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Meet Jackie, Mary, Gracie, & L ibby…. Jackie said…. What is the best part of sisterhood? I like that we are different flowers from the same garden. I love that we have always had the most competitive relationship within the family, but as we got older, we have become the strongest relationship within our family.

Walk-ins welcome. Limp-ins welcome, too! Our professional health care staff will provide treatment for minor illnesses and injuries that are non-life threatening, but do require treatment. • Colds, flu and other viral illness • Bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma • Ear, throat and sinus infection • Rashes, poison ivy and allergic reactions • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration • Fractures, sprains strains and dislocations • Wound repair and abscess drainage • Lacerations (cuts), abrasions (scrapes & splinters) • Work-related injuries and more No appointment is necessary. Visa, Mastercard, check cash, most health insurance, Medi-Cal and Medicare


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How are you alike? We are driven to be successful in everything we do. We share the compassion of others in need. We both share the knowledge that if someone wrongs us, we will defend each other. We will be each others’ champion and hero. We never need to look elsewhere to find protection.

What are your wishes for the girls? I hope most of their joy and fulfillment in life will come from the relationships they build with others and between themselves. It is of the utmost importance to Aunt Jackie that they choose and act wisely.

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What do you enjoy doing together? When we have TIME…any events that we are jointly involved in. It’s fun to work side by side. We also enjoy golfing, and Mary has a heck of drive. I am more of a putter!

Mary said…. What is the best part of sisterhood? As a mom of small children, you never have enough hands, so when I need an extra pair, my sister is always there! She knows me like no other. I can call her and she is ready with suggestions, good tips, and most of all solutions!

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on the cover Jackie, Mary, Gracie, & Libby, photographed by Moments to Remember Phototography

How are you alike? We are driven, very outgoing, and love to help others. It doesn’t matter if we know the person or not, we always try to assist in whatever way possible. Our mother has always been someone who gets things done and it is easy to see that she has instilled those values in us.

What are your wishes for the girls? Happiness. If they have a happy life, than they have achieved all the success they need.



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et’s admit it. It is common to feel envious or competitive in this “perfect image” world we live in. It is so easy to become discontented or discouraged at times with DIY dynamos blooming like a garden in summer. We are all a work in progress, just like every project we drool over, and the reassurance of knowing yourself is as rewarding as any finished DIY project! Whether you’re worrying over your own project or admiring someone else for their magnificent abilities, such as preserving and

canning, restoring furniture or creating an amazing arts & crafts room, don’t worry! You may not know much about art, sewing, or redecorating a room, but you know what you like and you have your own gifts…we all do! Enjoy building an authentic life and surround yourself with people who are committed to growing into who they are made to be, who are determined to create authentic homes for themselves and their families, and who can cheer each

other on for making those tough choices to NOT do it all yourself or be perfect — to choose contentment and authenticity over perfection. Have your own ah-ha moment accomplishing your own goals, even if they are to simply know what you love! Remember life is not a competition, although if feels like keeping up is part of it. However, we are actually all in it together!! Be inspired by others, yourself, and your decisions, and get out there this summer and be amazing!

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Taking care of you!

health counseling to optimize your chances of staying healthy and fit throughout your journey through womanhood. For women of all ages, seeing your nurse-midwife/healthcare provider on a yearly basis gives you the peace of mind and assurance that you are doing all you can to take care of you!

By Angela Kreider

Don’t miss your next annual exam...


ith so many commitments and obligations in our lives, one might ask if it is really essential to have an annual exam done by your nurse-midwife or healthcare provider. Indeed, the annual exam is a great way to stay on top of your health and make sure you prevent any problems that could become serious if they go undetected, such as cervical and breast cancer. Your annual appointment is also a good opportunity to discuss any women’s health concerns or problems you may be experiencing. The annual exam is just an extension of everything else you do to stay healthy, like eating healthy and exercising. In general, an annual exam includes a comprehensive physical exam including a breast exam, age specific screening tests, and health counseling to help you stay healthy and help with any problems you are having along the way.

is harder to treat. A clinical breast exam should be done at least every three years by the nurse midwife/provider to further screen for changes in the breast tissue to prevent cancer. Beginning at age 21, women should have a pelvic exam and Pap smear every two years to check for cervical cancer. If you are over the age of 30 and have had three negative pap smears in a row, you can scale back and get a pap smear done once every three years. It is no longer thought necessary for women who have had a total hysterectomy for reasons unrelated to cancer to have further pap smear screening. Women in this age group who are sexually active should have yearly screenings for Chlamydia and will benefit from instruction on preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). Also, many women in this age group can benefit from this annual visit to discuss their birth control needs, pre-conception care, PMS and peri-menopausal concerns.

Angela Kreider is a Certified Nurse-Midwife with a Masters of Science in Nursing. She is the owner of Women’s Circle Inc., opened January 2012 and located at 1003 Plumas Street, Yuba City. Angela specializes in providing compassionate, holistic health care to women of all ages including annual exams, family planning, menopausal counseling, and pregnancy and birth services. She is now accepting new patients.

Clinical breast exams in this age group are recommended to be done every year and regular selfbreast exams are vital to staying proactive in detecting early changes.

According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, young women should have their first visit between the ages of 13-15 or when they become sexually active, whichever comes first. As our girls grow into teens, it is important to have a visit with the nurse-midwife to get accurate information and confidential answers to any questions she may have concerning sex, sexuality, her changing body, and menstruation. This first visit will also help her understand pregnancy prevention, sexually transmitted diseases, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For girls who experience missed periods, pain, or other reproductive problems, the nurse-midwife can look into why the problems are occurring and offer treatment.

