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Father’s Day at ManorCare Father’s Day is a great holiday to show how much we appreciate others. While many of us often attribute this holiday to our own fathers, we often forget to acknowledge fathers across our society. We can credit fathers in ManorCare of Sharpsview nursing home with our Key Club spirit! On June 18th, Division 3S clubs will volunteer their time to ADVERTISEMENT HEADING ManorCare Father’s Day ManorCare to distribute Division 3S Volunteers Needed Division 3S Volunteers handmade Father’s Day 7505 Bellerive Dr., cards and cookies to the Houston TX Serve! 10AM-12PM residents. This event will not only touch the hearts of How: You will need the fathers of ManorCare your own transport but Key Clubbers’ as well. Tel: 713-494-0867

Division 3S

Expiration Date: Please call or00/00/00 email me before June 15 to sign-up! Please bring the below listed items!


24 cookies (avoid nuts. Make either: oatmeal, chocolate chip, or sugar)

10-20 handmade Father’s Day cards

Clements Key Club to Throw Relay for Life Clements High School plans to hold a

Relay for Life

at their track in April of 2012. They are asking that

all clubs from Division 3S participate.

Relay for Life is the main volunteer-Clements High School plans to hold a Relay for Life mini relay at their track in April of 2012. They are asking that all clubs from Division 3S participate. Originating in the United States, the Relay For Life event has spread to 21 countries. Relay events are held in local communities, campus universities, military bases, and in cyberspace. Although the main objective of Relay is to raise money for cancer research and cancer patients, the event is held to spread cancer awareness, celebrate the lives of survivors, remember those who lost their lives to cancer, and unite a community in the fight against cancer. It is estimated that Relay For Life events have raised over $3 billion to date. Clements and the American Cancer Society need your help! Clements asks that each club participate and register with $500. While this may seem like a lot of money, there is a year gap between the introduction of their project to the actual execution. Surely we can raise $500 per club by April! This will be a great experience and include: music, henna, spirit events, and more! A mini relay includes:

Most participants are a part of a team, consisting of approximately 8-15 people.

A Survivor Dinner.

A Survivor Lap, which starts the Relay event.

An Opening Lap, in which all the teams take a lap around the track carrying banners.

A Luminaria Ceremony, usually with a candlelight vigil to honor those who lost their lives to cancer.

A Closing Ceremony, including a final lap around the track in which everyone takes part. Awards are given to teams for various achievements, such as most laps walked and most money raised.

A "Fight Back" Ceremony, in which participants pledge to fight back against cancer in a number of ways. Nowadays, the “Fight Back” Ceremony is often the Closing Ceremony. Please contact Bisma Gowani, CoCo-President of Clements Key Club for more information and registration details. Her email is:

Div. 3S Project I ask that each club participates in the divisional project this year. Hope For the Hungry is an excellent opportunity for Key Clubs to make an impact on the current and future lives of individuals. Hunger can hinder a child’s potential by limiting their attention span, therefore restricting their learning capabilities and furthermore their futures as educated members of society. We can make a difference, whether in the life of a child, of a family, or an individual. Project Ideas: 

Canned food drives

Walks against hunger

Volunteering at soup kitchens

Food Banks

Benefits for homeless shelters -Sack lunch sandwich making -Benefit drives -Donations

Fundraising for overseas hunger organizations

HOPE FOR THE HUNGRY DIVISIONAL PROJECT Example Organizations:  30 Hour Famine  Feed the Children  UNICEF

 Drive to End Hunger

 Feed America  Bread for the World


1 in 4 American children go to bed hungry. 925 million people are affected by hunger worldwide. About $144 can feed a family for a year. As Key Clubbers, we can join together to fight hunger in our local area and overseas. This divisional project focuses on, but is not limited to, children affected by hunger .

There are an abundance of anti-hunger organizations to choose from! I hope I have inspired you to participate. If you have any please email me to let me know:

Get your feed from International Convention from T-O District Staff and Board, Brian O'Hara,Colten Meisner, Megan Iselin, Ryan Nava, and Zachary Andy-Ryan Dunn! These dedicated Key Clubbers will update you on their adventures at International Convention on the T-O District’s ICON 2011 Tumblr account. Find them at:

ICON is the Key Club International Convention. It is similar to our District Convention as it includes forums, a dance and a chance for key clubbers to share their passion for service with others. ICON is a place where all 33 districts from Key Club International have a chance to get together and have 4 days to attend forums, an opening and closing session all centered around service.

