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2014 Annual Gratitude Report

The mission of Meals on Wheels is to deliver nutritious meals to those in need with the support of community volunteers.

More than 345,000 Food is life. For centuries we have turned to food to substantiate life, recover from illness, and celebrate life’s events. Food is a part of our everyday life. In Maslow’s hierarchy of need, food is part of the physiological needs that if not met, the human body cannot function and will ultimately fail. Physiological needs are thought to be the most important and should be met first. Food is essential to life. Humans need to love and be loved by others. Social isolation impacts not only the mental well-being of an individual, but the overall health. Do you hug someone goodbye when you leave for work? Do you cheer on your kids or grandkids at sporting events? Do you eat dinner with family members? Think of how many times you interact with others in just one day. Now imagine interacting with only one other human once a day. Volunteers are that interaction, delivering love, smiles, and food.

In 2014, Meals on Wheels delivered more than 345,000 meals, more than 345,000 smiles, and more than 345,000 moments of caring for someone in our community. In 2014, you impacted your community over 345,000 times. You made a difference and we thank you for this.

Financials Revenue Donations Grants

Total $1,854,442

Donor Story I have Meals on Wheels in my trust, and it feels good to be able to do that. -Frank Baccino

Everyone has a story about how they came to love Meals on Wheels. One such story that we want to share with you, is the story of how Frank Baccino became part

of the Meals on Wheels family. He was happy to share precious family memories that have forever connected him with our mission.

My favorite memory of my mom, was just how close we were toward the end, when I had to care for her. My mom loved to cook, and did so until she was 94 years old, then her heart weakened. When she could no longer cook, I signed her up for Meals on Wheels. She loved the food & the company. When I was 5 weeks old, I had to have major surgery, and wasn’t expected to live. I think that experience always bonded me with my mother. She took such good care of me, I was happy to take care of her later in her life. We enjoyed the same meals and same television shows - the simple things in life, the everyday things. Toward the end of her life, I took her back to Austria to her hometown of Linz. She was in her 80s. I was amazed that she could still speak the language. I will always remember that trip. I think you always have to look for needs and help when you can. I believe in Meals on Wheels and what you’re doing. I have Meals on Wheels in my trust, and it feels good to be able to do that. If people didn’t have meals, they wouldn’t have proper nutrition and their health would go down. And some people don’t have anyone. I have had a blessed life.

Financials Expenses




Program Services

Management and General


Program Statistics



Clients Served

Meals delivered

Client Story The person who delivers your meal is someone who genuinely cares about you. - Stacey Clayton

When you hear the story of how Stacey Clayton and his wife came to need Meals on Wheels, you can’t help but be awestruck at the grace shown through great adversity. Born and raised in Chicago, Stacey commuted back and forth to United States Steel for his job as an overhead crane operator for many years. When his job was cut in 1991, Stacey and his wife settled in Northwest Indiana. Five years later, Stacey made a late night trip to a local convenience store to purchase milk and other items when he was approached by a young man demanding money from him. Stacey pulled two dollars from his pocket and gave it to the young man. Despite Stacey’s compliance, the young man opened fire on him, striking him in the arm and thigh leaving him with a spinal cord injury. This incident left Stacey as a paraplegic. A few years later, his wife also became disabled. To listen to Stacey tell this story, you would be impressed with the manner of his voice and sense of peace for

what he has been through. He is a spiritual man that believes everyone is here on Earth for a purpose and should comfort and aid each other. This outlook about life is why he loves Meals on Wheels. He mentioned that you get to know the delivery drivers like family and he is comforted knowing that someone genuinely cares for his well-being and that of his wife. He knows that he and his wife are not only receiving a nutritious meals, but the well-being check ensures his peace of mind. Stacey Clayton says thank you for your support of Meals on Wheels. We have been part of his life for 13 years and he continues to be grateful for the Meals on Wheels program that is made possible by generous donors like you.

