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Meeting Baby by Jennifer Lee

We teamed up with Inner Reflections to find out a little more about the services they offer, and to see just how awesome it is to meet your little one in the womb. The inspiration to open a 3D/4D facility came from having had my own 3D/4D ultrasound for the very first time with my 4th child. It was such a moving and emotional experience that it inspired me to bring that same excitement to expecting mothers and their families in our local area. From the moment your family walks through our doors, you will be made to feel at ease by our welcoming staff. Soft music will be playing and everyone will be offered refreshments. While waiting for your session to begin, you will be able to enjoy watching a sample 3D/4D video set to lullaby music. The soothing, spa-like atmosphere was our intention from the start; we wanted to offer a very peaceful setting for both mom and family. Once everyone is taken into the ultrasound room, they will be greeted by our ultrasound technician and made to feel at ease. Mom will be laid on an orthopedic bed with Egyptian Cotton sheets, while family members will sit on a comfortable leather sofa facing our 65” LED screen. This way, all family members get to experience the first meeting of the newest addition. All our packages include 2D, 3D, & 4D ultrasounds. We also have heartbeat animals available for purchase, where our technicians



can record the baby’s heartbeat and put it inside an animal of their choice. Depending on their package choice, we do offer extra package add-ons such as edited prints, collage prints, key chains, and the possibility of a Gender Reveal photo session after the scan. We have props for announcing whether your new addition is a boy or a girl, which are fun keepsakes to take home and always remember how excited you were the first time you saw your precious little one. Many moms will book two sessions: one between 16 - 20 weeks for a gender reveal, which is done mostly in 2D with a sneak peak of 3D/4D, and one between 28 - 31 weeks for a 3D/4D. This second session will be the photos that can show detailed facial features of your baby, as well as letting you watch them open and close their eyes, yawn, and much more. It’s important to book two weeks prior to the time you plan to visit so that you will have plenty of time to hydrate, as 3D/4D Ultrasounds are very dependent on fluid level and clarity. We

recommend drinking approximately 64 oz. of water each day prior to your appointment, which is also the recommended standard human consumption. This is about 4 small 16oz. water bottles a day. Of course, we are not a medical facility, so you should consult your doctor about water consumption. However, proper hydration is the best way to ensure clear photos. 3D/4D Ultrasound is a unique experience for parents and families who want to see a 3D image of baby. It can be a moving experience that really brings your pregnancy to life. You can see your baby moving their arms and legs, turning, opening and closing their eyes, and being their own little person before they are even born. The experience is a bonding session for mom, dad, and family. It is very personal and emotional and we treat it as such. Sometimes images of baby can be difficult to obtain due to factors such as but not limited to placenta location; babies putting their arms, hands, or feet in front of their face; or low and/or cloudy fluid. These factors can make it harder to obtain clear 3D/4D images, but our techs are trained sonographers who will go the extra mile to try and overcome any difficulty in obtaining images.

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