Women ages 18-39 benefit from seeing their nurse-midwife on a yearly basis to have their blood pressure checked. If their blood pressure is elevated, it could indicate other underlying problems like heart disease, diabetes, or kidney problems. Also included in screening for this age group is a blood test to check your cholesterol level, done every five years, which is important since too much cholesterol can cause our arteries to become blocked, which increases our risk of heart disease and stroke. At your visit, you are taught and encouraged to do a monthly self-breast exam to detect early changes in your breasts aimed at preventing advanced breast cancer, which


Beginning at age 40, the screening guidelines take a slightly different approach, as the risk of cancers increases with age. In addition to the usual blood pressure check and cholesterol monitoring, a baseline mammogram is ordered, which gives a picture of the breast tissue to detect early cancer changes and will be repeated every 1-2 years. Clinical breast exams in this age group are recommended to be done every year and regular self-breast exams are vital to staying proactive in detecting early changes. Colon cancer screening begins at age 50 with a stool test for blood yearly and a colonoscopy ordered every 10 years. Pap smears and pelvic exams continue to be done every 2-3 years in women who have not had a total hysterectomy. In consultation with your nurse-midwife/ healthcare provider, it may be appropriate to discontinue having a pap smear done after the age of 65. As you can see, there is a lot involved in an annual exam, depending on your age and health status. Although overall we are doing pap smear testing less frequently, regular screening has still been shown to greatly increase your survival rate if you do develop cervical cancer since it is caught much earlier. In the event you do not need a pap smear at your next annual appointment, chances are you will receive other important care, individualized screening tests, and lifestyle and


bone density of the heel, but this test is not reliable for diagnosis of osteoporosis because of poor correlation between heel bone density, hip or vertebral bone density, and risk for a fracture. A bone density scan gives you a T-score that helps determine your risk of having fractures. A T-score compares your bone density to that of a healthy young adult. The lower the T-score, the greater your fracture risks. A T-score of -2.5 or lower is defined as osteoporosis. Keep in mind that a bone density scan is NOT a bone scan.

4 out of 5 Americans with Osteoporosis are women. The terms Osteopenia and Osteoporosis are used by your radiologist to describe the degree of bone loss. Bone loss simply means loss of bone mass, where the inside of the bone becomes more porous and fragile than normal bone. Your bone mass is measured using a bone density machine (DEXA scan), which gives precise bone mineral density measurements and statistically calculates the risk of developing a major fracture due to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is an advanced stage of bone loss. It is a disease that is preventable, although non-curable. The osteoporotic bone is porous, weak, and easily broken, even without a major trauma. Osteoporosis is a major threat to public health. It affects 28 million Americans, 80 percent of whom are women, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Osteopenia is a milder stage of bone mass loss. What causes bone loss? Bones make up an interestingly dynamic musculoskeletal system which provides support to our human body. Bones respond to fractures by repairing themselves with new bone growth, and their strength can be increased with exercise and healthy diet. Collagen and calcium are the two major components of bone. Calcium is needed in many of our body’s organs, including the heart, muscles, and the regulation of blood pressure. Therefore, there is constant movement of calcium in our blood stream. Bones act as a storehouse for calcium. When calcium blood levels are low, calcium is released from our bones (bone resorption) in order to support the other organs. On the other hand, throughout our lifetime, our bones are constantly remodeling themselves by replacing old bone cells with new cells. During childhood and teenage years, there is


more bone formation than bone resorption. We reach our highest bone mass at age 3035. After age 30, we start losing bone mass, since the rate of bone resorption slowly exceeds new bone formation. As we age, our body’s ability to absorb calcium from our diets is lower, which further leads to bone loss. In women, bone loss occurs faster in the first few years after menopause. The risk of developing osteoporosis in men and women increases with advanced age, family history (genetic factors), poor diet, inactive lifestyle, smoking, caffeine and alcohol use, chronic steroid use, and excessive thyroid hormone therapy, to name a few. Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis because of additional risk factors, which include lower bone mass than men, menopause occurring before the age of 40, surgical removal of ovaries, breast cancer and chemotherapy, loss of menses in extreme female athletes, having a small body frame, or being underweight. What are symptoms of bone loss? Osteoporosis is a slow, “silent” disease. Typically, osteoporosis occurs with no pain, swelling, or other symptoms. However, severe back pain, frequent fractures, or hunched backs are signs of osteoporosis. Patients also often suffer hip fractures, spine fractures, or wrist fractures. How is diagnosis of bone loss made? A bone density scan (DEXA scan) is the gold standard for evaluation of bone mineral density. Your physician orders this test after she/he evaluates you. X-rays may also be ordered to evaluate fractures. An ultrasound scan of the heel (Heel scan) is a quick and inexpensive method used to analyze the

How can I prevent or treat bone loss? The most important, simple steps to prevent and slow bone loss are a lifetime of eating a calcium and Vitamin D-rich diet, exercising, and enjoying a full hour of sunlight every day. Sunlight helps synthesize Vitamin D through your skin, but wearing sun block lotions inhibits this process. Calcium requires Vitamin D in order to be absorbed into the blood stream through the small intestines. Another way to help prevent and/or slow bone loss is to avoid smoking. Smoking is bad for the bones, heart, lungs, and overall immune system. Women who smoke tend to have lower estrogen levels and reach menopause earlier than non-smokers. Also, avoid excessive alcohol and soda consumption, which is damaging to bones. Over-the-counter supplements and many types of prescription drugs are available for treatment and prevention of bone loss. Your physician will guide you on your treatment and prevention plan. She/he may order a Bone density scan to evaluate your T-score and risk of fracture. Do you know what your T-score is?

You have a new

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where the patients and their referring doctors truly come first. If a warmer and more comfortable mammogram experience sounds appealing, then we invite you to visit us. Our brand new women’s imaging suite offers the greatest comfort in a warmer, more comfortable and private environment. We know that annual mammograms are the best way to detect breast cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage, and we invite you to …  

Schedule a Mammogram with us today.

Dr. Nancy Chege is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist and completed her fellowship training in musculoskeletal radiology at University of California, San Diego before moving to Yuba City in 2002. She did her residency at Syracuse University, NY and Medical school at UCSD. Dr. Chege is very interested in Women’s Health, especially early cancer detection and prevention. She enjoys hiking, walking, and biking with family and friends. You may visit us for more information at

We take pride in providing every woman with the highest image quality mammogram at the lowest patient radiation dosage in the market. We are proud to be recognized as a certified Pink Ribbon Facility.  At our spa-like women’s imaging suite, you will have a new mammogram experience…warmer and more comfortable.

