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The digital lifestyle of a consumer is always demanding new updated technology. This is the reason why every given mobile brand is up against each other when it comes to various aspects including technical, physical and screen display. At present, the battle is between iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Both are on par when it comes to technological advancement and in popularity votes in the technology market scenario. Let us try to understand what is it that these two products have, especially when it comes to the look and feel factor. News has it that Apple iPhone5 is going to be thin and light in its look and feel as compared to the present handset iPhone 4S. It is also said that this product will have an enhanced display with touch screen ability that is reportedly going to lower the pricing of the Smartphone. This new display will project sharper images and content as compared to its earlier versions. This technology is possible through integration of touch screen in LCD. This way the earlier technology that involved a layer of double touch screen will be rendered obsolete after the launch of the new handset. Additionally, with the introduction of this new display technology the Apple product will be comparatively thinner as compared to Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple is aiming more towards enhancing the look and feel of its product. For this purpose, it is coming up with a product that is smart in technology, thin in appearance and lighter in weight. However, when it comes to competing against its rival Samsung then both the companies try their best in terms of look and technical aspects. Samsung has already proved that it is as for now taking the lead by coming up with its Galaxy S3, big screen, thin body and light in weight too. When we compare both these products statistically on the physical feature aspect these both clearly show how different they are. iPhone 4S the statistics are 9.3mm thickness, a display of 3.5 inch and weight of 140Grams. Galaxy S3 is comparatively lighter with 133 grams weight, 4.8-inch display and 8.6mm thickness. This clearly indicates that Samsung is still better as compared to iPhone. This must be the reason why the makers of iPhone too decided to better their product in terms of physical features and take a lead to move ahead of Samsung in the technology market. The technology that iPhone is about to deploy in its upcoming new version of Smartphone is the LCD display. It is much talked about for enhancing the screen display. Reportedly, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is the technology that belongs to a Japanese company named Sharp Corp. This company along with LG Display (South Korea) has combined technology for panel production for iPhone5. The LCD screen will be enabled with touch sensors; these will help in enhancing the touch responsiveness. Another thing to notice is that the old technology deployed in iPhone4S that has layers of touch screen will be done away with completely in the new version of iPhone.

The reason behind the thickness of 4S is the technology that involves multiple-layers of touch screen; with the introduction of this new technology, the newer version will be comparatively thinner. Additionally, with LCD technology the display quality will also have a positive impact. You will be able to view better, sharper, clearer images and content on your Smartphone. If you think that this new feature will increase the price of the new version then think again, Apple will be saving costs with this new technology and so the pricing of the product too will be influenced, resulting in relatively cheaper product. This indicates that the change in technology will not affect the consumers but it will be an added advantage. As far as Samsung is concerned, it seems to be technologically ahead of Apple. It has earlier utilized the technology of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) in its Smartphone. Additionally, the other physical aspects of lightweight and thickness too are much better than the present product of Apple. This means that recently Apple has just awakened from its slumber of employing a technology; Samsung has already used it well in advance. It seems more like these both companies are competing against each other for gaining majority of technology market shares and majority of users for their product. However, this is not all; Apple still has one hurdle to overcome when in terms of LED technology. It has to do with the mass production of the screen. It is time consuming to produce the screens at mass level. This means if Apple wants to launch its product on a specific date at the scheduled time then it is indeed a challenge to the manufactures of the screen. Other technical aspect that is rumored to be included in the new iPhone version is Liquid Metal Components. This will include alloy of metals like, copper, titanium, zirconium and copper these will enable in achieving a smoother outer surface. All this means that now iPhone is all geared to compete against Samsung. It is for sure taking relevant steps to get ahead of its rival in each aspect.

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