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Herman@/Hermanit@ Program Deadline: September 20th 2013 The Hermanit@ program was designed to help incoming members have a mentor (Herman@) to help guide them through the academic school year. This opportunity is given to all Mechistas with the intent of making a bond that will make them feel as if they were back home. Requirement: In order to be a mentor (Herman@), must have been a Mechista for ONE year and attended San Diego State University for ONE year. Name: Nickname (if any): Phone Number: Email: Hometown : Major/Minor: First Year at SDSU? Class Level: Type of Residence at SDSU: (On-campus/Off-Campus and where?):

Have you ever been part of M.E.Ch.A? If so, when?

Why did you choose to come to SDSU?

For each of the following hobbies Answer (Y) for Yes I am interested or an (N) for No I am not interested: -


-Martial Arts:


Arts and Crafts:




-Performing Arts:













Social networking:


- Watching Youtube videos:

What is your career goal and what types of careers interest you?

What specific traits or qualities would you like to see in an ideal mentor (Herman@)?

In what academic subject do you find you need help in?

Personal Statement: This personal statement has to be between 200-500 words, double spaced. Please make sure you answer all of the questions below.

1) Which one quality or trait makes you a unique individual? Who has inspired you to

evolve into the individual that you are now?

2) What are your goals in an academic perspective? What knowledge or skills would

you like to learn when you graduate SDSU?

3) Tell us a little more about yourself?

Once complete, SEND IT BACK TO:

Hermanit@ Application Fall 2013  
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