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Greenwich Village


A Glance Inside G r e e n w i c h


V i l l a g e

The neighborhoods lively estled in the busy streets center is around Washington of downtown Manhattan Square, the iconic city park is a historic neighborhood filled with street performers, characterized by its classic glimpses of nature, and architecture and slow pace. family fun. Greenwich Village, an area on the west side of Lower The Village has gone Manhattan, provides its through many stages of visitors with a character like transformation throughout no other. its history. Dating back to Affectionately referred to as The Village, the area is bordered by Broadway to the east, the Hudson River to the west, Houston Street to the South, and 14 th Street to the nor th. 2

and political activism.

The Village was host to the first integrate nightclub in the nation, which opened in 1938 at Sheridan Square. A few decades later, the area saw a new cultural movement, the Beat Generation. The welldocumented phenomena the 19 th century, the Village inspired rejection of social has was defined as a mecca standards and materialism, for Bohemia. Influenced drug experimentation, heavily by ar tists and new Eastern religion, and other schools of thought, The social experimentations. Village is known as a home for art culture

Now, The Village has once again transformed. With its close proximity to New York University and quiet quaint streets, The Village is experiencing fierce gentrification. Now home to upper-middle class families, The Village is now a characterized by its family friendliness as the social movements it once housed migrated to other neighborhoods like SoHo. The Village will once again transform as development continues in the area. As locals fight to preser ve the historic architecture of the neighborhood, construction lines many of the old blocks, as new, modern apar tments are built. -Meaghan Pogue

2. Pigeons at the feet of Larry Redic, a NY local who feeds the birds in Washington Square. 3. Taxi cab stopped at the curb on Seventh Avenure, NY.





In Order of Apper ance 3. Iconic Arch at Washington Square 4. Pianist performing in Washington Square 5. Larry Redic, NYC resident who feeds the birds in Washington Square 6. Man practices making soap bubbles in Washington Square. 7. Street performer in Washington Square takes a bow 8. A hawk sits on a lamp post on University Place 9. Apartments on Sullivan Street 10. Freedom Tower as seen from Sullivan Street 7

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Village layout3 pogue