since he was age 14, has not been easy for him “to get his head around.” The auction is a necessity for Todd to raise needed capital to re-organize and re-energize. His business is Mahogany Bay Wood Boats which specializes in buying, selling and restoring wood boats.

As all of us in business have over the last few years experienced the struggle to keep a business running with the shortage of participation from the banking industry. The equity from the auction of the collection will take the “pressure” off Todd and allow him to continue his life work and commitment to wood boats. The structure of the auction is “no reserve.” Todd realizes some boats will be bargains and he is confident that some of the treasures will bring a great return to his stewardship of them. While visiting with Todd, I’ve learned his desire and goal is to see the wood boat hobby come alive and achieve more value. Compared to classic automobiles these treasures have been greatly overlooked. He also realizes this auction will serve as a cornerstone in awakening the awareness of wood boat collecting and that his boats will sell for a fraction of what their values may be in 5 years. He is excited and realizes that activity creates a market. And, he is proud his collection will bring so many collectible boats and motors to market and bring the hobby to the mainstream. Personally, I’m excited about Mecum’s future with Todd and Mahogany Bay after this cornerstone auction. Welcome to the awakening of an American treasure…The Warner Collection. - Dana Mecum

For Todd Warner wood boating is more than a passion, it is a way of life. Warner grew up on Minnesota’s Lake Minnetonka, a 20th century boating hotbed, and as a boy was fed by his father’s devotion to preserving what he considered an American art form. As a teenager he saw how the new fiberglass speedboats, with their lower production costs and maintenance requirements, spelled the end of the production wood pleasure boat industry. “1968 was the last year of production wood speedboat building for both Chris-Craft Corporation and Century Boat Company,” Todd explains. “By that time the attraction of not having to work on a speedboat outweighed the perceived value of these American treasures. I have to give credit to my Dad’s vision back in the 60s to see the value of these boats when they were just

about valueless to just about everyone, to the point that I recall going to the marinas and watching them burn boats just to get rid of them.” Warner refers to that period as “the first harvest of classic boats.” The experience ignited in him a deep sense of their historical import that has informed his entire adult life, a great deal of which he has spent promoting their preservation as original works of American art. “I was fortunate enough to grow up in and around Lake Minnetonka, which had a rich history in boatbuilding and boat ownership, and I was able through osmosis and direct activity to learn about the industry. “Through the years I’ve watched the classic wood boats slowly gain recognition as great and rare American treasures. They embodied naval

Todd Warner architecture, engineering, woodwork, design style and craftsmanship, all at the highest possible level, and people are coming to realize just how rare this American art form truly is. “Nothing, I believe, outside of the similarities to the early automotive industry, truly captured such varied disciplines, primarily because of the expense. Even in the earliest days when someone would buy an original watercraft, its builder would usually also build a custom boathouse to shelter his treasure, because the value of that boat was generally between five and twenty times the price of a new automobile; it was always more expensive to own an original Chris-Craft, Gar Wood, Hackercraft or Dodge boat than it was to own a car - only the wealthy could afford them in those early years.”

That exclusivity, of course, now translates into rarity, and the vast majority of classic wood boats are exceedingly rare, especially original, unrestored examples, to which Warner draws an interesting parallel. “If you were to replace the legs on a Chippendale table or a Sheraton sideboard, you would destroy the value. And I believe this is true in old boats as well. I like to label myself a preservationist and I think it is an important custodial obligation to future generations to not reinterpret what something was in a previous era. I think it’s our obligation to maintain originality whenever possible. “Classic boats have been my lifeblood, my passion and my dream for over 40 years, and I hope that those who are lucky enough to take one of them home will find their stewardship as rewarding as it has been for me.”



1948 Mack Fire Truck


HIGHLIGHTS - George Shinn restored


1930 Chris-Craft A-70 V-8 Engine - 825/250 HP

HIGHLIGHTS - One built by Ole Lind in Detroit Lakes - Trailer not included


Duck Boat

Ole Lind


HIGHLIGHTS - Built in Fergus Falls area - Trailer not included


Duck Boat

HIGHLIGHTS - Built in Fergus Falls area - Trailer not included


Duck Boat


HIGHLIGHTS - 11’ 3” duck boat - Trailer not included


Duck Boat 11’

Built at the height of the company’s fortunes, this 1954 Dunphy 16-foot Muskie Runabout is a good example of the laminated plywood fabrication techniques for which the Dunphy Boat Company was so well respected. The outboard-hull Muskie comes without engine on its own trailer and is in original, unrestored condition. HIGHLIGHTS - Built by the Dunphy Boat Company of Oshkosh, Wisconsin - Laminated construction - Original, unrestored



1954 Dunphy 16’ Muskie Runabout

Produced in Switzerland and incorporating a unique double pontoon design, the Forsa peddle boat is perfect for a quiet lake outing on a sunny afternoon. The 1955 Forsa offered here is completely original and unrestored and comes with its own trailer. HIGHLIGHTS - Made in Switzerland - Unique pontoon design - Completely original - Trailer included


1955 Forsa Peddle Boat The product of one of America’s oldest boat companies, the 1949 Larson 16’ Dual Cockpit Outboard offered here is the best known original example, complete with original finish and interior upholstery. Offered with trailer included. HIGHLIGHTS - Original finish - Original upholstery - The best original example known - Trailer included


1949 Larson 16’ Dual Cockpit Outboard


Sunflower Craft of Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin built this 23-foot launch, “La Larmie,” in 1929, and today it is one of very few remaining. Finished in White with stained deck and cockpit, it exhibits a nice patina and plies the water under the power of a Gray Marine 4-70 engine. Trailer included. HIGHLIGHTS - Built in Tomahawk, Wisconsin - Gray Marine 4-70 engine - One of only a few examples remain - Trailer included


1929 Sunflower 23’ Launch

La Larmie


This 11-foot wood Hydroplane racer is ready for cleanup and the engine of your choice for fast fun on the lake.

HIGHLIGHTS - Trailer not included


Racing 11’ Marrchette Hydroplane Outboard


This molded plywood 13-foot outboard Hydroplane racing hull is a great starting point for either beginning or veteran racers and hobbyists. Trailer included.

HIGHLIGHTS - Trailer included


Racing 13’ Marrchette Hydroplane Outboard


HIGHLIGHTS - 1950’s Chrysler engine - Reduction gear


Chrysler M45-SP Hemi V-8 Engine - 331/250 HP

HIGHLIGHTS - 15’ 7” flatboat - Trailer not included


Flatboat 15’ 7” Canoe Bay Marine of Minneapolis, Minnesota produced one of the earliest aluminum hull duck boats in the King Fisher line. This 12-foot King Fisher is the only known remaining example and features riveted construction and a thick wooden transom. No trailer.


HIGHLIGHTS - Early aluminum hull - Built in Minneapolis, MN - Only example known to exist - Trailer not included


Bay Marine 12’ King Fisher

This 11-foot, 5-inch rowboat built by Thompson Brothers Boat Manufacturing Company of Peshtigo, Wisconsin exhibits the quality construction typical of their fine products. HIGHLIGHTS - 11’ 5” row boat - Trailer not included


Thompson 11’ 5” Row Boat


HIGHLIGHTS - 12’ 4” row boat - Trailer not included


Penn Yan 12’ 4” Row Boat

An early stepped bottom Hydroplane racer, this 1930 Truscott 14-foot Wonder Boat was ideal for shallow water competition. It is powered by a Johnson Sea Horse V-45 engine and comes with trailer included. HIGHLIGHTS - Johnson Sea Horse V-45 - Stepped bottom - Trailer included


1930 Truscott 14’ Wonder Boat Stepped Hydroplane


HIGHLIGHTS - 1995 Scottish Aviation overhaul - Still remains in crate


Rolls-Royce Meteor V-12 Engine - 1650/600 HP

HIGHLIGHTS - Albert Hickman design - Patented hull - Trailer not included


1929 Hickman 14’ Sea Sled Founded in the mid-Forties, the Tomahawk Boat Company was taken over by Harley Davidson in 1962, selling its fiberglass boats under the H-D moniker until 1965. Built in 1962, this charming Harley-Davidson Tomahawk Utility outboard is in fine original, unrestored condition. This exceptionally rare boat uses an Evinrude 33 for power and comes with its own trailer. HIGHLIGHTS - Only built from 1962-1965 - Evinrude 33 outboard motor - Original, unrestored condition


1962 Harley-Davidson 16’ Tomahawk Utility Outboard


Valued by enthusiasts for its smooth ride and durable construction, the Evinrude Rogue Fiberglass Tri Hull was introduced in 1966 and today is an all-time boating classic. This 19-foot 1970 Rogue is offered with an Evinrude trailer and Chevrolet V-8 power. HIGHLIGHTS - 1970’s Evinrude 19’ Rogue - Classic Glass - Chevrolet V-8 engine - Trailer included


1970 Evinrude 19’ Rogue Fiberglass Tri-Hull I/O The Glen L Marine designs 1962 catalog describes the Missile as “a bundle of greased lightning compacted into a sleek hull form,” an apt description of the 1962 16-foot version offered here. Dual 4-barrel Buick V-8 inboard power gives this Missile the kind of performance its makers intended. Trailer included.


HIGHLIGHTS - Buick V-8 engine - Trailer included


1962 Glen L 16’ Missle Kit Boat


Kermath Engine


HIGHLIGHTS - Bare hull - Trailer not included


1972 Riva 27’ Offshorer


1974 Melgus C Boat Sailboat



The C Scow was the first class of scow built by Harry Melges, Sr. in 1945, and quickly become famous for its speed. Named “Tackworm II,� this beautiful plank on frame Melges C-class sailboat is believed to be the last wooden example built by that company.

- Plank on frame cedar - Believed to be the last wood Melgus built - Named Tackworm II - Trailer included


S28 22

1932 Chris-Craft 27’ 309 Custom Triple Cockpit Runabout

Arguably the most well known Chris-Craft in the world, certainly the most photographed example, the Sugar Lady… is antique boating at its finest. 1932 was a low point for Chris-Craft, productionwise, along with the rest of the country. But like many Depression-era automobiles, some of the best things came from that period of time in American history. Known as a “Roll-deck” Chris-Craft for its transitional raised coamings around the cockpits, the top-of–the-line 27’ Custom Runabout was built for ten years with only 62 examples built – total. Sugar Lady is hull number 10, of only that many

1932 models. What makes Sugar Lady most unique however, is the oval-windowed Dietrich convertible top, known as a one-man top originally. In addition to the one-man top, Sugar Lady’s original build sheet documents that it was delivered with highcompression cylinder heads for its 825 cubic inch Chris-Craft A-120 V-8 engine. Completely restored by Doug Morin in the late 1980s, Sugar Lady is regarded as one of the finest triple cockpit runabouts anywhere.

Sugar Lady


- One of the most well known Chris-Craft’s in existence - Original name, the Sugar Lady - Chris-Craft A-120 250 HP engine, as original - Triple Cockpits - Upgraded with dual carburetors (now 275 HP) - Dietrich one-man convertible top, per original hull card - Completely restored by Doug Morin of Morin Boats - From Bill Munroe Collection - Hull number 10 of only 62 27’ Runabouts built by Chris-Craft from 1932-1941 - Factory delivered with high-compression heads and aft cockpit cover - Delivered to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 14, 1932 - Custom trailer and two covers included - Cost new in 1932: $5,000


S29 24

Shipwright’s 1850s Immigrant Trunk & Tools

This 1850’s German immigrant trunk has been fitted with tills and nooks to hold the tools of a shipwright. 95% of these tools are dated earlier than 1885. The folk art is from an area between France and Germany of this period.


1948 Chris-Craft 17’ Deluxe Dual Cockpit Runabout

Money Pit

HIGHLIGHTS One of 1880 produced between 1946 and 1950, the 1948 Chris-Craft Dual Cockpit Runabout offered here was originally delivered to the Minnetonka Boat Works of Wayzata, Minnesota on April 29, 1948. It is all numbers matching and very original, and runs on a Chris-Craft 6-cylinder 95 HP K engine. Trailer included.

