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FROM THE MAYOR’S DESK OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE CITY OF ALABASTER Alabaster Connection is published monthly and is delivered to citizens of the City of Alabaster. Editorial Board The Public Relations Committee of the Alabaster City Council. Committee Chair Councilwoman Sophie Martin Councilwoman Kerri Pate Councilman Greg Farrell Editor Luke Camara, me2graphics, LLC Contributors Shana Camara Lindsay Schluntz Megan Owens Lynn Barnett

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The month of May brings one special occasion after another. As the end of the school year approaches, our students, parents, faculty, coaches and SROs are to be congratulated on their many hard earned accomplishments while juggling a variety of hectic schedules! You are almost there! Best wishes to our high school and college seniors on your completion of Marty Handlon, Mayor another huge milestone in your lives. Congratulations! City of Alabaster May is Mental Health Awareness month. Our community has experienced our share of grief with the loss of friends and loved ones suffering from mental health issues over the last year. Throughout the month of May, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and participants around the county are raising awareness for the importance of mental health—fight stigma, provide support, educate the public, and advocate for equal care. NAMI is hosting an event at Alabaster Veteran's Park on May 5th, from 10am until 2pm. There will be inflatables, food trucks and plenty of community health service providers with information for education and awareness, as well as a day of fun. Let us be the community which joins the efforts of our local chapter for the benefits of our friends and loved ones. More helpful information from Alabaster’s local chapter can be found at and programs and resources are FREE. Please remember our first responders also have helpful information for anyone interested. Please don’t hesitate to ask any of them for assistance. Many of our departments are especially busy this time of year, as they take care of our parks, road ways, easements, and common areas to keep the city looking good. Please help show your appreciation by being a good citizen, by not littering and respecting public facilities. I continue to be thankful for the many dedicated city employees committed to excellent customer service for our residents and visitors to our city. Our city is the largest city in Shelby County, and it takes the work of many to make it a place we are proud to call home. The 2018-19 Teen Council was inducted on April 23rd, and we are excited to see ALL this group of young leaders will accomplish during their term. There isn't a big enough THANK YOU for all the above and beyond assistance city staff provides Teen Council for their events and activities, and especially Karen Fillingim's constant mentoring throughout the year. It is a great experience for our teenagers and it would not be possible without the extra help. Sending special love and thanks to all our Mothers for what you do in the lives of your family and friends every day, as well as those who take on the motherly role for someone else. We end the month remembering and honoring those who sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation. Let the summer fun begin! Blessings,

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Scott Brakefield

Ward 6 | City Council President Greetings! I would like to wish all the Mothers out there an early Happy Mothers Day! I hope you are able to enjoy this special day and that you receive the appreciation you deserve. Fourth Fridays started last month. I hope you are able to get out and enjoy this special event every Fourth Friday of the month. You will find arts, crafts, food trucks, etc all on the field space next to City Hall. These events are being put on by the Angel Warriors Foundation in partnership with the City. During the month of April we saw the creation of the 2018-2019 Alabaster Teen Council. I would like to thank the Mayor and Karen Fillingim for all the work they put into our future leaders. These students are exposed to team building activities as well as numerous leadership opportunities. They also get numerous opportunities to serve. My hope, is this investment in them instills the desire to return to our community and continue to serve long after graduation from high school. Lastly, I would like to congratulate the 2018 Graduates. I know they are looking forward to their future and my hope is that each future is a bright one.

Sophie Martin | Ward 1


Many residents have asked about the activity on the property located off Highway 11 across from the former “Cool Box”. The State is currently using this property as a holding location for all the equipment and material needed for the widening of I-65. This is temporary, but they will be utilizing that area until the widening project is close to completion. To widen I-65, part of the initial process included removing many trees, which served as a sound barrier between the interstate and nearby neighborhoods, including some in Ward 1. Replacing the trees is currently not part of the widening project plan. If you would like to directly voice your concerns with the state, I encourage you to contact our state representatives. They are very willing to listen to your concerns and can offer helpful insight to this project. Right now, the widening project is causing some temporary inconveniences, but it will be well worth it in the end, once the project is complete. Congratulations to Pastor Akeem Simmons of Liberty Baptist Church who is celebrating his 38th year in the ministry. I truly appreciate his leadership and the positive impact he has made in our community! It is an honor to continue to serve as your councilperson. If you have any ideas for Ward 1 or our city, please email me at Kindest regards, Sophie