Volunteer Gratitude by the Numbers



Routes Driven Dailey

Volunteers in Service

$256,063 19, 072 Hours of Volunteer Time

Value of Donated Volunteer Services

167,772 Miles driven by Volunteers

Donors 1st Presbyterian Church of Crown Point Women's Association Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Adam

Ms. Elizabeth Adams Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Adik Mr. and Mrs. Amarnath Agrawal Ahepa Chapter NO. 78 Charities, Inc. Mr. Stewart Allan Mr. & Mrs. Louis Allen Ms. Trish Alt Altrusa International Foundation of the Indiana Dunes Amanda Rose Photography Amazonsmile Foundation Mrs. Beverly Ambroziak American Community Bank American Legion Post 20 America's Charities - Distribution Account Ms. Jessica Amos

Ms. Annabell Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anderson Mr. Vange Angelos

Ms. Diane Anton Mrs. Edith Appelsies ArcelorMittal Matching Gifts Program Ms. Mary Ellen Arnold Mr. Don Asch AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign Mr. John Atwater Mrs. Phyllis Auld Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ault Avery Dennison Foundation Mr. Frank Baccino Mrs. Helen Bach Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Backensto Mrs. Nina Bajgrowicz Mr. and Mrs. James Baker

Mrs. Anna Balaz

Berman's Infiniti Of Merrillville

Bank of America United Way Campaign

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berzinis

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Bapple

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bezat

Mr. Joseph Barbao

Bill and Norma Rosenbower Endowment Fund

Barbara Jean's Gifts & Gourmet

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Birdsall

Mr. and Mrs. Herman Barber Jr.

Ms. Sandy Bishop

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barnes

Ms. Amy Blaker

Mr. and Mrs. David Barney

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Blankenship

Baum's Natural Foods

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bleicher

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bazin

Mr. Rudolf Bley

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Beckman

Blink Appliances & Kitchens

Mr. and Mrs. James Beecher

Ms. Kathleen Blink

Mr. Nelson Belicek

Ms. Victoria Blink

Bella Photography

Mrs. Freda Bodinger

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Bellamy

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boender

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Belligio

Mr. Thomas Bolton

Mr. and Mrs. Kris Benkovich

Mrs. Anastasia Bookas

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Berda

Ms. Michele Bordeaux

Ms. Lynn Borggren-Spannan

Burns Funeral Home

Ms. Rita Boss

Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Busselberg

Mr. & Mrs. William Bosse

Mr. Garland Butler

Ms. Deanna Botma

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Bykerk

BP - Whiting Business Unit

Mr. and Mrs. John Callahan

Mr. and Mrs. Alfonse Braccolino

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Campion

Rev. and Mrs. Donald Bravin

Mr. Samuel L. Cappas

Ms. Cindy Brito

Mr. Willard Carey

Mr. Charles Brown

Cargill, Inc.

Mr. Earl Brown

Mrs. Marcia Carlson

Mr. Elbert B. Brown

Mr. Kris Carra

Mrs. June Brown

Carriage Court Pizza

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bruxvoort

Mrs. Estella Carroll

Mr. James Bryant

Ms. Penelope Castor

Building & Construction Resource Center, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Catlin

Ms. Carolyn Burchett

Cedar Lake Lions Club

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Burke

Mr. Fred Cegur

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Burks

Centier Bank

Mrs. Mary Charbonneau

Construction Advancement Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Childress

Mr. and Mrs. Jac Cooper

Mrs. Josephine Chmielewski

Cooper's Hawk

Ms. Chris Fealy and Ms. Angela Fealy

Mr. David Cowser

Citizens Savings Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Craig

City of Crown Point

Mr. Robert Croft

City of Gary

Crown Point Community Foundation, Inc.

City Of Hammond Common Council

Crown Point Lions Club

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bertin

Ms. Terri Cummins

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Okey Curry

Ms. Rose Clemons

Dairy Rich - North Star

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clifford

Mr. Damian Ochoa

Mr. Scott Cochran

Ms. Lisa Davenport

Mrs. Fedora Coduti

Mr. and Mrs. Frank David

Community Shares Of Greater Cincinnati

Mrs. Julie Deasy

Ms. Elizabeth Connolley

Deezeyener Jewelry

Ms. Maureen Connolley

Ms. Sue DeGan

Mr. Richard Conroy

Mrs. Jayne Degroot

Mr. Dino Delrio

Ms. Sue Dubczak

Dental Home Health

Mr. and Mrs. David Durakovich

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Depa

Mr. Felix Durham

Mr. Thomas DeRolf

John and Daryel Durr

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dershewitz

Dyer Chamber Of Commerce

Ms. Ronda Dessauer

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dywan

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Deutsch

E.C. Babilla, Inc.