We also offer the most sophisticated digital mammography technology. All mammograms are done on Selenia Dimensions Digital mammography system which provides a more accurate mammogram, including women under 40, women with dense breasts, and those who are perimenopausal (a menstrual period within the past 12 months). The combination of Dimensions digital technology and the unique relaxing women’s imaging environment provides you with a truly “high-tech, soft touch” experience.   We hope you’ll take advantage of the latest in digital imaging and comfort technology and call today for your appointment.  Phone us at 530-OPEN-MRI (673-6674) or visit

470 Plumas Boulevard • suite 101 • YuBa CitY StAte of the Art ImAgIng ServICeS:

• open mri - High resolution • Ct scan - multi slice • digital X-ray

• digital mammogram • deXa scan (Bone density) • ultrasound & 3d/4d scans

• Biopsies • arthograms • Pain injections


ave you ever wondered why your periods are irregular or why you suffer from PMS or postpartum depression? Are you a woman who is having trouble conceiving or wants a successful family planning method without chemicals? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then NaProTechnology may be for you. NaPro Technology (NPT) is a science developed out of the Creighton model of fertility care in which women are taught to chart their menstrual cycles in a way that makes medical sense. Charting has many benefits. First, it allows a woman to be “in the driver’s seat” regarding her health and fertility. Next, it allows her physician to more quickly identify problems. Finally, it allows couples to manage their fertility together. This results in educating women, building families, and supporting marriage. Women learn valuable information about their bodies by easily and objectively monitoring several different biological markers. These biomarkers are generally familiar to women including such things as the menstrual flow, the mucus flow, and dry days. The biomarkers are recorded by the woman in a standardized language which is used around the world. Forty plus years of research has shown that the biomarkers accurately reflect natural events of the cycles, so a woman can be confident about her gynecologic health. With this information, a woman has better knowledge of any changes or abnormalities, and can alert her physician earlier. Using NPT, physicians can also quickly identify areas of concern and order tests and treatments in relation to bodily signs, rather than just calendar dates. Research over the decades has resulted in discovery of the normal levels for various hormones in relation to ovulation. This allows a physician to order progesterone blood tests on specific days following ovulation and to compare the patient’s levels to normal levels. Her levels should follow a specific curve and be within a narrow range on certain days post-ovulation. For instance, I have one patient who has been diagnosed with PMS by standard criteria, and as expected by research findings, her progesterone curve was below normal. By using prescribed progesterone at the correct time of her cycle, she has found a marked reduction in her symptoms. She, like many other women who suffer from PMS, also suffers from postpartum depression and can be helped with progesterone. Infertility is a sign of underlying disease and both men and women need thorough exams to aid in its diagnosis. By charting and using medical and surgical techniques, couples and physicians can gain valuable information as to the cause of infertility or repeated miscarriages. NPT has been a valuable tool in helping couples with a wide range of fertility disorders. Another benefit of charting is that both men and women can be intimately


Unleashing the Power in a Woman’s Cycle by Gretchen V. Marsh, D.O.

involved in managing their fertility together. The respectful communication that is fostered by this shared responsibility flows over into other aspects of a couple’s relationship and helps to strengthen it. In over 10 years of teaching, I have consistently seen spouses grow in their appreciation for each other because of their shared fertility experience. Men in particular are grateful for a better knowledge about their wife’s cycles and are happy to have their spouse avoid contraceptive methods that could be harmful. Couples of normal fertility who are taught to use charting correctly and want to avoid a pregnancy have a use effectiveness rate of 96.8% (JRepMed, 6/98). NaPro Technology and Creighton model charting are acceptable to people of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds. While the lead investigator, a Catholic Christian Ob/Gyn, was inspired to do medical research informed by faith, the technology and charting methods are universally respectful. For instance, my Nigerian colleagues have said that this approach to women’s health was particularly appealing in their culture and have found great success across socioeconomic and religious differences. In addition, NPT is appealing to people who are concerned about possible side effects of contraceptives, especially those which are chemically based. Increased blood clotting (FDA) and hormone-associated cancers have been recognized (IRAC 7/05,MayoClinPro 10/06) as a result of such contraceptives. And while they primarily work by significantly reducing ovulation, they also have the effect of thinning the lining of the uterus so implantation can be impossible. This can result in early miscarriage, and while these effects are hard to quantify, they are legitimate (ArchFamMed, 2/2000). NaPro Technology is a valuable tool for women, not only in helping them manage a vital aspect of their health, but also in helping them understand their bodies more thoroughly. Dr. Marsh is a board certified osteopathic family physician, practicing at Family Physicians, Inc. in Yuba City. She graduated from Western University of Health Sciences in 1987 and earned special certification in Creighton model fertility care and NaPro Technology in 2002. While Dr. Marsh enjoys taking care of the whole family, she also has interests in diabetes and osteopathic manipulation. She and her family have lived in Yuba City for 20 years and enjoy all the outdoor activities of the north state.


What to Expect ? Oh Baby! Photography by Farmhouse Photography

When you’re expecting a baby, you can expect to hear a lot of advice! Whether you like it or not, your girlfriends will offer you their two cents whenever they have an opportunity. Motherhood is a sisterhood, and we should all strive for one thing: the well-being of the new baby and the new mother.

Being a mother is quite possibly the most complex journey you will ever embark upon. Pregnancy is one of the most special times in a woman’s life, full of dreamy months of planning and waiting while being surrounded by expert opinions and lots of advice…as well as an entire planet of books and stories about motherhood. In the end, the best advice is to ignore the opinions, take the advice you like, and do the best you can! Our duty as a friend to an expecting mother is to love her, keep her sane and healthy, and be there to assure her she will be a good mother to a perfect baby.

My #1 advice is … your kid, your rules! Never say you r child will never do it, because they will! Be prepared to th ink on your feet be cause they will say al l kinds of things and embarrass you to death! Be prepar ed to take a dee p breath because you’ll never fin d someone you lo ve so much who can make you so mad!

Laurel Patane

Tell your child you love them every chance you get. Children can’t hear it enough!