- All numbers matching - Very original - 95 HP K engine - One of 1880 produced from 1946-1950 - Originally delivered to Minnetonka Boat Works, Wayzata, MN, April 29, 1948 - Trailer included


Century designer Richard Arbib redefined the luxury speedboat with the Coronado, which the company promoted as “The Cadillac of Boats.” Named “Kulani,” this project condition 1959 Century 21-foot Coronado Hard Top Utility comes complete with its iconic hard top, a Gray Marine 225 HP V-8 and trailer. HIGHLIGHTS - Hard top - Project condition - Gray Marine 225 HP V-8 - Trailer included


1959 Century 21’ Coronado Hard Top Utility



HIGHLIGHTS - Jim Aamodt restored


1930 Chris-Craft A-120 V-8 Engine - 825/250 HP

The 1959 Century Coronado was promoted by the company as “the Cadillac of Boats.” Fewer than 20 of the original 130 built now exist, arguably the most beautiful of which is presented here. The “Ripple” showcases the Coronado’s wonderful styling that includes the trademark sliding hardtop. Restored by Ben Lowell, it is in spectacular condition, a wonderful find for the vintage boat enthusiast. HIGHLIGHTS


- Restored by Ben Lowell - Show quality - New bottom

1959 Century 21’ Coronado

Ripple A sporty and good-looking molded plywood outboard built by the Dunphy Boat Company of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this 1958 Imperial 16-footer is entirely original and unrestored, ready for some tender loving care by an attentive enthusiast. It is offered without the engine and comes with the trailer included. HIGHLIGHTS - Built in Oshkosh, Wisconsin - Original, unrestored condition - No engine - Trailer included


1958 Dunphy 16’ Imperial Outboard


Century’s prewar Utility models are highly desirable today in the wood boat hobby. This 1938 15-foot Utility is ready for restoration to its potential as a fine water craft. A trailer is included, and its engine is available as a separate lot. HIGHLIGHTS - Project condition - Engine available as separate lot - Trailer included



1938 Century 15’ Utility


1964 Chris-Craft 28’ Sea Skiff Utility


Minneapolis banker Winton Jones bought this sleek Chris Craft Sea Skiff new in 1964, one of just 190 built that year. Its 2009 restoration, valued at $60,000, included new framework and bottom, new cockpit sole, fresh paint and twin Volvo Penta 305/225 HP V-8 engines (original type engines are separately available). Comes complete with convertible top and restoration documentation.

- Repowered with Twin Volvo Penta 305/225 HP V-8s - Fresh paint - New cockpit sole - Original type engines are available as a separate bid item - Convertible top - Lapstrake construction - Head - 10’2” Beam - Original owner, Minneapolis banker Winton Jones - Sold new at Minnetonka Boat Works, MN - Only 190 built in 1964 - Trailer not included



1955 Shepherd 22’ 110 Utility HIGHLIGHTS


Manufactured in 1955 by Shepherd Boatworks of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, this 22-foot 1955 Shepherd 110 has been in storage since 1971 and is in excellent unrestored condition. The Honduran mahogany hull, tongue and groove deck and hand sculpted mahogany intake scoops typify Shepherd’s quality; power is supplied by the original Chrysler Crown 140 HP flathead inline 6 inboard and V-drive.

- Original Chrysler Crown 140 HP and V-drive - Excellent unrestored original - In storage since 1971 - Dual Carb Flathead 6 - Honduras Mahogany hull - Live tongue and groove deck construction - Hand sculpted Mahogany intake scoops - Open seating - Manufactured in Ontario, Canada - Trailer not included

HIGHLIGHTS - 1940’s Rolls-Royce engine - 1995 Scottish Aviation overhaul


Rolls-Royce Meteor V-12 Engine - 1650/600 HP


S39 32

1929 Chris-Craft 28’ 15 Sedan Limousine Runabout

Few boats can combine elegance, power, and function quite like Tuxedo Taxi. Originally delivered to California in 1929, Chris-Craft’s 28-foot runabout is a boating icon in itself, and with the addition of the factory installed Van Mourick Limousine sedan top, makes this example a showstopper. Known as an “upswept” Chris-Craft, a styling feature used on some of the higher-end models from 1929-1931, the foredeck leading up to the windshield curves up, and in the case of the 28-footer, the decking leading up to the aft cockpit has this feature as well, making this boat a “double-upswept.” Chris-Craft only built 180 of

the 1929-1931 28’ Runabout, and far fewer with the $900 optional sedan top. Five sedan versions

Tuxedo Taxi are known to exist, with Tuxedo Taxi being the only operational example. Powered by the incredibly rare, in-house ChrisCraft designed and built 825 cubic inch 225hp A-70 V-8, it is one of only a handful of these engines in operation today. After the graying, neglected hull of Tuxedo Taxi was located in the San Francisco Bay area, it became the after-hours project of legendary Tahoe restorer Tony Brown and the late Phillip Ballantyne. The project was finally commissioned and completed in 1994, winning several awards at the prestigious Lake Tahoe Concours d’ Elegance.


- Multiple Tahoe Concours award winner, Tuxedo Taxi - Restored by Tony Brown and Phillip Ballantyne of Western Runabouts, completed in 1994 - Featured on cover of Classic Boating Magazine in 1995 - New frames and Honduras mahogany planking, WEST System bottom - Hull No. 3060 originally shipped to California on April 23, 1929 - Only restored example of 5 in existance - Powered by the Chris-Craft A-70 V-8 engine as original, 225 HP, displacing 825 cubic inches, less than 400 of these engines were ever produced - 117 Chris-Craft 28-footers were produced for 1929, only 32 with a sedan top - Most desirable Van Mourick Limousine top - Roll-up windows - Maroon leather upholstery (originally green) - Cost new in 1929: $5,850, **Trailer not included**



1955 Lyman 20’ Utility HIGHLIGHTS


This wonderful Lyman 20-foot utility retains its original dual canvas convertible top and upholstery and is powered by its original Gray Marine six with good compression. Its strong condition and nice patina make it perfect for use as a launch or for sympathetic restoration; either way this mahogany-decked classic delivers the smooth Lyman ride. The trailer is suitable for storage.

- Gray Marine 6-cylinder engine with strong compression - Original dual canvas convertible top and upholstery - Perfect candidate for restoration or use it as is - The mahogany decked classic delivers the soft Lyman ride - Trailer included


1947 Higgins 19’ Deluxe Dual Cockpit Runabout


Patterned after the PT boats for which the company became famous, the Higgins Deluxe Dual Cockpit Runabout was built in 1947 and 1948 and is now very rare. The 19 foot “Beverly Joy” is one of fewer than 10 remaining today. It features a Pontiac gauge pod and dual throttle controls that include the distinguishing left-hand steering wheel and foot throttle, a Higgins trademark. Its original engine, a rare 160 HP Gray Marine Fireball racing unit.

- Manufactured for only 2 years, 1947 and 1948 - One of less then 10 remaining examples - Originally powered with the rare 160 HP Gray Marine Fireball 6-160 triple carb, split manifold racing engine - Engine was removed for storage purposes but is included. - Pontiac dash board - Double throttle controls, foot pedal and hand throttle, column shifter - Trailer included



1996 Chris-Craft/Dewhurst 19’ Special Race Boat 1936 Replica



New England Boat & Motor built this 1996 Chris Craft/Dewhurst 19-footer as a replica of the rare 1936 E-Class racing runabout “Fusee.” The cold-molded hull by Australia’s Paul Dewhurst contains a high-performance 383 CI Chevrolet engine and a snug racing-style cockpit with leather upholstery, Birdseye maple dash, 5-gauge instrument panel and banjo steering wheel. A regular participant in the New Hampshire Vintage Race Boat Regattas on Lake Winnipesauke.

- Replica of the rare Blue and White Chris-Craft E Class Racing Runabout - Cold-molded Hull by Paul Dewhurst - Completed by Mark Mason (New England Boat & Motor) for Roger Hamblin - High-output 383 stroker Chevrolet engine - Participated regularly in the New Hampshire Vintage Race Boat Regattas - Birdseye maple dash - Five unit instrument panel and banjo wheel - Leather upholstery - Trailer included

Chris-Craft’s Sea Skiff design has been a favorite with boaters for decades for its durability and flexibility. This 1957 18-foot Sea Skiff is a solid example in project condition. Equipped with ChrisCraft’s workhorse B 4-cylinder engine, it comes with trailer included. HIGHLIGHTS - Project condition - Chris-Craft B 4cyl engine - Trailer included


1957 Chris-Craft 18’ Sea Skiff



1930 Kermath Sea-Wolf 225 Engine - 678/225 HP

S45 38

1955 Chris-Craft 29’ Sportsman Utility

The undisputed king of the Chris-Craft Sportsman series was the 29-foot model. Built on a cruiser hull, the open 29-foot Sportsman was built in very, very limited production numbers – as in 4… total. Hull No. SP-29-001 was the first one, and is 1 of only 2 known to exist.

Known as Uncle Sam, the boat was completely restored from the bottom up and is in incredible condition today. Re-powered by twin 283 Chevrolet V-8 power, Uncle Sam is a big, seaworthy utility that is at home on any lake. With all the amenities of a large cruiser,

including a head and galley, the 29-foot Sportsman is an uncompromising blend of size, beauty, and function.


- Twin 283 V-8 power - Completely restored - Book matched mahogany decks - One of 2 known to exist - Custom blue upholstery - Only 4 built - Hull No. 001 - Excellent condition - Trailer not included


This 1960 Correct Craft Finned Utility is the perfect starting point for restoration. Offered with trailer included. HIGHLIGHTS - Project boat - No engine - Trailer included



1960 Correct Craft 16’ Finned Utility


1959 Borum 15’ Safari Utility Outboard HIGHLIGHTS

A premium outboard plywood runabout, the Safari was designed for campers and featured a sleeping area behind the fold-down front seat. Purchased from Rollin E. Mannie, owner of Borum Wood Boat company in Jacksonville, Florida in June 1998, this 15-foot Safari comes with its original 85 HP Mercury engine and its own trailer.

- Made in Jacksonville, Florida - Sleeping quarters - Purchased from Rollin E. Mannie, owner of Borum Wood Boat, June 1998 - Original South Dakota registration - Powered by original 85 HP Mercury engine - Trailer included



1961 Riva 19’ Super Florida HIGHLIGHTS


Designed in 1952 and built from 1953 to 1969, the Riva Florida is an enduring classic in the Riva lineup. This 19-foot 1961 Riva Super Florida, one of 711 built, was originally delivered from the famous Circola Della Vela to Rome, Italy. Unrestored and original, it is in spectacular condition and is powered by its original Chrysler SEA-V 177 HP V-8, capable of 43mph top speed.

- Original Chrysler SEA-V 177 HP V-8 - Built in Italy - 2 original cushions - Originally delivered from famous resort Circola Della Vela to Rome, Italy - Unrestored original - Total production of 711, beginning in 1953 and ending in 1969 - Trailer not included


1958 Chris-Craft 21’ Continental Utility HIGHLIGHTS

Chris-Craft’s top-of-the-line utility from 1955 to 1961, the Continental’s low, sleek shape is apparent in this extremely original, unrestored 1958 example. One of 190 built from 1957 to 1959, it is distinguished by its Edsel-style rear fins and 2-piece wraparound windshield, and boasts the original upholstery and Chris-Craft 283 V-8 engine.

- Original Chris-Craft 283 V-8 engine - Extremely original example - Original upholstery - One of 190 built from 1957-1959 - A survivor - Originally delivered to Superior, Wisconsin - Trailer not included


HIGHLIGHTS - 1910’s/1920’s Speedway engine - 1000+ CI engine



Speedway Engine - 1000 CI


S51 46

1962 Staudacher 32’ Hydroplane Unlimited Race Boat

Lester (“Les”) Staudacher designed and built some of the sport’s most successful Unlimited hydroplanes. Boats of his design won 51 races between 1953 and 1971. In 1956, Staudacher began construction on a conventional three-point hydroplane for Paul Sawyer that wasn’t put in the water for eighteen years. Tentatively titled ALTER EGO, the project was abandoned when Sawyer retired from racing. The unfinished craft was placed in storage. But Les and his helpers would occasionally “tinker” with it over the next decade when time permitted. The boat without a name was finally rescued from obscurity by Bob Schroeder.

Schroeder finally put the boat in the water in 1974 and ran it in a few races as the unnamed CU-22, powered by an Allison. It finished 8th at both Detroit, Michigan, and Dayton, Ohio. In 1983, Schroeder loaned ALTER EGO to Jim Sedam who ran it as MISS TOSTI ASTI. This was the first Unlimited to be driven by Todd Yarling.

