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She lives in a fairytale, where one brick is laid upon the other, raging staircases swirl around the heavens above her. Simple red brick, everywhere you look is a simple red brick. She builds up a world of magic, creates her red brick castle, with one and only one window in which her eyes gaze across the real world in which she lived ever so tragic. The clock struck twelve, with her head in the clouds she seized her shovel and dug a deep hole to bury her castle, she buried her castle. To the real world she fled, to the real world she gave her heart, to the real world she gave her life. – A short time

It’s funny how everything has its own individual role on this little planet. Risen high from the soil that is the foundation of everything, decorated with it’s fine greenery, and it’s jewellery but has the marks to show it’s past. Like an elegant lady she stands tall, with her pretty diamonds covering the inside of her surface. At the bottom of her lies the proof of her young ones, and all she has created. – Diamonds and stretch marks

Raw, rough, rigid, tough. Sturdy as a knight he stands, Tall, handsome, and strong. A wall of marble is his outer shell, nothing shall pierce, only air shall depart. Queen of the damned, be his flaw. Cracked, damaged, hurt, scratched, she left him. The thickest of marble was his cover, the thickest of marble she cracked, the toughest of knights was destroyed, now he morns as his faded beauty goes unnoticed. – torn beauty

Manchester born, Manchester heart. Values in which cannot be matched, Qualities beyond belief. A thousand miles from home, but in Manchester this heart will stay. A city of wonders, Art, and a culture much different from the rest. At the heart of everything, this remarkable urban is placed. – Red and white heart

A long way to happy, A mile away from distress. You dash down that rigid stretched road with nothing but t Fire to your left, bombs to your right, but statues of gold at t Each hole falls a thousand feet, each blow destroys a nation rain again, falling from the stars. – Long way

the goal in mind. the end. n, but the goal and only the goal in mind. Here comes the

She came into my life like a storm full of rage, Off my feet i was swept before there was time to hold Into her winds i spun, not being able to get back out. Before long, her winds spun within me, and we became destroying everything in our path as one, unstoppable, unbreakable, uncontrollable, and inseperable, we rushed through the land. The sense of completeness packed my inside, never the now found occupied my mind. The winds got lower, the strength faded, the power vanished, weakness conquered once again.

This mystical wind that possessed my body, was no lon now the people i had once destroyed, returned only to destroy me, for she was long gone - D

myself down.

e one.

e thought of loosing this strength i had

nger in sight,

Dint on the way.

Chemicals Collide  

An Art Book by Jakey Price

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