DeYoung Interiors

Eco Services Operations LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dian

Ms. Lee Ann Egan

Mr. and Mrs. John Diederich

El Salto Mexican Restaurant

Mr. John Doherty

Ms. Kay Epperson

Mr. Paul Doherty

Erwin Tree Care Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David Dolasinski

Mrs. Gayle Faga

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Donnell

Family Massage and Wellness Center

Mr. and Mrs. James Donovan

Ms. Geralyn Farley

Dr. & Mrs. L. Thomas Powell

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Farthing

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Drennan

Mr. Timothy Fealy

Mr. and Mrs. John Drew

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Fesenmyer

Ms. Carolyn Fetkavich

Mr. and Mrs. James Forsythe

First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association Br. #289

Foundations of East Chicago

First Midwest Bank

Mr. Louis Fox

First Presbyterian Church of Hammond

Mr. William Frain

First Presbyterian Church Of Highland

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Fralich

First United Methodist Church of Crown Point

Frank Wright Memorial Fund

First United Methodist Church of Crown Point United Methodist Women

Mr. and Mrs. Damien Gabis

First United Presbyterian Church of Dyer Ms. Laura Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Michael Flannery Ms. Beth Flynn Food Bank Of Northwest Indiana Austgen, Kuiper, Jasaitis P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ford Mr. and Mrs. Richard Forney

Mr. & Mrs. Bob Forster Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Forsythe

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Gadzala Gamba Ristorante Ms. Marilyn Gancheff Mr. David Garfin Ms. Barbara Garner Mrs. Marti Garretson Gary Southshore Railcats Mrs. Yolanda Garza Mr. and Mrs. William Gates Ms. Elaine Gehring Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Geiselman

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gerson

Hammond Community Corporation

Gil Behling & Son, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Hamstra

Ginter Realty

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Handler

Golden Times Senior Club

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harper

Mr. Nicholas Gonzales

Ms. Elizabeth Hartigan

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Good

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hartwig

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Gorman

Ms. Virginia Hathaway

Gosser Corporate Sales Inc.

Ms. Marleen Haugh

Michael and Emogene Grant

Mr. Harold Helenberg

Mr. and Mrs. James Greiner

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hendricks

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gyure

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Hesterman

Mr. and Mrs. Wade Gyure

Higgins Overhead Door, LLC

H & HR Management Resources, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Highsmith

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haberlin

Mr. and Mrs. William Hilbrich

Ms. Judith Hack

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hlavaty

Ms. Sandra Hahn

Hobart Jaycees

Mr. and Mrs. James Hall

Hobart Paving, Inc.

Mrs. Ruth Haller

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hoch

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Holcomb

Mrs. Helen Isabell

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Hollingsworth

J. D. Wilson Associates, Inc.

Holy Shepherd Lutheran Church

Ms. Alison Jabaay

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Homans

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jabaay

Mr. and Mrs. James Horgash

Mrs. Tiffini Jamka

Horseshoe Casino, Inc.

Mr. Jeffrey Janizek

Mr. and Mrs. Myles Horst

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Janke

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hubbard

Ms. Carol Janssen

Ms. Patricia Huber

Ms. Pam Jessup

Mrs. Jeanne Hughes

John G. Shedd Aquarium

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Huizenga

John W. Anderson Foundation

Mr. Floyd Iddings

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Johnson

Immanuel United Church Of Christ

Ms. Nancy Johnson

Indiana American Water

Mrs. Emily Johnston

Information Management, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnston

Inspiration Fitness

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Jones

Integrated Chiropractic Rehab

Mrs. Lucy Jones

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 697

Mr. Nenad Jovanovic

Mrs. Judith Bremer

Ms. Allison Kemling

Just For Faces

Mr. and Mrs. John Kiernan

Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Justice

Mrs. and Mr. Claude King

Ms. Janet Kaiser

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Kirkland

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kalch

Kiwanis Club of Hobart

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kapitan

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Klein

Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc., Beta Rho Chapter

Mr. Kenneth Knopf

Kappa Kappa Kappa Inc., Delta Omega Chapter

Mrs. Mary Kocher

Kappa Kappa Kappa Inc., Epsilon Kappa Chapter

Mr. Henry Koehler

Kappa Kappa Kappa Inc., Gamma Theta Chapter

Ms. Elaine Koenig

Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc., Hammond Alpha Associate Chapter

Mr. and Mrs. David Koester

Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc., Hammond Gamma Nu Chapter

Mr. Daniel Komasinski

Kappa Kappa Kappa Inc., Zeta Chi Chapter

Mrs. Phyllis Konopasek

Kappa Kappa Kappa, Inc., Zeta Psi Chapter

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Koontz

Ms. Connie Katsouros

Mr. and Mrs. John Kopczyk

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Keilman

Mr. and Mrs. John Kovach

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keilman

Ms. Lori Koziczynski

Mr. and Mrs. David Keller

Mrs. Rita Krilich

Mr. Edward Kroer

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Levin

Mr. Kurt Krueger

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Libich

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kurek

Mrs. Ann Likens

Mr. and Mrs. Byron Kuttig

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Littrell

Mr. Andrew Kyres

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Long

Ladies Of Awalim Court Of Northern Indiana, Clown Unit

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lucak

Mr. and Mrs. Elden LaHayne

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lugowski

Lake Area United Way

77th Avenue Outdoor Storage Inc.