Alter Ego Todd’s best finish was a third in the Missouri Governor’s Cup at Lake-of-the-Ozarks. Over the last two decades, Schroeder has entered ALTER EGO in quite a few Antique Boat Shows and taken many people for rides in it prior to selling the boat to the Warner Collection.


- Named the Alter Ego - Allison-Vimalert V-1710 V-12 supercharged engine, 1500 HP - Aluminum plate bottom - Unlimited racing number U-22 - 13’6” beam - Built from 1957-1962 - 190 mph - Builders: Paul Sawyer, Ed “Pop” Schroeder, and Ted Jones - From Wally Fisk Collection - Second seat - Custom trailer


A project condition example of Century’s “Cadillac of Boats,” this 1966 21-foot Coronado is a prime candidate for full restoration to its original glory. Offered without an engine, this all-time classic speedboat comes with trailer included. HIGHLIGHTS - Project condition - No engine - Trailer included


1966 Century 21’ Coronado Utility


Andrew Higgins’ famous PT boats were credited with helping win WWII, and his distinctive speedboats still excite enthusiasts. This 18-foot Higgins Mandalay Utility was built in the final year of Mandalay production, it was originally finished in Black and Gold. It is offered in project condition and comes with a trailer.


HIGHLIGHTS - Project condition - Black and gold colors original - Sold new at Tonka Bay Boat Works - Trailer included


1963 Higgins 18’ Mandalay Utility


1961 Chris-Craft 21’ Continental Hard Top Utility HIGHLIGHTS

Finned styling, a rare gullwing hard top and high originality distinguish this pleasing 1961 Chris-Craft 21-foot Continental. Only 96 were built in 1961, with just 7 believed to have been fitted with the gullwing top. Unrestored and very original including excellent original upholstery, it boasts a top-of-the-line 430/275 HP V-8.

- Factory installed optional “Gull Wing” hard top, very rare - Only 96 of this hull produced in 1961 - 7’7” beam - Top option Chris-Craft Lincoln 430 V-8, 275 HP - Fin styling - 7 believed to have been built with hard top - Original upholstery in excellent condition - Very original and unrestored survivor



1948 Sudlow 14’ Hydroplane Race Boat HIGHLIGHTS


They don’t make them like this any more: this Sudlow 14-foot Hydroplane racer was built in Lake Wawasee, Indiana in 1948 and features a full race Ford Offenhauser flathead V-8. Originally finished in Black with a Gold stripe, it has been repainted in its present White and Red and comes with trailer included.

- Ford/Offenhauser flathead V-8 engine - Built in Lake Wawasee, Indiana - Originally black w/ gold stripe - Trailer included


Allison-Vimalert V-1710 V-12 Engine - 1710/1425 HP HIGHLIGHTS - Vimalert marine conversion - Vimalert transmission - 1710/1425 HP - Produced between 1930 and 1950 - The most popular Unlimited Hydroplane engine of all time


S57 52

1938 Chris-Craft 29’ Special Sportsman

Known by many as The Cart, this is the boat featured in the 1939 Chris-Craft catalog and the boat which photograph appears in Chris-Craft: The Essential Guide on the 29’ Sportsman page 72, and featured in The Real Runabouts Vol. V: One of a Kind Real Runabouts. The Cart was actually built and shipped May of 1938 as a Special model, serving as a prototype for the 1939 29’ Sportsman. These boats were the largest open utilities built by Chris-Craft and decked out with every amenity possible. The Cart is also the only twin-engine model of the three known to exist. Originally having had white painted topsides, following

an extensive restoration by Dick Sligh of GrandCraft in Michigan, the topsides are now a beautiful midnight blue. Originally owned by Jim Kimberly of KimberlyClark Corporation, The Cart was found by Dick Sligh running in Algoma, Wisconsin in 1975. Re-powered with twin Indmar V-8 engines in place of the original 130hp 6-cylinder M engines, The Cart sports a slew of modern conveniences including a head, galley, and sink. An unrivaled (and fast) prewar day cruiser, The Cart is a joy to operate.


- 29’ Special Sportsman - One of 4 built - Only twin-engine version built - Originally named The Cart II - Hull No. 28502 - Powered by twin Indmar V-8 engines - Restored by Dick Sligh of Grand-Craft, all cold-molded - Featured on cover of 1939 Chris-Craft catalog - Head, refrigerator, storage forward - Featured in Real Runabouts book series - Trailer not included


This classic 1957 Correct Craft 18-foot Utility named “Ski Doodle II” is in project condition with plenty of potential. Powered by a Chevrolet Small block V-8, it is offered with trailer included.

HIGHLIGHTS - Project condition - Named Ski Doodle II - Chevrolet V-8 engine - Trailer included


1957 Correct Craft 18’ Utility

Ski Doodle II

Thanks to a well-established owner and resource network, restoring a vintage Lyman boat such as this 1960 23-foot Islander is an exercise in pleasure and satisfaction, both of which have long been associated with the boats known as the “Legend of Lake Erie.” Offered in project condition, with trailer included.


HIGHLIGHTS - Project condition - Trailer included


1960 Lyman 23’ Islander Utility


1955 Yellow Jacket 14’ Outboard HIGHLIGHTS

This all original (even the Black/Red/Gold piping upholstery) Yellow Jacket Catalina sports the Mark 55 40 HP Mercury. There are very few surviving examples of Yellow Jacket boats, even fewer in this condition. This one includes its original trailer, which makes a perfect to pull behind your classic car.

- Mark 55 Mercury 40 HP engine - Original finish - Original trailer - Original Black/Red with Gold piping upholstery - Easy ride shock absorber seats - Approximately 30 left in existence - Trailer included



1956 Thompson 14’ Sea Skiff Outboard HIGHLIGHTS


After WWII the Thompson Brothers Boat Manufacturing company took advantage of wartime improvements to marine plywood by switching to lapstrake construction, as seen on the 14-foot Sea Skiff added to the catalog in 1956. Built in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, this example is original and unrestored and is offered trailer included without an engine.

- Built in Peshtigo, Wisconsin - Original, unrestored - Aft steering - Lapstrake construction - No engine - Trailer included

HIGHLIGHTS - 1940’s Sterling engine


Sterling Petrel L-6 Engine - 678/225 HP



1939 Goodhue & Hawkins 33’ 6” Laker Launch



Some restoration has been completed on this sensational 1939 Goodhue & Hawkins 33-foot, 6-inch Laker Launch, the “Laura B II.” A 1909 design with V stern and spectacular lines, it is believed to be last Goodhue built. Power comes from a 95 HP Chris-Craft K model 6-cylinder engine. Offered with trailer included.

- 33’ 6” laker launch - Some restoration completed - Original name Laura B II - Chris-Craft K 6 cylinder 95 HP engine - V stern - 1909 design - Believed to be last Goodhue built - Spectacular lines - Trailer included


1959 Chris-Craft 30’ Sea Skiff Utility HIGHLIGHTS

Chris-Craft’s big Sea Skiffs cut through the water like nothing else. This project condition 30-foot Sea Skiff is perfectly suitable for restoration.

- Project condition - No engine - Trailer not included



1957 Chris-Craft 18’ Sea Skiff Utility HIGHLIGHTS


Chris-Craft was among the many boat builders who switched to wooden lapstrake construction for boats like this beautifully finished 1957 18-foot Sea Skiff, which has aged particularly well and is in great usable condition. Equipped with the desirable 6-cylinder K-model engine, it features ventilating windshield panels, mahogany bulkhead and mahogany seats, including aft seating.

- In great condition and very usable as is - Equipped with the desirable 6-cylinder model K engine option - Ventilating windshield panels - Mahogany bulkhead with storage door access - Mahogany seats - Aft seat - Trailer not included


1940 Larson 12’ Long Deck Runabout HIGHLIGHTS

The Larson Boat Works Long Deck Runabout was an immediate hit upon its introduction thanks to its sleek lines and quality workmanship. Offered without an engine, this 1940 outboard example is all original right down to the varnish on its beautiful light and dark stained foredeck, as well as the seats and seatbacks. A trailer is included.

- Outboard hull (no engine) - This is all original, even the varnish - Beautiful light and dark stained foredeck - Original seats and seat backs - Trailer included



2005 Gar Wood/Michaud 20’ Race Boat 1918 Replica



Michael Michaud began building the “Miss Detroit III” in 2000 and completed it in 2005, creating a faithful replica of the famous Gold Cup racer built and piloted by Gar Wood to victory in 1918-19. It is powered by a Chevrolet V-12 450 HP engine comprised of two 4.3L V-6 engines attached at the crankshaft and finished to look period correct; other authentic details include the correct stepped hull, proud brass fasteners and Detroit Yacht Club graphics.

- Faithful replica built from scratch by Michael Michaud, completed in 2005 - Replica of famous 1918 Gar Wood piloted Gold Cup racer - Powered by Chevrolet V-12 450 HP engine comprised of two 4.3L V-6 engines attached at the crankshaft, fashioned to look period correct - Stepped Hull - Proud brass fasteners - Trailer included


Buda Marblehead Prewar Engine

S69 64

1929 Dingle 30’ Triple Cockpit Runabout

Quite simply, the Gerry Lo may be the most famous runabout ever built in the state of Minnesota. Rich in Lake Minnetonka history, the Gerry Lo, a totally custom designed and built fast triple cockpit runabout by the Joseph Dingle Boat Works of St. Paul, Minnesota, is second to none. The Gerry Lo was the brainchild of millionaire Frank Wolcott Griswold, who invented the “Bobby” traffic signal, and was later successful in the coffee machine, hotel, and resort businesses. In January of 1928, Griswold and his team of engineers attended the New York Motor Boat Show and started the design of a 30-foot masterpiece. At the

Gerry Lo

time Dingle Boat Works was a strictly custom boat building company and had gained notoriety for building the 135-foot yacht, Norstar for the Mayo brothers of the famous Mayo Clinic. The Norstar was Dingle’s crowning achievement and the then largest yacht on the upper Mississippi. The total cost to build the Gerry Lo in 1929 was a staggering $25,000 of which $9,000 was the cost of the original Curtiss V-12 engine (not available). Construction methods included the strict use of Monel fasteners, which were found to be in perfect condition 60-years later. Some of the original hardware was sourced from Sea Lyon, and

the windshield was custom made for the boat. The dark stain on the Honduras mahogany planking is as original. The name Gerry Lo comes from the traditional practice of naming the boat after the children of the family’s names – Geraldine and Lois Mary Griswold. After being launched originally on Lake Minnetonka in 1929, the Gerry Lo quickly earned the reputation as the fastest boat on the lake. Following Frank Griswold’s death at the age of 96 in 1992, the boat was sold out of its original boathouse it had resided in since 1929. Its original engine had been removed in favor of a Chrysler

V-8. Deemed “under-powered” the Chrysler was replaced with a 1650 cubic inch Rolls-Royce Meteor V-12 originally designed for British tanks. The marine conversion was done by New England Boat & Motor. During the 3,000 hour restoration, the original bottom was replaced with a wood/Kevlar composite, totaling 7 layers. The bottom needed to be plenty strong to support the nearly 7,000 pound boat. A one-of-a-kind, custom built 30’ triple cockpit runabout, the Gerry Lo is the crown jewel of the Warner Collection.


HIGHLIGHTS - One of a kind triple cockpit runabout, Gerry Lo - Custom built by Joseph Dingle Boat Works of St. Paul, MN at a cost of $25,000 - Commissioned in 1929 for Frank Wolcott Griswold, inventor of The “Bobby” sign, and stop and go railroad signals, and a prominent Minneapolis businessman - Currently powered by a 1941 Rolls-Royce V-12, marine converted by New England Boat & Motor, producing over 600 HP and displacing 1650 cubic inches.

- Honduras mahogany hull exhibits superior engineering and construction methods - Custom red leather button tufted interior - Famed Minnetonka history: Known for years as “The Fastest Boat on Lake Minnetonka” - Trailer included - Acquired by consigner from the daughter Lois Mary Griswold Shaw - Removed from the original boathouse that the Gerry Lo was delivered to in 1929 - Plank on frame batten stream construction - 7 layer composite bottom with 3 layers Kevlar



Slalom Skis


Water Skis

The Yellow Jacket Boat Company operated from 1949 to 1959 and produced boats for which there still exists a huge following. This finned 15-foot Yellow Jacket Outboard is a good project condition boat that comes with a Mercury engine and its own trailer.


