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Offshore Wind China: Market Insights

A perspective on China's ambitious plan to achieve 30GW capacity by 2020 October 2013

China will be the next growth centre of the offshore wind industry. Expectations for growth in the industry far exceed anything ever experienced before in the cleantech sector. New paper by Quartz+Co in collaboration with MEC Intelligence provides a deep dive into the current status of the Chinese offshore wind sector. In the past five years, offshore wind has grown to become the fastest growing cleantech technology in Northern Europe. Comparatively, offshore wind in China is only in the beginning of the life cycle, and it already seems that the Chinese offshore sector will be the future growth center of the industry. An analysis of the trends indicates that the sector is a cocktail full of risks and potential returns. While, the government has announced an ambitious target of 30GW capacity by 2020, the industry faces some of the issues that are similar to those faced by European companies – such as defining a process for consenting, approval and governance in general combined with an immature supply chain. If the challenges are resolved, the growth in the Chinese offshore wind sector will completely transform the global industrial landscape. This new paper provides market leading detailed knowledge around the current development of the industry across the value chain (Policy stakeholders, Bidders, Developers,WTG, Foundation, Installation & Logistics, Cables players) to explore how the industry is progressing and what is required to accelerate the development especially with regard to foreign participation. Current capacity built-out status, provincial development plans, and pipeline estimation for the Chinese offshore wind industry indicate that the industry is bound for accelerated development. The government in China is dedicated to meet its ambitious targets and has been offering paths to facilitate future growth for the domestic players. However, the development towards de-risking and lowering CoE in the Chinese offshore wind sector will require introduction of advanced foreign technologies and capabilities. This paper targets to explore the business opportunities in the Chinese offshore wind sector and will be beneficial to a utility player, a supply chain player or an investor in the offshore wind sector interested in tapping into the Chinese high growth territory. Download this paper to get a detailed insight into the industry. Quartz+Co and MEC Intelligence have collaborated with leading North European players in offshore wind industry to support critical decision making on business models, strategy, and government policies. We build our insights on our unique global network, industry leading knowledge, high quality facts, and experience on facilitating projects across the value chain. For more details, please visit: INDIA 112, Udyog Vihar Phase 4 122015 Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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China will be the next growth centre of the offshore wind industry. Expectations for growth in the industry far exceed anything ever experie...