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BLACK MESA Black Mesa is a research facility based out of New Mexico. They research many things like rocketry, radiation, lasers, theoretical physics, robotics, genetics, zoology, hydraulics, experimental propulsion, hydroelectricity, chemistry, applied mathematics, and physics. Most of their science is physical, but they research theoretically too. Black Mesa has many secret projects going on too. Many of them involve defense systems for the government and secret teleportation technology. They have invented many amazing technological advancements. Like the Hazardous Environment Suit, made for scientists during dangerous tests. Also the Holographic assistant system was made to help scientists through hazardous materials courses, like how the Black Mesa Transport System (BMTS) was made to transport any and all personnel to different sectors of the facility. Many other inventions like the MTM 8 and the Retinal Scanners in use throughout all of the facility. The anti-mass spectrometer is a teleporter technology that is being used to study Xen. Xen is an alternate dimension that harbors many different forms of life. It is home to many species of headcrabs, which are small little alien creatures that latch onto a persons head and attaches to the brain. Found on the asteroids of Xen, there are tree like structures that are called Tentacles that are very hostile when approached. Continued next page —>

That plus all the other life forms come together to create a very dangerous world. But it is all worth it to get Xen crystals. Xen crystals are crystalline structures that hold massive amounts of almost magical energy. But aside from the Portal technology and all that great stuff, there are some amazing minds at work there. Some examples are Gordon Freeman, Eli Vance, Judith Mossman, Isaac Kleiner, Dr. Rosenburg, and the man in charge Dr. Wallace Breen. Although they are beating their competitors, Aperture science innovators, they are still looking for employees. Mostly those in the field of theoretical physics

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black mesa