HIGHLIGHTS - 1950’s 15’ outboard - Trailer included


Yellow Jacket 15’ Outboard


1967 Century 27’ Venturer Cruiser


The “Uff Da” is one of just three 1967 Century Venturer Cruisers known to exist of a total of 7 built. Originally sold by Minnetonka Boat Works, this all original day cruiser is powered by twin 327 CI Gray Marine V-8 engines and is in exceptional condition.

- Named the Uff Da - Sold by Minnetonka Boat Works to Burt Ahlcrona - One of 7 built - 3 known to exist - Twin 327 Gray Marine V-8 engines - All original - Day Cruiser - Trailer not included



1955 Chris-Craft 20’ Continental Utility



Aptly named “Immortal,” this stunning 1955 Chris-Craft was originally delivered to its first owner in Chicago. One of 221 built from 1955 to 1957, this well cared for classic retains its original Gold, White and Black upholstery and convertible top, with power coming from a rebuilt 158 HP 6 cylinder MBL engine.

- Rebuilt 158 HP 6 cylinder MBL engine - Original Gold/White/Black upholstery, convertible top - 221 built from 1955-57 - Originally delivered to Chicago, Illinois - Trailer included


2005 Stone Boatyard 27’ Gentlemans Racer

The Stone Boat Yard in Alameda, California produced some of the best built gentlemen’s racers available for a period during the mid-2000s. The hulls were famous antique race boat designs modified to today’s cold-molded style of wood boat construction. Paul Dewhurst, a pioneer in epoxy cold-molded construction, built the African mahogany hull, which is all vacuum bagged, and then the hull was imported by Stone Boat Yard for fitting and rigging. Only two of the 27’6” hulls, like the one available here, were built. Powered by a 502 cubic inch Chevrolet based Pleasure Craft Marine fuel-injected V-8

engine, making 425 HP, this boat is a rocket. It is capable of speeds well in excess of 50mph. HIGHLIGHTS - Paul Dewhurst of Australia built - Stone Boatyard of Alameda, CA completed - One of two 27’6” hulls built - 502/425 HP fuel injected V-8


HIGHLIGHTS - 1940’s Sterling engine


Sterling Petrel Engine - 779/225 HP

This exceptionally well preserved 1947 Higgins Sport Speedster features all the Higgins trademark touches including foot throttle, column control, Pontiac automotive instruments panel and of course that unmistakable shape. Powered by a Chrysler 103 HP 6, it also comes with trailer included.


HIGHLIGHTS - Chrysler 103 HP 6 cylinder engine - Pontiac dash - Trailer included


1947 Higgins 17’ Sport Speedster


1980 Skiff Craft 24’ Utility HIGHLIGHTS

“Handcrafted wooden boats classically designed since 1904” is the motto of Skiff Craft Boats, and the 1980 24-foot Utility offered here drives that claim home with its unparalleled Amish craftsmanship. Its 320 HP Mercruiser V-8 provides marvelous power.

- Amish craftsmanship - Mercruiser V-8 320 HP - Trailer not included


S79 74

1949 Hackercraft 36’ Triple Cockpit Runabout

One of the largest triple cockpit Hackercraft’s ever produced… Thunderballs Representing the Grand Finale of Hackercraft triple cockpit boats is the Wah-Wah-Taysee, now known as Thunderballs – which was built as a custom order for the Brayer family of Buffalo, New York in 1949 by the Hacker Boat Co. John Ludwig Hacker designed the extra-large runabout with a beam of nearly 9-feet, triple windshields and butterfly hatch covers. Originally powered by a 1560 cubic inch Kermath Sea-Raider V-12 of 580 HP (not available), it was re-powered in the 1970s with twin Chevrolet 427 V-8 engines,


and a triple stepped bottom was added for greater performance. Featured on the cover of the August, 1949 issue of Motor Boat Magazine, and featured in The Real

Runabouts book series over thirty years later. Few boats can match the combination of size, style, and power of Thunderballs.


- Named Thunderballs - Custom built, one of a kind for the Brayer family of Buffalo, New York - Originally named the Wah-Wah-Taysee - Featured on the cover of the August 1949 issue of Motor Boat Magazine - The last of the big custom triple cockpit runabouts - Originally powered by a Kermath Sea-Raider Special, 580 HP V-12 (not available) - Converted to stepped bottom and twin Chevrolet 427 V-8 power - Featured in Real Runabouts book series, Volume 1 - Sold from Brayer family to Rothchild family - Sold from Rothchild’s to Phillip Schwartz - Schwartz sold to Apgar family - Trailer not included



1925 Wise Boat & Bus Works 25’ Split Cockpit Runabout HIGHLIGHTS


Built in Wayzata, Minnesota in 1925 by the Wise Boat & Bus Works Company, this beautiful 25-foot Split Cockpit Runabout is the only known Wise boat remaining in existence. Originally named “Cheer-up” by its first owner Col. Charles Chase, it was featured in the HGTV show “If These Walls Could Talk” and in the Real Runabouts book series, and is offered now by its third owner. Unrestored and original, it utilizes a Gray Marine 6-cylinder engine.

- Built in Wayzata, Minnesota - Originally named Cheer-up, featured in the Real Runabouts book series - Only Wise boat in known existence - Featured on HGTV “If these Walls Could Talk” - Originally owned by Col. Charles Chase on Lake Minnetonka - Only three owners - Gray Marine 6-cyl engine - Unrestored original - Trailer not included


1961 Century 18’ Sabre Utility HIGHLIGHTS

The premium utility runabout of its era, the Century Sabre combined fiberglass and wood construction in a distinctive design. This 1961 Century Sabre features an African mahogany hull and fiberglass upper superstructure and is powered by a Gray Marine 327/225 HP engine. The interior retains its original upholstery and Lincoln steering wheel; a new upholstery kit is included.

- African mahogany hull with fiberglass superstructure - Lincoln steering wheel - Gray Marine V-8 327/225 HP - Original upholstery, new upholstery kit included - Trailer included




1961 Chris-Craft 24’ Sportsman HIGHLIGHTS

This rare and iconic Chris-Craft 24-foot Sportsman is one of just 38 built in 1961. It is offered in almost completely restored condition, with a refastened bottom, new deck and transom and restored gauges and presents a great project for final finishing. An original-type engine is available for this fine boat as a separate lot; the trailer is not included.

- Bottom refastened - New deck and transom - Restored gauges - Original type engine available as separate lot - Great project to complete - Only 38 built in 1961 - Trailer not included


S84 80

1996 Gar Wood 33’ Baby Gar Race Boat

A faithful replica of one of Garfield Wood’s most famous “Gentlemen’s Racers”, Baby Gar IV (and its sister Baby Gar V) are two of a kind. Originally, Gar Wood’s then business partner Chris Smith worked together on the design of Gar’s race boats and had Smith’s company build all of the Gar Wood piloted boats – Baby Gar IV was one of the last of these. At 33-feet long, the IV mirrored the production Baby Gar’s in many ways. The hull was basically the same, but the deck layout was quite different.

Baby Gar IV

Gar Wood was a fan of aft-steering controls, like his Gold Cup boats, so IV has a large, two-row seat aft, and a single cockpit forward of the engine compartment. Tom and Larry Turcotte (who operate GarWood Custom Boats in New York) built the two replica hulls of IV and V. V was built in 1993, and IV was built in 1996. IV was the only one to be powered by a 1920s Vimalert-Liberty 1650 cubic inch V-12 engine, very similar to what powered the original Baby Gar’s. Both IV and V were most

famous for racing together, and beating, the Twentieth Century Limited train from Albany, NY to New York City, in 1925. The hull was built using modern construction methods - epoxy cold-molded planking, and modern finishes. Baby Gar IV is an opportunity to re-capture a historical piece from boat racing’s past.


- Replica of Gar Wood’s famous 1925 race boat, Baby Gar IV - Famous for racing against the Twentieth Century Limited train from Albany, NY to NYC - Built by GarWood Custom Boats of Brandt Lake, NY (Tom and Larry Turcotte) - Classic styled Gentlemen’s Race Boat - Excellent double - Planked, modern constructed cold-molded hull - Oak frames - Vimalert-Liberty V-12 engine - Trailer included


Chris-Craft’s semi-enclosed Cruiser was a popular all weather lake boat of the 1950’s. The limited production Cruiser featured twin engines, ventilating windshields and a heavy duty hardtop among many other amenities. “Ace High” is a project ready 1952 27-footer with twin 6-cylinder engines. HIGHLIGHTS - Named Ace High - Twin 6cyl engines - Project condition - Trailer not included



1952 Chris-Craft 27’ Semi Enclosed Cruiser

Ace High


1962 Chris-Craft 24’ Sea Skiff Sportsman HIGHLIGHTS

This large and comfortable Chris-Craft Sea Skiff offers the restorer plenty to work with in a project condition Sportsman. Highlights include a well preserved cockpit and dash and a ChrisCraft 282 CI V-8 engine. Ideal for the caring CC enthusiast.

- Well preserved cockpit and dash - 282 CI Chris-Craft V-8 - Trailer not included



1956 Century 16’ Palomino Dual Cockpit Outboard HIGHLIGHTS


The popular Century Palomino is at its best in this incredibly original, unrestored 1956 16-foot showpiece. It features an all original Mahogany and Avodire wood deck, stain, Black paint, Palomino interior, hardware and trailer. Powered by a 1959 Johnson Super Sea Horse 50, it is the finest of its type and a great addition to any collection.

- 1959 Johnson Super Sea Horse 50 Outboard engine - An all original museum piece - Original finish - Mahogany and Avodire wood deck - Original upholstery - The finest example of its type - Trailer included

HIGHLIGHTS - 1950’s Chris-Craft engine - Reduction gear


Chris-Craft MCL Engine - 339/175 HP


HIGHLIGHTS - 1950’s Chris-Craft engine - Reduction gear


Chris-Craft MCL Engine - 339/175 HP

S90 86

1929 Chris-Craft 28’ Model 17 Runabout

The 28’ Chris-Craft double upswept runabout is a legend. With only 180 examples produced over a three-year time span, and only 30 original examples still with us today, the name Golden Times fits this boat to a tee. Although this American classic was originally delivered to Quebec, Canada, it has found its was back to the states within the Warner Collection. Delivered as the Whoopee, July 2, 1929, this model 17 Open Runabout has been fitted with an optional Kroh one-man convertible top, the most practical of the available tops during the 1920s. The original, numbers matching Kermath 678 cubic inch, 200 HP engine which provided

Golden Times 40mph speeds has been removed from the boat for storage purposes, but is included. Regarded as one of the most original 28-foot Chris-Craft runabouts remaining, all of the original Honduras mahogany planking is intact and in excellent condition.


- Named Golden Times, originally named Whoopee - Double upswept decks - Kroh convertible top - A very original, mostly unrestored example - Original Kermath 200 6cyl, 678 CI engine included - One of 117 28-footers Runabouts built for 1929 (180 total production 1929-1931) - Only 17 model 17’s were produced (the model 17 were open runabouts powered by a 200 HP Kermath or Scripps engine) - Hull No. 3097 was originally delivered to Lake Edward, Quebec, Canada July 2, 1929 - Cost new in 1929: $4,675 - Trailer included



1952 Chris-Craft 23’ Holiday

Class of ’52 HIGHLIGHTS


Chris-Craft built just 88 examples of the sporty 23-foot Holiday between 1950 and 1952. The one offered here has been mostly restored and is almost complete, with the engine room ready for a new occupant. Named “Class of ’52,” this Chris-Craft is in beautiful condition with impressive detailing.

- Mostly complete - Needs completion - No engine - 88 built from 1950-1952 - Trailer not included


S92 90

1936 Chris-Craft 28’ Model 557 Cruiser

Chris-Craft built 44 examples of its 28-foot Model 557 Cabin Cruiser in 1936, only one of which survives today. Named the “19th Hole,” it is hull #28011 and is powered by a Chris-Craft K engine replacing its original Chrysler Crown. This magnificent and unique Chris-Craft classic is in outstanding condition and comes with trailer included.

The 19th Hole


- Named The 19th Hole - Only one known to exist - Chris-Craft K engine (original Chrysler Crown not available) - Hull No. 28011 - 44 built in series in 1936 - Trailer included


This early Johnson 22-foot wood motor launch was built in 1915. It is offered in project condition without an engine and comes with its own trailer.