Rick Ellis | Ward 2 First, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the graduating seniors of all of the city’s high schools! We are very lucky to have such great schools in our city, both public and private. With the opening of the new high school, it was definitely a tremendous year for Alabaster City Schools. A big thank you goes out to Dr. Vickers, the school board, administrators, teachers and staff for another great school year! Enjoy your summer! Our city will be an active place over the next month or two. You may want to check out the Trash to Treasures Extravaganza community yard sale on May 12th from 8:00 – 12:00 located at Buck Creek Park. And, believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about youth football and cheerleading. The Parks and Rec Department will be having registration for football, flag football and cheerleading from May 1st – June 1st. Also, CityFest is scheduled for June 2nd. CityFest will be moving this year from Municipal Park to the grounds of the new Thompson High School! They have an exciting line up this year and it will be a great time, so don’t miss it. For more information on these events and more check out the city website at The most important day of the month has to be Mother’s Day. So be sure to make it a special day for all the Mothers in your life! Happy Mother’s Day! Rick

Stacy Rakestraw | Ward 3 As I write this, we still have one Saturday of our annual Clean Sweep to go. Even with the crazy weather, we have had a lot of success in cleaning up the roadways, recycling, and shredding. So far, 23 volunteers have picked up trash on five miles of roadways, amounting to 47 bags of litter. During our secure E-Cycle and Shred-It event, we shredded over 9,000 lbs of paper and recycled 2,476 lbs of electronics with the help of volunteers from the Beautification Board and THS Football. We recently authorized the purchase of the computers that will go in the ten new Chevrolet Tahoes for the police department. These Tahoes are part of the continued fleet replacement of the current police cars that are not made anymore. Also, an approval was made to purchase 60 External Armor Carrier Vest for our APD, and these are paid for through Equitable Sharing Funds. Our Senior Center will be getting a new bus that we will pay cash for as we have seen an increase in revenues. We have more than 1,000 participants who use our senior center. Thank you to Alicia Walters and her staff, who plan and coordinate 5-7 trips a month for our senior citizens, along with many other

COUNCIL COMMENTS activities, such as cards and games, expressive arts, health and exercise programs, plus much more. Call 205-663-1307 for more details for yourself or a loved one to get involved with the Senior Center. Happy Mother's Day to my mom and the many special ladies in this city who love and take care of so many. Stacy

Greg Farrell

| Ward 4 During a recent work session, the Council was presented a mid-year report of the current budget year for the City. At mid-year, the budget looks good. If things continue in the direction that they are trending, the City will meet its goals within the budget for this year. Several budgeted items that the City has purchased this year have come in under budget, this is due to the hard work of the Department Heads. I want to thank the Mayor and her staff for helping to ensure that the City’s budget goals are on track. I want to thank everyone who gave their time to make Alabaster Clean Sweep a success. Thanks to Stacy Rakestraw for her leadership in this project. I would like to take this time to congratulate the Senior Class of 2018, and wish them well in the next chapter of their lives. I would like to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day. As we observe Memorial Day, let us not forget the men and women of our military who sacrificed their lives for our county. Have a great summer.

Russell Bedsole

| Ward 5 Do you recall hearing the slogan "Shop Alabaster First"? I know I have used this slogan many times. The "Shop Alabaster First" initiative works.  At a recent Council work session, City Finance Director John Haggard delivered very positive news midway through this budget year. John stated, “The Shop Alabaster First initiative pays off, and I want to offer the Council my thanks for spreading the word to the citizens of Alabaster to shop Alabaster first.” John serves us well, and I thank him, but it is all of you who have decided to shop here first and who have encouraged your friends to shop Alabaster first who deserve all of the thanks. It is with your choice to shop here that a another dollar goes to our children in the school system, that more money is invested into our parks, and into our Public Safety departments so they stand ready to offer us peace of mind in knowing that we live, work and shop in a safe community.

