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April 2012


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The Search Is On For Meath’s garden Of The Year 2012 Its time to take out the gardening gloves, service the lawnmower, sit back and say to yourself “Right, what can I do to this garden that will help me win the Meath Garden of The Year 2012 competition” You can plan, design and finally put into place your ideas to create the perfect garden for you! When you have your garden looking great all you have to do is take the best pictures possible and submit them. On page 22 you will find all the necessary information needed to enter your garden into the most exciting competition around. There are a host of beautiful gardens in this county of ours and its time to show them off with pride. This competition is the first of its kind is the area and is being run in recognition of all those talented gardeners who have put hours upon hours into designing the ideal garden which is a haven of peace and beauty for the owner. There are gardens in towns and in the country and each is different in design and size but the owner is none the less proud. Inside our supplement you will find handy tips and advice from Brendan Maguire on how you can have your garden looking great this year” See the supplement inside from pages 21 to 26 for all the necessary entry criteria. Happy Gardening!

Add a bit of

to your life! See pages 28 & 35

G L O S S Blow Dry & Beauty Bar

Accredited by Nokia to Repair & Service Nokia Mobile phones Preston Place, Navan (046) 9072982

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The Wizard of Oz comes to kells The Academy of Performing Arts is staging “The Wizard of Oz” show in Kells Theatre from 10th-15th April. It’s a truly fantastic show for all the family with many famous songs like “We’re off to see the Wizard”, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and many more. So why not “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” to Kells Theatre this Easter and join us at this truly amazing production. Tickets from €10 and special family ticket (2 adults & 2 children) only €38. Should any of you wish to advertise in our A4 full colour programme, we are offering businesses a reduced rate of only €50. Limited space available, contact us immediately. Looking forward to seeing you at the show!!!! Sheila Garvey, The Academy of Performing Arts, 16 Railway Street, Navan, Co. Meath. Tel: 046 9073554 / 086 8304747

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Page 4 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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A brief history of Tattoo by holyshow

We at Holyshow believe tattoos are works of art. Like all works of art they have been around for thousands of years. Tattoo culture goes back to the dawn of time and the tattoos of the past are mysterious and have historical roots that run deep. The word tattoo is derived from the Polynesian word ta (which means to strike something) and the Tahitian word tatau (which means to mark something). The first tattoo dates back 5000 years. It was discovered on Otzi ‘the ice man’ on a mountain between Austria and Italy. Otzi displayed 57 tattoo markings from the inner left corner of his left thigh to markings across the area of his kidneys. No one is for sure what the markings represented but it is presumed that they were tribal and medical. These days, people use tattoos to commemorate loved ones or special events, or to show off things that are important to their character, or to add beauty to what some see as uninteresting blank space. But prior to the invention of the electric tattoo machine, when tattooing took even longer to do and also hurt significantly more, skin markings had more meaning that the name of a significant other in a flourishing script across a shoulder. In Egypt prior to 2000 BC, tattooing was common only among priestesses for ritualistic purposes, whereas in Thailand men were the only ones allowed to have skin markings. Tattoos were believed by the Thai people to place magical protection into the skin, and women were considered strong enough to get by without assistance. The purpose of tattoos was generally centered around becoming more in tune with nature or divinity, or was believed to bestow the wearer magical abilities and blessings and also ward off demons, or even to bring about better health. For those living in Africa, whose dark skin often made tattooing difficult, scarification was common but held the same ideas and in some instances, the same symbols that other cultures were adding to their skin with inks and dyes. In New Zealand, the Maori did similar things with skin carvings that often looked like tattoos that took up the wearer’s entire face. Around the time that the Bible was being written, certain religious and spiritual leaders were speaking out against tattooing, preaching that marking the body with barbaric symbols was an affront to the God they believed had created them, as if tattoos told the Gods that they had made a mistake. As time went on, the purpose of tattoos became a symbol of status and held less of a religious or magical significance. In some cases, as

with Celts and Native American tribes, various markings and symbols tattooed on the skin told of great deeds and their ranking in the tribal hierarchy. In Greece and Rome , at the other end of the spectrum, slaves were often tattooed, as were criminals, so no one could mistake them if they attempted to run away. In the 18th century as more and more of the world was being travelled by boat, many sailors while on their journeys in the Pacific Islands were giving themselves tattoos having witnessed the practice among natives who inhabited such regions. It was from the Pacific Islands that this practice was brought to the knowledge of Europeans. The purpose of tattoos has differed from culture to culture throughout the course of time. Around 2,000 BC, tattoos spread to China and then on to Greece, where the Greeks used tattoos as a way to communicate among spies. Along the way, Japan also incorporated the use of tattoos. The Japanese people used tattoos for religious and ceremonial rites.  During this era, Borneo women were the artists.  They produced the designs that indicated the individuals point in life and the tribe that he was affiliated with. If anything, the history of tattooing gives an indication of the evolution of the mindset of humankind through the ages, showing what was important at the time. The nature of tattoos is now more cosmetic than ritualistic, as the widespread belief in magic has been replaced by the importance of looks and individuality, and the use of the body as a canvas for art. Where the future of tattooing will lead us, however, is something we will have to wait and see. The Holyshow team provide a unique customer experience. We have friendly ethos and are happy to help up decide on the tattoo that wish to get. We specialise in custom tattoos which means, we draw up exactly what you want, this ensures that you have an original one off piece that no one else will have. John, shop owner and tattoo artist has a background in fine art and animation and so brings a wealth of talent and skills to the art of tattoo. Check out our face book page, holyshowtattoo shop and web site holyshowtattoo. com. We wish to thank all our loyal exiting customers and want to welcome new customers this month by offering 10% discount on all work to the end of April with this flyer. “If you wish you could take a trip to see John and hang with  like minded people at the The North West Tattoo Convention in Donelgal 13th-15th April 2012, where he will be participating.”

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Page 6 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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Navan Racecourse Annual Family Day Raceday

The annual family day raceday will take place on Sunday 29th April. This year the event will be even bigger and better. There are lots of activities for all the children and everything is free. There are pony rides, colouring competitions, crafts workshops where children will learn how to design jockey silks, face painting, balloon modelling, kids golf, children will learn how to putt on the 18 hole and lots of prizes. There’s a bouncy castle village, ride a rodeo bull, And of course, there is free ice cream, soft drinks and crisps for each child. On the day children will be able to attend the front runner club, children will get an insight into racing in a fun and interactive way. They will learn all about getting a horse ready for a raceday, learn how to plait a horses mane, learn about jockeys and what they wear on a raceday and there will be a lot more fun and activities. For the adults we have a farmers market and craft stalls and of course 7 superb races featuring the The Salsabil Listed Race. The first race is at 1.55pm and activites will take place all afternoon. Over the coming weeks flyers with the colouring competitions will be distributed to the schools within Meath. If you would like further information on the day please contact the team on 0469021350. Visit our website on www.navanracecourse or follow us on facebook. Family tickets are only ₏20.00 and include admission for 2 adults and any number of children. Tickets can be purchased in advance on 0469021350. Join us for a fun and active day for all the family!

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The Meath Herald April 2012 Page 7

Page 8 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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Kells Camera Club

looking for new members

The Kells Camera Club was formed in February 2012 by a group of camera enthusiasts who wish to develop their technical skills in all aspects of photography the club is currently looking for new members to join. The club meet on a fortnightly basis at 8pm on Thursday evening at the Kells Resource Centre. Once a month the club invite a guest speaker to the meetings to give a talk and presentations on photography, covering all the basics from understanding the settings on your camera right through to creating great images. The aim of the photography group is to serve all members by encouraging the development of their photographic skills through education, exhibitions of photographic accomplishment, photography trips and friendship with other who share a love of photography. The group members are a mixture of beginners, amateur and professional photographers with skills ranging from novice to expert. Members shoot a wide variety of subjects ranging from portraiture to nature. Each member wants to learn more, and to share what they have learned about taking great pictures. Some of our activities include monthly meetings with guest speakers on a wide range of photographic topics, group outings to great locations. Periodic exhibits of the clubs work in within the locality. There are also various opportunities to volunteer for charitable events within our community. “The club is a new and exciting venture with a relaxed and informal atmosphere. We are looking for new members to come along for a fun and informative evening” Any queries can be directed to Carol Geraghty Club secretary at Or find us on facebook


THE ROYAL County 5km run will take place in Kells on the May Bank Holiday Monday, May 7 at 11am. The event will this year be in aid of the Meath Special Hands Activity group which provides opportunities for children with disabilities to participate in sport and physical activity. Book online at or call 046-9067337 to participate.