HIGHLIGHTS - Project condition - Built in early 1900s - No engine - Trailer included


1915 Johnson 22’ Launch

This exceptionally rare Larson 18-foot Runabout features the unique Falls Flyer bottom design. All original mahogany over oak makes this an ideal restoration project in need of minor woodwork and refinishing. The perfect complement to the lakeside cottage and a great project boat; trailer not included.


HIGHLIGHTS - All original mahogany - Trailer not included


1940 Larson 18’ Runabout



1929 Scripps 202 Engine - 678/200 HP

Named “Oh Well,” this rare Chris-Craft 24’ Semi Enclosed is a prime restoration project. It comes equipped with twin Chris-Craft K engines famous for their reliability and longevity. HIGHLIGHTS - Named Oh Well - Twin K engines - Trailer not included


1950 Chris-Craft 24’ Semi Enclosed

Oh Well


S97 94

1956 Shepherd 22’ Dual Cockpit Runabout

The fruit of a 5,000 hour restoration that included live single plank tongue and groove decking, a new bottom and complete refastening, this 1956 Shepherd 22-foot Dual Cockpit Runabout is the only two-cockpit-forward Shepherd in existence. It comes with the original convertible boat top, side curtains and hardware, which can be re-fitted to the

Ole Shep

current double cockpit layout. Dust cover, anchor, paddle, and gold braid dock lines are also included. Power comes from a Chrysler 135 HP engine with reduction gear and V drive, with just 92 hours since an overhaul. Other features comprise full instrumentation including hour and volt meters, blower, automatic bilge pump and windshield mounted

spotlight. Boathouse kept since its restoration, “Ole Shep” a true show stopper that combines a fantastic dry and smooth ride in all weather conditions with superb styling and design, qualities that have earned it the Wallaceburg, Ontario Boast Show’s Peoples’ Choice Award, and the Commodore’s Choice Award at the Algonac, Michigan Boat Show.


- 135 HP Chrysler engine with reduction gear and V drive, 92 hours since overhaul - Completely restored and custom re-configured to double cockpit with extended rear deck - 5000 hour restoration includes live single plank tongue and groove decking, new bottom, entire boat refastened - Boathouse kept since restoration - Blower, automatic bilge pump and windshield mounted spotlight - Full instrumentation including hour meter, volt meter - Dust cover, anchor, paddle, and gold braid dock lines - Original convertible boat top. Side curtains and hardware, can be re-fitted to current double cockpit layout. - Peoples’ Choice Award at Wallaceburg, Ontario Boat Show - Commodore’s Choice Award at Algonac, Michigan Boat Show - Trailer not included



1967 Chris-Craft 25’ Sea Skiff Sea Hawk Utility



One of just 95 built in 1966 and ’67, this 25-foot Chris-Craft, “Proud Mary,” is in excellent overall condition, and features a restored bottom, new paint and its original Chris-Craft 327/210 HP V-8 engine.

- Named Proud Mary - Bottom restored, new paint - Original Chris-Craft 327 V-8 - 95 Built from 1966-1967 - 9’1” Beam - Trailer not included


1941 Chris-Craft 19’ 107 Custom Runabout Barrelback HIGHLIGHTS

This is an extremely original example of the boat that changed the Chris-Craft brand and of which fewer than 50 remain. Delivered to Anderson, Indiana on June 17, 1941, it plied the waters of Lake Wawasee, Indiana with the name “Miss Patt.” Hull #48885, it is powered by a matchingnumbers M option flathead 6 130 HP engine and comes with trailer included. A great original “Barrelback.”

- Extremely original boat, hull #48885 - Numbers matching top option M 130 HP engine - Banjo steering wheel - Delivered to Anderson, Indiana on June 17, 1941 - Lake Wawasee, IN boat - Original name: Miss Patt - 93 19-foot models built for 1941 of a total of only 393 19’ “Barrelbacks”, less than 50 remain - Trailer included


S100 98

1922 Chris-Craft 26’ Standard Runabout

Chris-Craft Roman numeral hull No. XXIII (23), known as the Queen. Originally named My Pal, number XXIII is one of the earliest production Chris-Craft boats, which was then known as Chris Smith & Sons Boat Company. Although the original Curtiss OX-5 V-8 engine is long removed (not available), the Queen


remains in very usable condition, now powered by a Chris-Craft 6-cylinder MS, 130hp engine. Most of the hardware and gauges are original to the boat, which is unique in design with a single cockpit forward of the engine, and large single cockpit aft. Only five of this early design are known to exist today. The first official year of production,

in 1922, only 24 boats were produced that year. Costing $3,200 in 1922, the Chris-Craft 26-footer was the first standardized runabout.


- Named the Queen - One of the earliest known Chris Smith & Sons production boats - Roman Numeral hull No. XXIII (23) - One of two known with unique cockpit configuration - Its sister (hull No. VI) is in the Tahoe Maritime Museum - The third oldest Chris-Craft in existence - One of the first delivered to the first Chris-Craft dealer, E.J. Mertaugh in Hessel, MI - Originally powered by 90 HP Curtiss OX-5 V-8 (not available) - Chris-Craft MS 6 cylinder 130 HP engine - Trailer not included


HIGHLIGHTS - 1930’s Kermath engine



Kermath Sea-Flyer Engine


1929 Dodge Model 826 26’ Watercar


Dodge’s African mahogany Watercars are today considered the rarest of the “big four” Detroit boat builders (Chris-Craft, Gar Wood, Hackercraft, and Dodge) and to many the most collectible. Mecum is proud to offer as part of the Warner Collection, THREE 26’ Dodge Watercar’s. As the only three Watercar’s in private hands, it is something that may never be seen again. Geri is a 1929 model 826, 26’ runabout. Currently powered by a Gray Marine 6-cylinder engine, Geri is a very original example of Horace Dodge’s vision of the ideal runabout in 1929.

- Named Geri - Gray Marine 6 cylinder engine - All original African mahogany hull - Hull No. 1025 - George Crouch design - Delivered to Fish Creek, Wisconsin - Trailer included



1952 Century 20’ Resorter Utility HIGHLIGHTS


This 20-foot Century Resorter Utility is one of the finest original examples of this model, with original African mahogany woodwork, upholstery, Pontiac gauges, fold-back Bimini top and Gray Marine Phantom 6 engine. It can be enjoyed as is or serve as a great restoration candidate. Trailer included.

- Original Upholstery - Original Bimini top - Original Gray Marine Phantom 6-112 - One of the finest original example of this model - Pontiac gauges - African mahogany - Trailer included

HIGHLIGHTS - One of 73 built - Trailer not included


Chris-Craft 27’ Semi Enclosed Sportsman Cruiser


S105 104

1927 Hackercraft 28’ Dolphin Deluxe Runabout

Representing a seldom seen, high-end restoration candidate, is this 1927 Hackercraft 28’ Dolphin Deluxe Runabout. With a market demanding a larger, faster runabout than the 26’ Hacker Dolphin of 1925 and 1928, famed Naval Architect and proprietor of the Hacker Boat Company in Mt. Clemens Michigan, penned a longer, leaner runabout – the Dolphin Deluxe. The characteristic Hacker sloping sheer line, the beautifully simplistic wood Dolphin windshield, to the thenradical tumblehome in the transom, the Dolphinseries Hackercraft’s were a thing of beauty. But the beauty was not only skin-deep. Known for being

tremendously well-built, with its closely spaced frames and copper-riveted construction, they were also incredibly light weight. Only built for one

year, this is one of only two examples known to exist. Priced at over $5,000 new in 1927, the generously appointed Dolphin Deluxe is an enthusiast favorite.


- Project condition - No engine - One of 2 in existence - Incredible lines - The 28’ Dolphin Deluxe was only built for one year, 1927 - Original engine would have been Scripps G6, 150 HP - Trailer not included


HIGHLIGHTS - Named Dream a Little - Trailer not included


1965 Chris-Craft 28’ Constellation

Dream a Little


HIGHLIGHTS - 1940’s Sterling engine


Sterling Petrel Engine - 779/225 HP


1965 Chris-Craft 21’ Super Sport Utility HIGHLIGHTS

The 1965 Chris-Craft 21-foot Super Sport Utility offered here is one of 40 built in 1965. Natural wood finish with White trim and two-tone White and Turquoise cockpit upholstery, it is powered by its original 283/185 HP V-8 engine.

- Original Chris-Craft 283 V-8 185 HP engine - One of 40 built in 1965 - Trailer included


S109 108

1936 Chris-Craft 22’ 519 Custom Triple Cockpit Runabout

Preserved… Un-touched – All are buzz words in the classic boating hobby and all apply to the Wee Don. Easily in the top five examples of littletouched prewar Chris-Crafts, it is the only triple cockpit example with such great patina. Originally purchased by Don Weezner through Minnetonka Boat Works in Wayzata, Minnesota, the Wee Don, a 22’ triple cockpit Chris-Craft powered by a Chrysler Royal straight-8 engine, was immediately put into racing duty in Wayzata, and was the Class B – 5 mile Champion. In fact after only two racing seasons the original Chrysler

Wee Don

Royal warranted replacement, by Minnetonka Boat Works with an identical model as before. One of only four remaining 1936 22’ Chris-Craft’s, the Wee Don, having only its upholstery replaced and little else altered since new, is a time capsule of not only Chris-Craft originality, but Minnesota boating history as well. Sitting on its original shipping cradle, so few boats can claim original stain and finish, which it’s greatest value is that left unrestored. A true museum piece from the Warner Collection, the Wee Don.


- Original name, the Wee Don - Original owner: Don Weezner - Triple Cockpits - Recognized as one of the most original, unrestored prewar Chris-Craft’s in existence - Hull #22033 shipped to Minnetonka Boat Works in Wayzata, Minnesota on May 18, 1936 - Factory installed Chryslar Royal 8-cyl engine replaced by Minnetonka Boat Works in 1939 (all documented) - Documented Wayzata race history, Class B 5-mile Champion - One of 4 1936 22-footers known to exist, 27 were built for 1936 of only a grand total of 138 22’ Custom Runabouts produced by Chris-Craft from 1935-1939 - Last used in 1952 - Trailer not included




1948 Chris-Craft 19’ Racing Split Cockpit Runabout

War Paint

HIGHLIGHTS Hailing from the Jim Everle Collection, this Red and White speedster was shipped to Cleveland, Ohio on June 17, 1948, one of 205 painted versions of Chris-Craft’s 19-foot Racing Split Cockpit Runabout. Expertly restored to original condition, “War Paint” features beautiful leather upholstery, a Chevrolet 350/400 HP V-8 and comes with a custom trailer.

- “Red & White” painted version built 1947-1949 - 205 painted versions were built - Original MBL (not available) replaced with a Chevrolet 350/400 HP V-8 - Completely restored - Leather upholstery - Shipped to Cleveland, Ohio on June 17, 1948 - From Jim Everle Collection - Custom trailer



1959 Ancarrow 19’ Consul Single Cockpit Runabout

Black Magic


In 1959 there was no faster or more expensive 19-foot speedboat than Ancarrow’s Consul Single Cockpit Runabout, with an advertised speed of 70 mph thanks to its V-drive 427 Ford V-8. Built in Richmond, Virginia, “Black Magic” sports a Studebaker steering wheel and dash and a racy rear deck. This boat was shown at the 1960 London Boat Show and is now one of just 3 in the world.

- Built in Richmond, Virginia - The most expensive 19’ boat built in 1959 - The fastest 19’ speedboat built in America in 1959, advertised 70 mph - Studebaker steering wheel and automobile dashboard - Originally powered by V-drive 427 Ford - Engine removed for storage but is included - 3 of this model known to exist worldwide - Found in London, England (shown in 1960 London Boat Show) - Trailer included

HIGHLIGHTS - 1940’s Chrysler engine - Reduction gear


Chrysler Royal M8 Engine - 343/143 HP


S114 114

1927 Dodge 26’ 826 Watercar Runabout

The Watercar was the brainchild of Horace E. Dodge Jr., the son of one of the Dodge brothers whose manufacturing facilities were among the most productive in the nation. Dodge established the Horace E. Dodge and Company Boat Works in 1923 (later to become the Horace E. Dodge Boat & Plane Company). It was Horace Dodge’s intention to incorporate the mass production tools and ideas that made his family’s automotive production so successful. The name Watercar came from the concept to build a runabout as easy to own and operate as the Dodge automobiles of the time.