Stephanie Davis

e”: of the “Advic ll a r fo e ic v Ad any ely receive m You will lik e on ces of advic bits and pie ick t you can p u b , g n ti n pare t for what fits bes and choose st puzzle. Mo y il m fa R YOU et it can intended, y lel w is it f e o ith all of th w g in m el h s. be overw s, and book g lo b , es it s s, web child’s suggestion nows your k o h w e n o the ils, follow You will be if all else fa d n a t es b personality your heart!


Samantha Geweke

Summer Ratcliff is expecting a baby boy in September. She recently returned home to Yuba City to celebrate the arrival of her baby with friends. Her shower was a celebration of sisterhood with friends from childhood to honor motherhood. For fun, we asked her friends what they wish their girlfriends would have shared with them before they became moms, or what advice they have for an expecting mom.

Take quality time off…. These days most mothers-to-be also share the role as breadwinners in their household. My advice to a new mothe r would be to plan carefully to take as much time off from work as pos sible. Having a newborn baby is such a responsibility, both emoti onally and physically. Taking extra time off is crucial for bonding with your little one, as breastfeeding alo ne becomes your new job for the first few months. Take the help from co-wo rkers for projects or take an extende d leave if possible. Though we work ing moms think we can be superwo men, we need to remember the fir st year of our baby’s lives is much mo re important than any deadline or an y other job role there is. The job will always be there, but your baby’s fir st giggles, first steps, and first big smile only come once in a lifetime.

Angelica Bennette

I remember runnin g into strangers and bein g told to enjoy every mom ent because they grow so fast. At the time I though t, “I just want some sleep!” Now, after realizing how quic kly times go by, I would relive the tim e that my daughter s were babies in a he artbeat! Even thou gh a little one may be tough at times, try to embrace every mom ent you can.

Emily Jensen

: ould be this w e ic v d a y M as advice on Everyone h (or didn’t ve what worked baby. I belie r ei th r fo ) work s at uality begin id iv d in t for a th what worked d n a , n o ti ep conc sarily ay not neces m y b a b e n o listen R baby. So U O Y r fo gs, work ifferent thin d y tr d n a to others . Be set on them but don’t be stincts. llow your in o F . le ib ex fl u what ne teach yo o le tt li r u o Let y em! works for th

Elisha Lincoln

Let your friends h elp you. When th ey offer t o bring yo dinner or u babysit w hile you a nap, ta take ke them up on it! okay to t It’s ake a bre ak for yo urself!

Nicole Riley

When your whole life has been one day, you want it to be a very good day. At Fremont-Rideout’s Women & Infants Center in Yuba City, you’ll find everything to make your baby’s first day a good one. Things like spacious, private bedrooms. As much time as you like with your baby in your room. And the same helpful nurse for mother and child, there to answer all the questions you will have on the first day.

Fremont Medical Center has been awarded with Healthgrades® 2010/2011 Maternity Care Specialty Excellence AwardTM. This award places FMC within the top 5% of hospitals nationwide for maternity services.

To learn more, visit us online Or, to sign up for our free childbirth classes, call 751-4165.



often od, bad, happy or sad. I’m Enjoy every moment… go wa I s mother said to me when reminded of things my and d my eyes to the worries younger which have opene with my rish every second I have joys of motherhood. I che ms is to mo as job love like it. Our children; there is no other ength str d ional love, support, an guide them with uncondit I ing eth My favorite quote is som through their path of life. no fe is t journey as a mother: “Li my on rt hea my to se clo keep the moments that take of breaths we take, but by measured by the number I realized how quickly ending this baby shower, att ter Af .” ay aw ath bre our h school memories, e minute I was reliving hig On . us m fro ay aw ps daughter to my time sli ing my sixteen year old uc rod int s wa I te nu mi daughter and the next driveway to head home, my the n dow ng lki wa re we friends. As we onnect with all my at mom. I can’t wait to rec said, “Your friends are gre arding moments! That was one of those rew y.” eda som s thi e lik ds frien

Amy Bebout

When you’re expecting, someone will always have “words of wisdom” for you, whether you like it or not! ALWAYS remember the unwritten rule of motherhood & sisterhood: even though we all have many shared experiences, and will always be there to help and support our friends, let others experience it for themselves, on their own journey, in their own way.

Eric Delman, D.O., P.C. General Surgeon Laser Vein Treatment

For Both Varicose & Spider Veins • Non-surgical • In-office procedure • Resume normal activities same day

Water Safety for

children By Brittany Sheahan

Swimming is an American pastime that provides fun and exercise for people of all ages. However, large bodies of water can be dangerous if a child (or adult) cannot swim or does not have the proper water safety equipment.

Did you know... Most insurances (including MediCal) cover Varicose Vein treatments?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), fatal drowning continues to be the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages 1 to 14 years. The CDC also reports that ten people die every day from non-boating related drowning. According to both the CDC and the Coast Guard, the number one way to protect both children and adults from fatal drowning or injury-related drowning is formal swim lessons taught by a professional.

All Insurances Accepted Mention this ad and receive a free consultation

The American Red Cross certifies professional swim instructors in Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certification. One of the best ways of knowing if your child’s instructor

1168 Live Oak Blvd. • Yuba City • 751-7444


Photography by Wow Now Photography

is a true professional and trained in getting your children “Water Safe” is to ensure the instructor has this certification. We define Water Safe as a child being able to jump (or fall) into a pool, swim to the side of the pool, and be able to get themselves out of the pool without any help. The younger you start the lessons, the better. Children as young as three can learn how to swim; however, most children are able to learn to swim at four or five years. For children as young as six months, “parent and me” classes are great for getting your child comfortable around water and will decrease the amount of time it takes them to learn how to swim when they are older.


A WSI certified instructor is also a great tool for children or adults who have a fear of the water. Additionally, the CDC and Coast Guard recommend not using air or foamfilled toys or flotation devices. All Coast Guard approved flotation devices have a “Coast Guard Approved” note, typically on the inside of the device (such as lifejackets). Water wings are strongly discouraged due to the fact that they can slip down the arm, deflate, and create a buoyancy imbalance.