O’Hara’s Visit

DJ Alex Kidd Flies In To Solar Nightclub for May Bank Holiday

MAUREEN O’HARA will be given the freedom of Kells during a visit to the town - the birthplace Solar nightclub in Navan plays host of her father - on Saturday, May 26. There will be a weekend long itinerary of events to welcome the to a very special night of hard dance niceties as Hollywood star to Meath and all are invited to attend. English DJ Alex Kidd parachutes in to spearhead the venue’s bank holiday weekend celebrations on Sunday 6 May. Kidd is joined by a special guest who will be announced on later this month, and the talented spinner has already spoken of his delight at returning to Ireland after the huge success of his Kiddfectious Ireland events on St. Patrick’s weekend. After a decade of DJing on the international circuit Kidd has established himself as the godfather of all things hard dance and is one of the most popular DJs to visit Ireland. From exploding onto the scene in his native Manchester whilst working in a record store to being crowned the World’s Number 1 Hard Dance DJ, Kidd’s rise to fame has been both rapid and dramatic. He has played headline slots at every major UK and Ireland dance music festival including Global Gathering, Creamfields, Planetlove, Coloursfest and the Tidy Weekender. His reputation for sophisticated three deck and On St. Patricks Day 2012 members of the Fr. Gilmore Branch of O.N.E (Organisation of Ex Service Men and Women) took part in the St. Patricks Day Parade in Trim. Before the Parade the Shamrock efx mixing, as well as his infamous showmanship, was presented to members by Chathaoirleach Cllr James O Shea and Blessed by Fr Mark Mohan has spawned a legion of avid fans on a global CC. Photo of ONE incluces members from Trim, Kells, Kildalkey and Dublin scale, resulting in Kidd taking his Kiddfectious

events brand on a worldwide tour to destinations like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Cyprus and USA. With an evolving sound, and an ever-advancing skill set, he remains one of the most respected and acclaimed pioneers of harder-edged music. React presents Alex Kidd plus special guest at Solar nightclub, Navan, on Bank Holiday Sunday 6th May. Regular event updates and the full line-up for this showpiece gig are available by searching ‘React Ireland’ and ‘Solar Night Club Navan’ on Facebook.

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Page 10 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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Page 12 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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Page 14 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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Shave or Dye!

See these photos on

The Meath Herald

See these photos on

The Meath Herald

Bec o a fa me NOWn AND T YOU AG PHO R TO!

Bec o a fa me NOWn AND T YOU AG PHO R TO!

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The Meath Herald April 2012 Page 15

Page 16 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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Thousands watch Lambcam Meaths Tribute Show Of The Year Arrives In Swan Lane in the Maaa…ternity Unit The Lambcam, a web camera on which you can view the lambing shed at Causey Farm in Co. Meath, is a huge hit, with tens of thousands of visitors so far. Causey Farm is a busy working farm, which also hosts activities for school and tour groups. The lambing is the busiest event of the year and this year visitors have a chance to participate in the event from the comfort of their homes via the lambcam. You can also see a lamb being born in person as the farm is open to the public daily until April 15th. More than 250 sheep are expected to have close to 400 lambs between them so the chances of seeing a lamb being born are quite high. More than 80% of visitors to the farm so far have been lucky enough to see a birth and more than half the flock are still to have lambs. “We have emails and messages from people in New York, New Zealand, Australia, Pennsylvania, Switzerland and Scotland as well as all over Ireland. One kind man rang us late one evening to tell us one of the lambs heads had got stuck in a bucket!” said Deirdre Murtagh, one of the farm’s owners. “Many city people are delighted to hear sounds

of the countryside … including the Baas of the sheep and Rocky the Rooster who has decided to set up home with the mothers-to-be.” The Lambcam has generated huge media interest too and was featured on RTE’s SixOne news last week as well as the Network 2’s Children’s News, the television magazine programme Elev8 and numerous radio shows. As well as the lambing sheds and all the cuteness and sometimes drama that goes on there, there are a host of other activities going on over the holidays – a Treasure Hunt, Wellie Throwing, a Bale Maze, a Tyre Colour Maze, Storytelling, Egg Painting, Sheepdog Demonstrations and of course meeting all the other Springtime babies – calves, puppies, a kid goat, piglets, chicks, ducklings and a baby donkey. To view the lambing shed, visit and click on the lambcam link. Lambing Live – the Easter programme at Causey will run daily from 12 noon until 5pm until Sunday April 15th. The cost of admission is €7 per person.

“Amazing, they really captured the magic!” 5stars (In Dublin Magazine) Event: The Last Waltz Tribute Show (“The Band’s” 1976 farewell performance) Venue: Swan Lane Music Venue / Date: Saturday 5th May 2012 / Doors: 8pm / Show: 9pm Tickets: €22 www.profilemusicgroup. com/eventsonsale.php Tribute to The Band & The Last Waltz Brass Section, Including Tributes to: Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond, Emmylou Harris, Muddy Waters & many more. To mark the 30th anniversary of the movie last year (Martin Scorsese’s film “The Last Waltz”), a collective of some of Dublin’s most legendary musicians under the name “The Group”, who are mostly members of the Butler family, set about the task of recreating the two hour live show in honor of the original concert. “The Last Waltz”, was an outstanding rock documentary of the last concert by ‘The Band’. Veteran director Martin Scorsese chronicles the most legendary night in rock history. It started as a concert and became a celebration as an unparalleled lineup of rock superstars -- including Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Neil Diamond and Muddy Waters -- take the stage for “The Band’s” 1976 farewell performance. With a cast and crew of over 30, an 11-piece band and full brass section, 13 amazing special guests, and archive footage on a giant screen, this spectacular live reenactment of the ‘The Last Waltz’ is a must for all who love their music.

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Page 18 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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Lisa Lashes See these photos on

The Meath Herald

See these photos on

The Meath Herald

Bec o a fa me NOWn AND T YOU AG PHO R TO!

Bec o a fa me NOWn AND T YOU AG PHO R TO!

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The Meath Herald April 2012 Page 19

WeddingFair At The NewgrangeHotel

The Newgrange Hotel in Navan, one of Meath’s finest Wedding venues, will host its spectacular

Wedding Fair on Sunday April 22nd from 2pm – 5pm. This will be an important event for all prospective

brides & grooms as there will be an opportunity on the day to see and talk with a variety of wedding

service providers and to avail of fantastic offers in this fabulous hotel, which is now offering amazing value for weddings.

A Full Range of Bridal Exhibitors will be at hand to guide you through all aspects of your big day

and there will be an amazing Fashion Show hosted by Mc Elhinney’s of Athboy. Couples will have the

opportunity to get inspiration from over 30 exhibitors which cater for all wedding day needs and there

will also be an array of entertainment throughout the afternoon. Couples can also sample some of the delicious food at The Newgrange Hotel on the day.

Your wedding day is the most momentous occasion of your life and choosing the perfect wedding

venue is one of the most important decisions you will make. The Newgrange Hotel pride themselves on

their ability to create weddings that are truly magical and a reflection of your own personal taste. They

have a fantastic Four Tier Wedding Packages starting from €25.00 per person based on 100 guests for

the “Opal” package. The “Sapphire” package is €32.95, the “Emerald” package is €34.95 and the “Diamond” package is €37.95 per person all based on 100 guests. The Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond packages all include:

• Red Carpet, Champagne Reception for the Bridal Party on arrival. • Tea/Coffee & Biscuits for all guests on arrival. • Five Course Meal.

• Two Glasses of House Wine with the meal. • Evening Buffet. • Bar Extension.

• Floral centrepieces on all tables • Chair Covers & Gold Bows

• Complimentary Car Parking

• Bridal Suite & Two Complimentary Bedrooms

The Newgrange Hotel is also registered for Civil Wedding Ceremonies and The Russell Suite will

be set up on the day of the Wedding Fair as it would be on your special day. Their fabulous roof-top

garden will be available for viewing where the host of beautiful colours can be an amazing backdrop for wedding portraits.