Weir Wind

Dodge brought in famous Naval Architect George Crouch, who had designed successful Gold Cup boats such as Baby Bootlegger, Miss Columbia, and Teaser. Dodge’s African mahogany Watercar’s are today considered the rarest of the “big four” Detroit boat builders (Chris-Craft, Gar Wood, Hackercraft, and Dodge) and to many the most collectible. Mecum is proud to offer as part of the Warner Collection, THREE 26’ Dodge Watercar’s. As the only three Watercar’s in private hands, it is something that may never be seen again. All three boats are in incredibly original condition,

one 1927 model 826 (seats 8, 26’ feet long) and two 1929 model 826s. The 1927 model, originally named the Weir Wind, was raced in the early Lake Champlain Race Boat Regatta’s. Originally powered by a 100hp Dodge-Curtiss OX-5 V-8 (not available) the Weir Wind currently is powered by a Chevrolet 283 V-8 engine.


- Originally named Weir Wind - Designed by George Crouch - African Mahogany - Chevrolet V-8 185 HP engine - One of the three original surviving model 826s - Lake Champlain Race Regatta Boat - Original engine was Curtiss OX-5 V-8 (original not available) - Trailer not included


This project condition 1958 Chris-Craft Clipper Cruiser is one of 152 26-foot models built in 1957 and 1958. A majestic boat with distinctive styling, it comes with twin Chris-Craft K 6 cylinder engines. The consignor of this ChrisCraft classic is just the second owner. HIGHLIGHTS - Project condition - Twin Chris-Craft K 6 cylinder engines - 152 built from 1957-1958 - Only two owners - Trailer not included



1958 Chris-Craft 26’ Clipper Cruiser


S116 118

1961 Greavette 18’ Fire Flash Single Cockpit Runabout

Greavette Boatworks was established in the mid 1920’s by Ernest Greavette and Charles Duke in Canada’s Muskoka region when they purchased a failing boat building business that they named Greavette and Duke. In 1931 the partners separated with Charles Duke creating Duke Boats and Ernest Greavette establishing Greavette Boatworks with new partner Ernest Wilson joining him in the endeavor. Naval Architect C. Douglas Van Patten joined the company in 1936 and designed racing boats as well as the eternally popular Streamliner and Sheerliner models. They would continue building these models for the next thirty years.

In the early forties Greavette Boatworks would construct anti-submarine vessels to be used by the Canadian Navy. One of the last Greavette models produced was the 18’ Fire Flash, a speedster-styled runabout with aft cockpit controls and hidden seat forward of the huge Chrysler 440 engine. Only three Fire Flash models were built. With woodwork fit and finish that is second to none, the Canadian built Greavette’s are well respected across North America.

Crazy Horse


- Show condition - One of only 3 built - Aft cockpit gentlemen’s racer design with covered forward seat - Built by famed Muskoka, Canada builder Greavette Boatworks - A reputation for building some of the highest quality wooden runabouts - Big Chrysler 440 CI engine - Custom trailer included



1962 Chris-Craft 23’ Holiday Utility HIGHLIGHTS


Chris-Craft’s 1962 23-foot Holiday Utility was big and bold, with an advanced bottom design, 8-foot beam, eclectic styling and abundant power. One of 40 examples built in 1962, this one was originally delivered to Minnetonka Boat Works in Wayzata, MN on November 14, 1961. It retains its original bucket seat cockpit upholstery and Bimini top and packs a Chris-Craft 283/185 HP V-8.

- 1962 model year only, 40 built - Original upholstery and bimini top - Chris-Craft 283 V-8 185 HP - A huge sport boat - 8’ Beam - Bucket seats - Advanced bottom design - Originally delivered to Minnetonka Boat Works, Wayzata, MN, November 14, 1961 - Trailer included

“Susan” is a 1982 Richardson 17-foot launch built in the style of early 20th century craft, offering enthusiasts the best of both worlds with traditional styling in a newer build. Motive power comes from a 1-cylinder engine manufactured by marine engine pioneers Termatt & Monahan. Trailer included. HIGHLIGHTS - 1 cylinder Termatt & Monahan engine - Old world styling in a newer built boat - Trailer included


1982 Richardson 17’ Launch




Nordberg Knight Engine


1992 Hacker 24’ Lockman Race Boat

Miss Belle Isle HIGHLIGHTS


Once part of the Jim Eberle collection, this stunning replica of the 24-foot Lockman race boat “Miss Belle Isle” features a torpedo stern, epoxy laminated construction and fresh varnish. It is equipped with a zero-hours Ford 427 Tri Power engine for great performance and will be sold with its tandem axle trailer.

- Miss Belle Isle - Replica race boat - Tri-power Ford 427 - From Jim Eberle Collection - Zero hours since new - Torpedo stern - Epoxy laminated construction - Fresh varnish - Trailer included


1968 Chris-Craft 28’ Clipper Sportsman Cruiser


Named “The Katsen,” the Chris-Craft 28-foot Clipper Sportsman offered here is one of 40 built in 1968. A large and powerful cruiser, it is equipped with twin 327 CI V-8 engines. These boats are renowned for their ability to cruise the open water.

- Twin 327 V-8 engines - 40 built - Trailer not included


S122 124

1961 Shepherd 31’ Commuter Utility

This massive 31-foot Shepherd Commuter Utility Runabout has all the style and grace typical of the Shepherd brand. Coming from the Andy Darling collection and dubbed “Branch Office,” it is the only 31-foot example built. Features include V-berth, head, refrigerator, sink forward and twin 400 CI V-drive V-8 engines. Trailer included.

Branch Office


- From Andy Darling Collection - Massive runabout - Only 31-footer built - Twin 400 CI V-drive V-8 engines - Named Branch Office - V-berth, head, refrigerator, sink forward - Convertible top - Trailer included


S123 126

1929 Sea Lyon 30’ 45 Triple Cockpit Runabout

Howard W. Lyon was Garfield Wood’s most successful boat dealer, not only in New York City, but worldwide. Around 1927, when Lyon had persistently requested Gar Wood produce a stronger, drier boat for his customers use around the Long Island, NY sound, he finally gave up on them and decided to go in to the boat building business for himself. First, in 1928, he contracted Hacker to build him a special line of 26-foot “Sea Lyon” runabouts. These debuted at the 1928 New York Motor Boat Show and were built, somewhat mysteriously, for only one year. Lyon had been tooling up for his own boat building operation on


City Island, New York, just outside downtown. It was the Lyon-Tuttle Shipyard, and the 1929 New York Motor Boat Show would be the debut of the new line of runabouts. The 1929 lineup included a 42’ Commuter, a 36’ Hydroplane Runabout, a 30’ Runabout, a 28’ Runabout, and a 24’ Runabout. All were built of white oak framework and Honduras mahogany, not coincidentally sharing much in common with the build methods of Hacker boats. The Sea Lyon runabouts were very expensive, and thus, relatively few were ever built. The 30-foot, model 45 offered top-of-the-line Sterling Petrel power, the 779 cubic inch 6-cylinder workhorse

had an “un-breakable” reputation and was a torque monster. Sea Lyon literature proudly exclaimed for the model 45 “Regardless of cost, no finer boat of its size could be built.” Howard Lyon’s boat company would see its demise along with so many others amidst the Great depression, and closed its doors in 1933. Only six production years of Sea Lyon boats have made them very rare, and very collectible. Less than a dozen Sea Lyon’s are known to exist today.


- Built in very limited numbers from 1928-1933 by Lyon-Tuttle Corp. of City Island, NY - A former Gar Wood and Hackercraft dealer, Lyon set out to build a better boat than the competition - Sterling Petrel 6cyl, 779 CI engine as original, one of the finest engines of its time - Rare/smooth cylinder heads - Triple cockpits - Completely restored by Martin Smith - Only six 30’ Sea Lyon’s are known to exist today - Seats 10 - 7-foot beam - Dark Green upholstery - Cost new in 1929: $5,850 - Trailer not included


S124 128

1929 Sea Lyon 28’ 40 Triple Cockpit Runabout

Howard W. Lyon was Garfield Wood’s most successful boat dealer, not only in New York City, but worldwide. Around 1927, when Lyon had persistently requested Gar Wood produce a stronger, drier boat for his customers use around the Long Island, NY sound, he finally gave up on them and decided to go in to the boat building business for himself. First, in 1928, he contracted Hacker to build him a special line of 26-foot “Sea Lyon” runabouts. These debuted at the 1928 New York Motor Boat Show and were built, somewhat mysteriously, for only one year. Lyon had been tooling up for his own boat building operation

Sea Lion

on City Island, New York, just outside downtown. The Lyon-Tuttle Shipyard, and the 1929 New York Motor Boat Show would be the debut of the new line of runabouts. The 1929 lineup included a 42’ Commuter, a 36’ Hydroplane Runabout, a 30’ Runabout, a 28’ Runabout, and a 24’ Runabout. All were built of white oak framework and Honduras mahogany, not coincidentally sharing much in common with the build methods of Hacker boats. The Sea Lyon runabouts were very expensive, and thus, relatively few were ever built. The Sea Lyon 28-foot model 40 Runabout was powered by the powerful Scripps model 202, 678

cubic inch 6-cylinder engine, the model 40 put up the same 40-42mph speeds as the 30’ model, in a more nimble package. The model 40 had a narrower beam, but higher crowned decks than that of its big sister, and to many, is considered equally as desirable. Howard Lyon’s boat company would see its demise along with so many others amidst the Great depression, and closed its doors in 1933. Only six production years of Sea Lyon boats have made them very rare, and very collectible. Less than a dozen Sea Lyons are known to exist today.


- Built in very limited numbers by Howard Lyon’s Lyon-Tuttle Corporation in City Island, NY - A former Gar Wood and Hackercraft dealer, Lyon set out to build a better boat than the competition - Powered by the original Scripps model 202 6-cylinder engine, which produces 200 HP and displaces 678 cubic inches. - One of only 4 28’ Sea Lyons known to exist - 6’7” Beam - All original White oak framework and Honduras mahogany planking - Cost when new in 1929: $4,650 - Trailer not included




1939 Chris-Craft KSO Engine - 230/100 HP Built in Sandusky, Ohio and hailing from Thousand Islands, New York, this big, beautiful Lyman Hard Top Utility named “Dunweed’n” features clinker construction, an 8’10” beam and Gray Marine V-8 power. A fine example of the Great Lakes legend.




- Gray Marine V-8 - Built in Sandusky, Ohio - Clinker construction - 8’10” Beam - From Thousand Islands, NY - Trailer not included

1963 Lyman 25’ Hard Top Utility


HIGHLIGHTS - Built in West Dupree, Wisconsin - Canoe stern - Universal 4 cylinder engine - Discovered in 2003 after 50 years in storage - Extremely original - Trailer included


1903 Dan Kidney 22’ Launch

Miss Pearl

This vintage 1966 Chris-Craft Sea Skiff Sports Flybridge Cruiser is a great entrée into owning a large classic boat. An ideal project condition Chris-Craft, it comes with twin 327 CI V-8 engines. HIGHLIGHTS - Twin Chevrolet 327 V-8 engines - Trailer not included


1966 Chris-Craft 32’ Sea Skiff Sports Cruiser

Fly Bridge



1929 Hackercraft 26’ Dolphin Jr Runabout

Considered by many to be the most original, largely unrestored example of John Ludwig Hacker’s popular 26-foot runabout, the Lulu III is a thoroughbred. Originally ordered by Mrs. George (Lulu) Slimer of Cincinatti, Ohio, several unique features separate the Lulu III from her stock 26’ Hackercraft Dolphin Jr. counterparts. The Slimers special ordered her with the unique walk-around drivers seat (in place of the normal bench front seat), which made access to the engine much easier. Hand rails on the hatch covers in addition to the stock handles, and two additional step pads were specified, later

Lulu III

to become standard equipment in 1930. Mrs. Slimer raced her then new 26’ Kermath 200 powered Hackercraft extensively during the 1929 season in and around Cincinnati. In both the 1930 and 1931 Hackercraft sales catalogs, Mrs. Slimer is shown proudly displaying four race trophies on the Lulu III’s deck.

Hackercrafts were built to order, with some stock models built for dealership showrooms. Representing the highest quality craftsmanship, from the white oak frames to the Honduras mahogany hull, and costing $4,475 in 1929, the Lulu III is one of the most pedigreed boats available.


