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Maine College of Art delivers a demanding and enlivening education in visual art and design within an intimate learning community. We teach each student how to transform aspirations and values into a creative practice that serves as the foundation for a lifelong pursuit of personal and professional goals.



Board of trustees

MECA offers a BFA degree in 10 studio majors, an MFA in Studio Arts, a Post-Baccalaureate in Art Education and a Continuing Studies program for youths and adults. The Institute of Contemporary Art and the Joanne Waxman Library at MECA are campus resources that are open to the public.

Mary L. Schendel (Chair) Samuel Pierce (Vice-Chair)

about this publication In compiling this newsletter, every effort was made to ensure its accuracy. Please accept our apologies if any errors were made. Contact us at or 207.775.5098.

new staff Sam Gould, Director of Education for the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art Megan Lloyd, Admissions Counselor Jennifer S. Muller, Graphic Designer

new 2011-2012 faculty Rafael Baeza, Graphic Design Sascha Braunig, Painting Paul Gebhardt ’96, Foundation Lisa Giles, Liberal Arts Samantha Haedrich, Graphic Design Hilary Irons, Foundation Michael Kasputes, Liberal Arts Joe Kievitt ’93, Foundation Colleen Kinsella, Printmaking Robin Mandel, Foundation Adam Manley, Woodworking & Furniture Design Daniel Minter, Illustration Kimberly Simmons, Liberal Arts Tamara Szafranski, Liberal Arts Angela Warren MFA ’11, Foundation

Joan L. Amory Jane G. Briggs Ronald Buford Maria Canning John R. Coleman Daniel Crewe Richard E. Curran, Jr. William R. Dill Deborah H. Dluhy Annette L. Elowitch Ralph L. Harding Anne M. Ireland ’94 Judith A. Kane, Ph.D. P’14 Candace Pilk Karu Erick Lahme Paula Crane Lunder Margaret Minister O’Keefe Jac Ouellette ’02 Claudia C. Pachios Daniel Poteet Dorothy Schwartz Deborah Spring Reed Cynthia Thompson William C. Thornton Caron Zand Andres Verzosa ’92

Design Jennifer S. Muller

Illustrations Rachel Carter ’12 Morgan DiPietrio ’11

Photography Bryan Bruchman Stephen Quirk ’00 Emma Sampson ’11

on the cover Colleen Kinsella, Hot Heads in the Garden I, (detail) 2008, etching with chine colle and ink on Rives BFK, 15” x 20”, private collection. Kinsella teaches in the printmaking department.

Letter From the President

I am excited to share with you Maine College of Art’s

Fall 2011 Newsletter and Annual Report of Giving. Having now experienced a full annual cycle at the College, I am more convinced than ever of the courage of our students and the dedication of our faculty and staff. Moreover, I am proud of the accomplishments of our alumni, many of whom I’ve met here in Maine and around the country. You will read about some of these special MECA people in the pages that follow.

Maine College of Art has incredible opportunities in every one of our programs – BFA, MFA, Art Education, Continuing Studies and Pre-College. I participate in critiques, attend visiting artist lectures, chat with students in their studios, drop by Continuing Studies courses, and can say confidently that MECA offers an exceptional experience for our students. Having taught a class last spring, I can also say that not only are our students talented, they also work extremely hard. I hope you’ll agree after perusing this issue of the MECA Newsletter. Better yet, come by for a visit. I’m happy to show you our new Media Collective majors’ space, our newly expanded Woodworking & Furniture Design studios, or our newest liberal arts classroom on the fifth floor with incredible views of Casco Bay. In this issue, we share our Annual Report of Giving to recognize and give thanks to our many donors. Each and every individual, family, foundation, company, and organization who supports the College helps further our mission to transform aspirations and values into a creative practice that serves as the foundation for a lifelong pursuit of personal and professional goals. Gifts from donors also help us provide the nearly $3 million in financial aid we award to our students each year and allow us to keep the ICA at MECA and the Joanne Waxman Library free and open to the public. We are a small school, and every contribution makes a very real difference. If you want to stay connected to what’s going on here, go to and sign up for our monthly eNews bulletin. It’s full of news about the great things our students, faculty and alumni are doing, and tells you about upcoming visiting artists, exhibitions and special events. Please stay in touch. Thanks,

Donald Tuski President


MECA President Don Tuski in the studio of student Anne Buckwalter MFA ‘12. Photograph by Emma Sampson ‘11.



Artist Profiles

Each year MECA employs nearly 200 artists to educate 2300 students in four academic programs.

Caleb Charland, Light Sphere with My Right Arm and Cigarette Lighter, 40” x 32”, 2009

Caleb Charland

Media Technician and Artist-In-Residence, Media Collective Photographer Caleb Charland is in his second year as Artist-in-Residence and media technician at MECA. In addition to having access to the studio facilities to make his own work, he teaches students how to use equipment in the darkroom and the digital output lab. This past year he has received a great deal of media attention. In a review of his solo show, The New Yorker called him “a phenomenological provocateur.” Caleb’s images look like the results of science experiments. And they are. For one shot, Caleb flicked a lighter 1,500 times over four hours to create a flaming ball of light. “I guess you could do it in Photoshop a lot quicker and easier but I enjoy the analog process,” says Caleb, who shoots all his photos with a view camera on 4 x 5 film. In high school, Caleb had free rein of the darkroom. This led to art school, a brief period of scientific study in the pursuit of a career as an X-ray technician, and then graduate school. He describes his photos as “fifth grade science mixed with sculpture. You get the idea for the image. It’s like a hypothesis. Then you begin figuring out how to get it to manifest photographically, so you design some experiments and field tests.” The results are stunning. This fall Caleb was selected as an Artist-in-Residence for two weeks at the Imagine Science Film Festival. This New York festival invites an international group of artists and scientists whose work exemplifies a marriage between science and the creative process. To see more work go to



Abby Mechanic ’13, Tease, 2010

Abby Mechanic

Class of 2013, Woodworking & Furniture Design student Abby Mechanic likes to work hard. Now in her junior year at Maine College of Art, she is strategically building her career as an artist by taking advantage of opportunities. Abby’s impressive resume is no accident — she knows where she’s headed and is quite intentionally preparing herself for life after MECA. Abby came to Maine College of Art from Sparta High School in New Jersey already knowing she wanted to be a woodworking artist. “The Woodworking & Furniture Design department was my main reason for choosing MECA,” she says. “The close-knit community that the College provided seemed to be ideal for me, and I believed the teacher-to-student ratio would allow for more hands-on education.” Before entering the major, Abby landed a position as studio assistant for Woodworking & Furniture Design Professor Matt Hutton. Her work in Professor Hutton’s studio has ranged from technical tasks to conceptual critiques. Hutton says, “Abby asks the necessary questions and then gets the job done -- precisely what I look for in a studio assistant.” Abby also serves as the student representative to the National Furniture Society Conference & Exhibitions, to be hosted by MECA in June 2012. During spring semester last year, Abby was a key member of the conference planning team and she will continue to work on the event over the coming year. Abby’s work with the conference will add invaluable communications, organizational and planning skills to her professional repertoire. This summer, Abby was awarded a full scholarship to attend Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Aspen, CO where she was able to work side by side with artists from around the country. The experience helped her elevate her studio practice and make valuable connections within her field. She’s feeling refreshed, energized and ready to dive into her major this year. What does Abby see in her future? “I plan to get an MFA with a concentration in woodworking and/or furniture design so I can teach at the college level and provide others with opportunities like the ones I have been so fortunate to obtain through my professors.” Two years into her college career, Abby firmly believes that the faculty have opened doors that will help ensure her success. “The connections I’ve made at MECA through my faculty will be critical to my progress as an artist after I graduate,” she says.