On Sunday 22nd April The Newgrange Hotel Management Team will be available to guide you

through all aspects of your special day and to help you with your planning. They will be delighted to

welcome all newly engaged couples looking for a venue with a difference. If you are unable to attend

the Wedding Fair but are interested in our special offers contact Caroline on 046-9074100 or email

Page 20 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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Yellow River Drama Group The yellow River Drama Group was set - up in February 2012 by a group of local people from Wilkinstown, Castletown, Rathkenny and surrounding areas. The idea for a community based drama group sprung from the recent strictly come dancing charity night in aid of Wolftones and Castletown Gaelic football clubs. So much fun was had and some of those involved wanted to continue this fun by forming a drama group. A group of locals met - up in Tiernans pub in February 2012 to form the new drama group and now they meet every Wednesday evening at 8 pm. For the first performance, the group proposed to put together a variety show with comedy sketches and music in Wilkinstown hall on Friday 27th April 2012. Geoff cooney was nominated as chairman, Johnny Glacken as artistic director and the rest of the committee was formed. The group voted on a name for the drama group and Mary Smyth from Castletown came up with the winning name: “ Yellow River Drama Group“. Mary‘s inspiration came from the name of the river that runs between the two community’s of Castletown and Wilkinstown. There are 27 members of the drama group and we hope to increase our members. Over the last few weeks Yellow River Drama Group have been working hard on their scripts, sketches, set- design, props and other preparations for their performance. They will be joined on the night by local musicians and singers. Musician Gordon Leonard has kindly offered to look after the sound on the night and a

great many others have volunteered to help behind the scenes. Johnny Glacken (artistic director) assisted by Kathleen Blaney have been coaching the actors in their roles . Tickets are available from club members and tiernans pub and are expected to sell like hot cakes at the recession - proof price of €10.00 for adults and €5.00 for under 16’s and old age pensioners. Yellow River Drama Group welcome new members to join in time for their next performance which they will commence preparations for in the autumn. For more info please contact John O’Keeffe

Artistic Director Johnny Glacken. Photo by Barry Cronin

Gospelesk Rise To The Challenge With Navan2Navan

A new group of singers are in town. Gospelesk is a small number of male & female singers newly formed and performing since November 2011 all around Leinster including the final of a national choir competition on the show ‘Juice’ RTE2. This choral group is attracting a lot of attention where ever it goes and has now announced their support & involvement in the organisation Navan2Navan. Gospelesk Singers were formed in May 2011 by Tracey Hanby of Gigs Navan, a well known Facebook social media page, for a one off performance with a local band. Everyone enjoyed the experience so much that Tracey decided to bring a new choral group to town! Monday 10th of October 2011 marked their arrival under the musical directorship of Ciarán McManus B.A. (hons) A.R.I.A.M. He has been playing piano since the age of seven, completed his degree in Music in 2009 from Dundalk Institute and is an Associate of the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Ciaran is a keen singer and choral director having sung at many concerts and weddings, and also directed a secondary school choir in Kells. Along with regular teaching work, Ciarán is also an examiner with the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Tracey Hanby was the chairwoman of an award winning choir and is soon to launch a new event management company called ‘Gigs Ireland’ which has accumulated a number of testimonials such as ‘Tara Rocks’ at Tara Na Ri, Charity work for Casey’s Dream Appeal hosting a ‘Mr & Mrs game show’ and ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ to name but a few. She also guest presents on Dundalk FM every Friday the ‘Drive Time’ with Valentino, a popular DJ from the station, bringing an eclectic mix of latest chart music and hosts the ‘First Cut’ a show that showcases new up & coming Irish bands on the Irish music scene.

Since this strong team was formed new members have joined and Gospelesk has participated in many local events. After just 6 weeks together, they even featured on RTE2 ‘Juice’ for the final of their competition and giving a cracking rendition of Sister Acts ‘Spread the love around’. They also headlined at Swan Lane Music Venue, their proud sponsors, and entertained their guests for festive cheer at Christmas. Since then they have been busy rehearsing every Monday at 8pm in their home, Swan Lane and taking part in many competitions such as Star Factor Navan, Wright Factor, Navans Got Talent and on the Thursday 3rd  of May in the Palace Talent Competition in the Piano Bar. Recently, they collaborated with a band called Hypergiants with 2 of their original songs for a charity event and since that performance another band is now looking for their services. Even ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ by St. Marys Musical society has drafted them in to be their pit singers. This show runs from 11th -19th of May and tickets are available now on www. A small group of Gospelesk are travelling with the Navan2Navan group in August and are actively fundraising to bring their music to Navan, Ontario, Canada. They are on a musical and cultural exchange with an aim of creating stronger links between the two communities as well as boosting international tourism. Navan2Navan is made up of approx. 40 musicians, dancers, politicians, business representatives and are following in their ancestors foots steps bringing over lots of our Irish culture. It comprises of cross generations & communities working together to fundraise for a trip of a lifetime, which will benefit the Navan community as a whole. Join them on their facebook page Navan2Navan.

So with exciting times ahead for this singing group they are looking for potential singers over the age of 18yrs and who are available to audition Contact Gospelesk for more information by emailing gigsnavan@gmail. com or phone Tracey hanby on 0877999564 or find them on Facebook under Gospelesk Singers.

Louise Keegan retires from Boyerstown NS after 31 years

Pictured are Luoise with her husband Willie. Photo by Barry Cronin

Pictured is Louise speaking with principal Cathal O’Bric. Photo by Barry Cronin

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The Meath Herald April 2012 Page 21

Page 22 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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Welcome To The Most Excit ing Compet it ion For Gardeners In The Count y.

The very first Meath Garden of The Year competition is a testament to all the hours you have put into your garden to have it looking great and feeling like a haven of peace and tranquillity. If you take great pride in your garden then this is the competition for you. Meath’s Garden of The Year 2012 will run for the remainder of April and will continue through the months of May, June and July with the winners being announced in August. The two main categories are Town Garden of The Year and Country Garden of The Year. One winner will be picked from each with one overall winner from these two being crowned Meath’s Garden of The Year 2012. There are prizes to the value of €2,000 in the competition from the main sponsors The Meath Hearld and Landscaping Solutions plus additional prizes from companies such as Beechmount Garden Centre, Murdec Professional Decorating and Hillcrest Nurseries. See the supplement ads for details.

Main Prizes:

Country Garden of The Year €500 voucher Town Garden of The Year €500 voucher Over all winner €1000 cash prize On the Judging panel will be Navan’s very own Super Garden finalist Brendan Maguire who will cast his professional eye over each entry.

Now for the serious business – How do I enter this fabulous competition: Entry is simple, all you need to do is - Take 2 photos of your garden. Make sure they are photos that show your garden at its very best. You can either email your photos along with your name, address, email (if you have one) and a contact number to or post your pictures with the same contact information to PCL Media, 1 Archdeaconry Glebe, Maudlin Road, Kells, Co Meath or you can post your pictures to our Facebook page which can be found under Meath Gardens. The finalists must be available for Judges to call to their house to see the competing garden for themselves. The final date for entry is 31st July. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Sponsors and wish everyone taking part every best wish for the competition.

Happy Gardening!

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The Meath Herald April 2012 Page 23

My name is Benny Maguire and I am a Navan local all my life. I would consider myself to be a jack of all trades, but my main passion is both designing & constructing gardens with a special interest in patios. I have spent some time in America, and I try to integrate inspiration from my travels into my designs. I have just completed filming Super Garden 2012 which will be on RTE1 in May of this year where 5 amateur gardeners were selected throughout Ireland. For this I designed a party garden for a couple in Glasnevin, with a low maintenance element. The winner of the competition will be reconstructing their garden in Bloom - June 2012.

Garden Tips for April: Beware of late frosts and resist temptation to put out bedding until later in the month and cover if frost is forecast.

Hoe your borders and get rid of weeds before they take hold. Soil is warming up and things are starting to grow so consider general

purpose fertilisers in borders, vegetable patches and containers. Remove moss and weeds from paths, terraces and drives.

Now is the time to wage war on slugs and snails - use pet-friendly slug pellets where possible.

Check your lawnmower and equipment in preparation for the coming season. Remove sticks, rocks and other debris from your lawn to prevent damaging your lawnmower or injuring yourself! Clean and repair your garden tools.

Put a birdhouse in the garden to attract insect-eating friends. Birds are your friends, and they love flat stones for birds to practise their snail bashing techniques.

Check garden furniture for rot and if warm and dry enough,

Don’t restrict yourself to buying plants in bloom as plants without

treat your garden wood (sheds, fences and trellis) with wood

blossoms will actually bloom sooner, grow better and last longer.


Daffodils, hyacinths, and other spring flowering bulbs will need

Measure the rainfall with a rain gauge posted near the garden so

but not the foliage until it dies naturally as they are required to

rain per week from April to September.

their flower stalks cut back to the ground as the flowers die off, produce strong bulbs for next year.

you can tell when to water. The garden needs about one inch of

Page 24 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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The Meath Herald April 2012 Page 25

Page 26 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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The Meath Herald April 2012 Page 27

Page 28 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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The Meath Herald April 2012 Page 29

