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Meagan Walton English 106 A#5 2 May 2011 Portfolio Cover Letter This is a portfolio of which include two documents that we have done over the semester. The first assignment is A#2 which is the photo essay. The second assignment is A#3 which is the ten page paper we wrote on the films of Timothy Treadwell and Christopher McCandless. In the portfolio I have corrected mistakes that were made and/or revised the documents to make them a better quality. In reviewing the documents I have found changes that needed to be made for the better and through this portfolio I intend to show them. For A#2 (which will be turned into you tomorrow, since I was given an extra day), I have decided to change the format of my pictures. Instead of just making the entire picture part of the page, I have decided to make the top of the page the picture and the bottom where my story goes. I also decided to change a few of the colors I used, to better keep the same format throughout the story. As far as the storyline goes, I changed a few things around to improve the impact on the reader. Since I never got the assignment page back from you, I never got the full insight from you as to what you thought about it, so I hope it will work.

In A#3, the ten page paper, I have mostly made small grammatical changes and citation changes. Through your feedback and what I believe was good, I didn’t see much else that needed to be changed in the way of the storyline. I also edited the works cited from the mistakes that I made when doing the final draft. In the actually paper I am going to turn in for the portfolio I highlighted the areas that I fixed. Anything is yellow are the errors that I saw and fixed and anything in red are the paraphrases and/or quotations that I made in my paper. Also included in my portfolio is the edited version of A#3 and A#4 works cited. On the works cited for A#3 I added one period in the 2nd citation and italicized words on the 1st citation. Both of these are highlighted in yellow on the document. The only thing that your feedback on A#4 told me about the works cited was that I messed up on the indentions for the second lines of the citations.

Portfolio Cover Letter  

Portfolio cover letter for english 106

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