Anne Buckwalter MFA ’12, Backyard, 0il on board, 24” x 30”, 2011

Anne Buckwalter

Master of Fine Art in Studio Arts student, Class of 2012 Graduate student Anne Buckwalter opted to apply to schools in places she wanted to live. On a previous trip to Portland, she had fallen in love with the small city feel and thriving arts community. She was also attracted to the tri-semester system with its opportunity to take classes year round. But Anne admits she chose MECA because everyone was so nice during the admission process. “A sweet voicemail message from the director sealed the deal for me.” Before moving to Maine, Anne worked in a gallery in Philadelphia, which opened her eyes to the experience of curating and art collecting, and helped nurture her interest in putting together shows. She also served on the board for Philadelphia Stories, an art and literature-based magazine. Primed to take advantage of similar networking opportunities in Maine, Anne notes that MECA has helped her to establish herself as an artist. The interdisciplinary structure of the program has encouraged her to explore practice in other mediums she might not have experienced. This type of exposure, as well as her experience working with faculty, have helped her to build skills as a professional artist. “My advisor was a tremendous influence, particularly in terms of pushing me to be in the studio as much as possible.” In addition to her graduate studies, Anne works at Casco Bay Frames and Gallery, a 30-year-old company with an excellent reputation for high quality work, where she’s been exposed to clientele ranging from Maine Home + Design to the Portland Museum of Art. In 2010, one of her pieces was selected for the annual Maine College of Art Auction, where it sold for three times its value. This year she was asked to serve on the Auction Committee and is also contributing a piece. To the question “how do you want to use your arts degree,” Anne says she’s always wanted to teach at the college level, but she is also interested in museum or gallery work. “I’d love to have my own gallery one day. Working in a gallery has helped to make me aware of how to run one successfully.”



Photograph of Kenny Nelson in the Porteous Building by Emma Sampson ’11

Kenny Nelson

Continuing Studies student For Kenny Nelson, learning to make art involved a journey over a barrier, from an environment of competition to one of encouragement and sometimes even admiration. As President of Nelson & Small, Inc., a 75-year-old nationally recognized Portland wholesale distributor of appliances, energy efficient heating technologies, and industrial laundry equipment, Kenny knows about the commercial world of competition. It’s not always easy for the individual to find common ground in the fiercely competitive work world. But, working side by side with other senior students in a drawing or painting studio is a whole different universe. Of this experience, Kenny says, “providing encouragement to your ‘studio mates’ as they labor to execute what’s in their mind’s eye can be one of the most significant, important gestures you can make. While trying to make a picture is inherently lonesome work, the honest encouragement of fellow students can be a powerful force to keep you striving.” Most of Kenny’s friends and business associates have no idea that he is a frequent student in MECA’s Continuing Studies program. A well-known businessman, as well as a charitable and civic leader, Kenny Nelson confesses he had to think about whether he was prepared to go public regarding his student life at MECA or his love of drawing. He agreed because he wanted people to understand the profound personal effect art making can have on an individual at any point in his or her life. “It’s not simply the skilled, communicative MECA faculty that makes taking these courses for ‘very grown up grown-ups’ rewarding. It is also the quiet encouragement offered student to student that has made Kenny’s experience rewarding. Many of the men and women I have met at MECA have had brilliant, successful professional or family careers, and now they’ve turned their interests to making art – sometimes reigniting an interest that was interrupted decades ago.” The Nelson family’s deep connection to the arts and to Maine College of Art began with Kenny’s mother, Millie Nelson, who attended Portland School of Art in the 1950s to study stencil and sculpture. Millie later went on to serve on the board of the Portland Society of Art, the umbrella organization for Portland School of Art and the Portland Museum of Art, in the 1970s. The Mildred A. and Harold P. Nelson Endowed Scholarship was established by Millie and her husband Harold and continues to support MECA students under the stewardship of the Nelson children and their respective spouses: Lenny and Mary, Kenny and Mary, Bruce and Patty, and Andrew.



facutly Awards + achievements faculty

Lauren Fensterstock, MFA Academic Director, participated in the exhibit Decadence and Disarray with a public lecture at SPQ Projects in Lenox, MA.

Elizabeth Jabar, Printmaking faculty member, was awarded the 2011 Donald Harward Faculty Award for Service-Learning Excellence from Maine Campus Compact.

Adriane Herman, Printmaking faculty member, was an invited guest speaker at Pop!Tech in Camden, ME. In collaboration with Brian Reeves, she exhibited Love, Doggie Style at the Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. She also had a solo exhibition at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Interlochen, MI. Margo Halverson, Graphic Design faculty member, brought students to King Middle School for a collaborative media literacy project. Every middle school student selected an issue that they felt was underrepresented by the media. Using graphic design and advertising techniques taught by faculty and students from the Maine College of Art, the middle school students produced a truth ad with accompanying graphs and essays designed to bring their topics to light. The ads were exhibited at the Rines Auditorium at the Portland Public Library. In addition, Halverson juried the AIGA Pittsburg Annual Design Competition and participated in DesignInquiry gatherings in Montreal and Vinalhaven, ME. Scott Nash, Illustration faculty member, provided the illustrations for Catch That Baby!, which was reviewed in The New York Times. In addition, he had a solo exhibition at the Centerville Historical Society Museum on Cape Cod and was included in the University of New England’s exhibition of children’s book illustrators. Two of his books, The Buggliest Bug and Snow Day, were selected for StoryWalk, a project in which pages of books are laminated and posted on stakes along a nature path.


Dana Sawyer

Dana Sawyer, Liberal Arts faculty member, had an essay titled “Fanfare for the Common Man: Magic,” a profile of Bruce Springsteen’s influence on MECA student Steven Brooks, included in Bruce Springsteen and the American Soul. To read the essay, see Gan Xu, Art History faculty member, is designing a cultural park of Buddhism in China. The project is more than one square mile and will include a 390-foot tall statue of Buddha. John Ventimiglia and Gary Ambrose were awarded Professor Emeritus status.

Leah Pollan ’10, Eighty, ink, acrylic and graphite on paper, 22” × 30”. To see more thesis work by students, visit



Sketch by sophomore Victoria Statsenko. See more of her work throughout the year as she blogs about her studio progress.

student blogs

So what exactly happens at art school? Get the student perspective from our bloggers Shawn Brewer, Nicole Holmes and Victoria Statsenko. Senior Shawn Brewer of Gloucester, MA is a Printmaking major interested in the discovery of ideology of modern society through the investigation of architecture. Nicole Holmes is a sophomore from Bradford, CT interested in Graphic Design. Sophomore Victoria Statsenko comes from the Ukraine and New York and is interested in making art in all its forms. Read their blogs to learn more about classroom experiences, studio explorations, and life in Portland.



students in the community The Porteous Building is the anchor of the Portland Arts District. Our students get involved by partnering with the local businesses and non-profits that make this city unique.


Students in Samantha Haedrich’s Graphic Design class are working with the Portland Pirates to create a new logo in celebration of the hockey team’s 20th anniversary. Scott Nash’s Illustration students are working with Portland Rotary on designs for the public clock in Monument Square. Students in Dana Sawyer’s philosophy course The Potentials of Human Consciousness are partnering with the Cambodian Buddhist Temple in Portland. Paul Gebhardt’s ’96 students in The Art of Teaching Art will be partnering with The Telling Room and local Portland youth on their anthology and exhibit Searching for ME. Maine College of Art students and alumni will have an exhibition of work in the Monument Square branch of Key Bank in November. As the official sponsor of the popular First Friday Art Walk, Key Bank is partnering with a different arts organization each month. Students in Christina Bechstein’s Public Art class are partnering with Tedx Dirigo and the Institute of Contemporary Art at MECA to participate in INSIDE OUT, a global project that asks local communities to produce black and white photographic portraits to discover, reveal, and share the untold stories and images of people around the world. Students are identifying subjects for large photographic portraits related to issues of voice and audience in the first Portland mayoral election. Look for them around the city during the first week of November.

Matt Hutton’s Woodworking & Furniture Design elective class Design: A Sustainable Approach is working with Allagash Brewing Company. As part of their process for the Curieux ale, Allagash uses 30-gallon whiskey barrels. Students are tasked with using these discarded barrels as their case study for the semester. Research includes understanding the origin of the product, developing a prototype, and then producing a new object, either sculptural or functional. Finished pieces will be on view at the Allagash retail store in late winter. Elizabeth Jabar’s Second Year Lab collaborated with Pickwick Independent Press (founded by Lisa Pixley ’07). Students carved letter forms and made a giant outdoor letterpress to print tweets on canvas sheets that were then strung on rope and hoisted to the top of the Artist Studio building during SPACE Gallery’s Annual Block Party. They are also partnering with the League of Young Voters on creating printed matter related to voting issues. All first year students at MECA are required to take the class FY-In, which introduces them to each other, the College, and the local community. The class of more than 120 students is divided into groups, each with a community partner and real world project. This year’s partners are: Cultivating Community, Spiral Arts via Youth Alternatives, King Middle School, Space Gallery and The Portland Freedom Trail.


