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DARRYN LASKEY Licensed Real Estate Agent

Licensed under the REAA 2008


Energy + Enthusiasm Recommended Salesperson FAMILY TIME A MUST Pre Sale & Post Sale




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Great work Darryn, yet again you have exceeded my expectations and delivered a result that I am extremely happy with. I would not hesitate to recommend you to any future sellers. T Morris



WALKING THE WALK Passion, persistence, dedication, enthusiasm, confidence, kindness and helpfulness... words used by Darryn Laskey’s vendors to describe his service.


n over 20 years in real estate Darryn has exceeded 400 million in sales and amassed over 100 high performance awards including National and Australasian recognition. While he is proud of his track record Darryn knows that what counts is what he achieves for you.

LARGER THAN LIFE Darryn Laskey does not do anything by half. There’s nothing passive in his personality. His energy and enthusiasm are palpable. When he takes on the responsibility of selling your property he does it whole heartedly and with one goal, to achieve your goal; and with total confidence he will do so. Manawatu born Darryn loves the career that followed farming in Northland. He moved to Auckland’s North Shore and into real estate which, over 20 years later, he says “still beats working for a living”! Longevity in the industry means he has experienced the best and the worst markets and thrived in both through sheer hard work, self motivation, organisation and discipline.

Darryn Laskey AREINZ

021 647 420


TOP TIPS TO PREPARE YOUR PROPERTY FOR SALE Contrary to popular belief, homeowners don’t need to spend a lot of money to realise a strong return. Research suggests making small home improvements prior to selling is a worthwhile investment.



One of the most noticeable, yet economical improvements includes cleaning windows, wiping all light fixtures and pruning trees to maximise natural light.

Mow, trim and re-sow bare lawns, remove all debris, secure fences and add colourful plants and flowers.

02 CLEAN AND DE-CLUTTER Clean entryway, buy a new front door mat, remove excess furniture, board pets and get rid of odours.

03 KITCHEN AND BATHROOMS Make the most obvious improvements first. These include replacing damaged tiles, repainting if colour is dated or poor quality, repairing damaged counter tops, touching up cabinetry and replacing the toilet seat.

04 STAGE THE HOME Often the secret to a quick sale. Decorate the house with fresh flowers, play music and remove personal items.

07 R EPLACE OR CLEAN CARPETS If carpets are faded or damaged, consider shampooing to improve smell and appearance.

08 EXTERIOR TOUCH UPS Give special attention to garage, front doors, window and door frames and blistering paint. Tired fences, holes in gutters, missing tiles on the roof, etc. should be attended to.

09 INTERIOR TOUCH UPS Retouching may suffice. Also consider removing dated wallpaper, whitewashing dark panelling, having leaks, watermarks and cracked ceilings repaired.

05 REPAIR ELECTRICS/PLUMBING Before showing the house all defects to light switches, overhead lights and plumbing fixtures should be replaced.



20 + years


million plus in sales value

LONGEVITY & AWARDS With over 20 years in real estate, Darryn has exceeded 400 million dollars in sales and amassed over 100 high performance awards including regional, national and Australasian recognition. While he is proud of his track record, Darryn knows that what really counts is what he achieves for his clients as this is the very basis of his continued success now spanning over two decades.

Darryn Laskey AREINZ

021 647 420

100 + awards


• New Zealand’s number one property portal • 2.5 million monthly users

• A must have in property marketing campaigns • 1.1 million views per month • Put your property in front of quality buyers










Always punctual with a smile, positive disposition, very easy to communicate with, patient when going through forms and helped me over my nervousness selling on my own. Judith Henry


Thank you Darryn for your passion and persistence to achieve a successful sale and price for me when selling my home. You gave me complete confidence in you and made the whole process as stress-free as possible. Lee-Anne Knight


EVES property

Just listed/open home cards

• The Bay’s premium property publication • 19,000 copies distributed weekly

• Dropped into local letterboxes to spark interest

• Targeted at residents who already love the area but may be looking for an upgrade or change.

• New Zealand’s most read newspaper • 768,000 weekly readers • Get your property in front of a national audience










Achieved record sale price for street (at time of sale)

The whole selling process was an exciting experience, especially during the auction, for which I have no hesitation in recommending to would be sellers. Thank you for the kind and helpful way you handled the whole sale, which ended in being beyond my wildest dreams. Elizabeth Granshaw

15 AMERY PLACE / PAPAMOA Achieved record sale price for street (at time of sale)

Recently we sold our home at Auction with Darryn Laskey. With Darryn’s help and hard work we achieved an excellent result. If you are considering selling your home Darryn Laskey is the agent you need. Maurice & Elaine Bruce

Darryn Laskey AREINZ

021 647 420



LOCALS SUPPORTING LOCALS Team Laskey is an avid supporter of local clubs and always eager to assist, promote and support the good work they do within our community for the community. The Trustpower TECT rescue helicopter and its expert crew have helped save the lives of hundreds of people suffering serious illness or injury. From the special hangar at Tauranga Hospital, the rescue helicopter serves communities across the Bay of Plenty, always at the most critical of times.

