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Using Adaptive Release Option By Scott Badger Adaptive Release of Content allows you to show information to users based on a specific criteria such as:  Date  Grade  Membership  Review Status The following options are available: • Adaptive Release – Creating basic rules for an item based on predefined categories. • Adaptive Release Advanced – You can add one or more rules on an item which will stop a user from gaining access to item if they have not met the criteria of your rule(s). • User Progress – You get to see the details on a particular item for all the users in a Course. In this white paper, we will create a rule that will grant the user access to the discussion question once they have reviewed all of the contents in the Learning Module.

1. Go to the item that you want to set the adaptive release.

2. To the right of the item that you want to add the adaptive release to, click the chevron and then select Adaptive Release: Advanced.


3. Click Create Rule.

4. Name your new rule. 5. Click Submit.

(Note: If you were going to create rule based on a date, grade, or membership, you would click the Create Criteria button.) 6. Click Review Status.


7. Click Browse.

8. In this window that appears, you will see all of your Content Areas, Folders, and Learning Module. Select the item that the students must review first before releasing the item.

9. 3

Click Submit.

10. Click OK.

11. Rule has been created.

What your students will see 12. Turn off Edit Mode.

13. Go to the Content Area, Folder, or Learning Module that contains the new adaptive release rule. (Note: In this white paper, we placed the adaptive release rule on the discussion question which the student will not see it until they review all of the content in the Learning Module.) 14. Here let’s click on the Day 1 Training Content (Learning Module).


15. The student needs to click on the right arrow and view all of the pages (6 pages in this example) within this Learning Module.

16. They go back to the previous page and they click the Mark Reviewed.

17. Noticed that the Learning Module now says “Reviewed� and the discussion question is now visible.


Adaptive release  
Adaptive release  

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