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Points to consider when looking to install the MECKOW Aquapur.

Fact: Approximately 1.1 Billion people Worldwide do not have access to safe clean drinking water, a basic necessity of Life.

Fact: 5,000 Children below the age of Five years old die daily from water borne disease through out the World

Meckow Aquapur is the simple drinking water solution. No two sites or installations are the same.

Structure (if required) 1. Steel structure with Concrete Base or Pier footings (recommended) 2. Dimensions & Weight of Aquapur Unit a. Empty = approx. 250kg b. w/water = approx. 1,000kg 3. Dimensions & Weight of Header Tank (if required) a. Empty = approx. _____kg b. w/water = approx. _____kg 4. Dimensions & Weight of Storage Tank (if required) a. Empty = approx. _____kg b. w/water = approx. _____kg 5. Access to fittings, filters, hoses etc. for Maintenance (height of Unit) 6. Security Fencing (if required) 7. Location: provides easy access to Potable Water a. People b. Vehicles Header tank 1. Must be installed at least 1 meter above Aquapur Unit for sufficient gravity pressure to filter. a. 1 meter of head = 0.09804 bar of pressure (sea level) 2. Header tank will provide source water and size should be considered (1,000 liters or more) a. Can provide for additional source water and uninterrupted drinking water in the event of pump failure or intermittent power supply. b. Especially important when using Solar pump. Large Header tank, i.e. 10,000 liters will continue to be filtered during the night to accommodate morning demand or in the event of pump/power failure or source water interruption.   Storage tank 1. Can be installed immediately below Aquapur Unit or in nearby location with allowance for gravity pressure to fill storage tank. a. Should be sized to allow for “peak periods” when more than 1,000 liters/hour may be taken. b. Especially important when using Solar pump. Large storage tank is filled during the night for morning demand or in the event of pump failure or source water interruption. 2. As water is dispensed from the storage tank, the Aquapur Unit will continue to fill the storage tank at a rate of up to 1,000 liters/hour.

3. Storage tank should be installed at sufficient height to allow for easy access to taps and/or hoses and filling of large containers: 20 liters and greater. 4. Note: Aquapur provides both Activated Carbon filtered drinking water and Chlorinated water for washing, cleaning and personal hygiene. Access to both output taps should be provided. Pipes and Hoses 1. Pipes (PVC) from Source Water to Structure should be protected or installed underground (trenches) and secured to structure riser extending to TOP of Header tank. 2. Hoses/Pipes (PVC or Metal) must be installed for other connections a. Bottom of Header tank to TOP of Aquapur Unit (min. 1 meter). b. From Activated Carbon tap at BASE (Left) of Aquapur Unit to TOP of Storage tank. c. From Chlorinated tap at BASE (Right) of Aquapur Unit to desired location. d. Hose from Backwash tap at BASE (Center) of Aquapur Unit with sufficient length to provide water discharge away from structure. Note: Backwash water may be used for irrigation. Filters, Supplies and Parts 1. An adequate stock of consumables and parts should be kept to ensure routine servicing and continuous supply of potable water. Filter washing/replacement and replenishment of HTH Chlorine and Activated Carbon will vary based on quality/clarity of source water. a. Filters – should be washed periodically and replaced every 3 months (approx.) i. STOCK Qty (12) - 75 micron string filter (primary) ii. STOCK Qty (12) - 25 micron (secondary) b. HTH Chlorine granules (dry) – Dispenser filled based on water usage i. STOCK 10kg 1. 1.25kg will treat approx. 600,000 liters c. Activated Carbon – 2.5kg filter unit replenished every 4 months (approx.) i. STOCK 10kg 2. Other a. b. c.

spare parts should be considered Hoses Valves Pump

Pump (if required) 1. Must be able to provide source water to header tank at minimum flow rate of 1,000 liters/hour. 2. Distance from source water (deep well, river, etc.) to Header tank above (1 meter) Aquapur Unit must be considered for pump capacity sizing. 3. Pump should have automatic start and stop so that Header tank is kept filled. 4. Maintenance and spare part requirements.

5. Power supply and fuel (if required) should also be considered: a. Solar b. Electric c. Diesel 6. Distance to power source 7. Fuel Storage, safety PLEASE SEE PUMP DIAGRAMS BELOW


NOTE: A Water Extraction Permit will possibly be required from the Local Authority.

Points to Consider for Installation  

A general overview of points to consider when looking to install a MECKOW Aquapur Water Purification Unit to provide Safe drinking water to...

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