PROUD MEMBERS & SUPPORTERS OF LOCAL CLUBS In addition to their lifeguard service, Papamoa SLSC offer a comprehensive Junior Surf programme, a Rookie Lifeguard programme and a competitive Surf Sports programme. The club has a large active membership passionate about our beach community. @papamoasurflifesavingclub

Shi Sei Kan has a proud history in New Zealand teaching Goju Ryu Karate since 1980. Karate Papamoa is proud to be continuing this tradition. @karatepapamoa




Some years ago, Darryn and his family made a considered choice to move to Papamoa for the lifestyle and the opportunities. They built a home in Palm Springs and Darryn has concentrated on becoming an expert on property in desirable central Papamoa so near the beach. He chose to join EVES, recognizing its high market share, superior systems and professional people. Darryn makes a point of taking regular time off for family and for himself, recharging his batteries with a run on his retro Triumph Cruiser motorbike and Team Laskey’s caravan has become a regular at the Waihi motor camp.

NATASHA LASKEY Natasha helps administrate ‘Team Laskey’ and provides a backup support that is second to none. Keeping up with the latest technology, with a strong focus towards online marketing, ensures that clients get the most effective and most upto-date marketing options for their property. With Natasha now having been in the industry in an administrative role for over two decades,

Darryn Laskey AREINZ

021 647 420

it would be fair to say that she is one of the most experienced in her field and gives further proof to knowing that every member of Team Laskey has the longevity, experience and skill set to ensure a positive and successful outcome for your property sale. Having the perfect balance with work and play is the very reason this highly successful team have been doing so well, for so long. With two children, Brooke and Jacob, requiring ferrying to and from school, karate, soccer, dance and surf life saving means the whole family must be organised, prompt and reliable. Focus, efficiency, effectiveness... and fun! That’s the Laskey promise!


MOVING CHECKLISTS There are many things to consider before, during, and after you’ve moved house. But help is at hand! To ensure a hassle-free experience, we’ve produced a handy checklist to guide you through the process.

03 MOVING DAY  Record all meter readings (gas, electricity, water)  Keep all cash, valuables and paperwork with you  Stay at the house with your movers and sign off an inventory of goods

 Finish any cleaning and remove all rubbish  Do a final walk-through of your home to make sure everything has been removed


 Lock everything up and drop off the keys with

The week before moving day, start working through the following if you haven’t already:

 Once everything is unloaded, sign off the

 Do a pre-settlement inspection of your new home  M ake an appointment with your lawyer to sign the final documents

 Confirm arrangements for utilities  C onfirm arrangements with moving company  S  tart notifying friends, family and companies of your new address

 P  lan simple meals for the few days leading up to and just after the move

 C reate a list of things that the kids may need including medicines and saying goodbye to their friends.

02 ONE DAY TO GO With the big move imminent, remember to undertake these last minute items:

 Defrost fridge / freezer  S  et aside any manuals /information, baking trays etc. for the new home owners / tenants

 Set aside one room for the packers / movers / yourself to work freely in

 Prepare any items for the move that require dismantling

your real estate agent or landlord inventory – keep your copy until all charges have been paid and claims (if any) are settled.

04 CHANGE OF ADDRESS Check all relevant people have been notified:

 Friends and family  Electricity / gas company  Telephone / mobile / internet / Sky  Bank Accounts / credit cards  Insurance companies  NZ Transport Authority  WINZ  Inland Revenue / accountant  Post Office  Doctor / dentist / medical specialists  Vet  Loyalty and store cards  Newspaper / magazine subscriptions  Rubbish bin collection  School / kindergarten / child Care  AA Membership  Health and Fitness clubs

 P  ack a box of essential items for when you first arrive at your new home and have it put aside to go with you i.e. basic kitchenware, toilet paper etc.





Team Laskey is big on being local and like every local, absolutely loves Papamoa and the lifestyle it offers.

Just one of the many advantages of appointing Darryn Laskey as your preferred agent is having the free use of the Team Laskey moving truck.

An adage quite often heard is ‘another day in paradise’ and never a truer word has been spoken. This is possibly why so many families from all around this great country of ours continue to migrate to this wonderful place we call home, further assisting in the phenomenal growth we have continued to experience in both residential and commercial property.

Whether it be simply to declutter before the marketing commences on your property or the complete move to your new property upon sale, it’s free for all Team Laskey clients. To find out more call 021 647 420

Darryn Laskey AREINZ

021 647 420


GET IN TOUCH Passion, persistence, dedication, enthusiasm, confidence, kindness and helpfulness.

Darryn Laskey AREINZ 021 647 420 Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008


Team Laskey Elite - 2018  
Team Laskey Elite - 2018