Annual Report

annual report

of giving Maine College of Art Annual Report of Giving July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011

We are pleased to present the Annual Report of Giving for Maine College of Art to acknowledge and thank donors for gifts made between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011. Our donor roster includes gifts to the Annual Fund, revenue generated from the full or partial donation of artwork sold at the 36th Annual Art Auction, the charitable portion of Host Committee level support for the Art Auction and Art Honors, and in-kind gifts. We want to recognize the totality of our donors’ annual operating support, so the aggregate amount realized by the College after goods and services received is reflected in the gift levels below. Every gift is important to us and we strive to keep accurate records. We apologize if we inadvertently omitted or misspelled any names. Please let us know so we may correct our error.



• deceased

P Parent

H Honorary Degree

Annual Report

Leadership Council Donors

Maine College of Art is deeply grateful to donors who joined the College’s Leadership Council by making gifts of $1,500 or more this past year. The generosity and spirit of our contributors allows us to offer programs of excellence and support the long-term stability of the College. $25,000 and above Candace Pilk Karu The Lunder Foundation The Belvedere Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Deborah S. Reed

$10,000 and above Joan and Dan Amory through the Fiddler Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Judy and Al Glickman H’02 The Bob Crewe Foundation R.B. Fitch E. Kent Gordon Cyrus and Patricia Hagge The William Sloane Jelin Charitable Foundation The Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation Caron Zand and Donald L. Head

$5,000 and above Nancy and Michael Beebe through a Component Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Jane G. Briggs Kenneth M. Cole III and Anne Ireland ’94 Madeleine Corson Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Curran, Jr. Diversified Communications ERQ Educational Foundation Dr. Edward M. ’08 and Mrs. Carole J. Friedman The Holt Family Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Betsy and Christopher M. Hunt The Roy A. Hunt Foundation Judy and Jeff Kane P’14 The Robert Lehman Foundation, Inc. Norton Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. Jac Ouellette ’02 and Celine Godin Bill and Jacky Thornton The VIA Agency

$2,500 and above The Anderson Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Buford Kate and Thomas Chappell, In Honor of Janet Conlon Manyan The Harry E. Cummings Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dill Annette and Rob Elowitch The Evergreen Foundation Roger H’02 and Betty Gilmore Ralph and Katherine Harding *attended

• deceased

Alison D. Hildreth ’76 and Horace A. Hildreth, Jr. Erick and Stephanie Lahme Macdonald Page & Co., LLC The Stephanie Hope Mull Memorial Scholarship Fund of the Maine Community Foundation The Nightingale Code Foundation Margaret and James O’Keefe Meg and Philip Payson The Rines/Thompson Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Mary L. Schendel and Philip H. Gleason The Simmons Foundation, Inc. The Phineas W. Sprague Memorial Foundation Carl Benton Straub Don and Louise Tuski

$1,500 and above The Edward S. and Cornelia Greaves Bates Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Maria and Keith Canning Rebecca Swanson Conrad Laura Fuller ’92* Ineke Heinhuis-Schair Erin ’98 and Matthew Hutton Marcelline Jenny P’02 Tim Kane and Beth George Margaret Lawrence ’93 Eli Lilly and Company Matching Gift Program Neil and Suzanne McGinn Anne and Vincent Oliviero Harold and Claudia Pachios Teresa and Sam Pierce Patrick Plourde ’76 Gifts In Memory of David Poole Roxanne Quimby Jill N. Reich John Ryan and Jenny Potter Scheu The George L. and Clara S. Shinn Foundation, Inc. Carolyn H. Thomas Michael Thompson and Theresa McNally P’14 Unum Matching Gifts Program Bill and Patty Zimmerman through a Component Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Anonymous (3)

P Parent

H Honorary Degree


Annual Report

$1,000 and above Edward McC. Blair • George and Deborah Brett Maria Cirino and Betsy Barbeau The Gene R. Cohen Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Coleman, Jr. Roderick L. Dew ‘80, MFA ‘00 Bob and Debby Dluhy Elizabeth Elicker Lauren Fensterstock and Aaron Stephan MFA ’02 Leon and Lisa Gorman Charles Hewitt Elizabeth and David Hunt Maine Arts Commission Sarah S. Meacham Vanessa Nesvig Karen Paquette and Larry Burningham Douglas Green Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pierce Pierce Atwood Portland Museum of Art Holly Ready ’94 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Roos Susan Schraft and Richard Berne Dorothy and Elliott Schwartz Warren Seelig Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Spencer S. Donald Sussman Unum Neil and Elise Wallace William Wegman Matt Welch ’01* Mark Wethli Jay York ’81 Anonymous (3)

$500 and above Christopher Barnes Mary Barnes Kate Beck ’96* Eve P. Bennett ’00 Cathy Bloom Mary Bourke Allison ’01 and Blakeslee Brown Anne Buckwalter MFA ’12 Bill and Karen Burke Canteen Service Company Thomas Connolly ’87 Charles deSieyes and Carol Ward Charles S. DuBack Nicole Duennebier ’05 Rachael Eastman ’94 Jay R. Evans, In Honor of Betsy Hunt Craig and Dolly Foster Marian A. Godfrey Alison Goodwin Eric Hopkins Helen M. Hunt, In Honor of Betsy and Chris Hunt *attended


• deceased

Torrence M. Hunt, In Honor of Betsy and Chris Hunt Henry Isaacs Cassie Jones The Second Abraham S. and Fannie B. Levey Foundation Lyn Means and James Zimpritch Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Mellon James and Marjorie Moody Scott Moore ’78 James Mullen Katie Murphy ’91 and Peter Lindsay Mary P. and Kenneth M. Nelson Peter and Victoria Nelson Andrew Nyce Judith O’Donnell, In Honor of John Ventimiglia and Sandy Macleod Scott Peterman Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm P. Rogers Tollef Runquist Francine Schrock ’91 Xueli Shi ’97 Ann C. Slocum P’81 Cary Slocum ’81 Tim Soley and Maria Gallace Phil Stevens ’91 Michael E. Vermette ’80 Andres Alucena Verzosa ’92 Monte and Anne Wallace Shoshanna White Brad and Ann Willauer Paula Wood ’04 Paula and Jamie Zeitlin, In Memory of Joanne Waxman Anonymous

$250 and above Angela Adams Eline Barclay Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bates Chris and David Beneman Veronica Benning Paul Bonneau Katherine Bradford Carolyn B. Branson Ole C. Bredrup, In Memory of Charles Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Brown Caiola’s Restaurant Peter Chamberlain Asherah Cinnamon ’08 Seth A. Clayter and Nicole Cherbuliez Clarkson and Victoria Nolan Crolius Eliot and Melanie Cutler The Honorable and Mrs. Howard H. Dana, Jr. Laura Dixon and James Baker Marianne Dodge Linda and Richard Ellis, In Honor of Thomas G. Ellis and Albert and Judy Ellis Glickman Joshua Ferry ’94 Helen and David Fitz Gerald P. Floreza Maria Frati P Parent

H Honorary Degree

Annual Report Joan Freiman Terrie L. Gabis MFA ’01 Eric Glass ’80 Lisa Hale ’02 Lindsay Hancock Jennifer and Richard Hubbell Dahlov Ipcar James and Bonnie Klein Ken and Martha Lane Lorraine Lazzari, In Memory of Raymond F. Lazzari, Evelyn Grant, Steven Wain and JoAnn Willett, and In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Wain’s 60th Anniversary Liberty Mutual Group Sandy Macleod Betsy McCandless Brown Halsey McDonough Betsy McLellan Holly Meade Caren-Marie Michel ’78 Grace Nelson ’82 Daniel O’Leary James and Amy Osborn Colin Page Nance Parker Allston Parkinson Dennis Pinette Phoebe Porteous David ’90 and Elizabeth Puelle Shannon Rankin ’97 Celeste Roberge ’79 Phil Scavotto Gillian B. Schair and Seth D. Rigoletti Cat Schwenk ’98 Nina Scott-Hansen ’80* Jim and Lynn Shaffer Andrea Sulzer Cindy Thompson and Matthew Rawdon J. Colby Wallace James Waugh Barbara K. and J. Timothy Wheaton Margaret and Skip Wilkis Charles H. Willauer Kate Winn Robert Wismar, In Memory of Stephen Pace Anonymous

$100 and above Judith Allen-Efstathiou William and Elaine Ambrose P’10 Sara Ameigh ’08 Ian C. Anderson and Kari Radasch ’97 Elissa Armstrong ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Bachofner Marian L. Baker and Christopher Wriggins Mrs. Charlotte B. Barnaby Andrew Barlow ’85 Gregory T. Barmore Melinda Barnes *attended

