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March 2012 |

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Division 3S

What a great year, 3S! DCON is quickly approaching and will be here before you know it! I cannot wait to see each and everyone of you at our convention. It will no doubt be a highlight in everyone's high school career, whether it be your first, second, or third time attending!

Our Key Club journey has impacted each of us in our own special way and I cannot wait to see

each of your express these positive experiences to the our district and to each other. I love our mighty Division and we can only get stronger!

Graduation? Give your seniors a goodbye gift for graduation! Key Club stolls and medallions can be worn to show your hard work and effort in Key Club during your high school career! Visit to look at the selection! Prices range from $8-14!

Getting Ahead for Next Year

Update your COCRFs It's that time of year again! Your club is starting over to some point, but not completely. You are leaving a legacy of your hard work. Simply new leaders will take their roles to keep your work alive. But in order to continue growing, Key Club International and our mighty T-O district need to continue to keep in touch with you. How do we do this? COCRFs! ICOCRFs are officer contact information forms, so that KCI may get in contact with club leaders if need be. They are REQUIRED. n the past COCRFs have been horrible and a dreaded part of the beginning of the year. Usually consisting of an excel spreadsheet and being extremely complicated. But no more! T-O has decided to facilitate the process by making COCRF fillable on your club's online account. Simply log-in and visit "Update club profile", scroll down, and you will see some boxes to fill in regarding officer information: name, phone number, mailing address, email, etc.

DCON, AGAIN! This year, your club undeniably got a taste of the financial burden that attending DCON carries. You saw how difficult it was to raise money for so many people and for such a large cost. But you can prepare for this next year! By focusing on DCON fundraising during the summers, your club can focus during the year on maximizing membership and completeing the most service events. Also by fundraising during the summer, your club can get summer points for socials and more on the Monthly Report (MR) form! It also gives your club more time to finish off this financial burdern.

DCON Carwashes! Car washes are a great, EASY way to make money! M.B. Lamar's club does DCON fundraising by summer carwashes at Chick-fil-A from 8 AM - 12PM and doesn't charge but asks for donations. Generally our club makes ~ $200 per car wash!

DCON Packing List With school coming to a close, grades are due. We understand its a stressful time, so to ensure you don't forget anything we've made a complied packing list! Compiled Packing List: • Casual Outfits: 4 (with appropriate shoes) • Professional Outfits: 2 (with appropriate shoes) • PJs, toiletries, necessities • Phone charger & camera • Snacks & non-perishable breakfast foods • About $50 in cash for meals, misc goods • Things to work on, homework, iPod, etc MEGAN ISELIN'S ADVICE: Take 1-2 bags. And do not over pack! Coordinate with roommates!

Convetion Dress Code Convention dress code can get a bit strict and once you're at DCON you cannot exactly return home to find more appriopriate outfits. Make sure that you follow convention dress code rules so that you can participate in the convention activities. We want to represent our district well and professionally. Students and sponsors alike are expected to follow the dress code policies of T-O's convention. Optional Formal Attire for Ladies and Gentleman Formal or semi-formal dresses no shorter than fingertip length; spaghetti straps, halters, and one-shoulder are acceptable; no strapless (even when covered by jacket or other garment); all other rules for professional attire apply.

Professional Attire for Gentleman Suit or dress coat and tie with dress slacks or khakis, socks, and dress shoes. Dress coat and tie are absolutely mandatory. Unacceptable: shorts, denim, sneakers, sandals of any kind, or letterman jackets.

Professional Attire for Ladies Dresses, suits, pantsuits, skirts (no shorter than fingertip length) with blouse (sleeve at least dollar bill width (around 3”), dress shoes, and sweaters/dress jackets. Unacceptable: flip-flops, sneakers, denim, shirts with sleeves less than dollar bill width (halters, spaghetti straps, one-should, strapless, etc), bare midriff, shorts, excessively low-cut blouses, or letterman jackets.

Casual Attire for Ladies and Gentleman Appropriate dollar bill width shirt straps and fingertip length shorts/skirts. Unacceptable: any excessively low-cut shirt, tattered or torn jeans, shirts not abiding by proper measurements (dollar bill width and fingertip length; ex: halters, spaghetti straps, one-shoulder, etc), bare midriff, or excessive skin, any clothes with explicit language or symbols (includes sexual innuendo, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, foul language, etc). This flyer was made by the lovely Jennifer Tuggle for the Epic PCM!