TOP QUALITY, VALUE AND GREAT SERVICE AT CLONSILLA BLINDS NAVAN Clonsilla Blinds have opened the doors to their brand new showroom on Cannon Row, Navan. Located on the roundabout at Cannon Row, Clonsilla Blinds leads the way when it comes to window dressing. Top quality Fabrics, excellent service, style and a price tag that is in every ones price range is what makes Clonsilla Blinds different. Clonsilla Blinds is a family run business which has gone form strength to strength since its establishment. They are the largest supplier of window dressing in the greater Dublin area. Tailored and made to measure accordingly 90% of their products are crafted in their manufacturing plant in Ballycoolin you are assured that your blinds are going to be manufactured to the highest standard. Clonsilla Blinds have brought a new concept to the industry by recycling old roller blinds. CLONSILLA BLINDS HAVE GONE GREEN If your Roller Blinds look old, worn or discoloured bring them into our showroom and we will send your old fabric for recycling. Pick out your brand new fabric, new shape and tassle or bar. Your brand new blinds will be ready to collect in a few days, ready to put back on your windows. No waiting around for someone to measure or fit. And the good news is we will give you up to 60% Discount off your order which means, if your Blinds cost €400 you pay €160. Now that’s value for money in any language! Vertical Strips can be replaced from €2.50 per strip. A normal patio door would have 20 Vertical Vanes, which means you can have a brand new Patio Blind for around €50. Irish Made Wood Venetian Blinds Clonsilla Blinds have a vast range of beautiful Irish made Wood Venetians with or without Tape with a discount of up to 40% off 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. If your order comes in at €500 you pay €300. All colours are available including Whites, Cream Teak, Walnut and Pecan plus many more. Take a visit to Clonsilla Blinds Showroom Navan and the staff will be delighted to show you the full range of products. Blackout Blinds are a must for keeping out light in the early morning and keeping the heat in during winter. Clonsilla Blinds have a great range of Blackout Blinds in all colours to match your décor or existing blinds. Clonsilla Blinds specialise in all types of window dressings including Vertical, Velux, Woodveauve, Aluminium Venetians, Roman Blinds and Roller Blinds. Give the team a call on 046 9029002 or 01 8243613. The Showroom in Navan is open from Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm and Saturday 10am till 5pm. Clonsilla Blinds is a fully Irish based company employing local people in their organisation. Clonsilla Blinds have been tried and tested and stand the test of time and motion, still looking good after years of use. When one family member orders blinds from Clonsilla Blinds, all the family orders Blinds. True customer satisfaction. Clonsilla Blinds provide a fast and efficient service and a range of fabrics that cannot be beaten. Clonsilla Blinds have free customer parking. Clonsilla Blinds, 26 Cannon Row, Navan, Co. Meath. Tel 046 9029002.

Up to 40% Off Irish Made Wood Venetian Blinds All Colours Tel: 046 9029002

Up to 60% DISCOUNT OFF Your Own Old Roller Blinds Tel: 046 9029002

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CC’s Unlimited are based on Carrick Street in Kells, Co. Meath and have been operating in the town for the past 20 years. They are buyers and sellers of some of the most popular bikes on the market such as Triumph, Aprilia, Hyosung, Ducati, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and Gilera to name but a few. They can also order a specific bike that you may be interested in buying. CC’s Unlimited have now made the move to a bigger and brighter showroom at the bottom of Carrick Street at the junction of Maudlin Street (Ardee Road). The new showroom now displays the full range of motor bikes, accessories, spares and protective wear. They can also carry out service and repairs from the premises as there is a large area from which to do this. They are always interested in purchasing second hand machines, and offer valuation services, at their new showrooms at the bottom of Carrick Street. If you are thinking of selling your bike and would like to find out more about this service, don’t hesitate to contact them and one of their representatives will gladly arrange an appointment to see one of our sales team. For those wishing to avail of tuition we can help with Motorbike Instruction from the beginner to the advanced. Contact

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Life Assurance Explained: There are a few types of Life Assurance: Whole of Life, Term Assurance or Mortgage Protection (Decreasing Term Assurance). But which ones best suits your needs? Mortgage Protection plan is a Decreasing Term Assurance policy and is best suited to a single person who requires an life policy to clear off the mortgage in the event of their death. This policy decreases each year in line with your mortgage so cover starts out high but at the end of the term there is no cover. Your mortgage lender will make it a condition on your loan that you affect at least effect a Mortgage protection policy before they will issue the loan cheque to you. Whole of Life policies are the most expensive form of insurance. The policy claims to cover a person for the whole of their life but as the insurance company reviews the premium at year 10 initially and then every 5 years thereafter it can work out very expensive. It is reviewed in the insurance companies favour and just when you’re more likely to make a claim, in your later years, the premiums become unaffordable and subsequently people go without cover after paying into a policy for years. I have recently seen a couple’s premium go from a comfortable €60 per month to an unaffordable €240 per month. The policies I am most in favour of are Term Assurance policies perhaps because I like to know what I am going to be paying each month and for how long, I don’t like surprises when its come in the form of higher premiums. With these plans the premiums and the cover remain the same for the term of the policy. These are great value for money especially when you affect it in your 20’s or 30’s and choose a term of 30 or 40 years. I’d also recommend building in conversion option, as at the end of the term you can then affect a new policy without producing medical evidence. Believe me, this is a great benefit to have when you are 60 or even 70 years old. If you would like Free Independent Advice on your Life Assurance policy please call Susan Bradshaw QFA APA on Ph: 046 9483630 or Email:

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What is an Operating System?

Long gone is the day where a mobile phone is just for calling and texting - nowadays they are like mini computers. As such they need an operating system to allow them to perform all the advanced functions that a handset now can do. There are 4 Operating Systems used by the mobile phone manufacturers, and they are as follows: iOS, Symbian, Windows, Android. To help with chosing the right opertaing system for you I have oulined the main features of each. iOS Is used by Apple for their iPhones, ipads and iPod Touch products. This operating system is used soley on Apple products and as such cannot run or be run on other third party devices. iOS on the iPhone comes preloaded with Apple’s web browser, Safari and the iPod application for playing music. The operating system can be updated on each Apple device through iTunes. There are also over 500,000 applications (apps) available to the iPhone user via the App Store. Music can also be downloaded via iTunes and iTunes can be used to backup the data on your Apple iPhone or iPad. Symbian Symbian is the operating system that is used by the manufacturer Nokia. It is their own operating system. Over the past few months Symbian has gone thorugh many updates - the latest iterationm being Symbian Belle which is being rolled out on their low to mid range handsets. More recently Nokia has moved to the Windows Phone operating system for it’s higher end models, such as the Lumia 800 and 710. As with other smartphone systems apps can be downloaded and purchased via the Nokia Store function. Symbian also comes with the free Nokia Maps application. Windows Phone The latest version of Windows Phone software was released in 2010. Windows Phone software centres around the ease of use. The Home Screen contains many tiles which are interchangeable and can be customised by the user. Each tile having its own function. Another unique feature of the operatinf system are it’s HUB’s Microsoft has developed a way in which media or contact information can be easily be located. FOr example within the People Hub - the handset will store all information from your contacts list, whether it be their Facebook, mobile number Android Android can be found on a wide range of handsets these days. Android is owned by Google and is a open source operating system which means it allows developers to write apps as they wish. This in turn means that there are a lot of free apps for Android handsets - however this also has the downside that apps that are being developed are not subject to vetting before being released to the general public. Android is the fastest growing mobile phone operating system mostly because of it’s open source nature and the ease at which the handsets can be customised by the user.

How Old Is Your Heart? By Dr. Siobhan Maher (PhD)

Although my bith certificate states I am the ‘right side of 40’ (just about!), I am proud to say my body is now that of a 22 year old! For many years I supported the heart and metabolism of an over 50 year old; however, by applying some very basic principles to my life I was able to turn back time and add a few extra years to my life. ‘Sláinte agus saol agat’ is a typical Irish saying and is also found in most other languages as meaning ‘Good Health and Long Life to you’. We all aspire to have an active life full of energy and vitality. So what are You waiting for? Start making some life choices today for you and all your family. Your body has nearly 100,000 miles of arteries, veins and capillaries (Dr. Luigi Gratton). These allow blood rich in nutrients to nourish the cells and organs of your body. But when they’re blocked (e.g. Ischaemic heart disease), it can re sult in heart attack or stroke. For such a small country, Ireland has a very high rate of Heart related deaths; Cardiovascular diseases accounted for 38.6% of Irish deaths and 20.3% of these deaths are a result of Ischaemic heart disease (Sources : WHO Regional Office for Europe (2004c), Robertson et al. (2004)). That would equate to a figure of 1 in 3 people dying daily in Ireland of Heart related issues. Let’s not become a statistic and readdress this imbalance. Obesity is a major risk factor for heart disease. Your heart health alone is reason enough to lose any extra weight you’re carrying. Heavenly Health Nutrition club and Wellness centre have a Tanita body fat monitor which can determine your metabolic age and your obesity level. The latter is known as Visceral fat, i.e. the dangerous fat around your stomach area that causes many health issues. This fat can sometimes be termed ‘skinny fat’ as the person may not appear to have fat anywhere else on their body. For a Free Wellness evaluation and monitoring using this machine, just call Siobhan on 087 6524623 to make an appointment. Meanwhile, is there anything else you can do to support your heart health? Start moving your body: Park that car at the other end of town and walk to your destination. Get up & get active by walking to work or school and don’t let the weather become an excuse. Get running, cycling, swimming, or join a keep fit class such as yoga. If getting active seems impossible just ask me for a personal one to one session and let’s get you moving for the summer. Include rest & recuperation to your daily agenda: The most important health benefit is Sleep. Sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of heart problems.