This year, Key Club International Convention will take place June 29-July 3 in Phoenix, Arizona, at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort. While it is too late to register this year, I encourage clubs to consider attending next year.

Presentation of flags at ICON

The 3S Key Note Bulletin Stories, spotlights, articles, and shout-outs for and by 3S Key Clubbers This month: Service Project Spotlight! Sandwich Making for Homeless M.B. Lamar High School Lamar high school holds a monthly service project benefiting SEARCH homeless Shelter. These Key Clubbers bring divide supply responsibilities. Some bring peanut butter, jelly, bags, or knives, etc. Key Clubbers meet afterschool to make over 100 sandwiches for SEARCH homeless shelter! Great idea Lamar! This is also a great opportunity and service idea to participate in our Divisional Project: Hope for the Hungry or to help out your struggling community members.

Kiwanis One Day Bellaire High School While exemplifying the Key Club spirit through

Madison and Lila making PB&J for SEARCH Homeless Shelter

participating in K-Family relations, Bellaire High School celebrated Kiwanis One Day. Bellaire teamed up with their Kiwanis club to participate in Alex’s Lemonade Stand, last year’s Governor’s Project. The Governor’s Project is a great way to kick off your club’s activities with a pre-organized theme! Participation in K-Family, District, and divisional projects can give you so many ideas and the support you need to make your projects successful! This network is also seen in the Kiwanis organization. Kiwanis clubs can be great resources to you and your club through guidance, volunteer, and financial support. Building a strong K-Family relationship is the best way to make your Key Club strong!

Division 3S Website Where: Why: I still think that we are having some trouble communicating as a division. Hopefully this website will act as a resource for clubs through forum Q&A, posting features, private messaging, user domains, photo galleries, T-O and International updates, and club spotlights. Clements is currently taking advantage of this resource by advertising their Major Emphasis Project with their very own page! This site includes:

   

Homepage - T-O, International, and K-Family updates Newsfeed - Occurrences, events, accomplishments, and spotlights of 3S Key Clubs (which members can post) Calendar - That will be updated with Division 3S events such as: interclub activities, PCMS, DECs, FTCs, and District events. Members - Simply gives you an idea of who is on our site and who is in our division.  Forums - A great way to ask questions for those who don't like email, and a place to swap ideas of service events, activities, etc.  Photo Gallery - I'm always asking you guys to share photos with me for my newsletters and for T-O, so this makes it even easier for those emailphobs :) Photo gallery allows you to show off a successful event to the entire division. We can even get ideas from each other through photo galleries.  Recruitment - This tab will talk about recruitment strategies. Currently it has a presentation made by Carolina English, President of M.B. Lamar's Key Club, which could be a great asset to you and your club.  Resources & Guides - This references documents that explain installation ceremonies, and monthly reports. This tab will be updated as demand increases. For example, the most common event taking place in Key Clubs at the moment is the installation of officers. Project Ideas - This tab includes an embedded document from Kiwanis detailing an extensive list of service opportunities that Key Clubbers can organize independently. This is truly a great resource.

Upcoming Events Upcoming Events Each club should send at least one representative to the interclub event. Please contact me before June 15th who the representative will be and if that representative will be able to bring their materials.


Interclub Father ’s Day Service Event

Location: 7505 Bellerive Dr. Time: 12:00-12:20

Where: 7505 Bellerive Dr. Houston TX When: 10 AM—12 PM

Date: June 18, 2011 The PCM will be at the interclub event! Hope to see you there!

Each individual should bring:  

24 cookies (no nuts)

10-20 handmade Father ’s Day cards

Please tell me before June 15 if you are participating! Thanks!! :)

Reminders: COCRF forms are still unavailable. Thank you for your patience. Monthly reports are due the 5th of July. Send me a copy of your Monthly Report and Activity forms. Please send me your Kiwanis Advisor’s contact if your club is included: Elkins, Second Baptist, or Strake Jesuit. Congratulations! 3S has 100% paid clubs!!!

Contacts Megan Iselin

Morgan Hah





Ryan Nava

Kaitlyn Levett





Patrick Schibi

Judy Pomorski

District Administrator

Region 12 Advisor



Meagan Lloyd Division 3S Lieutenant Governor (713)-494-0867


Division 3S June June June ManorCare Father’s Day  24 cookies (avoid nuts. Make either: oatmeal, chocolate chip, or sugar)  10-20 handmade...

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