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4-port USB-Charger 6.8A - TR1382

Plastic car charger GI7682

USB-C car charger

USB-C car charger

Car power adapter with two USB ports - GI3280

Car power adapter with emergency hammer - GI7277

Car power adapter GI3190

Car power adapter with seat belt cutter - GI7680

Multifunctional car charger - GI7691

Car charger with 2 USB ports - GI7692

Car charger with 2 USB ports - GI7778



ABS Car charger

ABS Car charger

with 2 standard USB 1 USB-C port - GI8788


ABS smart phone car mount GI7311

ABS air vent mobile phone holder - GI8969

Adjustable car-mobile-holder

Wireless car charger


3-port USB charger Goose neck 5.5A - TR1383


ABS Adjustable car-mobile-holder GI1053

Adjustable car-mobile-holder with suction cup at the bottom - GI0969

Smartphone/Bottle holder

3-ports cup holder with coin container and creditcard compartment - GI7690

Aluminium power bank 2000mAh - GI7081

Anti-stress power bank 2200 mAh - GI8162

Aluminium power bank 2200mAh - GI7092

Aluminium power bank 4000mAh - GI7089


ABS Li-polymer power bank 5000mAh - GI7083

ABS triangular power bank 2200mAh - GI7091

Solar Powerbank 2600 mAh - TR1379

Aluminium power bank 2600mAh - GI4199

Wireless power bank 4800 mAh - GI8187

Powerbank with keyring 2600 mAh - TR1359

Wireless fast charger GI8154

Wireless charger GI8454

Wireless speaker with charging station - GI8164

Wireless speaker and power bank - GI8431

ABS wireless earphones with power bank - GI8445

Power bank with two wireless ear buds - GI8163

Wireless Speaker & Stand - TR1431

Bluetooth™ ABS Earphones GI7765

Bluetooth™ Earphones GI7717

ABS Wireless in-ear earphones

Bluetooth™ In-ear phones TR1442


Bluetooth™ in-ear phones GI7815

Bluetooth™ Headphones with Handsfree - TR1408

Sport Earphones

Deluxe earbuds

USB charging cable set

Charging cable and key holder in one - GI8527




Smartphone Flash TR1422

Set of two lenses for mobile phones - GI7598

ABS telescopic selfie stick - GI9219

Ballpen and touch screen tip with screen cleaner - GI4312

ABS key chain with rubber tip - GI3880

Keyring with mobile phone holder and screen cleaner - GI7309

GPS Tracker

Card holder with RFID protection - TR1448

Silicone card holder with wiping cloth - TR1404


MicroSpot (25 x 25 mm) TR1212