Every body needs eight hours sleep in each 24 hour period. If getting 8 hours sleep at night seems impossible try starting tonight by going to bed 10 minutes early. If you keep heading to bed a few minutes earlier than before you will find your getting 8 comfortable hours sleep a night. Eat for Energy & vitality: Junk the junk food. Our lifestyles are hectic these days and we are often tempted to rely on fast food, which is mostly unhealthy food. Fast food can be empty calories and laden with bad fats that can be very difficult to burn off. If unhealthy eating patterns are a part of your diet, then you must understand the benefits of supplementation. If you’re not meeting your daily nutrient requirements through nutritious food intake, supplements can fill in the gaps in your diet, helping you meet your daily nutritional requirements. For more information on good supplements call into Heavenly health in Newmans Mill, Athboy, Co. Meath or call Siobhan on 0876524623.



Heavenly Health Nutrition Club & Wellness Centre in Newmans Mill, Athboy, Co. Meath. Beside the flower shop

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Meath Youth Federation Hold Child Protection Training For Local Group Meath Youth Federation was delighted to be asked to provide our Child Protection Awareness Training Programme to Navan Travellers Workshop’s Involve Youth project. The trainers, Geraldine Hogarty and Tracie Kinsella, are registered trainers with the National Youth Council of Ireland who has developed the recognised National training programme. One participant commented ‘I have a better idea of how to handle some situations that may arise that I would not have known.’ 22 participants took part in the full-day training and received certificates. If you would like further information on their services please contact 0469022707

The Meath Herald April 2012 Page 33

Tara Rocks! Back bigger than ever! Tara Rocks! is back and kicking off the summer season with a super launch party at the Stables venue, Tara Na Rí on Saturday April the 28th at 8pm. This is a free event and everyone planning to attend this years Tara Rocks! Festival weekend will definitely want to be there. Acts performing on the night include the up and coming star, Eoin Glackin, and his band along with popular Navan band, The Frogs. Tara Rocks! will take place at Tara Na Rí from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th of August. An exciting line up is due to be announced shortly so keep an eye on or the Tara Rocks FB page, www. Last year Ryan Sheridan headlined the festival before he became an International name on the music scene and brought over 700 music lovers to Navan to see him rock the converted stables behind Tara Na Rí. This year will see the return of the very popular ‘Tara Rocks! Battle of the Bands’ for the main support slot for the festival. All bands interested in applying can email their band

information and links to their music. The competition will be hosted at the Stables, Tara Na Rí. Semi-finals will take place on Friday 20th & 27th of July with the final on Saturday 4th August. This is a fantastic opportunity for local up & coming bands. Last years Navan based winners ‘RC Lofi’ have benefited hugely and are now recording & touring Ireland with their music. Eoin Glackin and his band will perform along with a local band “The Frogs” at the launch party that includes a raffle for back stage passes for the festival to meet one of the top Irish acts that will be part of their lineup. There will also be a raffle for day passes on the night. Tickets for Tara Rocks! will be available to purchase at fantastic advance ticket prices (while stocks last) making this very affordable for everyone! And with thanks to Tara Rocks! we will kick start the festival with great music on the 28th of April leaving us eager to hear the line up for Tara Rocks! this year!

Pictured, on the far right, at the Meath Volunteer Centre Photography Exhibition in the Solstice is one of Meath Youth Federations young volunteers, Hollie Kinsella. Hollie volunteers her time at the Meath Youth Federation Meet & Eat Youth Café in Navan as a Maths Grinds tutor every Monday until the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams start. She holds two sessions in the afternoon and has been praised by the students for her easy teaching style. Meath Youth Federation would like to thank Hollie for setting up this new service as she saw the need and we hope to offer more in the coming months.

The Bogey Boys to play two Navan gigs in May The Jimmy Smyth Interview by Paul Holland

Navan guitarist Jimmy Smyth formed The Bogey Boys back in 1978 and two years year later had U2 as support band in the Cork Opera House!The band were hugely successful in the early 80’s and moved to London before releasing two albums “ Friday Night”(1979) and “Jimmy Did It!” (1980). The Navan man is widely regarded as one of Ireland’s greatest guitarists and was Van Morrison’s Musical Director for a year in 2002! Jimmy played at the Grammy Awards in 1988 and 1996 and was nominated as co-writer with Toni Childs for The Best Rock song. The legendary musician also plays with Gilbert O’Sullivan on his British and European tours. The Bogey Boys reformed last month and the line-up is completed by original Bass Guitar player Doish Nagle (ex-Grand Slam with Phil Lynott)and Jimmy’s brother Tony on drums. A 10 minute promotional video “The Bogey Boys are Back in Town” is proving to be hugely popular on You Tube and Facebook. How do feel about bringing the band back in your hometown of Navan? I’m delighted to be back playing with the Bogey Boys after such a long time though I have played here with other bands over the years. We’ve had a fantastic response to the gigs we’ve done so far. You’ve been rehearsing in Tara na Rí but have you ever played in The Swan Lane venue in Navan ? Yes I did a gig there with Frances Black and was very impresssed with the whole set-up.It’s a wonderful venue and fair play to Sean Mulligan for taking the initiative in bringing live music to the town on such a regular basis. The Bogey Boys reformed to play two gigs last month in The Forum Waterford and Whelan’s of Dublin. How did it feel for you to be back playing the old songs from thirty years ago? I’m thoroughly enjoying the whole experience but it’s been surprisingly easy to slot back in after so many years! I’m not as keen to front the band like before so myself and Doish split the singing 50-50.I take a lot of the older songs and Doish takes the later ones. Doish is another man with an amazing background, having played with Phil Lynott’s last band, Grand Slam. Yes Doish is in great form-He’s doing much more of the singing than when we first started out. You have worked with the legendary Van Morrison on a number of occasions.You were even his Musical Director for a whole year! I first played with Van in 1995. I toured with his band for a while but I was mainly recording with him.Then in 2002 I spent a year as his MD.This involved organising band members for Van and bringing them up to speed.I would organise a new drummer for him,a keyboard playeretc -rehearse with them,get everything right before touring with Van’s band. I was hoping to include a video clip of yourself playing along with Van Morrison for the promotional video of The Bogey Boys.I’ve managed to find lots of clips from the past but none of Van and yourself! Well I don’t think such a clip exists as Van is very protective of that kind of stuff. I was able to include a clip of you playing with Toni Childs at the world famous Grammy Awards from 1988! Yes I was nominated along with Toni as we co-wrote the song “ Don’t Walk Away”,which we performed on the night in New York. You come from a fascinating musical background.Your dad played with The Arcadians Showband and your two sisters(Gloria of “One Day at a Time” fame) and Patrice are very well known on the Country & Western circuit.Your brother Tony is the drummer with The Bogey Boys!

Don’t forget my little brother Shane! He plays with the Navan Swing Band! It comes as no surprise then that your wife Jenny Newman is also a singer! Yeah that’s how I met Jenny. She toured with Andrew Strong and The Committments and has sung with the likes of Elton John, Prince and Brian Adams.She’s a session singer and fronted a band called Toy with Rhythm and replaced Leslie Dowdall atthe end of In Tua Nua. Even our daughter Ruby enjoys singing! Away from Music how do you manage to switch off? It’s really Music the whole way with me but I do a fair bit of running and do the Navan 5K run most years with the South O’Hanlon Athletic Club. Have you any plans to bring out a third album? Yes there’s a strong possibility of bringing out a live album.We have recorded the first two gigs we did in March and we’re very pleased with the quality of the sound. Have you many gigs lined -up? We areplaying The Button Factory in Dublin on the 26th April.Our first gig back together was there at The Vibe for Philo on4th January. We play The Spirit Store in Dundalk on 3rd May ,The Swan Lane Navan on 4th May, The Slaughtered Lamb, Swords 5th May,The Stillorgan Orchard Dublin on 12th May & Tara na Rí,Navan on 26th May. We will be playing other dates around the country over the summer. We are delighted to be back on the road. Tickets for The Bogey Boys at Swan Lane,Ardboyne Hotel, Navan on Fri 4th May cost €10 from e2 Music, Kennedy Road Navan, also Tickets for Tara Na Rí gig on 26th May available from the venue.