• deceased

Mrs. Mary R. Barron P’93, In Honor of Margaret Lawrence ’93 Susan Baskin Mr. and Mrs. James M. Behan Dyan Berk ’89* Ken and Emily Blaschke Gregory Boulos Bowdoin College Museum of Art Juliette Gates Britton ’95 Bruce Brown J. B. Brown & Sons Burgess Advertising & Marketing James E. Cavanagh, Jr. P’83 The Center for Maine Contemporary Art Concannon & Miller Co. Susan Conley and Tony Kieffer Mike and Kathy Coster Sarah Cotsen and Drew Watt Diane Dahlke Richard Dalbeck Mr. and Mrs. William P. Daley The Danforth Inn Suzanne deLesseps Dr. and Mrs. H. Randall Deming Lisa Dombek ’98* Stanislaus Dyro ’81* Linda and Sam Emerson Amos Eno Peter and Karen Fendler Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Fitzhugh P’05 five-fifty-five Cecile Fontaine Laura and Chip Foye Maynetta L. French ’41 Robbi Fritz Portela ’87 David Gillis Helen T. and David R. Ginder Barbara M. Goodbody Donald S. Gould P’09 Greenhut Galleries Richard R. Grenzeback and Sarah Patton P’11 Amy and Martin Grohman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Halpert William Hamill and M.L. Norton Harding, Shymanski & CO., PC, In Memory of Stephen Pace Constance Hayes ’80 H’03 and George Terrien Ethan Hayes-Chute Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Healey E. A. and C. P. Heisler Gail Henry Andrew Herrschaft ’88 and Terri Petnov Gail Hichborn Dana Hilt Perry Hudson Inn by the Sea Tammy Jackson ’02 Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry P Parent

H Honorary Degree


Annual Report Pamela Johnson Sheep Jones Jonathan J. and Karen Cardozo Kane, In Honor of Tim Kane’s 50th Birthday Kate Katomski MFA ’02 Colleen Kinsella Alice Kornhauser Mr. and Mrs. Hajime Kozuru P’90 June Lacombe and Bill Ginn Steven ’89 and Erin LaChance Steve and Polly Larned Jean Leslie Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lineberger Mr. and Mrs. James B. Linehan P’07 Carl Little Martha Lohaus ’98* Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association Kristin Malin Alessandra Malone and Ben Ray Anne Marie and Joe Malone Anthony Mancini, Inc. George M. Manyan Robin ’87 and Ted McCarthy Margareta McDonald Susan and Frank McGinty Judy and Charlie Micoleau P’10 Garry Mitchell Kent and Ann Mohnkern Blaine Moores Judith and Lucien Morin Jeremy Moser and Laura Kittle Mr. and Mrs. B. Gordon Nelson III Bruce and Patty Nelson Leonard and Merle Nelson, In Honor of Betsy Hunt Herbert Nolan Jonathan W. Nolan and Eliza Cope Nolan Northern Benefits Ogunquit Museum of Art Peggy and Harold Osher Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Pappas P’80 Sibyl & Scott Pitcock Harry and Anne Pringle Elizabeth Prior ’82 Richard Renner and Janet Friskey Justin Richel ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Rodgers P’11 Matthew Russ Paul and Jula Sampson P’11 Stacey Sherman ’08 Carol Sloane Mary-Leigh C. Smart Carley and Barry Smith Joan and Duncan Smith Doug and Rebecca Sneed Sodexo, Inc. Kenneth Spirer and Joan Leitzer Art M. Staats, In Memory of Stephen Pace Carla Stenberg Dr. Constance J. Stevenson P’03



• deceased

Barbara Sullivan Sarah Szwajkos Fred and Bibi Thompson Dr. Philip P. Thompson, Jr. Jeanne Titherington ’73 Crandall Toothaker David M. Tourangeau Triton Foundation United Maine Craftsmen Valentina Valé ’87 Teresa Valliere Astrid Vigeland Christine J. Vincent Annie Wadleigh Jennifer Walker ’07 Diana Washburn Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wellin Michelle Weinstein ’02 Erika Wentworth Kay White Chris and Christina Whittey Ms. Sally M. Wigon Nicholas Zalisk ’07 Anne B. Zill Anonymous (6)

up to $99 Akari Susan Alexander Mrs. Diane J. Andrus ’77 and Mr. George L. Andrus Susan Atwater Katharine Ayer ’98 Sue Berg MFA ’01 Dr. and Mrs. William D. Blake Elizabeth Brackett Kimberly Chesterfield and Liz Callahan Casco Bay Frames and Gallery Frances P. Caswell, In Honor of Janet Conlon Manyan Jill H. Dalton ’99 and Ernest Paterno Megan Davis Addison de Lisle ’11 David and Roberta deGrandis P’05 Kaitlyn Duggan ’07 Barbara Ritchie Fixaris ’58 Robert D. Fuller ’06 Lisa Gent Linda Gerson Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Givertz Frank Glazer Ms. Pauline Gobeil ’81 Susan Grisanti Peter and Pat Grunwald Brian Gulick Heather Hagle MFA ’03 Kendra Haskell Sweet ’89 Grace and Andrew Hopkins-Lisle Claudia Hughes Mikki Jones-Little Nancy Kane, In Honor of Tim Kane’s 50th Birthday P Parent

H Honorary Degree

Annual Report Steve Kelly James and Valerie Lane P’92 Steven Langerman Mr. Kenneth Levine and Ms. Janet Palin P’07 Estelle S. Maillet ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Russell Mamone P’04 Kate and Jack Mann Gus Mazzocca Roxanne and David McGlashan ’88 Dr. and Mrs. Roger J. Meyer P’93, In Honor of Elizabeth Meyer ’93 Katherine L. Mills Deborah Murray Diane Noble John G. Osborn Lincoln P. Paine, In Memory of David Poole Charles and Frances Prinn Sandra ’87 and Edward Quinn Daniel Reardon Deborah and Richard Rein, In Honor of Tim Kane’s 50th Birthday Jacqueline Robinov, In Memory of Lillian Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Rogers, In Honor of the Bessires Kelly R. Rudman ’08 Gergana Rupchina ’98 Noriko Sakanishi ’70 Patti Sandberg ’02 Mr. and Mrs. Alden H. Sawyer, Jr. Lynn A. Simmons ’01 David L. and Betty Small Mr. and Mrs. Nathan H. Smith, In Memory of David Poole Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Smith Shelley Snodgrass ’91 Seth and Laura Sprague Jessica Stammen Dawn L. Stanley ’62 Hilary Stephenson ’05 Kevin Thomas Lynn Thompson, In Honor of the Maine Crafts Association Jessica J. Tomlinson Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Tynan P’94 Dietlind J. Vander Schaaf and Kelly Palomera Douglas and Kristina Vollmer David R. Wakefield, In Memory of David Poole Wendy Webber Arline and James Whelan ’91, In Honor of Ann Hagan Audrey M. White P’94, In Honor of Erin E. Sweeney ’94 Louise and Elliott Woodbury Anonymous (5)


• deceased

1882 society

Maine College of Art’s 1882 Society gratefully recognizes individuals who have made arrangements for the College in their estate plans. George L. Brett Douglas R. Coleman, Jr. Allerton Cushman Roger Gilmore H’02 James B. Goodbody H’80 Hazel M. Harrison ’40• Constance Hayes ’80, H’03 and George Terrien Alison D. Hildreth ’76 Albert C. Hubbard and Christopher Deane Candace Pilk Karu Grace Nelson ’82 Lorraine Lazzari Marta Morse Stephen S. Pace H’03• and Palmina Pace Mr. and Mrs. Laurence P. Sisson Joan Fowler Smith H’01 and Duncan Smith Katy Stenhouse ’91 Carl Benton Straub Charles C. Thomas• Dr. Philip Thompson, Jr., H’91 Susan H. Webster Caron C. Zand

P Parent

H Honorary Degree


Annual Report

the 36th annual art auction

The 36th Annual Art Auction on Saturday, November 6, 2010 was made possible through generous sponsorships, contributions of art, in-kind donations of food and beverage from local restaurants and purveyors, and the time of many volunteers. Special thanks to the buyers who topped off the evening with their purchases, helping Maine College of Art raise $88,953 to support student scholarships. Sponsors


Spectrum Medical Group TD Bank Norton Financial Services, Inc.