Lake Central Ice Hockey Team

Mrs. Carol Lukes

Lake Lodge #157

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Lulinski

Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Lane

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Luna

Dr. and Mrs. Dean Larson

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lynch

Laszlo & Popp, P.C. Attorneys at Law

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Leep

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lytle

Mr. Brent Leffel

Mr. and Mrs. James Lytle

Legacy Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John Madrigal

Ms. Myrtle Lenoir

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Malsch

Mr. Arthur Levan

Ms. Camille Mann

Ms. Chrisanne Mannion

Merrillville Civitan Club

Ms. Maria Runyon

Merrillville United Methodist Women

Ms. Sharon Marsden

Midwest Custom Case, Inc.

Mr. John Maye

Mrs. Shirley Millard

Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Maynard

Ms. Mary Susan Miller

Mr. Robert McClure and Ms. Audrey Karp

Mr. and Mrs. William Modrak

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McCoole

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Modrowski

Mrs. Dorothy McElroy

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Molinaro

Mrs. Helen McEntire

Mr. Gerald Montasiewicz

Mr. and Mrs. David McMichael

Sharon and Heather Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Tim McNabney

Ms. Emily Morgan

Meals on Wheels America

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morrow

Ms. Kayte Mebust

Mr. Soft Car Wash

Mechanical Concepts

Mrs. Kathleen Zamorski

Mechanical Test and Balance, Inc.

Ms. Diane Losiniecki

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Meeks

Mr. Michael Muenich

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Meeks

Ms. Bonnie Muir

Mr. Michael Merkle

Mr. and Dr. William Mulligan

Mr. Edward Nemergut

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Oppman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nerney

Order of the Eastern Star, Lake Chapter # 408

New Balance Merrillville

Ms. Irma Orr

Ms. Martha Nicholson

B. J. Pallone

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nickovich

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Palmiter


Mrs. Janet Parfenoff

NiSource Charitable Foundation

Mrs. Barbara Pate

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Noe

Mr. Richard Pellar

Strategic Management

Peoples Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Norby

Performance Plus

Northwest Indiana Symphony

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Perney

Greater NWI Association of Realtors

Mr. John Perryman

Mrs. Joyce Nutt

Phi Beta Psi Sorority, Theta Rho Chapter

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Oesterle

Ms. Margaret Phillips

Ogren Insurance

Pieces Of Jayde Fine Art Wire Jewelry

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ogren

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Pierce

Oliver Packaging and Equipment Company

Mr. Mark Piet

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Olson

Ms. Renee Piner

Mrs. Faye Platt

Dr. Timothy Raykovich

Pleasant View Dairy Corporation

Razoo Foundation

Mrs. Tena Pleoger

Ms. Dian Reyome

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pobereyko

Rhodes Plumbing, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Polich

Mr. Joree Richards

Mr. Andrew Pondo

Richardson Suzuki

Ms. Diane Porter

Ms. Sandra Richardson

Potempa Farm

Mr. William Richter

Ms. Dorothy Ann Potucek

Prof. Jared M. Riddle

Mrs. Margo Powers

Ridge United Methodist Church

ProEdge, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Riester

Prompt Ambulance Service

Rittenhouse Senior Living

Providence Bank

Ms. Rhonda Robbins

Puntillo & Crane Orthodontics

Rohder Machine & Tool, Inc.