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STEVIE DEE WEDDING DJ AND WEDDING PLANNER (WWW.DJSTEVIEDEE.IE) This month we are looking at booking our photographer for that all important day. Photographers are very special to your wedding day, you want them yo catch those special moments,include everyone and have great memories to look back at in the future. I have entlisted the help of two local photographers and asked there advice on what you the bride and groom should be looking for in their photographer. Your wedding day is a pivotal point of your life, which deserves significant attention, celebrating the joining of two hearts together in everlasting love, is a beautiful occasion for everyone involved. You’ve chosen a date, picked a location, and chosen a band. Now all that remains are a few minor details before you can, at long last, take the plunge. Right? Although celebrating the day of your wedding in a grand manner may seem like a daunting task that requires plenty of time, money and energy, a memorable wedding is a chapter of your life that brings some of your closest family, friends and loved ones together in celebration. Your wedding photographs will be the key keepsakes from one of the most important days of your life. Inevitably your wedding photos will even help to shape your memory of the event, so it is important that you choose the right photographer for you. Your Wedding photography will prove to be what immortalizes that special day, You only get one chance of capturing your wedding day, so it is wise to hire a professional wedding photographer for this important task. Do you want to look back fondly and remember just how great your wedding was, how happy all of your family and friends were or will you look back regretfully having wished you hired an experienced, professional photographer? Remember it is not only about the present but also,most importantly about the future, one day your grandkids will be looking at these photos. You want a photographer who can capture the true emotion of why their grandparents fell in love, not a photographer who can cut you the best deal right now. Although this may not be an easy decision to make, there are several key factors that I will speak about, which you should take into consideration before making your decision. We are in a time when technology and the Internet have made it easier for brides and grooms to research and plan their weddings, although it can be quiet daunting and a laborious task for couples, when looking for the perfect wedding photographer, as they are facing a sea of websites. So what matters most? When it comes to wedding photography, it is important to chose a photographer with a good ‘eye’ and a style and vision that matches your own, this can be the difference between stunning photos and disappointing bland images. Photographers are individuals just like everyone else. Each has their own style. Look online at local photographers websites and make a short list of a few that you like the style of, from their online portfolio. If you can’t find a photographer you like in your area, don’t settle for one just because they are close by. Most photographers love to travel and shoot destination weddings. Look at their work first. Whose work clicks with your vision of the day? If you love funky/creative photography, then those photographers primarily offering traditional wedding portraiture probably shouldn’t go on your list, and vice versa. The next step is to meet with your short list of photographers, you have looked at their online portfolio and like their style, but now you need to know who they are, their personality and what albums they provide! As a photographer this is something

Hi Readers, I hope you are all keeping well, and living an active healthy life. A lot has happened since we last touched base. Mystudio received an award for “Best New Business” at the Meath Style Awards. We were so delighted as we are only 20 weeks open. So I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our loyal customers for all their support since we opened and look forward to many more weeks ahead. Listed below are all our new courses that will be starting from April 16th. If interested all you need to do is give me a call 086 2254030. I would also like to take the opportunity to tell you all, that I am organizing a fundraising event for Irish Cancer Society. On April 14th at Mystudio from 11.30am until 3pm, we are having a “Springclean your Wardrobe” were you will have the chance to bag yourself a bargain, clothes, shoes, handbags and many more. If you have anything you would like to donate please drop it up to me at Mystudio Mullaghboy Industrial Estate Navan before April 7th. It is for a great cause. Thank you. I hope you are getting all the amazing benefits from eating well and regular exercise…. “If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end. “

I find, that is easy to overlook when choosing a wedding photographer. That’s why I think it’s important for every couple to interview the photographer they’re interested in face to face. It will be at this consultation that you will better understand if this person’s personality will work with yours. Sure, it’s just the photographer, but this is the person that you’ll be inviting to your wedding and he or she will be interacting with your family and friends. How they act in front of them will ultimately effect the outcome of your day. I’m a creative, fun relaxed female photographer and enjoy to laugh and keep things relaxed and loose. But I understand that there are times when I know I need to focus and spring into action while continuing to make things fun for everyone involved. I also understand that some people don’t enjoy having their picture taken. So the sooner the photos are done, the happier they are. Which calls for the photographer to be able to make quick decisions while being fast on their feet to photograph all needed wedding party or family group photos. This is the moment when you’re photographer will be not just talking to you but asking your friends and family to work together to create these shots. You’ll know when you meet your photographer in person, if their personality will fit with yours and everyone attending the wedding. Ultimately, if you feel comfortable with your photographer this will be reflected in the pictures. From my perspective, the best pictures are taken when your photographer makes you feel happy and relaxed! At the consultation, ask the photographer to see a complete wedding album of a single wedding. This is a lot more important than seeing a selection of beautiful highlights from many different weddings. Also ask the photographer for testimonials from previous wedding couples, most photographers will have their testimonials displayed on their website, but if they don’t be sure to ask! So your nearly there! you like the photographer, you like his/her style of photography, you’ve asked all the relevant questions. Now the next question to ask yourself is are they within your price range? It’s difficult to pay too much for something you really like. Yet, price is usually the one obstacle that prevents many wedding couples from selecting the photographer who undoubtedly could give them the best value for their money. Quite often the difference between the price of the photographer you really like and one who you feel is “within the budget” is miscalculated. So what will you expect to pay for your dream wedding photographer? Well, this is determined by a number of factors, your coverage options, your album, and the photographers reputation! Ultimately, I would suggest that you set a budget for your wedding photographs based on how important photography is to you. If you have spent significant sums of money on a stunning venue and a beautiful dress it would be a shame to then economize on your wedding photography. I’m sure you may have heard this classic wedding marketing cliche, “when all is said and done at your wedding, the flowers, food, drink and cake will be gone, the band or DJ will be a memory. What you will be left with is your wedding photographs”. If you can look back upon the photographs and be transported back to certain moments of joy, bliss, sadness and laughter, then I think it’s money well spent. So how do you put a price on the photography! Once you have set a budget, rule out photographers that you simply cannot afford, but keeping in mind the factors I spoke about! Do you like their work and do you get on with them? If you are lucky enough to find a photographer within your budget

whose work you absolutely love, and with whom you feel comfortable, then snap them up early! Bookings are typically made between 6 months and a year of the date of the wedding, and some photographers may be fully booked long in advance. Don’t be intimidated... there’s a lot of amazing talent out there, including someone who’s just right for your wedding. We can’t wait to meet you!

If you want something done properly, call the professionals!

In these times we are living in, when a “it will do rightly” attitude is ranking high on a lot of people’s agenda I do really ask the question, is less more? Does less of certain purchases give us as much pleasure, what does REAL value mean. I have been working as a Professional Photographer in the North East for about 17 years. I have seen the tough times before as well as the times when money was thrown at anything. Our society has gone with the idea that quantity means more than quality. The bigger something is the better. When I started photographing weddings, a large album had 36 photographs in it, now it can be 536. Again ask yourself quantity or quality. Times have changed, but I do still feel that there is an element of quantity outweighing quality. What does quality mean to you. Are you happier with 200 mediocre images from one of the most important celebrations of your life, or 50 great images. What does service mean to you? Would you be happy paying someone who turns up dressed inappropriately for your wedding celebration, who is rude to family and friends. Service means giving true professional care and attention to you, your partner, your family and all your guests while getting the job done in an efficient way. It also means giving time to you to mingle with your guests for at least 30-45 minutes before the bell goes for dinner. How is this done, preparation, preparation, preparation. Every wedding I have ever undertaken has had several meeting to discuss style of photographs, locations and all the various timings on the day. This way you are guaranteed to have the wonderful photographs you want while at the same time having plenty of time to enjoy the celebrations. Service also means having your album within a certain time frame. In my studio we have all images ready to view within 2 weeks of the wedding day. A viewing appointment is made to see a sample layout of the proposed album, if any changes need to be made they are done. When everything is approved we can have your album with you within 4 weeks. This is so important, it is great to have your wedding album as soon as is possible to share with your family and friends, and like anything always remember you get what you pay for. 5 points that I would advise to any couple seeking a photographer 1. make sure they are qualified ( see 2. See THEIR work (some photographers show other peoples work, especially those just starting out) 3. Make sure you feel comfortable with them as it plays a big part on your day. 4.Pay your deposit on time, this ensures that no one else will be booked on the same day. 5. Discuss details beforehand and ensure you get a timeline as to when you Wedding Album will be ready. If any advise is need or help in finding a great photographer in your area give Suzanne Toal a call at Zanni Photographic on 047 71144 or visit

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Mind Over Matter - How To Sink A Putt When The Pressure Is On! Welcome back. This week’s article covers one of the trickiest skills of golf- ‘PUTTING’. Putting requires a fine balance of muscle control and mental focus. Here are 3 simple steps to improve your putting. 1. Putting • Pre shot routine • Position your eyes over the ball at address • Stance shoulders width apart • Aim the club face to the target • Do 2 or 3 practice swing looking at the hole and visualise the ball rolling into it • Focus on a good pendulum of the shoulders –this will help control your rhythm and distance • Keep your body and head very still until the ball rolls in the hole

Wellness and nutrition tips Did you know that during a round of golf you can burn up to 1200 calories (approximately 50% and 60% of the daily calories intake for an average men and woman (respectively) doing light exercise). Great news, the more you play the more you shrink! Try to increase your water intake to approximately 2 litres per day for women and 2.5 litres for men. On the golf course bring at least 1L of water and ½ L of energy drink for hydration. Good foods for snacking during golf are bananas, apples, dried fruits, nuts and drinkable yogurts. I am inviting you to visit my website for more great tips to inspire you to improve your game and play more often. Emmanuel Riblet, PGA golf Professional, 086 6090871,,

2. Putting Drill • Practice at home: place the toe of the putter against a skirting board and practice some swings. This is a great exercise to improve both your alignment and club path for better roll and pace on the greens • Place one tee on each side of the putter head to make a gate( ½ inch from toe and heel) practice this drill 6 foot from the hole without touching either tee.