Artifacts Benkay Casco Bay Frames and Gallery Cinque Terre D.L. Geary Brewing Company, Inc. El Rayo Taqueria Figa Flatbread Company Galeyrie Maps and Custom Framing Harbor Fish Market Hi Bombay! National Distributors Otto Pizza Pom Thai Taste Restaurant Emma Sampson ’11 Sodexo Tranzon Auction Properties, Ltd. Scratch Baking Company Standard Baking Company Jay York ’80

Co-Sponsors Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry Spinnaker Trust Wright Ryan Construction, Inc.

Contributors Northeast Delta Dental PowerPay

media sponsors Maine Home + Design Maine Magazine

Host Committee Joan and Dan Amory Chris and David Beneman Jane Briggs Maria Cirino and Betsy Barbeau John and Linda Coleman Austin and Rebecca Conrad Sarah Cotsen and Drew Watt Megan Davis Jean and Bill Dill Bob and Debby Dluhy Dolores Foster Roger and Betty Gilmore Susan Grisanti Ralph and Kathy Harding Christopher Hunt and Betsy Evans Hunt Judy and Jeff Kane Tim Kane and Beth George Candace Pilk Karu Steve Kelly Sara Lewis and Jennifer Goldman Jac Ouellette ’02 and Celine Godin Claudia and Harold Pachios Sam and Teresa Pierce Gillian Schair Mary Schendel and Phil Gleason Carolyn Thomas Kevin Thomas Fred and Bibi Thompson Don and Louise Tuski Caron Zand and Don Head Paula and James Zeitlin *attended


AUCTION COMMITTEE Chris Beneman, Co-Chair Jac Ouellette ’02, Co-Chair Annette Elowitch Betsy Evans Hunt Anne Ireland ’94 Vanessa Nesvig Louise Tuski Jay York ’80 Caron Zand Paula Zeitlin

• deceased

P Parent

H Honorary Degree

Annual Report

art honors 2011

We are proud to recognize our Art Honors 2011 sponsors, table hosts and contributors, whose commitment to the arts makes this special event possible. $56,573 was raised at this year’s gala on May 13, 2011.

2011 Honorees

Betsy Evans Hunt and Christopher Hunt for Leadership in Art Philanthropy Janet Conlon Manyan for Leadership in Art Education Roxanne Quimby for Entrepreneurship in the Arts

In her acceptance speech, Roxanne Quimby remarked on how her father and sisters, all of whom have M.B.A.’s, felt when she choose to go to art school. They were concerned for her ability to support herself. After art school, Quimby founded Burt’s Bees, a natural care products company. She used her art school training to creatively package and market beeswax candles and lip balm. Her sisters eventually wound up working for her. Quimby sold the company in 2003 for $175 million. “Artists make great entrepreneurs. They are not afraid of risk or innovation,” said Quimby. “We are so fortunate to have an art school downtown. I cannot imagine Portland without it.” Photograph by Andrew Davis

Lead Sponsor

Margaret and James O’Keefe and Anne Ireland ’94 and Kenneth M. Cole III Jac Ouellette ’02 and Celine Godin Portland Museum of Art Roxanne Quimby Warren and Helen Roos Mary Schendel and Philip Gleason Donald Sussman and Representative Chellie Pingree Don and Louise Tuski Unum Andres Verzosa ’92

U.S. Trust

Co-Sponsors HeadInvest MacDonald Page & Co.

Contributor Pierce Atwood

Supporters D.L. Geary Brewing Company, Inc. Pandora LaCasse Pine State Trading Co. Portland Color Transformit

Art Honors Committee Margaret Minister O’Keefe, Co-Chair Andres Verzosa ’92, Co-Chair Annette Elowitch Ned Flint Anne Ireland ’94 Candace Pilk Karu Jac Ouellette ’02 Caron Zand

Media Sponsor Maine Home + Design Maine Magazine

Table Hosts Advancement Committee 2010-2011

Joan and Dan Amory John and Linda Coleman Jean and Bill Dill Annette and Rob Elowitch and Elliot and Dorothy Schwartz Roger and Betty Gilmore Cyrus and Patty Hagge Judy and Jeff Kane Candace Pilk Karu Maine Arts Commission *attended

Jac Ouellette, ’02, Co-chair Caron Zand, Co-chair Jane Briggs Annette Elowitch Ed Friedman ’08 Anne Ireland ’94 J. Colby Wallace

• deceased

P Parent

H Honorary Degree



upcoming at meca

Alisha Gould, MFA’10, Parallax no. 4, 21k gold leaf, perforations and pencil on paper, 20” x 20”, 2011. This work is included in the 37th Annual MECA Art Auction on November 5.

Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art

special events

A Perpetual Present

ICA at MECA November 5, 6 to 9pm Public Previews: November 1 thru 4, 10am to 5pm

2011 MECA Faculty Selects Exhibition November 16 thru December 23 Opening reception: November 17, 6 to 8pm This show pairs MECA faculty alongside professional peers of national and international regard. Exhibiting artists: Philip Brou will exhibit with Johan Grimonprez, Judith Allen-Efstathiou with Eirene Efstathiou, and Matt Hutton with Corey Robinson.

Michael Bell-Smith

January 25 thru April 8, 2012 Opening reception: January 26, 6 to 8pm Bell-Smith’s rigorously constructed lo-fi environments utilize digital forms to explore the use of popular technologies in contemporary visual culture.


37th Annual Art Auction

First Friday Artwalk and Special Sale: November 4, 5 to 8pm A benefit to support the students scholarship at MECA. Tickets are $40 in advance or $50 at the door.

Holiday Sale

Porteous Building December 2, 5-10pm, December 3, 10am-5pm Affordable handmade arts, crafts, and gifts made by MECA students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Sign up at to receive our monthly email of events.

Sage Lewis ’04, Blue Dazzle (Emerald-Cut), lithograph and thread on paper, 14” x 12”, 2010. Sage is currently enrolled in the MFA program at the Ohio State University in Columbus where she is teaching as well as studying in the Department of Painting and Drawing.



alumni news

Rachel Katz MFA ’00, Rosette Nebula (panel 1), cut paper, 36” x 36” , 2010-11 and Rosette Nebula (panel 2) (detail), cut paper, 36 x 36 inches, 2010-11. Rachel Katz was a selected artist in the 2011 Portland Museum of Art Biennial.

meca residencies

Maine College of Art offers several residency opportunities each year. The MECA Artists-inResidence for the 2011 season at the Stephen Pace House in Stonington, ME included Erin Sweeney ’94, Hannah Barnes ’02, Marguerite Lawler (faculty), Mary Linnea Vaughan MFA ’00, and Richard Abbott ’78. The MECA Artists-in-Residence at the Baie Ste. Marie Artist and Family Residency at the Barbara Jenny (MFA ’02) Family Compound, in New Edinburgh, Nova Scotia included Stacy Howe MFA ’10, Celeste Roberge ’79, Anne Garland ’93 & Joanne Clarey, Martha Almy ’95, Alison Taylor ’94 & Willamain Somma. The MFA program welcomed four alumni back to campus for the summer’s MFA Alumni Residency. Alexandra Silverthorne MFA ’10, Maysey Craddock MFA ’03, Kate Katomski MFA ’02, and Nancy Nesvet MFA ’04 worked in the studios alongside current MFA students. The College will host an Alumni Bronze Pour on November 19 to honor retiring faculty Gary Ambrose and John Ventimiglia who have been named Professors Emeriti. Alumni and friends are invited to gather in the Sculpture elective room on the fifth floor at 6pm immediately following the pour. For more information and to RSVP email The following MECA artists were included in the 2011 Portland Museum of Art Biennial: Rachel Katz MFA ’00, staff member Colleen Kinsella, Gavin Rouille ’09, faculty member


Deborah Wing-Sproul, Alisha Gould MFA ’10 and faculty member Philip Brou, winner of a Purchase Prize. Faculty members Margo Halverson and Mark Jamra designed the catalogue and created the signage for the exhibition respectively. In partnership with the Maine Crafts Association, Maine College of Art maintained a retail presence at the Maine Mall in South Portland this summer. The kiosk featured the work of MECA alumni in a variety of disciplines, from printmaking, ceramics, jewelry and wood. MECA vendors included Ekka Naigle ’11, Andy Cook ’05, Brent Williams ’97, Patti Sandberg ’02, Shannon Rankin ’97, Olan Boardman ’01, Michelle Roberts ’94, Mark Marchesi ’99, and Lisa Weiss ’11. Live demonstrations were given by Joe Rosshirt ’11, Shawn Brewer ’12, Ekka Naigle ’11, Elise Bothel ’10, staff member Dietlind Vander Schaaf, and Steven Anderson ’11. This year MECA played a significant role in Words & Images, a journal of arts and literature from across the United States. Margo Halverson served as Faculty Advisor and MECA student Abigail Towne was the Artistic Director responsible for graphic design and layout. In addition, the volume features the work of Justin Richel ’02, Kimberly Convery (attended) ’05, and Lisa Dombek (attended) ’98. The cover artwork was done by staff and Continuing Studies faculty member Dietlind Vander Schaaf.