Learning CPR can mean the difference between life and death.

Here are some other helpful tips to keeping your child and yourself safe this summer: • Only let your children swim in swim clothes. This will train your child to remember not to get into or near a pool when in street clothes. • Learn CPR. In the event of a near-drowning incident, the first four minutes are crucial. Learning CPR can mean the difference between life and death. • Avoid alcohol while swimming or near pools. If this cannot be avoided, hire an American Red Cross-certified lifeguard to supervise your party. • For parties with a large number of small or non-swimming children, consider hiring an American Red Cross-certified lifeguard to supervise your party.

Girl Scouts

Go for Gold!

Photography by Moments to Remember Photography Brittany Sheahan is the Aquatics Supervisor for the Yuba City Racquet and Health Club. She is also an American Red Cross Health and Safety Instructor for all aquatic, CPR, and first aid courses. For information about swim lessons, lifeguarding, and other American Red Cross certifications, please contact her at the Yuba City Racquet and Health Club in Yuba City.

• Never swim alone: no matter how old you are you should always have someone with you or watching you to assist in case of an emergency. • If you have a pool at home, consider buying fencing to put around your pool, with the locks or latches too high for children to reach.

Preventive Dentistry

for Infants and Children

Kimberly D. Thiel, D.D.S. Yuba City’s

Premier Pediatric Dentist

• Child-oriented friendly environment • Laser dentistry - many cases no need to be “numb” • Prevent decay before it happens Ask about our program for 2 year olds. • Early Orthodontics


1045 Live Oak Blvd., Suite B Yuba City, CA 95991 (530) 755-0571

please visit:

Back row: Camryn, Claire, Emily, Kayleigh, Jillian Bottom row: Briana, Lexi, Thena, and Cameron “Sisters for Life”

We love hearing about young women doing wonderful things in our community, and this group of Girl Scouts is making great things happen! Here, Tara Krohn shares what makes this troop so special…. 15

How long has this troop been together? What makes them so unique? The girls have been together for eight years, so they have a very strong bond and they help each other out. We have girls from three different schools in the area: Tierra Buena, Franklin, and Barry. These girls are really like sisters and their friendship is strong. When we were working on our silver awards and doing six major community service projects, they were a team and never complained about helping each other. We also have an honorary girl scout that lives in Redding that left the area five years ago. When she visits, our girls always welcome her back and make it seem like she never left. From the day Cindy Smoot and I decided to be co-leaders when these girls were in kindergarten, we have taught them that they must get along with all their Girl Scout sisters and not pair up. This has been such a big part of our troop; we can inter-mix our girls easily, which seems to have taught them to be accepting of each other and their differences. The girls have said no matter what may go wrong at home or school, they know they will always have their Girl Scout Sisters!

What is their favorite part of Girl Scouts? We have done so many things together as Girl Scouts, from going camping to visiting Disneyland. The girls have enjoyed special projects, but I guess just being together and sharing time would be what I would have to say is their favorite part. If they see each other at a sporting event at the others’ school, they will search each other out. They are really a special group, and Cindy Smoot and I love them dearly.

Tell us about achieving silver. What does it mean, and how did they achieve it? Achieving the silver takes many steps. The girls had to do a number of prerequisites. First, they had to thoroughly complete three interest patches that related to their project. Then, they had to do thirty community service hours somewhere in the community. They also had to interview three successful businesswomen in the community and talk to a college student to gain knowledge about what going to college is like. Then, they had to complete a business book that taught them how to start a business. Finally, they needed to pick a project that had at least three different aspects.

One girl spent time with Children’s Hope Foster Family Agency’s staff gathering names and ages of local foster children, then made personalized ornaments for each one. She also took giving trees with the children’s names on them to a few banks so people could purchase gifts for those children. Finally, she handed out the presents to the children at Children’s Hope. Three of the girls did a project to help out Sutter County Animal Control, donating pet adoption bags and a display case, as well as doing the shelter’s laundry.

Kids Eat FREE

Two girls did a project creating buddy bags for the Sutter County Sheriff ’s Department. These bags were filled with things like blankets, crayons and coloring books, stuffed animals, and other items that would comfort children in a crisis situation.


Two kids meals with each adult entree

413 6th Street · Marysville · (530)742-7793 A local Favorite for over 45 Years

One girl built a reading and leisure room for the guests of Hands of Hope, an organization that provides resources for homeless families in our community. One girl built four top-quality planter boxes at Franklin School, while another organized a party with gifts and a full Christmas dinner for twenty-five needy families from Tierra Buena School. These were our six projects this past year. Each girl had to work on all the projects for at least eight hours in addition to her own forty hour project. They all helped each other out with big bright smiles. They had to get donations from the community, get volunteers to help them with their project, and deliver their items to the specific community agency they researched. Recently, they were able to participate in a big recognition ceremony at Sac State. They were awarded many certificates from a wide variety of people. I do not believe any troop in our community has ever had so many girls get their silver award at one time. Because of this experience, they are very bonded and look out for each other.

What will they do in the future? Our girls will now begin working on their Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting. It is similar to the Silver Award, but requires eighty hours of community service. The girls will be able to begin their actual Gold Award their freshman year in high school.

(dine-in only)

Did you know that 90% of your child’s brain develops in their first five years of life? Children ages zero to five are learning and exploring all the time. Talk, read, sing, and play with your child every day! Your choices shape their chances.

What has Girl Scouts taught them? To be a friend to everyone. To be accepting of others and their differences, and to be open to learning something new every day.




Pin board...

