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I'm Gonna Fly By Noah Marcus Short Story A loud 'Hey!' resounded through the valley.

Two children, at

most 10 years old were sitting, their legs pulled up against their chests and, until a moment ago, their arms wrapped tightly around their knees.

Louise, the pretty faced, olive skinned girl had just

clapped her hand against the boney back of Hernando, a thin, paler and squint eyed boy.

His yell of pain was the result of his

overeager and hyperactive friend smacking him across the back so hard that it felt as if he had been stabbed.

The field was


quiet save for the soft whoosh of wind which caused the field's countless tall grasses to sway in the night air.

They had been

talking about everything, from their current home lives, to what they imagined it was like to live on the distant capital world of Earth, to the countless stars above their heads, to the last thing they watched on the Net and of course, on what they wanted to grow up to be. "Geez Louise you didn't have to hit me that hard. remember?

Take it easy on me."

I'm sick

Said Hernando, pulling his right arm

off his legs to rub at the spot on his back, which would surely develop into a bruise. "Oh calm down you big baby, I didn't hit you that hard."


replied, folding her arms around her legs again as she watched her

best friend fret over the playful smack she had given him. "Besides," She continued, "You deserved it. talking about, becoming a pilot. Nan."

She laughed.

What are you

I never heard such a stupid thing

Hernando had always been fascinated with space

and the brave fighter pilots of the Alliance of United Systems Fleet as they kept peace and order throughout human space and much of the Orion Arm.

But he had never really expressed any interest in

actually enlisting when he got old enough. Hernando looked over at his friend with an angry glare and said, "Ridiculous?!

This is my dream we're talking about here Lou, don't

make fun of me for it!"

Her mocking of his dream felt almost like a

stab to the heart, and he glared at her to show it.

She was his best

friend, well, actually she was his only friend, shouldn't she be supportive of him?

In the past few months, he had been ill with

everything from the flu, to migraines and even a bout of pneumonia. The very fact that Louise had decided to sneak Hernando out of his house and bring him here tonight proved just how reckless she really was.

But he was thankful to her for it.

The sky was cloudless

tonight, the air was warm and pleasant and the countless stars that Hernando had always been so amazed by were clear and visible.


only feature in the currently moonless sky besides the stars was the vast, borderline transparent strip that was always present, the rings of Coyolxauhqui, their home planet. Louise couldn't believe that her joking had actually made him angry.

As he fumed and glared at her, she could only return a blank

stare back to him. it any longer.

After several moments she finally couldn't handle

It came out as a snort first, before exploding into

loud and echoing laughter.

Falling on her back on the ground Louise

gripped at her sides, which by this point were aching from the strain of laughter. This only succeeded in angering him even more.

Puffing out his

chest and raising his shoulders comically, Hernando yelled out finally, "Stop laughing at me!"

At that moment, he dove at her,

tackling her and pinning her to the ground before rolling down the slight hill they had been sitting on.

Upon reaching the bottom, they

rolled off of each other and back into the grass.

Hernando, however

noticed that Louise was still laughing, though by now it was dying down.

Her laughter had changed to more or less barely suppressed

giggles as she stared, wide eyed up at the star filled sky. coming out of his shell, Hernando too began laughing.


After a good 2

minutes of simply laughing and staring at the sky, Hernando finally turned to his best friend and said, "But tell me the truth.

Do you

think I'll ever really get out there?" Tearing her gaze away from the dark, endless expanse of space above, Louise turned to look at her friend.

Every physician that

Hernando's parents had hired to examine their son had brought back the same result, his condition was bad and growing worse.

It was

almost as if his immune system was simply slowly shutting itself off, as if someone had flipped a switch.

This of course left his body

wide open to any disease that might pass his way.

She knew that

Hernando was aware of the gravity of the situation as well, and even she couldn't make a joke on it.

Releasing a sigh she turned her

attention back towards the stars and said, "Yeah Nan, I think you will."

She turned back to him, a smile on her face as she said,

"Your not just gonna fly bud, your gonna soar.

The other pilots will

take one look at you and talk about how your the best pilot the fleets have ever seen.

Just you wait and see."

Hernando heard her words, but somehow, he couldn't believe them, there was just a sinking feeling that she was saying these things for his benefit.

He was dying, that's all there was to it.

sure, but dying nonetheless.


In his body's weakened state, it was

only a matter of time before some virus or bacteria came along and finally did the deed.

By this point, it was taking bigger and bigger

doses of antibiotics and medication to take effect.

It was as if,

each little cold, each cough, each headache was just pushing him closer and closer to the end. "I'm ten years old Lou. dying.

His eyes fixated on the stars he said,

Ten year old's shouldn't be thinking about

Why is the world so upside-down?"

close to tears.

He could feel himself

Even if whatever was doing this to him did cause his

death, he wasn't afraid to die anymore.

It just didn't scare him and

this is obviously something no ten year old should feel. "Your not going to die Nan."

Rebutted Louise in a blank,

emotion free voice. "But how do you know that?" to look over at his friend.

Said Hernando, sitting bolt upright

Louise simply smirked in response and said, "Because I decided your not." Hernando sighed and lay back down, a stab of pain flying through his mid section from where he had sat up too quickly, "Things don't happen just because you say they do Lou." Louise was not a fan of the current conversation, and therefore, in an effort to change it, she pointed directly upwards, at one of the brightest stars she could see and said, "Hey Nan, your good with this stuff, can you tell me that star?

The one right there, where

I'm pointing." She was right, he was good with astronomy, not just good, obsessed.

Looking up at where she was pointing, he saw the star, a

tiny orange dot in a sea of black. "That's Draconis I think.

Looking back over to her he said,

There's a planet there and it's a gas

giant, which the A.U.S. Has more or less surrounded with mining stations.


He was confused, why would she suddenly be so

interested in one particular star, and why that star specifically? Louise pulled herself back into a sitting position and pulled her legs to her chest, wrapping her arms around them she turned to Hernando and said, "Then on Draconis, it's gas giant and all it's mining stations, I swear to you, your going to fly."

She smiled at

him, seeing his bewildered look, and breaking once again out into laughter. He was dumbstruck, how could she be so thick headed? assumed that the universe bent to her will.


But whose to say it

didn't? met.

She was one of the most determined people Hernando had ever

Maybe she really could force the universe to do her


With a sigh he folded his legs up to his chest like her and

peered towards the sky saying, "You know, maybe your right Lou. trust you, and when I'm humanity's hero, I'll send you a postcard from Earth."

He burst out laughing, only to receive yet another

stab-like punch to the arm.


I'm Gonna Fly  

A short story about two children living on another planet, discussing their futures.

I'm Gonna Fly  

A short story about two children living on another planet, discussing their futures.