Hannah Barnes ’02, Black Rope, watercolor on paper, 11” x 10”, 2011. Hannah was an Artist-in-Residence at the Pace House in Stonington this summer. The house and studio, a gift from Stephen and Palmina, are owned by the College and operated as a residency program. While most of her work is abstract, the residency inspired Hannah to experiment with realism.


Joe Kievett ’93, Suspension (cropped), ink on paper, 20” x 15”, 2010. Kievitt joined the faculty at MECA this fall in the Foundation department.




class notes

David Thomas ’68 designed an artist’s book on General Vo Nguyen Giap. The book was written by Vietnamese writer Ta Duc.


Robert Cohen ’70 moved his gallery to the State Theater building after operating his gallery in the Old Port for over 20 years. He continues to offer original oils, watercolors, and giclee prints featuring images of Portland and coastal Maine, as well as his large Italy and France collection. Noriko Sakanishi ’70 had an exhibit of drawings at the June Fitzpatrick Gallery in Portland, ME. Alison Hildreth ’76 exhibited her work in two shows in Portland, ME: The Feathered Hand at The University of New England Art Gallery and Alison Hildreth: Early Work at June Fitzpatrick Gallery. Patrick Plourde ’76 & Francine Schrock ’91 exhibited together at The Gallery at Harmon’s & Barton’s in a show titled The Portland Show II in Portland, ME. Pat also had his work included in Maine Sculptors 2011 at the Portland Public Library along with Donna Caron ’80, faculty member Gary Ambrose and staff member Sandy Macleod. John Bjerklie ’77 was featured in the exhibit WNTRSLN at Parker’s Box Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.


Suzanne Anderson ’86 of Yikes! Studio participated in several craft shows including the South Shore Art Festival in Cohassett, MA; Belfast Art in the Park in Belfast, ME; Gilsland Farm Audubon Show in Falmouth, ME; and the Common Ground Fair in Unity, ME.


Jennifer Wagnis-Fay ’90 self-published a murder mystery called Black Roses and two sets of paper dolls, which are available online at Barnes & Noble and Francine Schrock ’91 had an exhibition of her work titled Abstractions at The Salt Exchange in Portland, ME and was included in the Grand Opening exhibition of the Sharpe Gallery in Kennebunk, ME. Her work was reviewed in the Portland Press Herald. Carl DeSimone III ’92 participated in a group show at the North Kingstown Free Public Library in North Kingstown, RI. Derek Gundy ’92 teaches classes at Artists’ Edge and auctioned three pieces of his work in a fundraising event at Sogno Di Vino to benefit Hospice of Kitsap County in Silverdale, WA. Giselle Gautreau ’93 was included in a show titled Birds, Bees & Trees at Redtree Gallery in Cincinnati, OH and had a solo show titled Local Atmosphere at Regale Winery & Vineyard in Los Gatos, CA.

Janice Grzyb ’81 won First Place in the 2011 Saul Bell Award Competition in the silver/ argentium category with her entry “Bird Ring.”

Joe Kievitt ’93 was a guest lecturer in the “Art Talks” series at the University of Southern Maine as part of his role as Artist-in-Residence, and is teaching a class at MECA this fall.

Jess Beyler ’82 exhibited work in three Illinois shows: BIG WOMEN, small works: A Salon Show at Portage ARTspace in Chicago; the 9th Annual Boneyard Arts Festival in Champaign; and the Paul Show at the Charnel House in Chicago, which was inspired by her teacher and mentor Paul Klein.

Erin Sweeney ’94 had a solo show at the Libby Museum in Wolfeboro, NH where she hosted a workshop titled Instant Autobiographies. She also participated in a two-person show titled Home: Ruminations on Displace(ment) at Anderson Creative in Canton, OH and was featured in the Spring/Summer issue of Monadnock Living.



Lizz Sinclair ’97 had her work included in a three-person exhibit titled Intercambio: Interplays & Exchanges at 3 Fish Gallery in Portland, ME. Kara Taylor ’97 had a show titled Reverie at Kara Taylor Fine Art in Vineyard Haven, MA. Package design by Lewis Carnegie for BeeWeaver Apiaries Honey in Navasota, Texas.

Sean Carnegie ’94 and his wife Wendy established their design studio, Lewis Carnegie. Their work has been featured in Graphis, Communication Arts, Print, HOW, and Ad Fed. They were recently awarded Best of Show at the 2011 Austin Ad Fed Awards. Sean has taught at both the University of Texas and Texas State University. He was past president of the Austin Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts and currently sits on the chapter’s advisory board. Rebecca B. Bennett ’95 graduated summa cum laude from California State University with an MFA in Studio Art. Erin Leon ’95 and her brother, Max, had an exhibition of recent works titled Not Like the Other at 3 Fish Gallery in Portland, ME.

Isak Applin ’98 taught Image and Word at Ox-Bow School of Art and Artists’ Residency Program and was the featured cover artist for their 2011 catalogue. Timothea Biermann ’98 graduated with an MFA in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her solo thesis show Captive Lions & Feral Cats was exhibited at Oglethorpe Gallery in Savannah, GA. She teaches visual art at Slavens School in Denver, CO, and was invited by the Denver Art Museum to give a talk regarding her development of Japanese themed K-12 art curriculum. Lisa Dombek (attended) ’98 exhibited her paintings at Motifs in Portland, ME. Ivan Lam ’98 had a solo exhibition titled Together Alone at Wei-Ling Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Craig Taylor ’96 had an exhibition titled Paintings and Drawings at Sue Scott Gallery in New York, NY. The show was reviewed on Kari Radash ’97 had her work reviewed on the Heck Yes Craft blog on the website of American Craft Magazine. Sarah Andrews McNeil ’98. Air refinery and dream incubator bedside model (top view), 2010

Shannon Rankin ’97, Plot (l), map, acrylic, pins, adhesive, paper, 15” x 15”, 2010

Shannon Rankin ’97 had a solo exhibition titled Fathom at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport, ME and is currently an Artist-in-Residence at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, NE.


Sarah Andrews McNeil ’98 won the Henry Walters Traveling Fellowship, a $10,000 prize given to a graduating MFA student at the Maryland Institute College of Art, which allows them to travel anywhere in the world to influence their practice. She was also awarded a free studio for a year through the MICA fellowship at the Bromo Seltzer Art Tower in Baltimore, and a fellowship for a residency at the Vermont Studio Center. Gergana Rupchina ’98 shows her prints and jewelry at Ember Grove Gallery, along with printed apparel from Second Bay Studios by Colleen Foley ‘07, and new jewelry and lighting lines by Ember Grove owner Lisa Ferreira ’02.


Renee Bouchard ’99 exhibited work at Towle Hill Studio in Corinth, VT. Her work was reviewed in the July/August 2011 edition of Art New England.

Michel Droge MFA ’10, and Justin Richel ’02 had work in the group show Audition: New Works at Aucocisco Galleries in Portland, ME.

Russell Lamer ’99 taught an intensive summer studio class in landscape at UC Berkeley. Scott Lenhardt ’99 had a solo show at the Burlington City Arts Center in Burlington, VT.

Tea towel by Olan Boardman ’01 from her new textile line Ktaadn

Body board by Mark Marchesi ’99, proprietor of Merchants Row

Mark Marchesi ’99 exhibited work in a show titled Slack Water at Space Gallery in Portland, ME and gave a talk about his process. He continues to develop a line of wooden toys and hand planes for body surfing for his company, Merchants Row. His hand planes and surfboard fin sets were shown at the Surf Re-Evolution event at Grain Surfboards in York, ME. Denise Karabinus Telang ’99 is currently teaching printmaking and drawing at New Jersey Visual Arts Center, Sumei Center for Visual Art, New Jersey Printmaking Center, and Watchung Arts Center. She was featured in the exhibitions Let’s Play Nice at SINErgy Project and Gallery Space in Philadelphia, PA and India from My Window at Watchung Arts Center in Watchung, NJ.