Let’s get


Photography by Moments Most Captured and Farmhouse Photography

amilies everywhere today are leaving traditional home offices and mom’s craft rooms behind. Instead, they opt for a more family-friendly creative space. The modern-day project room is a space where adults and children can congregate together, where you can surf the net, pay your bills, and work on projects while keeping an eye on the children, encouraging creativity, and inspiring projects. Vanessa Webb invited us to her family hub; the gathering area they call “Webbville.” The room brings everyone together and allows Vanessa to create her magic for herself, the family, and the various projects she takes on for others! Vanessa had a plan of her own for her project room. It became a DIY project for the entire family, and she invited Me and Mine to share her ideas and inspiration with our readers. Here’s how the family customized the room to fit their personality… 18

I wanted to cover up my side of the entry to our Jack & Jill closets and create a usable wall space. First, I had someone at Lowe’s cut plywood to fit across the closet opening. Then, I used a hot glue gun to attach 12x12 corkboard squares from Michael’s to cover the plywood so thumbtacks could penetrate and pin things in place. Finally, I used inexpensive fabric to cover the corkboard so the wall would be a bright space.

Adjustable craft table… I had originally planned to use two book shelves and a butcher block to create this workspace, but I fell in love with the glass top I found at Ikea and I am glad I switched to that, as the glass doesn’t eat up the open space like a solid top would have. I did not like having bare space in the middle of the room and wanted to create a productive space instead. The base of the table (purchased at Ikea and spray-painted red to match my couch) is adjustable; I adjusted it to the highest level so I can either stand or use my bar stools to sit while I craft.

Light switch/outlet covers... I was going to purchase new, decorative covers, but then I thought “Why not use what I have and save the money for other great things?” The covers I was looking at were going to cost $6+ each, and I needed several. By instead using the fabric scraps I had on hand, the covers I already had on the light switches/ outlets, and the Mod Podge I keep in my supplies for crafting, I was able to decoupage them all in a short time and make them match the rest of the fabric I used throughout my craft room!  

Crafting closet... To maximize the bit of wall space between my couch and the closet where the door opened, I removed the door and used inexpensive fabric to create a curtain. I simply sewed the edges, making the top edge wide enough to fit the rod, and used a tension rod to brace it in the doorjamb. I made a tieback for the curtain with the same ribbon I used to string the pennant banner together so it all coordinates.


Fabric displays...

Panels for front of craft tables... I don’t know that everything can be neat and pretty all the time, so for those things that I need to keep handy but do not want cluttering my space, I made panels for the fronts of my crafting tables so I can tuck those items away and keep them out of sight so they don’t look messy while not being used. I used the same inexpensive fabric as the pin board and sewed the edges down. I used Velcro to attach it to the fronts of the tables (the side attached to the table is Velcro with adhesive and the side on the fabric is iron-on Velcro, as the adhesive would not stick to fabric).

I found a curtain rod that matched the ones on the windows to display my quilt as I am finishing it. For the “Welcome to Life on Cloud 9” pennant banner across window, I used fabric that coordinated with the other fabrics I was using throughout my room, then cut pennants and sewed the edges back to prevent fraying. I have since found that using fabric glue along the edges is a great, easy technique and a lot less work, as there is no ironing edges back and stitching! I used wide satin ribbon and folded/ ironed it in half so it would attach to the pennants, and then sewed them together. I embroidered “Welcome to Life on Cloud 9” on a piece of solid fabric to match the tones in the rest of the banner.

Vanessa’s craft room has become an outlet for her creativity. Check out some of Vanessa’s projects that made us say “WOW!” Thank you Vanessa for sharing with us!!

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Get Your Paint On… Photography by Moments Most Captured

e love being able to show how easy it is to paint and transform an old piece of furniture into a masterpiece with all-in-one-paint and finishing glaze, a little time, and a big imagination!  Nothing sparks the imagination more than empowering others…like Michelle Cottle, who has become the queen of turning secondhand finds into treasures. Here, Michelle will share the simplicity of refurbishing an old dresser into something new that makes quite a statement!

4 Completely sanded and dull, until the amazing glaze is brushed on and wiped off.

A new dresser is born!! Total project time: 1 hour, 15 mins.

1 The dresser arrived with an old lacquer finish over pine, ready for new life. Total Prep time (cleaning off dust and old residue): 10 minutes.


2 After putting a coat of primer on, brush on the first coat of all-inone-paint.When dry, add a second thin filler coat.


3 Now comes the fun part…sanding to distress! Sanding down to the undercolor or natural wood reveals the original beauty of the dresser. Sanding through and around the edges gives the wood a shabby chic finish!


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Your Look…

Hydrate Your Skin!

Photography by Samantha Prather Photography

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Cheers to Good Friends

A few of Annie’s flock share what they know for sure about friendship… It’s REAL! We are stuck with each other.

Photography by Moments to Remember Photography

~ Ro Hernandez

I know that Annie is a one-of-a-kind friend.

~ Michelle Guthrie Having a friend like Annie is one of the greatest gifts.

~ Jenice Thoma

Using the freshest ingredients for an old world dining experience 6241 Highway 99, Live Oak, CA | Phone 530.695.3384

The foundation of my friendship with Annie did not start with the day we met; it started with a solid foundation created for us by our families. Our grandparents were friends before they had our fathers, who were the same age and grew up as childhood friends. Annie’s great-great-grandmother on her mother’s side and my great-grandparents on my mother’s side were friends through the Portuguese community and attended the same celebrations for many generations. These are celebrations that Annie and I continue to attend and participate in with our families today. A tie much larger than our own brought us together. Annie is a gift to my life and I am thankful for the roots we share that keep us together. ~Shannon Foster L-R: Jordan Daddow, Jenice Thoma, Michelle Guthrie, Stephanie Soto, Mallory Hilbers, Meah Jung (flower girl in front) Annie Knipe, Shannon Foster, Rocio Hernandez, Niquel Garcia, and Valerie Eredia.


here are friends that you have polite chats with, and then there are your best friends. Friendships with like-minded woman are essential, because they reflect back to us our own ideals, morals, and everything that is most important to us. It is true that a real friendship between women is possibly the greatest love of all.

When friends come together, our spirits are interwoven like a quilt. Each person is unique, but the fabric that binds us is one, seamed together with loyalty, love, and trust. Through our lives we carefully piece together the most beautiful quilt, which gives us security and comfort, and keeps us safe and warm through any storm. Its beauty provides delightful gifts everyday!

