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Aperture vs. Black Mesa This fight has been going on for the 10 years. Aperture has been competing with Black Mesa to gain deals with the government. Also, this certain fight is called Slobs vs. Snobs, Aperture being the Slobs because they are, well, unprofessional and always fail, while on the other hand, Black Mesa is called the Snobs because they have all of this stuff, and are rich. If you ask me, I wouldn’t necessarily answer because, while Aperture would be a really cool place to work at, it just doesn’t seem professional enough to work at, and Black Mesa doesn’t sound that cool of a place to work at, but it’s more professional than Aperture. Of course, Aperture has the portal gun, and Black Mesa has teleportation machines, so overall, I think they are fairly even in terms of just being science companies in general.



Aperture vs. Black Mesa