Vivian Beer ’00 had a solo show at the Courthouse Gallery in Ellsworth, ME and had her work included in an exhibition at the Smithsonian titled 40 under 40. She was the Spring 2011 Windgate Artist in Residence at the School of Art+Design at Purchase College, where she had a solo show and was a participant in “Making,” a full-day symposium. In addition, she was profiled in Craft magazine and gave a talk at the SOFA NY “New Collectors/Young Designers Night.” Katherine Benedict ’01, Kimberly Convery (attended) ’05, Devin Dobrowolski MFA ’08,

Olan Boardman ’01 and her partner opened Ktaadn, which features hand screen-printed textiles for the home. With the help of a grant from MECA’s Belvedere Fund, they have released their first collection. Allison Cooke Brown ’01 had her work featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Surface Design Journal in an article by Britta Konau, titled “Stitching Her Way Out.” Carl Haase ‘01, Lisa Pixley ’07, and faculty members Adriane Herman, Alex Rheault, and David Wolfe had their work included in Storytellers, an exhibition at USM’s Kate Chaney Chappell Center for Book Arts. A panel discussion followed the opening reception. Sean Wilkinson ’01 is currently serving as president of the Maine chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design. His design studio in Portland, ME, previously known as Forge, is operating under the new name Might and Main. Gina Adams ’02 had her work included in the MFA edition of New American Paintings and was a visiting artist at the University of New Hampshire. She had work included in a national juried exhibit titled Visual Territories in Kansas City, MO, as well as in exhibits at Ava Gallery at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH and First Street Gallery in New York, NY. Hannah Barnes ’02 had an exhibition titled New Drawings and Paintings at 37-A Gallery in Portland, ME.



Joe Kinder ’03, a professional rock climber, was profiled in Rock and Ice magazine.

Jenny Moore ’01, Tankers #7, acrylic, 12” x 12”, 2010

Daniel Pepice ’03. photograph by Mikael Kennedy

Luke Fuller ’01, Jenny Moore ’01, Bryan Stryeski ’01, and Lin White ’01 were featured in a group show titled MECA Painters Ten Years Later at the June Fitzpatrick High Street Gallery in Portland, ME.

Daniel Pepice ’03 won a first place New England Museum Association publication award for his work designing the exhibition catalogue for Portland Museum of Art’s Winslow Homer and the Poetics of Place exhibition. He also does design for Boast menswear and Issue Project Room in NY, and he collaborated on a project titled Polaroid Vitae, a series of limited edition books featuring the work of photographer Mikael Kennedy.

Tim Clorius ’02 had an exhibition titled Conversation Piece at Aucocisco Galleries in Portland, ME. Edgar Allen Beem reviewed the show for Yankee Magazine art blog.

Stacey Vallerie ’03 exhibited work in multiple shows in Cincinnati, OH, including Two Person Exhibit at Venue 222, The Red Show and Spaces at Red Tree Gallery, Secret Artworks at Artworks, and Golden Ticket at The Clifton Cultural Arts Center. Sage Lewis ’04 was profiled in the January/ February 2011 issue of Maine Home + Design magazine.

Justin Richel ’02. Whirling Dervish (detail). Gouache on cut paper, 5’ x 10.5’. Installation at the CMCA. 2010

Justin Richel ’02 was profiled in Maine magazine for his series Sweets. He also participated in the group show Wall Works at DeCordova Sculpture Park + Museum in Lincoln, MA, completed an installation at the Ogunquit Museum of American Art for the exhibition The Question of Drawing, and was interviewed on New American Paintings blog. Michelle Weinstein ’02 exhibited work in a two-person show at Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles, CA. Jefferson Coniaris ’03 published his second comic book titled Chum: Is That for Here or to Go?


Ahmed Alsoudani ’05 was featured in Art in America and mentioned in the New York Times in an article about Middle Eastern artists in the Venice Biennale. Kimberly Convery (attended) ’05 had her work included in a group exhibition titled Drawing the Line #7 at June Fitzpatrick Gallery in Portland, ME. Noah Frigault ’05 won a J.W. Saxe Prize for Public Service for his legal assistance to the East Bay Community Law Center, Habitat for Humanity, and Americorps in Oakland, CA and Common Ground in New Orleans, LA. Kreh Mellick ’05 was the spring resident in Drawing and Painting at Oregon College of Art and Craft.


Tanya Casteel ’06 was awarded a Regional Emerging Artist Residency at Artspace in Raleigh, NC.

of Art. Kris was also interviewed on the Converse blog about his work making screen-printed music show posters.

Photograph by Jay York.

Tedd Lott ’06 had an exhibition titled Sense of Proportion at Art Lofts Gallery in Madison, WI.

Asherah Cinnamon ’08, Friendship II, hardwoods, recycled plastic bags, 8’ l x 4’ w x 4’ h, 2010-2011.

Asherah Cinnamon ’08 was the Visual Artist-in-Residence for the International Affairs Conference on Star Island, NH. Leslie Murray ’08 was an Artist-in-Residence at the MacDowell Colony. Matt W. Moore ’06, XYZ Canvas

Matt W. Moore ’06 was an Artist-in-Residence at YES in Cincinnati, OH, where he created work for his exhibition titled XYZ AXIS. In addition, he painted a mural in downtown Cincinnati. Patrick Perry ’06 had an exhibit of his work titled Soft Blows at Azucarera Gallery in New York City. Phoenix Zoellick ’06 had her work included in multiple venues and shows in San Francisco, CA, including Prepare in the Playa at Cafe Cocomo, Opposites at Wonderland, Capsule at Octavia Green, OZ Store and Gallery, and Chillin’ Productions 13th Anniversary Show. She participated in Rocky Mountain Fur Con in Denver, CO, and Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA.

Celeste Parke ’08 had an article published in Maine magazine. Martha Piscuskas ’08 partnered with Elux Studio in The Dearly Kept, an interactive art exhibition in Liberty, ME. Steven Brooks ’09 was profiled in The Bridgton News for his animal sculptures made from discarded material. His work has appeared at the Naples Arts Festival and is currently on display at Homespun Creations in Naples, ME. Seth Gould ’09 took a workshop with Italian master blacksmith Claudio Bottero at Penland School of Crafts.

Jenna Crowder ’07 traveled to Haiti to document the progress and ideas that marked the one-year anniversary of the earthquake. A report of her research is posted on her project blog Ornamental Foxes. Joshua Dallaire ’07 had a show of his work titled Bio-Geo Luminescence at Daunis Fine Jewelry in Portland, ME. Kris Johnsen (attended) ’08 of Emblem Studio created Beaux & Arrow, a men’s and women’s line of one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories in collaboration with artist/ designer Hannah Tarkinson. Their project was launched at an event at the Portland Museum

Sarah Yakawonis ’09. Quilled Brain, quilling paper on paper 9” x 7”.

Sarah Yakawonis ’09 had her quilled anatomy works profiled on Craft Magazine’s blog.



Marilyn Lucey ’09 had her work included in the exhibition Frozen in Time at Gallery 5 in Lewiston, ME. Brad Werley ’09 started an independent stop motion animation studio, WerleyBob Pictures, in San Francisco, CA and is working on his first project, “T.P.”

Rockland; Isleboro Invitational Group Show at the Historical Society in Islesboro; Country Roads Artists & Artisans Tour in Lincolnville; and Work of the Hand at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport. Aaron T. Stephan MFA ’02 installed a sculpture titled Re: turn in the atrium of the new Westbrook Middle School in Westbrook, ME, as well as exhibited his work in the twoperson show Corporeal at Aucocisco Galleries in Portland, ME.

Jason Turgeon ’10, Ma Study, oil stick on Matboard, 32” x 40”, 2010.