True friends are the girls who root for you, no matter what. They make you laugh so hard you weep buckets of tears, and they adore you because of your flaws, not in spite of them. They will drop everything and drive around the planet when you need someone, without having to be asked. They will send you flowers on any special day, make you feel better when you have the blues, and celebrate with you when you are happy. They know what you need better than anyone…and often, more than you know yourself!

Annie Hilbers and Lynette Filter celebrate and embrace the many friends who bring them back to themselves. Every day, they honor and cherish the friendships they have built over their lives. These friendships nurture and enhance all their best qualities, and through each experience and connection, these women make each other shine!

“My best friends are the people I have gathered over my entire life,” Annie shares. This group of friends is built on a life-giving juice that feeds their souls and has bound them together over the years. Childhood, school, work, athletics, and spiritual and family relations all make up the roots of what has bloomed into a dynamic group of cheerleaders, travel buddies, truth tellers, and people who are always ready to have fun. The secret to building a group of friends like this is to surround yourself with people who are always invested in being their true selves and helping you be your true self, as well.


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“We have been through the loss of spouses, a sister and children. We’ve celebrated children’s weddings, travelled together, and now we’re celebrating a new bride, Lena!” ~ Lynette Filter

s we enter new chapters of our lives, our friends evolve. Life’s changes bring new women into our lives. These acquaintances bloom into friendships, and the years bring different players into our world. As these friends celebrated a bride-to-be, Lena Harned, with a spa shower, they stopped to reflect on the importance of their friendship. Lynette Filter’s circle of friends includes friends from childhood, her neighbors, and those met through her children’s friends. The common bond of the friendship stems from Lynette, and has blossomed into a sisterhood. They go to Fort Bragg and Mendocino for an annual girls’ trip. She explains, “Every year we try and mix it up, whether it be ocean kayaking, hiking, or riding horses. No matter what we do, we have fun. We laugh together,

we share our lives, we share ideas, and we learn from one another.” This group of women credits their strong bond to the respect that they have for one another and the fact that they truly enjoy spending time together. Lynette adds, “It’s important to celebrate with friends and have their love and support through both the happy times and the sad times. Our friendships have grown through all of our life experiences over the years, and we look

Back row: Cindy Wingfield, Rita Schmidl, Gina Gruenthal, Cindy Paine, Judy Johl, Debra Pate, Lynette Filter, Shelly Peters Front row: Susan Macausland, Linda Brune, Lena Harned (Bride) Karen Sanders

forward to more time together in the future, no matter what we do.” It’s easy to put our friendships on the back burner, especially when we’re busy raising our families and being dedicated to our careers…but it’s so important to nurture your relationships with your girlfriends. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Not all friendships are equal, but when they are good, you will find a solid core worth more than a handful of diamonds. A great friend will get you like no one else. Treasure true friendships, celebrate them, and know that this is LOVE.


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Magic in

Preserving Food

Photography by Moments to Remember Photography

Dr. Randal Jung is dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives, combining skill and expertise to benefit you. With more than 17 years experience, Dr. Jung brings his patients better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care. New patients of any age are welcome, from babies to seniors. Everyone's needs are carefully evaluated. Treatment is individualized and your health and comfort is always the focus.

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he magic in preserving food is not just savoring the summer harvest, but also savoring history and traditions that have been passed down over generations. Canners will recall not just the recipes, but the origin and story of each jar. Each has its own history and memories. Maybe a jar of tomatoes reminds you of nurturing them through a heat wave, or a peck of cucumbers makes you remember the struggle against the mighty slugs in your garden, or a jar of strawberry jam makes you think of a day at the Farmer’s market. Each jar leaves a map of growth, harvest, and processing, dotted with friends and family from farm to table. Sharman Kobayashi and Angela O’Rourke have been friends for years, and were responsible for developing recipes for a local coffeehouse together. Both share a love of cooking, baking, and food that continues to bring them together in the kitchen. They have found that people really appreciate the gift of a bottle of homemade sauce or the unique flavors of a homemade jam or preserve, and would like to share these recipes with you, so you may share with your family and friends.


Monkey Butter Ingredients: 3 pounds of perfectly ripe bananas (no brown spots) 2 cups fresh pineapple, chopped coarsely in food processor ½ cup flaked coconut 4 cups sugar Juice and grated zest of 1 fresh lemon Juice and grated zest of 2 fresh oranges Optional: 1 vanilla bean, cut in half along its length

Rhubarb & Strawberry Jam Ingredients: 2 lbs trimmed rhubarb, cut into 1/2-inch pieces 2 ½ lbs white sugar Juice of one fresh lemon 2 lbs fresh strawberries, cleaned and hulled 1 package dry pectin

Directions: Place all ingredients into a very large saucepan and bring to a boil, while mashing the bananas in the pan with a potato masher. Reduce heat to a lively simmer and continue to cook, stirring constantly, until the mixture is thick. This should take between 15-30 minutes. Remove the vanilla bean at this point if you used it. Spoon mixture immediately into sterilized jars to within ¼ inch of the rim. Remove any bubbles, wipe the rim with a damp cloth to remove any drips, and cover with sterilized lids. Screw on the bands until they’re snug and firmly in place. Process for 15 minutes in a boiling water bath, then remove and cool them on a dry towel. Store in a cool, dark spot. Refrigerate after opening. NOTE: This unusual jam is delicious on toast, biscuits, ice cream, or just by the spoonful right out of the jar. Monkey Butter can be made year-round since bananas, pineapple, and citrus are always available.

Kiwi Pineapple Jam Ingredients: 3 cups finely chopped peeled kiwi fruit (use only firm, not squishy, fruit) 1 package dry pectin 2 cups chopped fresh pineapple 3 cups sugar

Directions: Thoroughly crush the strawberries, one layer at a time, using a potato masher. Mix the sugar with the dry pectin.

Quick Refrigerator Dill Pickles Ingredients: 1 gallon pickling cucumbers, washed and prepared as desired. 1/2 tablespoon mustard seeds 6 heads fresh dill 1 ½ quarts water 2 cups cider vinegar 1/2 cup canning salt Directions: Prepare cucumbers as desired – sliced lengthwise for wedges, halved, or sliced ¼” thick. Place dill in the bottom of sterilized quart mason jars. Sprinkle a few mustard seeds in each jar. Fill jars tightly with cucumbers, leaving ½” headspace.