- Hackercrafts were known as the Steinway of boats - Original Kermath 200, 6cyl, 678 cubic inch engine removed from boat for storage purposes but is included - Famous stock race history, the Lulu III - Featured in the 1930 and 1931 Hackercraft catalogs with racing trophies won in 1929 - Originally purchased and raced by Mrs. George Slimer of Cincinnati, Ohio - Special ordered with hatch rails, 2 extra step pads, and special walk-around front seat - A mostly unrestored, very original boat in excellent condition, the best original example in existence today - Honduras mahogany hull with riveted bottom - Only 14 of this model are known to exist today - Original cost in 1929: $4,475 - Trailer not included



1918 Luyere 30’ Custom Launch



A singularly rare custom 30-foot launch designed by famed designer Joseph Leyare and built in 1918, “So Long” incorporates a V stern into its slender, flowing hull and comes with a Chrysler Crown 6-cylinder engine and its own trailer.

- V stern - Chrysler Crown 6 cylinder engine - Trailer included



1941 Chris-Craft M Engine - 320/130 HP Named “Julekake,” this 1963 Chris-Craft 20-foot Caravelle Utility is one of a total Caravelle production of 80 boats. White on wood with Red upholstery, it packs a Chris-Craft 283/185 HP V-8 for plenty of power. HIGHLIGHTS - Named Julekake - Total production of 80 built - Chris-Craft 283 V-8 185 HP - Trailer not included


1963 Chris-Craft 20’ Caravelle Utility




1964 Chris-Craft 24’ Sea Skiff Ranger



One of 70 built in 1964, the Chris-Craft 24-foot Sea Skiff Ranger “Q” is in project ready condition and is equipped with a Chris-Craft 283/185 HP V-8 engine.

HIGHLIGHTS - Named Q - Chris-Craft 283 V-8 engine 185 HP - 9’ Beam - 70 built in 1964 - Trailer not included


S134 138

1927 Indian Lakes 26’ Dart Runabout

Known as an “early” or “Lima” Dart, Dart runabouts were originally built by the Indian Lake Boat Company of Lima, Ohio. From approximately 1923 through 1928, the name “Dart” was the name of the boat model, in January of 1928, the rights to the Dart name were sold and from that point forward, until production ceased in 1933, Dart boats were built in Toledo, Ohio. White Cap, featured here, is a Lima, Ohio built – Indian Lakes 26’ Dart Runabout. Characterized by

White Cap

its flat decks and raised coamings, its design was well ahead of its time in 1927. Very original, and very usable as is, White Cap has been re-powered with a modern Crusader 454 V-8 engine in place of what was likely a 150 HP Kermath 6 cyl originally. Less than ten 26’ Dart runabouts are known to exist today.


- Built in Lima, Ohio - Original 1924 Cadillac windshield - Crusader 454 V-8 engine - Very few examples exist - High quality original Honduras Mahogany hull - Ready to run - Dark Green upholstery - Less than 10 remaining examples of the 26’ Indian Lakes/Dart marque - Cost new in 1928: $4,000 - Trailer not included


Pabst Boats of LaCrosse, Wisconsin manufactured this incredibly sleek 13-foot, 5-inches outboard racing boat in the 1940s. The plywood-hull racer comes with its original and very unique tube frame trailer. HIGHLIGHTS - 1940’s 13’ 5” race boat - Original trailer - Aft steering


Pabst 13’ Outboard Race Boat One of only 298 “varnished” 19’ Racing Runabouts built from 1949 to 1954, this 1953 example is an exceptionally rare original example that is ready for restoration. Its original Chris-Craft MBL 6-cylinder 158 HP engine has been removed for storage but is included.


HIGHLIGHTS - Project condition - Original Chris-Craft MBL 6 cylinder 158 HP engine is included (removed) - One of only 298 “varnished” 19’ Racing Runabouts built from 1949-1954


1953 Chris-Craft 19’ Racing Runabout


1905 Dan Kidney 22’ Launch


Only 5 launches built by Dan Kidney & Sons of West DuPere, Wisconsin are known to exist today; this 22-foot launch, “Uliaetta,” is one of two offered as part of the Warner Collection. Built in 1905, it features a canoe stern, oak decks and coamings and a canopy top, all in excellent condition, not surprising for the winner of the 1974 Clayton Boat of the Year Award. Powered by a reliable Universal Flexifour engine.

- The Uliaetta - Clayton Boat of the Year winner in 1974 - Built in West Dupree, Wisconsin - Canoe stern - Canopy top - 4 cylinder Universal Flexifour - Oak decks and coamings - One of 5 Dan Kidney launches known to exist (two are in this auction) - Excellent condition


A nice classic 60s-era cruiser with plenty of potential, the 31-foot Chris-Craft Corinthian “Xanadu II” is a fine Sea Skiff Cruiser powered by twin 283 CI engines.

HIGHLIGHTS - 1960’s Sea Skiff Cruiser - Named Xanadu II - Twin Chris-Craft 283 V-8 engines - Trailer not included


1963 Chris-Craft 31’ Corinthian Cruiser

Xanadu II The project condition 19-foot Gar Wood Commodore offered here was designed by Norman Bell Geddes and originally delivered to Orono Boat Works of Minneapolis, MN on March 7, 1947 equipped with a Chrysler Crown M7 engine. It is now fitted with a Chris-Craft MBL 158 HP 6 cylinder engine and is ready for restoration.


HIGHLIGHTS - 19’ 6” Commodore - Chris-Craft MBL 158 HP 6 cylinder engine in boat (not original) - Trailer included


1947 Gar Wood 19’ Commodore Dual Cockpit Runabout


S140 144

1932 Hackercraft 28’ Runabout

Gangsters, Tommy Guns, and Dick Tracy – if he had a speedboat, it would have been the V.S.O.P. From any angle, the 1932 28’ Hackercraft looks mean – in the most flattering sense of the word. The 28’ Hacker was a slight departure form John Ludwig Hacker’s other models in the 1932 lineup. With a nearly plumb bow, and beam a full six-inches wider than other similarly sized runabouts, it had flare in the bow not matched by other manufactures until years later. The extra-low cut windshield paired with the Dietrich convertible top and pleated green leather upholstery is a menacing combination.

V.S.O.P. With the original Honduras planking still in excellent condition, the original six-cylinder engine (Sterling or Kermath) was re-powered with Chevrolet 454 cubic inch V-8 power. One of only four of this style known to exist, the V.S.O.P, priced at over $5,000 in 1932, is luxury speed boating at its finest.


- Hackercrafts were known as the Steinway of boats - Triple Cockpits - Named the V.S.O.P. (Very Special Old Pale - a cognac reference) - Hull No. 609 - 6” wider beam than 26’-and 30’ Hacker’s - One of 4 of this style known to exist - Dietrich convertible top - Honduras mahogany topsides and deck - Green leather pleated upholstery - Arguably one of the best looking windshields ever used by Hacker - Modern Crusader 454 CI V-8 power - Sterling Petrel 225 or Kermath Sea-Wolf 225 original power (original not available) - Trailer included


This unique 20-foot launch was built by Wise & Sons boat builders of Waysata, Minnesota in 1920 and is the only one known to exist. A very worthy subject for restoration, it comes with trailer included. HIGHLIGHTS - Waysata, Minnesota Built - Project condition - Very unique, only one known - Trailer included


1920 Wise & Sons 20’ Launch A ship named “Wanda,” this 1985 Skiff Craft 31-foot Flybridge cruiser is another fine example of Skiff Craft’s superb quality and craftsmanship. Propelled by twin Mercruiser V-8 inboard/outboard engines, it is being offered by its second owner.


HIGHLIGHTS - Named Wanda - Amish craftsmanship - Only two owners - Twin Mercruiser V-8 I/O’s - Trailer not included


1985 Skiff Craft 31’ Flybridge Cruiser



1927 Brainerd Robbins 29’ Launch HIGHLIGHTS

The design of this one-of-a-kind double cockpit Brainerd Robbins 29-foot motor launch is believed to be the work of the legendary Joseph Leyare, designer of the famous Thousand Islands “Number Boats.” Highlighted by superb quality woodwork and unique Dodge Watercar windshield, it has been in storage since the mid Fifties and is wonderfully preserved. Offered minus engine and trailer.

- 29’ 6” Launch - Double cockpit - Believed to be a Luyere design (designer of Thousand Islands “Number Boats”) - One of a kind - In storage since 1950s - Extremely high quality wood - Dodge Watercar windshield - No engine - Trailer not included



1938 Chris-Craft 19’ Sportsman HIGHLIGHTS


Only 70 examples of Chris-Craft’s 19-foot Sportsman were built from 1938-1939. This is one of just 19 known to exist at present. Offered in project-ready condition, it features a rearfacing aft seat and a Chris-Craft KLC 6-cylinder engine and comes with trailer included.

- Rear facing aft seat - Only 70 built from 1938-1939 - 19 known to exist - Chris-Craft KLC 6 cylinder engine - Trailer included


S145 150

1929 Dodge 26’ Model 826 Watercar Runabout

Designed by Dodge Vice President George Crouch, this sleek 1929 Dodge Model 826 Watercar Runabout, “Snoop,” was delivered to Charlie Ward of Duluth, Minnesota, of Brown & Bigelow Playing Cards and housed on Caribou Lake. With all original African mahogany and the original Chrysler 106 HP Imperial LM engine, this wonderful vessel may be the most original Watercar in existence.



- Originally named Snoop - Delivered to Charlie Ward of Duluth, Minnesota, of Brown & Bigilow Playing Cards - Originally in boathouse on Caribou Lake - All original African mahogany, possibly the most original Watercar in existence - Designed by George Crouch - Original Chrysler 106 HP Imperial LM engine (original paint) - Hull No. 1016 - Rear seat faces aft - Trailer included


S146 152

1951 Richardson 33’ Launch

This 1951 33ft Richardson launch was built by the Port, formerly referred to as the Hamilton Harbor Commissioners. She was built at the marine dock yard, and there have been attributions to builder Cliff Richardson. This long deck launch is unique with her hard chine, V-bottom planinghull design, different from traditional launches, as this launch rides on top of the water. This hull design produces speed boat performance in a launch configuration. It was also the

Hamilton No. 4

hull style of long boats in the 1920 and 1921 Gold Cup Races; “Heldena” has a similar design. Powered by a Kermath Sea Wolf 225hp, 678 CI, overhead cam, 6 cylinder, dual ignition … this combination generates big torque at low RPMs. The steering arrangement in the elongated aft cockpit provides ample space; traditional Canadian cross hatch flooring, heavily upholstered “Captain and Companion” bucket seats, and a full seat aft make for very comfortable accommodations. The special mother-in-law cockpit forward

creates a stable, dry, heavy ride for all passengers. The windscreen is removable for full ventilation and clear view of the individual Honduras deck planks that feature (live) tongue and groove construction. Several Canadian launches (Ditchburn, Minet) have exceeded the 7 threshold. This is a rare opportunity to own a custom Canadian Launch with same DNA.


- Named Hamilton No. 4 - Original Kermath Sea-Wolf 225 HP 678 cubic inch 6-cyl engine - Custom three axle trailer - From Jim Everle Collection - Hard chined, V-bottom - Originally a Hamilton, Ontario patrol boat - Five known to exist - Trailer included



1950 Chris-Craft 25’ Sportsman HIGHLIGHTS


Delivered to the Minnetonka Boat Works on March 20, 1950, this 25-foot Chris-Craft Sportsman is one of only 17 built that last year of production, making it an especially rare example. With a Chris-Craft 160 HP engine, this Sportsman is presented in wonderful condition.

- Original Chris-Craft W 160 HP 6cyl engine - Last and rarest year, only 17 built for 1950 - Delivered to Minnetonka Boat Works on March 20, 1950 - Trailer not included


S148 156

1909 Moore 42’ Enclosed Glass Window Launch

- Moore Boat Works was established in Wayzata, MN in 1886. - This is the only remaining example of this preeminent builder. - The founder Royal Moore, the Big Island land baron, constructed on the shores of Wayzata Bay a range of water craft from rowing skiffs to Grade “A” Launches. - This launch was built at a cost of approximately $6,000 in 1909 for the lumber tycoon and Minnesotan politician, Thomas B Walker. Walker’s were reported to be the 15th wealthiest family in America at the time


- This Drake Tail Hull is appointed with the original galley with lead glass windows, in addition the original head/wash basin are in place behind raised panel sliding doors. - The Aft deck has wrap around fan tailed seating - The main salon is open for period wicker furniture and surrounded by Full Sash glass windows that lower into the Hull. - The original Helm station is forward in the main salon appointed by hinged entry doors. - The brass rails on the upper deck are original as is the remaining hardware

- This is one of a kind centurion with rich Minnesota Roots. - Her sister ship in 71’ is now plying the waters of Lake Minnetonka, the Minnehaha Streetcar Boat!


