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Sustainable product media provides lasting results

Scandinavia’s widest assortment that eases your everyday. We deliver full measure. It should be easy. We have a solid knowledge of custom manufacturing and import. We supply our distributor with profile items in the desired design - or finished goods with or without refinement. By hiring a professional and experienced supplier you will get as customer automatic solution for multiple issues of import.

Our role in the chain. The MEC Group only sells to reselling companies. We are standing for simplified management for our customers, knowledge and experience, flexibility, fast and cost-effective deliveries. Smart solutions, simply.


Europe, Asia (China), Sweden

Importer / Manufacturer MEC Group


Profile companies, advertising and event agencies, OEM

End consumer / Buyer

Our two legs. The core business of the MEC Group, since its inception, is products such as you want them. We manufacture as desired and take home the goods for you in the best way. For our help, we have had in 25 years our own office in China with our own staff. This gives us direct and close contact with our manufacturers and increased control over the process. Their mission is to negotiate the best conditions for the best manufacturers, a result that our customers come to share. We are also equally proud of the partnerships we have with established and professional manufacturers who stock finished goods for processing. We have also worked out solutions that will simplify your everyday life.

Special Production Office in Fuzhou, China Manufacturer direct European manufacturer

Stock items with or without refinment Giving Europe Other items from stock

ALL OF THE GIFTS IN THIS CATALOGUE ARE CERTIFIED! Promotional gifts must comply with strict European laws and regulations. Each type of gift has specific guidelines for this. Our gifts have official certificates that prove that they comply with the European laws and regulations (RoHS, REACH, WEEE, etc.), as well as the social compliance in the field of promotional gifts.

Suitable for food and drinks

Our ink does not contain any harmful substances

Eco-style products

Our products made from plush are suitable for all ages

Not susceptible to interference from other devices

Anti-skimming products

Our umbrellas are free from prohibited colouring dyes

Not suitable for children under the age of three years

Sun factor indicator, complies with the cosmetic resolution

Protection from UV radiation

Our wood products are responsibly treated and user friendly

Our cosmetic products have been registered at the CPNP portal.

Our products are PHTHALATES free

All of our products are BPA free, the material polycarbonate, has not been used

Our productshave no banned AZO dyes

Our electronic products have been tested for the RoHS directive.

Our products are Nickel safe

Made in Europe

The Chip On Board technology uses multiple LED chips to create one very powerful light.

Our products are CADMIUM free

Electric and electronic products are offered separately for waste disposal

Our assortment only has laser pens placed in an officially allowed class

Sugar free product

Purchase of existing goods from stock supplier. For many years, the MEC Group represents the Dutch wholesaler Giving Euope in Scandinavia. Giving Europe is well known for its active work with product tests and certificates and is the industry leader in the field. Already in the beginning, almost 20 years ago, the value of cool products that were beautifully produced was realized. The fact that the prize will also be nice when the concept wins in the long run is a matter of course. All stock intake is tested. Nowadays are among other things XRF-scanners on site in both China and Holland for chemical tests. At the office, five full-time jobs only work with administering the continuous updates and the approximately 1500 product tests that are carried out annually.

What is being tested? All products involve a certain risk, for example, of materials, substances, limit values, use, safety, environment and more. A product that at first glance seems simple, like an umbrella, needs to be tested for a variety of materials and also the function. Like all other industries and products, have profile products to relate to different restrictions and rules.

EN71 1 - 12 Safety requirements for toys Restriction of Hazourdous Substances in electrical & electronic 2011/65/EU RoHS equipment 2012/19/EU WEEE Waste of Electrical & Electronic Equipment 1223/2009/EU Cosmetics Regulation 2001/1995/EC General Product Safety 2004/108/EC EMC Directive (Electromagnetic Compatibility) 2006/95/EC Low Voltage Directive 2013/65/EU Battery Directive 1999/5/EC R&TTE Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment 94/62/EC Packaging Directive 1907/2006/EC Some well-known substances under the REACH Regulation AZO Cadmium Phthalates Heavy Metals Formaldehyde PAHs Bisphenol A (BPA) Pentachlorophenol (PCP) Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC's)

Trading & manufacturing on your order. In the case of “small trade” of individual orders, made according to wishes, it is not always possible to test each individual order. Instead, we then work with a number of selected suppliers, whose manufacture and materials meet the requirements. Every request should be made in cooperation with the client so that consideration can be taken from the intended use area, target group, special requests or regulatory requirements and more. Upon request, inspection of neutral third party may be conducted or special production round is tested. For this, we cooperate with an accredited global testing institute. Frequent products For recurring product models but in customer’s own design at Every occasion, each product has a prioritized supplier. This works with approved materials where documentation can be presented. These reports are included, updated regularly and are available in our internal database. Unique products Manufacturing entirely in the customer’s desired design requires a different procedure. Documentation is then taken in connection with the request to the manufacturer. Testing can be done on the specific production round in cooperation with the customer if and when desired.

We take producer responsibility. The MEC Group has been working with imports of goods from Asia for almost 40 years. It has given us a solid and relevant experience of all these issues that arises. Freight and logistics solutions are an equaly large part of the offer as the actual product. When you compare us with eg your own direct import, think about it too the many different points to be handled along the way, such as: • Inspection of manufacturers • Domestic freight in China • Possible shipping via Hong Kong • Goods and transport insurance • Imports to the EU according to current rules • Shipping to end customer • Quality control • Complaints Handling • Currency Management • Code of Conduct • VAT handling in China • ... and so on. The MEC Group is a member of industry and import organizations Swedish Industry Association for Advertising and Profile Products (SBPR), PWA Promotional Wholesalers Association, PSI, REPA, El-kretsen, CopySwede.

We are specialists in to make ideas a reality.

BOX 7108, SE-300 07 HALMSTAD TEL +46 35 16 27 00, E-POST info@mecgruppen.se www.mecgruppen.se

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Sustainability EN  

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