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01-Knowing Something

01 – Knowing Something. "We ought to be ten times as hungry for knowledge as for food for the body." Henry Ward Beecher, 1813 – 1887

Acquiring knowledge about life is similar to acquiring knowledge about anything else for there are only two aspects that need to be investigated in order to come to know anything about something. One aspect is learning about the Structure, meaning the arrangement of its elements or parts and the interrelations to each other. The second aspect is learning about the Function, meaning the specially fitted action, purpose or reason for which something exists. That for which a thing exists. For example: To become proficient about automobiles can be accomplished by becoming familiar with all the components, all the parts that form the automobile. Finding out that an automobile has a motor, a steering wheel, brakes, doors, windows, seats, etc., leads to knowledge about automobiles. Once all the parts and their relation to one another (Structure) is learnt, one knows about the whole automobile and can understand what it is and how to properly handle it. To learn about a dishwasher one can concentrate only in learning its function - to wash dishes - and the functions of the different control buttons. Once one knows and understands what a dishwasher is good for, one can start using it correctly. To go deeper in understanding the dishwasher machine one would have to learn also the embedded subfunctions of the different processes required to fulfill the main function, and that will lead towards the understanding of all the different parts involved in the dishwasher's whole structure. By learning structure we understand function. By learning function we understand structure. All automobiles have the same basic Structure and Function because those two aspects totally define what an automobile is, what it is used for and what is able to do; same with dishwashers. If one notices two different structures with two different functions, one is facing two completely different things. An automobile cannot be used for the same purpose of a dishwasher, nor can a dishwasher be used as an automobile. They are two very different things (Structures) which exist for two very different uses. (Functions) Even though all automobiles have fundamentally the same Structure and Function they may be “manifested or expressed” showing many similarities and many small or big differences. They may have different color, shape, size, weight, power, comfort level, etc., but only one unique “Individual Identity.” This unique individual identity corresponds to the distinguishing generic characteristics or attributes that constitute a thing which is only equal to itself. When one fully grasps the Structure and Function of something one knows all about it and is able to distinguish its unique identity as well as any similarities and differences with any other thing. By knowing the structure and function of a thing well enough one understands the Mechanics of how that thing works, becoming capable to easily recognize when something is wrong or not working properly. Furthermore, one also becomes proficient enough to repair, fix, change, improve or modify that thing. It is the same way about life… 01 -1

01-Knowing Something

To know about life and how it works, to understand the mechanics of life, one has to learn its Structure, meaning: its elements, composition and interrelation to other elements, and its Function, meaning: its purpose, its use, what life is and what life is “doing.” Life may seem a paradox because its basic nature is not understood, and not because its basic nature cannot be understood. Your life, my life and anybody's life has the same Structure and the same Function manifested or expressed, in each one of us, by different activities, skin color, body shape, thoughts, behavior, personality, emotions, desires, beliefs, interests, needs, etc. Our lives' expressions are very different but, at the same time, all our lives have the same Structure and Function while presenting a unique personal “Individual Identity.” Every one of us have and use a mental, an emotional and an atomic structure, and each one of those structures have a very specific and distinct functions. In a similar way we all have physical bodies that have many organs, each organ has a different structure and, therefore, each organ has a different function. By knowing what the structural and functional elements of life are, one can change and modify them in any way desired, and since thoughts, behavior, personality, emotions, beliefs, interests, needs, likes and dislikes are all results of different Structures and Functions of life, one is capable to modify any of those as well. Understanding the Structure and Function of life is the key to decode and understand the “Mechanics of Life.” “Form and function are a unity, two sides of one coin. In order to enhance function, appropriate form must exist or be created.” Ida Pauline Rolf, 1896 – 1979

“Structure governs Function.” Dr. A.E. Homewood, 1916 - 1990

01.1 – The Learning Process. To learn how to read and write in your language took you... 2-5 years? To learn about automobiles could take you... 1-2 years? To learn about Medicine could take you... 8-10 years? To learn about Law could take you... 6-8 years? To learn about Astronomy could take you... 5-9 years? Consider, as an example, that you decided to study the traditional physical body Anatomy of which you know nothing about. As soon as you begin, you will find yourself learning a whole new terminology you were not familiar with before. You will have to learn new words and new meanings like: arms, lungs, stomach, fingers, legs, heart, bones, 01 - 2

01-Knowing Something

arteries, kidney, eyes, nose, veins, elbow, tissue, blood, glands, thyroid, pineal, etc,


If you, later on, decide to go deeper into the subject and become an expert you would have to learn and understand the precise technical meaning of more words like: Bronchial Alveolus, Abducens Nerves, Acromioclavicular Joint, Adrenal Medulla, Afferent Arteriole, Amacrine Cells, Articularis Genus, Biceps Brachii, Brachial Plexuses, Bulbospongiosus, Calcarine Sulcus, Scaphoid, triquetrum, Chorion Frondosum, Chordae Tendinae, etc, etc... To really know and understand the subject you have to be patient with yourself and take the time you need to really learn and understand the meaning of those words because they explain the structure and function of our physical body components. This book is not a science fiction or a detective novel to read as entertainment. It is a technical handbook about life using terminology with very specific meaning. Words like: Primal Substance, Energy, Mind, Emotion, Neuroplasticity, Frequency Co-resonance, Unified Field, Wave Collapse, Manifestation, Epigenetic Overlay, Morphogenetic Field, Hologram, etc. If you are willing to spend several years learning any of the above listed subjects, How long are you willing to spend learning about life? About how life works? About how you can change your life? So, please, be patient with yourself and do not lightly expect to learn about how life works in a couple of day or even a couple of weeks. It does not take years but it may easily take two or three months for all the concepts to sink in and make sense to you until you are able to proficiently apply them in your life. Of course, it all depends on you. Consider this, you can act as a lawyer, as a medical doctor, as a mechanic or as an astronomer only a few hours per day, but you have to experience life one hundredth percent of the time for as long as you are alive. Life truly is a 24/7 job we all signed up for, with no pay and no vacation. What were we thinking? I imagine you may agree that learning about life and how it works is one of the most important subjects we can possibly learn about. So, once again, please give yourself all the time you consider appropriate for you. My suggestion would be: Take your time, but hurry. “Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi, 1869 - 1948 “Sometimes when learning comes before experience

it doesn't make sense right away.” Richard David Bach, 1936 -

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To know about something is to know its Structure and Function. Structure is the arrangement of parts and relations among them. Function is that for which a thing exists. Be patient with yourself and take your time to learn about life. Function and Structure are key to decoding and understanding life. Take your time, but hurry. 01 -3

01-Knowing Something

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01 knowing something  

About how to know something all we need is to learn about its function and its structure.