3 Make Your Practice more challenging Practice your 30, 40, 50 feet putts. Always try to get each putt within a 3 foot radius from the hole • Practice mostly 3, 4, 5, 6 feet putts as they are crucial to convert up & down and lower your scores. Place 5 balls around the hole at each of these distances and try to hole them as often as possible. Record your scores. • Can you hole ten consecutive putts from a distance of 3 feet? Practice from different positions around the hole? • Place a tee a distance of 5 feet in front of you. Practice trying to hit it. This is a great exercise for focusing on a very small target.


COLAISTE NA hInse in Laytown have made it to the national finals of the National Dairy Council Milk It Advertising Awards. The ‘Do Bainne’ secondary school team organised milk for their class and created an advertising campaign around it. They have made the final out of 485 schools who registered for the contest and will compete for the winning prize in Dublin’s Mansion House on Wednesday, May 9.


HUNDREDS ARE expected to travel to Ashbourne next month for this year’s Meath Fleadh which falls over the weekend of May 18-20. Organised by Comhaltas Ceoltoiri na hEireann, the event will see top class musicians play their stuff in a number of locations in the town. Those interested can obtain further information from Jacinta Ni Chonghaile on 087-9606968


THE SOLSTICE Arts Centre is packed with entertainment for everyone for the remainder of April. From Wednesday 18-21, The Seafarer by Conor McPherson will be performed by the Dunshaughlin Players Meantime on Sunday, April 22, the 1959 Marilyn Monroe classic ‘Some Like it Hot’ will be shown on the big screen. Onyx brass ensemble take to the stage on Tuesday, April 24 while St Michael’s Loreto Secondary School puts on ‘The Best of Broadway’ show from Thursday to Saturday, April 26-28.


THE HUGELY popular comedian PJ Gallagher will appear at The Venue in Ratoath on Friday, April 27. The star of RTE’s Meet the Neighbours will bring his much loved comedy show ‘Raging’ to the Meath venue for a sure to be sell-out concert. Further details or bookings can be made at 01 6895600 or 


THE KELLS People’s Resource Centre’s Wellbeing programme aims to initiate and sustain a whole community response to the promotion of positive mental health and the prevention of suicide in the community. The centre is running a series of workshops and information events which are free and open to all. To book your place, call 046-9247161

The WOW moment that changed my career Alan Heary is a cycling coach and personal trainer in Navan. He is a member of Navan Road Club and is the Director of the Irish Cycling Academy. For more free tips on how to improve your cycling visit

Some people have been asking why I started using hypnosis with clients so I thought I would share with you the exact moment that changed my career path. In 1997 I was working as a fitness trainer in a gym and was coaching some athletes in an athletic club. One Saturday night a few of my mates and I decided to go to the local bar where there was a stage hypnotist on by the name of Barry Sinclair. During the show he had guys running around looking for leprechauns and acting like chickens and then he hypnotised a guy and said “When you hear this piece of music you will think you are Rocky Balboa” and sure enough Eye Of The Tiger started to play and this guy jumped up and started shadow boxing. We were all laughing at his antics and then he did something that made me go WOW!! He got down and started performing one arm press ups and then started switching from one arm to the other. It was amazing and I asked the question “If I took my athletes and used hypnosis with them, could I make them perform like their heroes?”. This moment sent me on a quest to really find out what could be achieved. I read as many books as I could about hypnosis and sport; I flew to London to do a course where TV hypnotist Paul McKenna had studied. I came back to Ireland and studied full time on a course here and finally went back to London to study with Paul McKenna and the developer of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming - Richard Bandler. I was determined to find out the secrets to using hypnosis to enhance performance! Little did I know when I was watching this stage show that only 2 years later I would get to use hypnosis with one of the greatest boxers Ireland has ever produced – Steve Collins. I began working with other boxers including Johnnie Ruiz who beat Evander Holyfield taking his World heavy weight title. I always smile watching the final scenes of the movie “Snatch” where Brad Pitt beats his huge opponent in a bare knuckle fight. That big guy was British heavy weight Champion Scott Welsh, and he had been one of my clients before his European title bout. Pitt wouldn’t have beaten him if I were in his corner that night! JI have been really lucky to work with so many Olympic athletes from all sports and so many pro golfers and footballers. It all came from that WOW moment on that night out, but what most people don’t realise is that hypnosis is not magical, nor is it mystical. It is just a very powerful tool that can be used for enhancing performance and better than that it can be learned by anyone. With that in mind I have developed the first workshop of its kind for all sports people. What will your WOW moment be on this workshop? “Learn Self-Hypnosis and Advanced Imagery for Sport”. Date: 31st March 2012, Time: 9am - 3pm, Venue: Navan. For more details and to book your place visit OR email Only one place left for this workshop!

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The Meath Herald April 2012 Page 37

Frankie Coccoza See these photos on

The Meath Herald

See these photos on

The Meath Herald

Bec o a fa me NOWn AND T YOU AG PHO R TO!

Bec o a fa me NOWn AND T YOU AG PHO R TO!

Page 38 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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Meath Winners Impress in 195 team tournament

by Paul Holland (FAI Schools Meath Co-ordinator)  The twentieth anniversary of the FAI SCHOOLS MEATH 5-a-side proved to be a resounding success with a record 195 teams from every part of Meath. After six full days of competition five Meath school teams now advance to the North Leinster Finals on the 9th May at the MDL in Navan. Making the presentations on Finals Day this year was Robbie Horgan (Assistant Manager Drogheda Utd) who celebrates his 25 years as a player with a testimonial between Drogheda and Shamrock Rovers on 16 June. The girls from Gaelscoil Éanna and Dunboyne SNS will represent the county along with the boys from O’Growney NS(Athboy),Cortown and Dunboyne in this National competition. GAELSCOIL ÉANNA GIRLS (NAVAN) WIN FIRST MEATH TITLE The Navan Gaelscoil emerged as worthy winners of this massive section of 46 schools in Section A Girls for small and medium sized schools. There were wild scenes of celebration as Múinteoir Máire’s girls won their first ever Meath title, especially as most of the team had finished Runners-Up last year. Captain Lauryn Ní Grioghar was outstanding throughout and scored five goals in the last three crucial games in wins over Cannistown(2-0),Cortown (3-0)and Scoil Mhuire Navan(2-0) in the decider . In the group stages the Gaelscoil were equally impressive in winning their five games  against Nobber(6-2), Skryne(2-0),Kiltale(51),Ardcath(4-0) and Clonalvy(5-0) Defenders Eibhlín Ni Choileáin and Niamh Ni Ghallchóir were dominant throughout  while keeper Gemma Ni Mhuirí was magnificent in keeping three clean sheets on the day. Laoise Ní Dhiarmada displayed great skill in midfield while Muireann Ni Chorcora , Siobhán Ni Dheá and Sionann Ni Riain all played their part in the Navan school capturing their first ever soccer title, coincidentally in Seachtain na Gaeilge! Local rivals Scoil Mhuire were most impressive in defeating Cortown girls by 4-2 and drawing 2-2 with Cannistown with sisters Tayo Ilori and Tola Ilori to the fore. Goalkeeper Tola pulled off some superb saves  while Tayo was  a tower of strength in defence.  Lizzie Taiwo and Andriana Sulemani  were outstanding up front and scored some excellent goals to reach the school’s first ever final.  Jomi Adedeji and Katie Fitzgerald  were also prominent throughout. Denise Jackson’s girls were unbeaten in the group stages as they had defeated both Carnaross and Newtown and had drawn  with Kilmessan and Gaelscoil na Bóinne. SCOIL MHUIRE NAVAN    1.Tayo Ilori 2.Tola Ilori 3.Andriana Sulemani 4.Lizzie Taiwo 5.Jomi Adeji 6.Katie Fitzgeald GAELSCOIL ÉANNA NAVAN   1.Lauryn Ni Grioghar,2. Eibhlín Ní Choileáin,3.Laoise Ní Dhiarmada,4. Muireann Ni Chorcora,5.Gemma Ni Mhuirí,6. Siobhán Ni Dheá, 7.Sionann Ni Riain 8.Niamh Ní  Ghallachoir CORTOWN BOYS RETAIN COUNTY TITLE IN STYLE Cortown N.S. were crowned Meath Champions for the second successive year in convincing fashion when they ousted last year’s runners –up Mount Hanover NS .In the  qualifying rounds, Cortown had victories over Kiltale, Rathkenny, Dunderry, Boyerstown and Clonalvy. On day two Cortown recorded victories over

Athboy Community School TY students who did an excellent job as referees in 5-a-side