I can't even begin to write this letter to you guys without tearing up. I love this division so much and each club tremendously. We have grown so much together in this last year and will grow even more in the following year. Our progress is never-ending. 3S is and will be a force to be reckoned with. Since each clubs officers and I have taken office in April,we have grown immensely. Some clubs have become power clubs in our division.Special recognition should be given to Bellaire, Kempner, M.B. Lamar, and Dulles Key Clubs for their intense involvement in divisional and district events, their Kiwanis relationships and most importantly community service efforts. In our division, we currently have 6/8 clubs submitting monthly reports, 100% paid dues, and a potential re-charter club, L.V. Hightower.You guys have done a wonderful job showing your support and voice to our division and district. The FTC was a smashing success with over 50 Division 3S Key Clubbers in attendance! We showed our spirit for a not-so-secret service initiative by attending forums, hearing guest speakers, and being hypnotized. Our divisional project was well participated in, however and unfortunately, clubs did not submit to me their proof of participation by the deadline. However, I appreciate the time that went into Hope for the Hungry! Other projects, such as the Governor's Project and District project were also applause worthy! 2 of our clubs, Kempner and M.B. Lamar Key Clubs, will be mentioned and receive the honorable patch at district convention! This year has been tremendous and our division has intermingled so much. Clubs are becoming more and more comfortable working together to serve the community as seen in our PCM attendance, interclub service events and socials (Dragon boat racing,anyone?), and support in DCON fundraisers across the division. Our clubs are there for each other. My only hope is that we continue our good communication skills and interclubs to get stronger. Looking back this year, I feel we lacked direct involvement with our Kiwanis clubs. Yes, they were involved and sponsored many of our activities. However we were not there 100% for our Kiwanians. This needs to change and is the shining example of what our Division needs to strive for in the following year. There is no doubt that we will get here and 3S will be unstoppable once more. You have elected a wonderful, dedicated, and passionate leader, Jennifer Tuggle, to help you continue this legacy and growth. Cheers 3S to a year of beautiful service, Meagan Lloyd (713) 494-0867

Dearest my lovely Division 3S Key Clubbers, My name is Jennifer Tuggle Hinze, and I could not possibly be more pumped and excited to be your 2012-2013 Lieutenant Governor! It is a privilege and an honor to serve on the district level of Key Club International (KCI), an organization that truly has changed my life forever! Don’t worry though; I wasn’t always this madly in love with Key Club. But through my KCI experiences, I’ve met so many genuinely AMAZING people, learned valuable leadership skills, and helped the community in so many ways! I guarantee that by the end of my term, YOU too will share my CRAZY love for this organization! Just wait and see! ;) I know without a doubt that our division is going to grow in size, strength, and even its passion for Key Club this year. As we ring in the new Key Club year at DCON, I want to ask just one thing right now from you guys. That is to please, please COMMUNICATE with me! I can’t possibly stress how VITAL this is! When you elect new officers (which should be ASAP), please ensure that I receive each officer’s contact information (email and phone number). With that in my mind, do not hesitate to EVER contact me. That is the reason I ran for LTG in the first place! Never forget that I am here for YOU. I want to get to know EACH of the schools, and build a relationship with you guys! So PLEASE call, email, text, or even facebook me! I am so stoked to get the 2012-2013 service year started, so let’s hit the ground running– let’s make this the GREATEST service year for our division yet! vccccc

Yours in loving service,

Jennifer Kay Tuggle Hinze (713) 412-6241

Kiwanis DCM A Kiwanis meeting will take place April 25, 2012 at 6:30 PM at HCC (Pinemont/Ella). Each Kiwanis club in the Houston-area will be attending, this includes your Kiwanis advisors! This meeting is DETRIMENTAL to your club's connection with Kiwanis next year. This meeting will be attended by Megan Iselin, District Governor, Stefanie Ursini, Kiwanis International Area Adviser, yours truly, Regional 12 Key Club LTGs and more Key Club District Staff! We want your club to come out and connect with your Kiwanis clubs! This is important as many 3S clubs will have new Kiwanis advisers this coming Key Club year. Meaning your club needs to be represented to meet your new adviser as we make this transition. See you there! Please send your newly elected officer!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events DCON April 11-15, 2012 Kiwanis DCM April 25, 2012

Division 3S March 2012 Newsletter  

Division 3S' March newsletter for Key Clubs

Division 3S March 2012 Newsletter  

Division 3S' March newsletter for Key Clubs