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Does Weight Watchers Do What It Claims Weight Watchers has come out with a new point system recently called "PointPlus". Since fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t worth any points in this system, you can consume as much as you want. This was done in order to get more people eating their plant foods and less of the processed ones. This will in turn add phytochemicals to your diet. This tweak has made their program much healthier for the consumer. They are receiving much applause as it’s a positive step in changing the eating habits of Americans. Even with the new steps that they have created, they are still short of promoting a healthy eating style. The reason is, not all fruits, veggies, and produce are on an equal plane when it comes to the amount of phytochemicals they add to your diet. When it comes to fruits like bananas and dates, you should put less focus on them because of the higher sugar count. Instead you should look into eating more pomegranates and berries. These fruits provide you with many things to go along with their low sugar and high fiber contents. When it comes to the veggies, most people will consume the white potato even though green veggies have a vast amount more micronutrients in them. With that said, there is a bigger problem when it comes to their new system they have unveiled. Their guidelines that have been unveiled for eating aren’t even close to the healthy lifestyle they claim to promote. That’s why there isn’t support or backing for them by any of the nutritional organizations. One problem if the small amount of fruits and vegetables that they recommend you to eat. This amount is not enough to aid you in the prevention of diseases. They seem to have missed the boat when it comes to their recommendation of cow’s milk as well. This has been known to cause ovarian cancer and prostate cancers. Their recommendation of artificial sweeteners is not a healthy way of eating either. There is even more bad advice from them. They like you to consume a couple teaspoons of what they call healthy oil every day. Since there isn’t such a thing as healthy oil, that’s tough to do. It’s a known fact that it’s better to eat foods that contain fats than the oil itself. You can find them in many seeds and nuts. They seem to make it easy for someone to cheat when it comes to their diets. The reason for this is because their diets are designed to fit one’s lifestyle and preferences. This means that you can eat what you want as long as you fallow their guidelines. That’s why their recommendation as viewed as out of touch and risky. This kind of eating plan will lead many people on a straight path to getting a disease. Even thought the points system is a decent thing, the majority of their diet leads you to count your calories and consume an unhealthy amount of processed foods and animal products.

Essentially they are telling you to eat exactly what got you to be in need of their services. You can clearly see this when you look at their line of food products. Consuming a large amount of these things will definitely increase your chances of getting heart disease or diabetes. Their products are misleading the consumer. If you go to their website you will not see an ingredients list. However you will still see a calorie count and point value. This is due to the fact that their foods are packed with many non nutritious ingredients. These include lots of sodium, processed products, sugars, oils, and white flour. This company is clearly not in the business of promoting healthy living and eating. They are all about selling their product to the people with the already poor American diet ingrained in their heads. Some of their members as well as leaders in the organization don’t have a clue what it is to eat healthy as they haven’t been educated on such things. They also are missing the boat when it comes to recommending that women’s diets include many cancer fighting foods. This leads to many people in the program still addicted to the foods that led them there. In the end this will only lead to more failure and a less healthy eating population. All Weight Watchers has done is talk about healthy eating and living. They have not delivered a formula on how to do it. Their line of food product is definitely not the way to do it. It’s impossible to maintain a healthy weight by fallowing their plans. They are allowing you to consume too much non nutritious foods that don’t prevent deficiencies. Al they are doing is adding cravings to your diet. It’s a program that suits the many yo-yo dieters out there. If you eat healthy and delicious foods, you will be able to eliminate your cravings for the unhealthy and greasy foods that have been giving you fits. If you want to find out more information you can visit

Does weight watchers accomplish what it claims  
Does weight watchers accomplish what it claims  

Weight Watchers has started using a recent point system recently called "PointPlus". Given that fresh vegatables and fruits aren't worth any...