Jason Turgeon ’10 was an Artist-in-Residence at the Vermont Studio Center and was the featured artist in a group show at 100 Market Street in Portsmouth, NH. Rachel Kowalik ’10 had her work included in the Women’s Caucus for Art National Juried Exhibition at New Century Artists Gallery in New York, NY. Diane Wren ’10 wrote and took photographs for her new book Books Gone Bad: Mold in Library Collections. The book launch was held at the Joanne Waxman Library. Maxine Harmon ’11 had her work included in an exhibition at Flat Iron Gallery in Portland, ME. MFA Richard Metz MFA ’00 participated in an artist residency at Port Angeles Fine Art Center in Port Angeles, WA. Anna Shapiro MFA ’00 had her work included in shows at the Mill Gallery in Pawtucket, RI and Rebel HQ in Providence, RI. She also served as the coordinator of Wooly Fair VII at the Steel Yard in Providence, RI. Simon Van Der Ven MFA ’01 participated in multiple shows in Maine, including a twoperson show at Åarhus Gallery in Belfast; Lake Hebron Artisans Teapot II in Monson; Fire, Ash, Smoke, and Salt at Craft Gallery in


Maysey Craddock ’03, Rupture (ashes and light), gouache and thread on found paper, 38.5” x 51.5”, 2011

Maysey Craddock MFA ’03 had an exhibition titled Intricate Terrain at Taylor Bercier Fine Art in New Orleans, LA., as well as an exhibition titled Other Spaces at Nancy Margolis Gallery in New York, NY. Dana Bell MFA ’04 had an exhibition titled A Delicate Balance at Louis V E.S.P. in Brooklyn, NY. Nancy Nesvet MFA ’04 curated Celebrate Labor: Where Art and Politics Meet at VisArts at Rockville Gallery in Rockville, MD. Catherine D’Ignazio MFA ’05 aka “kanarinka,” is co-director of the experimental curatorial group iKatun and a founding member of the Institute for Infinitely Small Things. She gave an artist talk and virtual tour of the U.S. -Mexico border fence through a temporary photographic mural and sound installation titled The Border Crossed Us on the University of Massachusetts, Amherst campus. She also participated in “Transgender Bathroom Dedication,” part of “Boston’s Best 40-ennial,” a 19-minute unauthorized exhibition in the bathrooms of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, MA. The show has received local and national attention. D’Ignazio runs the Affective Geographies Research Cluster at RISD, where she teaches in the Digital Media Graduate Program.


Quinn Corey MFA ’06 and Linsey Wallace ’08 started Color Force, a contemporary art space and artist studio residency, in an historic mill building in Fall River, MA, which has 8,000 square feet of space for exhibition and art production. They are currently raising funds to complete a silkscreen lab, exhibition space, woodworking shop, and communal facilities for artists in residence. Kevin Dacey MFA ’07 was featured in the show The Stranger in America at the University of Massachusetts Harbor Art Gallery in Boston. Randy Regier MFA ’07 was the visiting artist for Haystack’s spring 2011 Community-Based Artist Residency. His work was exhibited at Haystack’s Center for Community Programs Gallery. Randy also had his work included in the Keeping Time show at the Albany International Airport in New York and the exhibition Space Invaders at Rose Contemporary in Portland, ME along with Celeste Roberge ‘79. Alina Gallo MFA ’08 was an Artist-inResidence on Monhegan Island. She gave a talk titled “Monhegan Island and Egg Tempera” at the Heart Opening Gallery in Portland, ME. Gina Siepel MFA ’08 exhibited her work at the Colby College Museum of Art in a show titled Current 6: Gina Siepel, a performance and process-based collection of works featuring her hand-built river workboat. She also led a series of boat expeditions through the Bronx River and the Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge for CACOPHONY, which was part of the Sea Worthy Festival sponsored by Flux Factory in New York. Elaine Angelopoulos MFA ’09 exhibited her work “When the Ground Breaks” as part of the Kickin’ It group exhibition at the Soapbox Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Michel Droge MFA ’10 had her work included in the Cue Art Foundation’s exhibition Joan Mitchell Foundation 2010 MFA Grant Recipients, as well as in a two-person exhibit at Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, ME. Alisha Gould MFA ’10 participated in a two-person exhibition titled Tropos at Corey Daniels Gallery in Wells, ME. Mari Skarp MFA ’10 and Bill Cifuni MFA ’10 had a joint exhibition titled Remnants of Memory...Stillness After at The Gallery on the Green in Canton, CT.

Alexandra Silverthorne MFA ’10, Ireland #15, photograph, 16” x 16”

Alexandra Silverthorne MFA ’10 published a book of photographs and short writings titled MidNights: photographs + writings. The book features an essay by Jayme McLellan, Director of Civilian Art Projects, and a discussion with Montreal-based curator Rebecca Duclos. Her work was included in the photography exhibition HiFi vs. LoFi at Lala Gallery in Lafayette, IN, as well as a three-person exhibition at the BlackRock Center for the Arts.

In Memoriam Mary Grendell Wyman ’36 was awarded an Honorary BFA degree in 2000, recognizing her study of watercolor painting and printmaking in the years before the College offered accredited degrees. She continued her creative pursuits as a garden designer, muralist, author, and illustrator, and was a donor to the College’s annual fund for many years. Hazel Harrison ’40 passed away at the age of 95. She was an art teacher in Saco for 35 years. She retired in 1979 and pursued the violin, playing with the Portland Junior Symphony Orchestra and teaching violin lessons in her home. She was a dedicated member of the Sanford Springvale Historical Society, the Sanford Springvale Art Association, a 50-year member of the College Club, and an attendee at the Trafton Senior Citizens Center where she enjoyed making pottery and composing poetry. Hazel was awarded an Honorary BFA degree in 2000.



Alumni opportunities Belvedere Fund For Professional Development in the Field of Crafts Alumni who hold a BFA degree and have graduated in the last ten years are eligible to apply. Grants of up to $1,500 will be awarded through a competitive review process. Applicants must be working in a crafts field including, but not limited to: metalsmithing, jewelry, woodworking, furniture design, ceramics, or fiber arts. All applicants must submit an application packet including a written request for funds detailing how the grant will be used to advance one’s professional career in the crafts. Application deadline is December 16, 2011.

at June Fitzpatrick Gallery at 112 High Street in Portland.

MECA Residency Programs All alumni, faculty, and staff members are invited to apply for a residency at the Stephen Pace House in Stonington, ME and the Artist and Family Residency at the Jenny Family Compound at Baie Sainte Marie in New Edinburgh, Nova Scotia. Residencies range from two to four weeks in length. Applications may be made in any medium, individually or in groups. Application deadline is March 2, 2012. MFA alums may apply for the MFA Alumni Residency, which takes place on campus during the MFA summer intensive.

Discount on Insurance MECA has a relationship with Liberty Mutual through which degree-holding alumni may receive a discount on auto, homeowners, and life insurance. For more information, go to or contact our representative, Jeff McAninch, at 1.800.492.0769 ext. 50186 and mention that you are a MECA alum.

Alumni Work Week at the Stephen Pace House At the beginning of each residency season on the week following Memorial Day, a group of dedicated alums head up to the Pace House to do repairs, clean, plant the gardens, and get the space ready for the upcoming season. Email Jill Dalton at with your interests and skills if you would like to volunteer for this year’s Work Week. MECA Painters: Ten Years Later Each January, Maine College of Art organizes an exhibition of work by alumni who graduated with a painting degree 10 years ago. Please join us for the opening reception for our 2002 MECA Painters on January 6, 2012, 5-8pm


Free Membership to The Alliance of Artists Communities Website Maine College of Art has partnered with the Alliance to offer MECA students, faculty, staff, and alumni subscriptions to at no cost, which includes a directory of more than 300 residencies, a resource library for artists and arts administrators, a guide for artists, blogs, news items, advocacy tools, and more. Contact the Alumni Office at for details on how to access your free subscription.

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the art of giving Hazel Harrison ’40 created 32 pen and ink illustrations for Samples of Life by Ruth Russell.

1882 Society Hazel M. Harrison ’40 enrolled in the Portland School of Fine & Applied Art in the late 1930s, taking courses in lettering, stage and costume design, drawing, and art history prior to launching her 35-year career as an art teacher. In 2000, Maine College of Art awarded Hazel an Honorary BFA degree. She wrote a letter to President Gilmore that year, noting that her time at the school was “the highlight of a very rewarding experience” in the arts. While revising her will, Hazel named the College as a beneficiary to ensure that she could leave a meaningful legacy. Hazel Harrison died on July 4, 2011 at the age of 95, having left her mark as both instructor and artist.

For more information about the 1882 Society and estate planning, call the Advancement Office at 207.775.5098.

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Saturday, November 5, 2011 ICA at MECA

37th Annual MECA Art Auction

Shirah Neumann MFA ’12, Cavalcade, oil on canvas 22” x 24”, 2011. Featured in the 37th Annual MECA Art Auction.

Maine College of Art Fall 2011 Newsletter & Annual Report of Giving  

Maine College of Art Fall 2011 Newsletter & Annual Report of Giving