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Society Scene asked local artists to share what inspires them to create:

Henning Haupt

paintings, drawings and installations “My non-representational paintings and installations are a means to communicate intimately about the painting and its process, demonstrating the relationship between a thought and its physical execution.”

Francie Bishop Good photography, painting and collage

“I create art to make sense of my life and world.”

18515 – Blue Line, Henning Haupt, 2014, 42 x 42 inches, Ink, Crayon, Pencil and Acrylic Paint on Paper

Virginia FIFIELD Special Marketing Section

charcoal drawings

Photo by Teodora Dakova

Sandra Canning

“Inspired by Florida’s magnificent and fragile beauty, my drawings aim to reconnecting us to the greater value of the natural world.”

digital photography, 3D printing “My vision when creating an image is based on sharing our ‘Beautiful Whirled’ as I see it: through the prism of optimism, lit by hope, inspired by awe, and ruled by beauty.”

Deborah Bigeleisen


Sun Sentinel

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

painter (oil on canvas)

George Gadson

large-scale public sculptures

“My works express different aspects and values of life, with an underlying spiritual message all inspired expressed in abstract or figurative sculpture, most of which is prompted by inspirations from my surroundings, people and their environment, founded elements of nature, and even cast shadows in a dimly lit room. I want my viewers to feel or experience in part what I do, ‘a moment in time’, without ever having been there.”

“Always using a single image of a flower for my inspiration, whether representational or an abstracted ‘fractal’ of the original form, my focus is on the content: the organization of the space, the fluidity and energy of my brushwork, and the contrast and play of light to immediately captivate the viewer and lure them in the myriad of complexities; with my ultimate goal to create work that contains the power to remain interesting and engaging for many years to come.”

Madeline Denaro

abstract painter (acrylic) “To allow something that I do not control to have an action, to allow oneself to bring this action into a materiality; this is why I make art.”

“Where East meets West” 2014, 36”x36” acrylic on canvas

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