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Aperture Science Innovators Leading science since 1953 Aperture science innovators is the leading scientific research company of the century. Aperture was founded in the early 1950’s by Cave Johnson. The company originally started out making very low tech portals between your bathroom and your shower called “curtains”. The name Aperture Science was just to make it seem more hygienic. In 1956 the Eisenhower administration awarded Aperture high enough that they made curtains for the army. After a major surge of income they started researching three things. The Counter-Heimlich maneuver, the Take a Wish Foundation, and the Portal project. They recently finished the Portal project and are working on a Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System. You may already know them from their great products like repulsion gel, The automated sentry turret, the discouragement beam, and of course the handheld dual quantum tunneling device (otherwise known as a portal gun).


Leading science since 1953

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