- A piece of Minnesota history - Built by Moore Boat Works in Wayzata, MN - Originally ordered by Thomas Barton Walker - Only Moore still in existence - Leaded glass windows - Original photographs included - Drake tail stern - Cost new in 1909: $6,000 - Trailer not included


Based on earlier OMC tri-hull designs, the Chris-Craft Gull Wing Seasport employed an inboard/outboard fiberglass hull. The 1972 16-foot Seasport offered here is in beautiful original condition, uses a Buick-based Chris-Craft V-6 for power and comes with trailer included. HIGHLIGHTS - Fiberglass hull - Tri-hull I/O design - Chris-Craft V-6 inboard/outboard - Original condition - Trailer included


1972 Chris-Craft 16’ Gull Wing Seasport Fiberglass Chris-Craft built 84 30-foot Cabin Cruiser models from 1934 to 1935. Remarkably, the “Moose Island” is the only known example still in existence. This magnificent Cabin Cruiser is unrestored and still powered by its original Chrysler engine. Offered without trailer.


HIGHLIGHTS - Unrestored - 84 built 1934-1935 - Only one known - Original Chrysler engine - Trailer not included


1935 Chris-Craft 30’ Cabin Cruiser

Moose Island

Engines and Parts






Northfield Industrial 16 inch table saw

Ford Auto V-8 Engine

Ford V-8 Engine

1949 Cadillac Flathead V-8 Auto Engine



Jeep Vigilante V-8 Auto Engine

Champion Outboard Engine



Ford Auto Engine

Champion Outboard Engine

159 Z9

Evinrude Outboard Engine


5 HP


AT-139 Outboard Engine


Johnson Outboard Engine

AT-139 Outboard Engine


Hiawatha 25-2360 Outboard Engine


5 HP


Hiawatha Outboard Engine


Champion Outboard Engine

Chris-Craft Challenger Outboard Engine

Engines and Parts




Evinrude Outboard Engine

Elto Speedster Outboard Engine


Outboard Engine


Johnson Sea Horse V-45 Outboard Engine



Johnson Sea Horse PO15 Outboard Engine

1952 Johnson Sea Horse Outboard Engine



Mercury 25 Outboard Engine 25 HP

Evinrude Big-Twin Outboard Engine

160 Z25

Mercury Thunderbolt Mark 55 Outboard


Johnson Sea Horse 25 Outboard Engine 25 HP


Johnson Sea Horse 32 VR-45 Outboard Engine


Johnson Sea Horse PO 15 Outboard Engine



Johnson Sea Horse PO 15 Outboard Engine


Johnson Sea Horse PO 15 Outboard Engine


Sea King Electric Start Outboard Engine


Carb parts, manifolds with triple carbs attached, spark arrestors

Engines and Parts




Old signs and tach cables






Sole covering samples old boating magazines

Deck vents, exhaust rings, shift & throttle, windshield supports

Misc. deck vents





Vents and chocks

161 Z41


Bowlights and propellers




Bow lights

Misc. boat logos, impellers, headlights, wiring parts, Century parts



Horns and sirens

Flag poles, light poles and spotlights



Rubber and metal step pads

Engine controls

Engines and Parts



Stern poles and hardware


Navigation lights and antique fire extinguishers







1930’s Dodge parts, windshield, and lifting rings








Lifting rings and rods

Windshield brackets, Canadian launch triple cockpit 4 piece windshield

Steering wheels

Steering wheels with columns and gearboxes


Windshield brackets

162 Hand rail, steering hardware, and shaftlogs

1938 29’ Chris-Craft pneumatic shifters

Misc. gauges


Steering columns and gear boxes


Misc. gauges

Instruments and dashboards

Engines and Parts




N.O.S. Chris-Craft gauges

Bilge pumps, fire extinguishers, Gray Marine fuel pump kit

Many Zenith carbs and carb parts, gaskets floats, glass bowls Carter carbs bb1

Many Zenith: mod 63 1 9/16 bore, Rochester 4gc 4 barrel, Holley and Carter carbs




Hardware and dash for Chris-Craft U-22


Many Carter carbs afb 4 barrel, Rochester 2gc’s, Carter wcfb


Many Zenith carbs: mod 263 1 9/16 bore, mod 63 1.4 bore


Many Zenith, Rochester 2gc 2barrel, Stromberg

163 Z73

Many Zenith down draft, tri carbs, twin carbs, and Mod 63 1.5 bore




Many Carters, C.C. Hercules, fuel pumps, and carb parts





Alternators and generators



Water pumps, pulleys, alternators and generators


Alternators and generators

Engines and Parts




Carburetors and spark arrestors

Buick Nailhead V-8 Engine


Carburetors and spark arrestors, cylinder head and crank shaft


Chris-Craft 283 V-8 Engine


Chris-Craft 430 V-8 Engine


430/275 HP


283/185 HP

Chris-Craft 307Q V-8 Engine

Chris-Craft 283 V-8 Engine 283/185 HP


307/200 HP

Chris-Craft 283 V-8 Engine 283/185 HP

164 Z89


Ford Interceptor V-8 Engine

Gray Marine Fireball V-8 Engine 138 HP



Ford V-6 Engine

Gray Marine V-8 Engine


Chris-Craft 283 V-8 Engine


283/185 HP


Chris-Craft 431 V-8 Engine 431/275 HP

Chrysler Fury 190 V-8 Engine 190 HP


Chris-Craft 283 V-8 Engine 283/185 HP

Engines and Parts



Chrysler 440 V-8 Engine


Ford Interceptor V-8 Engine

440/335 HP


Chris-Craft 283 V-8 Engine 283/185 HP


Gray Marine Fireball V-8 Engine


Chris-Craft 283F V-8 Engine


283/185 HP


135 HP

Chris-Craft 307Q V-8 Engine

Chris-Craft 283 V-8 Engine 283/185 HP


307/200 HP

Chris-Craft 283 V-8 Engine 283/185 HP

165 Z105

Chris-Craft 283 V-8 Engine


283/185 HP


Gray Marine 108 Postwar Engine

Chris-Craft 327 V-8 Engine 327 CI


Gray Marine Four 620 Postwar Engine 62 HP


Gray Marine Phantom 4-45 Prewar Engine 45 HP


Gray Marine Sea-Scout 91 Engine


Gray Marine Phantom 4-75 Prewar Engine 75 HP


Gray Marine Engine

Engines and Parts



Chris-Craft KS0 Postwar Engine


230/100 HP


Chrysler M7 Crown Engine 250/115 HP

Chris-Craft MBL Engine


339/158 HP


Gray Marine/Trojan 6-109 Engine

Chris-Craft KS Postwar Engine


230/100 HP


109 HP

Chrysler Crown SM6 Engine

Chrysler Crown Engine 250/115 HP


250/115 HP

Chrysler Crown SM6 Engine 250/115 HP

166 Z122

Chris-Craft KR Engine


221/95 HP


Chris-Craft KR Postwar Engine 221/95 HP

Chris-Craft KR Engine


221/95 HP


Chevrolet V-6 Engine

Chris-Craft K Postwar Engine 221/95 HP


Chris-Craft M Postwar Engine 320/130 HP


Chris-Craft KO Postwar Engine 221/95 HP


Chris-Craft MBL Engine 339/158 HP

Engines and Parts



Chris-Craft ML Engine


339/145 HP


Chris-Craft M Postwar Engine 130/320 HP

Chrysler Crown M47 Engine 250/135 HP


Chris-Craft WBR Postwar Engine


Chrysler Crown M27 Postwar Engine 250/125 HP


404/190 HP

1939 Chris-Craft K Engine


Gray Marine/Century Fireball 6-160 Engine 160 HP


221/95 HP

1939 Chris-Craft KO Engine 221/95 HP

167 Z140

Chevrolet Small Block V-8 Engine


Chevrolet V-8 Engine


Flagship 100L Engine


100 HP


Chevrolet 283 V-8 Auto Engine


Chrysler Hemi V-8 Engine

Waukesha V-8 Engine


Chevrolet V-8 Engine


Chris-Craft 430/431 V-8 Engine 275 HP

Engines and Parts



Chrysler V-8 Engine


Chevrolet Small Block V-8 Engine


Chris-Craft 283 V-8 Engine 283/185 HP


Chevrolet Small Block V-8 Auto Engine


Chris-Craft 430/431 V-8 Engine 430/275 HP


Chris-Craft 283 V-8 Engine 283/185 HP


Chevrolet Small Block V-8 Engine


Chevrolet Small Block V-8 Engine

168 Z156


Chevrolet 327 V-8 Engine



Chris-Craft H Engine


85 HP


Chris-Craft MS Postwar Engine 320/130 HP

Mercruiser 470 Engine


70 HP


Owens Flagship Postwar Engine


Chris-Craft M Series Engine

Chris-Craft K Postwar Engine 221/95 HP

Engines and Parts



Chrysler Crown Engine 250 CI


Gray Marine Phantom 45 Engine


Chris-Craft MO Postwar Engine


320/130 HP


45 HP

Gray Marine Engine


Chris-Craft M Series Engine

Ford Interceptor V-8 Engine



Chris-Craft M Series Engine

Gray Marine Engine

169 Z172


Gray Marine Engine

Volvo Penta Engine



Gray Marine Engine

Gray Marine Engine



Engine Block

9 Miscellaneous Transmissions


Mercruiser 470 Engine 70 HP


10 outboard gas tanks

Engines and Parts





Transmissions and parts



Intake manifolds, carbs

Engine block and parts



Transmissions and housings

New oil filters



A boats hardware

Carbs and exhaust manifolds

170 Z188

Transmissions and exhaust manifolds


Transmissions and manifolds



Engine in pieces

Manifolds and parts



Engine in pieces




Engine parts

Belts, Delco ignition system, 283 generator

Engines and Parts




Engine parts, 3 large couplers

2 engine blocks and manifolds


Large racing transmission, Allison step down gear and carbs


Double carbs and parts


Intake manifolds


Owens flagship manifolds and parts



Chris-Craft 6 cyl M in pieces

Interceptor parts

171 Z204


Engine block and parts




4 and 6 cyl heads




Crank shafts

Large engine, Hemi copper exhaust and Dearborn transmission


Engine parts, Gray Marine V8ch-238


Carbs and oil coolers, and misc. engine parts

Engines and Parts



Engine parts


Oil filters, gasket kits for Zenith carbs, remote oil filter kit



Heads and manifolds

2 transmissions



Chris-Craft engine parts

Engine parts



Chris-Craft engine parts

Engine parts

172 Z221


Misc. gaskets

Engine parts



Engine parts

Fuel pumps and thruhulls, engine mounts and generators


Interceptor engine parts and bronze shaft with propeller


Engine parts



Engine parts

Starters and generators

Engines and Parts






Engine parts, Gray Marine housings

New fuel separators, control cables, remote control deck vents

V8 Chrysler engine in pieces

Engine parts



Engine parts

Large engine parts


Gray Marine parts gaskets and bearings


Parts and gaskets

173 Z237



Deck hatches and windshield



Bronze shafts

Hatch trim and rudders



Engine manuals

Sinks and seats


Engine parts, gaskets and fuel pumps


Grab rails, couplers

Engines and Parts




Ladders and engine stands

Gas tanks




Gas tanks



Gas tanks

Gas tanks



Gas tanks

Gas tanks

174 Z253


Gas tanks

Bilge pumps, battery switches, GPS, and depth finders







Misc. paints, varnish and seam filler

Steel wool, household wiring, engine oil analysis kits

Control cables, throttle and tachometer

Spark plugs, bronze elbows, oil filters

Cleaners and oakum

Rubber, sole covering and fabric

Engines and Parts




Cruiser cushions


Riva parts, misc. parts


Engine parts


Chris-Craft 283 V-8 Engine 283/185 HP

Gray Marine Engine


8 1 5 - 5 6 8 - 8 8 8 8


OCTOBER 15-16 Winsted, Minnesota

The Warner Collection Catalog  

Over 120 classic wooden boats, rare engines and vintage parts for sale at a no reserve auction.

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