Dunboyne Boys Winners Section C for large schools pictured with Robbie Horgan, Paul Holland(FAI Schools Meath Co-ordinator) & Brendan Keogh (coach)

Drumconrath and Baile Ghib. Their last game against Mount Hanover would decide who would take the title Mount Hanover had lost to Cortown in last year’s final and were determined to make amends. However the North Meath school retained their title with an outstanding performance in winning by 8-4. Jack Lynch and Rory Staunton played in goals at different times and performed admirably. NEC player Oisin Smith and Mark Rennicks starred in defence while Jack O’Keeffe was outstanding throughout, scoring a hat-trick in the final deciding game . Jack Henry , Neil Woods and Jason Meehan also played a crucial role and will represent Meath in the next stage of the All-Ireland competition. Mount Hanover were on fire in the first two games beating Baile Ghib by 6-2 and Drumconrath by 7-2. Captain Sam Kenny played a starring role in midfield along side Padraig Nulty. Josh Coleman  scored some crucial goals  while Desmond Dunne was prominent in defence with keeper Andrew Carroll also to the fore. CORTOWN   1. Rory Staunton 2.Jack O’Keefe 3.Oisin Smith  4.Mark Rennicks  5. Neil Woods 6.Jack Lynch   7. Jack  Henry   8. Jason Meehan. MOUNT HANOVER 1.Sam Kenny 2.Pádraig Nulty  3. Josh Coleman 4.Desmond Dunne 5.Andrew Carroll 6.Cormac Brodigan 7. Chris Tuite 8. Adrian Oliveri Orioles IMPRESSIVE ATHBOY WIN THIRD COUNTY TITLE Athboy were convincing winners of the biggest section in the tournament when they triumphed  in  each of their seven games. In the group stages Athboy brushed aside the challenge of Whitecross B, Gaelscoil na Ríthe A and Oldcastle. The team, jointly managed by Barry McGann and John Brennan, continued into the latter stages with wins over Kilcloon, Boardsmill and Bohermeen before advancing to the final against St.Mary’s Enfield, managed by Enda Flynn. In the preliminary rounds, Enfield had accounted for Rathbegan B and Kilmessan A to advance to the last eight. They continued their unbeaten run all the way to their first ever final with impressive wins  over Kildalkey (4-0) and  Dangan by 12-4.Though level on points with St. Stephen’s Johnstown, an excellent goal difference saw them through to the decider, an outstanding achievement in itself, in a section of 56 teams. Along the way defenders Seán Rafferty and Luke McNally were outstanding throughout while keeper Conor Heffernan was in inspiring form. Alan Flynn’s superb strike from the half way line was for many the goal of the tournament. For Athboy the tricky winger, Cian Quinn was top scorer on the day, while defender Seán Hughes is  another one to watch for the future. John Farrell in midfield  also impressed  for a clinical Athboy outfit, that will be difficult to beat in the North Leinster Finals.   ENFIELD 1. Luke McNally  2.  Seán Rafferty   3. Conor  Heffernan  4. Colm Flynn 5. David Maher  6. Bernard McInerney 7. Dwitrig  Simanovich  8. Alan Flynn ATHBOY  1. Killian Swaine 2.Callum O’ Sullivan 3. John Farrell 4. Seán Hughes 5.Cian Quinn 6.Owen Perrey 7.Jack Kelly 8.Jamie Monaghan

Athboy Winners of 56 team Section B for medium Cortown Winners of Section A Boys for small sized schools pictured with Robbie Horgan and teach- schools pictured with Robbie Horgan(left)& coach ers Barry McGann,James Burke,John Brennan & Paul O’Keefe (right) Mark Scanlon (FAI Meath)

Dunboyne Girls Winners Section B for Large Schools with Robbie Horgan and teachers Michelle McDonnell & Donal Scanlon

Enfield Runners-up in Section B Boys for medium sized schools with Robbie Horgan (left) and teacher Enda Flynn (right)

Mount Hanover Runners-up Section A Boys

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The Meath Herald April 2012 Page 39


DUNBOYNE GIRLS CROWNED CHAMPIONS Dunboyne Girls were impressive in the qualifiers but had to pull out all the stops to overcome the challenge of St.Seachnall’s of Dunshaughlin (1-0)and were actually beaten by Ratoath Senior NS(2-1) before topping the group after convincing wins over the B teams of St.Mary’s Ashbourne and Duleek NS. Top scorer in the finals was Margaret Leonard who scored many crucial goals while sweeper Abbie Reilly was ever-reliable in defence  while captain Rachel McDermott was magnificent in their wins over Donacarney (5-0),Dangan(3-2) and St.Seachnall’s(4-0). With the remaining three schools tied on equal points it was Rebecca Kirwan’s Donacarney that emerged as Runners-Up with a superior goal difference. A 7-2 win over Dangan saw the East Meath school win their first county medals in soccer-a great achievement in such a hugely competitive section & a reward for their outstanding preparation in training twice a week before school hours. DUNBOYNE  1. Niamh McDermott 2.Abbie Reilly 3.Rachel McDermott 4.Margaret Leonard 5.Anna O’Dwyer  6. Grace Dunne 7.Aisling Flynn 8.Niamh Farrell DONACARNEY GNS 1.Dearbhla Mulligan 2.Niamh Murphy Halstad 3.Aisling Bearney 4.Caoimhe Morris 5.Robyn McEvoy  6. Méibh O’Sullivan 7.Leah Barry DUNBOYNE BOYS COMPLETE DOUBLE SUCCESS  In the group stages St.Oliver’s had defeated local Navan rivals St.Paul’s by 3-1 ,Donacarney B by 4-0 but had to work hard to oust a gallant Laytown side by 1-0 to qualify for the finals. Dunboyne, meanwhile , were deserving winners of their group, in winning all four  games against Duleek B by 3-1,St.Michael’s Trim C by 8-0,Kells B 4-0 and a skilful Ratoath A team by 2-0. Dunboyne had survived an early scare as they had to come back from 3-1 down to draw 3-3 with St.Declan’s Ashbourne. The final between Dunboyne and St.Oliver’s was without doubt,the match of the tournament. St.Oliver’s came from a goal down  to forge ahead on several occasions throughout the game

with striker Frankie Cullen scoring most of the goals. Keeper Kyle Gallagher had earlier kept Dunboyne at bay with a string of breathtaking saves. Anthony Fagan and Kevin McGrath worked tirelessly in midfield while defenders John Hand & Sean Conlon  were others to shine for the Navan school, managed by teacher Declan Kierans.  This section for large schools was as competitive as ever with only a last gasp winner from Glen Mulvey separating the two skillful sides of Dunboyne and St.Oliver’s in a thrilling decider. Keeper Michael Reid and sweeper Jack Nylan settled the team with an assured display while midfielder Ronan Duggan was magnificent throughout. However the man of the match with all five strikes for Dunboyne was Glen Mulvey, who popped up to score the winning goal with the last kick of the game , much to the disappointment of a terrific St.Oliver’s team. DUNBOYNE 1.Michael Reid  2. Jack Nylan  3. Eric Abulu 4.Paul Grant 5.Ronan Duggan 6.Glen Mulvey 7.Glen Killian 8.Jack Delaney ST.OLIVER’S NAVAN 1.Kyle Gallagher 2. Seán Conlon 3.John Hand 4.Kevin McGrath 5.Joseph Garvey 6.Frankie Cullen 7.Anthony Fagan Afterwards overall organisers, Paul Holland (FAI Schools Meath Co-ordinator) and Mark Scanlon (FAI Development Officer for Meath) thanked all who ensured the continued sporting  success of the 5-a-side, the players, teachers, referees (from Athboy Community School), Navan Red Cross, Gerry Gorman of the MDL, Robbie Horgan of Drogheda United and the local media. Paul Holland,  added “While the tournament continues to regional, provincial and All-Ireland stages, our aim has always been to cater for as many school teams as possible .” Mark Scanlon “The Transition Year students from Athboy Community School did an outstanding job for us this year as referees. As a result the teachers were able to concentrate on managing their own school teams.”

Robbie Horgan with Gaelscoil Eanna Navan Winners of the 46 team Section A girls for small and medium sized schools

Robbie Horgan with Scoil Mhuire Navan Runners-up in Section A Girls

Rang 3 from Gaelscoil na Ríthe (Dunshaughlin) pictured with Drogheda Utd team before Shamrock Rovers game

St. Olivers Runners-up in Section C for Large schools pictured with Fergal Kelly(Principal) Robbie Horgan & Declan Kierans(Coach)

Robbie Horgan(Assistant Manager Drogheda Utd) pres- Robbie Horgan presents Robbie Horgan presents ents trophy to Gaelscoil Éanna trophy to Athboy Captain trophy to Cortown CapCapt Lauryn Nic Grioghar Sean Hughes tain Jack O’Keffe

Page 40 April 2012 The Meath Herald

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Meath Herald April 2012  

Meath Herald April Edition - The search is on for Meath's garden of the year.

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