Bring water, vinegar and salt to a boil to create brine. Pour brine over cucumbers to about ¼” headspace. Wipe rims of jars clean with a damp paper towel. Top with lid and seal. Let sit on counter for three days, turning them occasionally, then refrigerate. Pickles will keep in the fridge for 1 year. Please do not try to use the regular grocery store cucumbers. They have wax on them and your pickles will not turn out well. You can use grocery store pickling cucumbers, as they are not waxed. NOTE: This is an easy and approachable recipe for beginning picklers. The best resources for proper food preservationists, especially novices, are from USDA and local county UC Extension Offices as well as Ball cookbooks. Proper food preserving must use correct food safety procedures to prevent food-borne illnesses.

Combine the rhubarb, strawberries, lemon juice, and the sugar and pectin mixture in a very large saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Boil hard for 1-2 minutes and keep stirring until the rhubarb disintegrates. Remove from heat and skim off any foam that may have developed on the surface. Ladle the jam into hot, sterile jars to within ¼ inch from the top. Cover with a sterilized lid and jar ring. Process for 10 minutes in a boiling-water bath (making sure that the water covers the tops of the jars by at least one inch). Remove from the boiling water and place on a clean towel to cool overnight.

2 tbsp fresh lime or lemon juice Directions:

NOTE: This old-fashioned jam is a beautiful rose color and a delicious combination of sweet and tart fruit.

Combine pectin with the sugar, then stir into the kiwi, pineapple & citrus juice in a large saucepan. Bring to a rolling boil, stirring to prevent sticking. Boil hard for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and skim off any foam that may be on the surface. Ladle into hot, sterilized jars, leaving 1/4 inch head space. Remove any drips from the rims with a damp cloth and cap with a sterilized jar lid and ring. Process 10 minutes in a boiling water bath. Remove from the boiling water and allow the jars to cool undisturbed on a dish towel overnight. Refrigerate after opening. NOTE: This is the perfect jam to make in winter or early spring when kiwis and fresh pineapples are readily available in the markets. The finished jam is a pale green which you can brighten with a drop of food coloring, if you wish. Either way, this tangy jam will be a hit with your family and makes a unique and much appreciated gift.



and my home


By Rona Desmond Photography by Moments To Remember Photography

ith its tasteful construction and decor, this modern chalet in Yuba City can best be defined by a single word: sophisticated. Combining traditional decorations and natural materials, the home of Bill and Stacy Meagher not only provides a memorable appearance, but displays interesting details throughout, giving the home a unique, castlelike feel. This house represents the best in comfortable, modern living. With an exterior that blends wood, stone, and glass, the outside of the house reflects a “Bavarian chalet,� which comes from the Alpine Regions of Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Their home is camouflaged in its environment, while taking full advantage of the surrounding cul-de-sac with the help of generous


windows, terraces, landscaping, and an inviting swimming pool. The inside of the house captures Italian influences with its stone walls, curved ceilings, and heavy plaster walls, while the Studio room reflects the Bavarian Alpine Chalet style with its cathedral ceiling and heavy wooden beams. A double-height living room acts as the core of the house, a place that inspires both warmth and intimacy, despite its impressive dimensions. Traditional furniture elements, wooden decorations, and the presence of a large stone wall and staircase increase the feeing of comfort and well-being this home delivers.


Ideal You.

Our team of wellness coaches are dedicated to helping you discover the

the decisions on everything between the outside walls and inside walls (basically, just the structure). Bills a “can’t bust’em” kind of guy, so I know I have a strong home. I remember when we moved in Bill said, “I never thought I’d be living in house like this!” We still laugh about it today!

Describe your style of entertaining. Casual, most of the time. We do a lot of backyard BBQ’s by the pool with friends and family. However, in the wintertime I love to bring out my china and entertain in my dining room. We have a group of friends and we alternate doing dinner parties at our homes about every other month. So the month and the weather set the stage for whether we’re inside, outside, casual, or a little fancier.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a quick and healthy protocol with proven, long-lasting results.

Tell us about building your home. Building my home was a project that I thoroughly enjoyed. I loved working with Doug Dailey, our contractor. He was patient and thorough, which made it more enjoyable for me. I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted from the start and I was decisive, which also made it more enjoyable for him.

Why did you choose this specific style? What inspired you? What inspired me was a six week trip in 1990 to Vecinza, Italy with my mother and daughter. We did a lot of traveling in Italy, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I loved the architecture everywhere I went,

What do you like most about your back yard? My pool! We aren’t big swimmers, but it’s nice to have if you decide you want to go swimming! I feel like a pool cools off the yard a bit, plus it’s pretty to look at and entertain by. Bill gets all the credit for the yard. This was his baby and this is where he shines. Sunday mornings are our time together to just veg a little. We sit by the pool in spring and summer and have coffee, read, and listen to the fountains. and I especially enjoyed touring the castles. I love the old-aged look and all the different textures. Many people who have seen my home refer to it as a castle. In some ways, I guess it is. You know what they say: every man’s home is his castle!

What are your favorite things about your house? That’s a tough question, because I love everything about my home! I would call this my dream home. I can’t give you one specific thing that is a favorite. I can tell you that it is a reflection of me—every inch of it. Bill would tell you it’s Stacy’s house. I had a really hard time letting Bill make a decision on anything because I had a vision and knew exactly where I was going with it. I told Bill he could make


What makes your house a home? Our children and grandchildren make our house a home. They are one of the reasons we decided to build a larger home. Our family was growing! As the family grew, the old house keep getting smaller and smaller, and on holidays and during family gatherings we were squished. I grew up in a large family: lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins, and my mom did almost all the holiday dinners and other family gatherings. Those are some of my favorite childhood memories. I do a lot of that here in my home with our children. I believe it’s what makes a family a true family and keeps you close. It’s a time to share and support those you love, it’s a time to laugh and play, and you’re making memories along the way.

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Me & Mine Magazine: Summer 2012  
Me & Mine Magazine: Summer 2012