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mo·dus op·e·ran·di Pronounced: [moh-duhs op-uh-ran-dee, -dahy; Lat. moh-doos oh-pe-rahn-dee]

Function: noun Meaning: [singular] formal: A usual way of doing something; especially: the usual way that a particular criminal performs a crime; a characteristic method: “The murderer’s modus operandi.” This phrase, often abbreviated “M.O.,” is used by police to describe a criminal's characteristic way of committing a crime. Latin, meaning “method/means of operation.”



Meanz of Operation (M.O.) is an artistic duo which consists of RanMan and A.C.E., whom are two very talented individuals. Hailing from the north side of Jacksonville, Florida; this dynamic duo writes, records, and produces all of their own music. With the music industry being over saturated with entertainers lacking that “it” factor, Meanz of Operation is driven by an overwhelming need to be different. The duo provides the industry with what it’s missing at the moment. True talent without fitting the standard label of what a so-called “rapper” should be. Similar to that of a mad scientist, RanMan & A.C.E. are more than capable of mixing and blending multiple genres of music until they revive what could only be described as a symphonic Frankenstein with every harmonious composition they release. Once you combine Meanz of Operation’s intimidating thought provoking lyrics, their pioneering, yet almost futuristic instrumentals accompanied with help from super producer King Ru da 3rd, followed by their desire to provide the best for their families and themselves, you now have the ingredients to the Molotov Cocktail that explodes in the frontal lobes of all who hear. A lot of people ask, Where did you come up with the name, “Meanz of Operation”? Webster defines it as a police term used to describe a particulars suspect’s way of doing things. No matter what, that’s always the method they use to operate by. Their means of operation, or M.O. is then used to connect them to others acts fitting that description. “We feel like this... No matter what happens, no matter how big or small the venue, no matter how big or small our bank accounts, no matter how big we get in this industry, we’re never going to change the way we do things. If that’s a crime, lock us up and throw away they key.” Meanz of Operation stands out simply by not even trying to fit in.

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“Hearing AIDS” and “The EP: Da Mixtape” are available for purchase on iTunes and CD Baby. Meanz of Operation held it down for their city by having their single “Oooo Face” on the “Duval or Die” mixtape

Download the new hit singles “HeartBroke Symphony”, “Give it All”, and “Notice Me” on iTunes from their upcoming album, “INGREDIENTS”.

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check out Meanz of Operation on iheartradio! is easy access for your smartphone to listen to or download music, watch videos, view pics, and join the mailing list to stay posted on all things Meanz!


Thousands of viewers watched Meanz of Operation’s “Heartbroke Symphony” make its debut on worldstar hip and The Core DJs CEO, Tony Neal’s website RAP HD.

for more videos, check out meanz of operation’s YouTube channel for uploads of freestyles, music videos, and show performances. Also, download Meanz music on iTunes, CD Baby, and Rhapsody!

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Meanz of Operation’s, “Hearing AIDS” was the featured mixtape in Garberri Magazine Vol.1 Issue 3


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