Mrs. Mary Radziwiecki

Ms. Barbara Rolla

Mr. James Rajchel

Mr. Tony Romas

Mrs. Rebeca Ramirez

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Root

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ray

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Rose

Mrs. Mary Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schieb

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ross

Mr. Peter Schiesser

Rotary Club Of Munster

Mr. August Schischka

Rotary Club of Schererville

Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Schmid

Mrs. Susan Rousseau

Dr. Joel Schoen

Ms. Elaine Routh

Mr. Kirk Schriks

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Rowe

Ms. Diane Schweitzer

Mrs. Diane Rowe

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schwerin

Mr. and Mrs. John Rubinate

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Scully

Mr. Harold Rueth

Mr. Verne Seehausen

Mrs. Dorothy Ruuska

Senior Care Central

Ms. Alice Ryfa

Ms. Darlene Sever

Ms. Debbie Rzepczynski

Mr. and Mrs. Darby Shadel

Mr. Antonio Sandoval

Mr. Todd Shaefer

Mr. and Mrs. Stevan Savich

Shear Magic, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schaefer

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Shebesta

Mrs. Kathleen Schenck

Mr. Thomas Sheridan

Schererville Central Lions Club

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shook

Sisterhood Of The Occasional Readers Club

State Employees' Community Campaign

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Sleeman

Ms. Julie Stauffer

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Slifko

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Steele

Mr. and Mrs. David Smith

Ms. Sally Ann Steele

Mr. William Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stephen

Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Snow

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Stiener

Mr. Ben Snyder

Ms. Margaret Stiles

Ms. Marcia Solecki

Ms. Julie Stogsdill

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Soltis

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Stolman

South Shore Arts

Strack & Van Til Food Market

Southlake Family YMCA

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sur

Mr. John Spasoff

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Surowiec

Mr. and Mrs. George Sperka

Mr. Richard Sussman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spiccia

Mrs. Mary Svetich

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Spisak

Swartz, Retson & Co., P.C.

Ms. Beverly Stanislawski

Sweney Electric Company, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. James Stankowski

Ms. Kathleen Szot

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Stanley

Temple of Jesus Christ

The Kotys Group ATTN Wes & Sarah Kotys The Law Office Of David Gladish

The Ross Group The Times Mr. and Mrs. William Theodoros Mr. Robert Thiel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Porter Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mckenna Ms. Jeannette Thomas Mr. and Mrs. James Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Thompson Ms. Louise Thompson Three Floyd's Brew Pub Mr. Keith Tokoly Tom & Ed's Autobody, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tomb Ms. Elaine Torabi

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Toth Mr. and Mrs. Harold Trapp Tri-Electronics, Inc.

Truist Mr. and Mrs. Rich Trzcinski Turkey Creek Garden Club Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Twilla United Way of Greater La Porte County United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey United Way of Metropolitan Chicago United Way of Porter County United Way, Inc. Mrs. Betty Urbanik Ms. Samantha Valenzuela J. Guadalupe Valtierra Judge & Mrs. Joseph Van Bokkelen Mrs. Leone Van Koten Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Van Til

Vanis Salon & Day Spa

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wease

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Varnes

Ms. and Mrs. Keith Weber

Ms. Venell W. Williams

Dr. Herb Weissman

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Venhuizen

Ms. Ernestine Weston

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vermeulen


Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Vician

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wheeler

Vidimos, INC.

Mr. and Mrs. James Whitaker

Ms. Joan Vith

White Lodging Services Corp.

Mr. David Vorwald

Mr. Joseph Wichlinski

Mr. Brad Vosberg and Mrs. Sandra Snearly-Vosberg

Ms. Mary Ann Wilczynski

Mr. Lawrence Voyles

Mr. and Mrs. David Wilkinson

Ms. Sylvia Vucich

Ms. Christina Williams

Walsh & Kelly, Inc.

Ms. De Ette Wirtz

Walter Cook Insurancy Agency Inc.

Mr. Douglas Wiseman

Walt's Food Center

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Witham

Ms. Peggy Waluk

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Wojcik

Mr. and Mrs. John Warus

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Wolak

Ms. Suzanne Wasmund

Mr. Ken Wolak

Mrs. June Woodke Mr. and Mrs. Marc Woodke Woodmen of The World Lodge 6057

Ms. Carol Wyatt Dr. and Mrs. Herb Yekel Mr. and Mrs. Deno Yiankes Mr. and Mrs. Ken Youga Zandstra's Store For Men Mr. and Mrs. John Zappia Mr. Joseph Zaragoza Zdanowicz Family Foundation Mrs. Lois Ziemkowski Mr. William Zmirski Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Zromkoski

Board of Directors Frank Venhuizen—President Keith Wolak—President Elect Sharron Hillman—Past President Verne P. Seehausen—Treasurer Melissa Neff—Secretary Margot Clark Ron Donahue John Dwyre Derek Kinney

Meals on Wheels of Northwest Indiana 8446 Virginia Street Merrillville, IN 46410 219.756.3663

Dr. L. Thomas Powell Sandra Snearly-Vosberg Kathleen Szot R. Eugene Wease

Sandra Noe—Executive Director

2014 Annual Gratitude Report

2014 Annual Gratitude report  
2014 Annual Gratitude report  

Our 2014 Annual Report