It was about the middle of last year when we learned one of our big box retailers, Best Buy, would no longer be a part of the city of Alabaster. While some in our community raised great concern over what this might do to impact of our city, the fact is, the opposite has occurred. Over the first part of this year, our revenues have grown yet again. This seems to defy logic, that we could lose a large box store yet our revenues grow yet again. To me, it all makes sense, dollars and cents that is.  It is we, the citizens of Alabaster, who decide the future of our city by how we choose to spend our hard earned money and where we spend it. So once again, many thanks to you, your family, and your friends who have all shopped Alabaster. And thanks to all the many fine retailers, both big and small, who serve our city. I look forward as our city grows in our retail selection to many more prosperous years. Keep shopping Alabaster first!

Kerri Pate

| Ward 7 Happy May everyone! This is the last month of school, last month of school traffic in the mornings and afternoons. Speaking of it’s a doozy to say the least. Spring and summer travel for everyone traveling South to the beach seems to affect all of us. Thanks to smart phone apps, everyone seems to have found out about “our” back roads, making it very frustrating to move about our city calling on us to be extra patient (which is not my strong suit). If you are a senior citizen in Alabaster and you haven’t had a chance to visit the senior center, you are missing out! Director Alicia Walters plans fun excursions and activities, and Mr. Jim Daw will now have a brand new 35 passenger bus to accommodate these trips, thanks to a newly awarded bid which came in below budget. We are so proud to partner with the Angel Warriors Foundation to bring Alabaster’s Fourth Friday’s and I hope to see you and your families there. Many lives have been lost serving and protecting our freedoms - please join me in a solemn remembrance on Memorial Day. May we never forget these brave men and women who answered their country’s call. It’s a pleasure to serve you, please call or email me if you need anything. God Bless, Kerri

CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS 2nd and 4th Mondays each month at 7 p.m.





Information provided by Krista Chick, LPC NAMI Shelby Board of Directors Secretary Mental Health Director at Quality Correctional Health Care

18.1% of American adults live with anxiety disorders


6.9% 18.1%


1 in 5 One in five Americans lives with a mental health condition.

Awareness Month Change in activity level

Helplessness Hopelessness Sadness

Sleep changes

Symptoms of Mental Health Concerns Appetite variations


Seeing or hearing things that are not there


2.6% of American adults live with bipolar disorder 1.1% of American adults live with schizophrenia

Talk about it!

Mental Health Seek help if symptoms begin to interfere with everyday life

6.9% of American adults live with major depression

Ask questions!

Take the StigmaFree pledge at

Do research!



One in five Americans lives with a mental health condition. Arguably all individuals are affected by mental illness in some way (self, family member, coworker, friend, etc.). Everyone needs to be knowledgeable about the signs so that people can get the help they need.

NAMI Shelby offers free support groups for individuals living with mental illness and family members of individuals living with mental illness. Meetings are located at Shelby Baptist Medical Center Physician’s Center Suite 100 on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6 pm.

If someone needs help, what steps should they take? • Talk with your primary care doctor about a referral. • Call your insurance company to check on benefits. • Contact your local mental health center, which often offers a sliding fee scale for individuals with no insurance coverage.

The right experience, the right choice for the future of Shelby County

VOTE for



PROBATE JUDGE Allison Boyd for Probate Judge, P.O. Box 381102, Birmingham, AL 35238.

A Christ Centered, Family Focused, Full Service Hair Salon Latest in... Cuts | Colors | Waxing | Perming

Give us a call to set up an appointment

664-7770 axing |Perming

Jim Rice

Melissa Scoggins

Jessie Hoover




Visit our new website!

! 128 Market Center Drive, Suite 124, Alabaster, 35007

Tori Chance

Beth Davis

Lindsey Quinn




Located between Restore and H & R Block in the old Winn Dixie shopping center



Moms’ Words to Live By FEATURE

Mothers work hard to teach their kids important life lessons. They model how to live in the face of adversity, and they share words of wisdom that sometimes seem to be understood only once their children are grown. But, here’s to you, moms - your kids are watching and listening! Happy Mothers’ Day!

“Put God first and follow your dreams.” - Mario McKeller

“My mom is everything to me. Where I stand today is because of her. She is always behind me and always encouraging me to do the right thing. She is in Sri Lanka, where I’m from, and there are not English words to say it the way she says it. But what she would say to me would mean that whenever you fall, to get back up and go for it. You’re going to have hard times, but don’t stay down.” - Andy Danapala

“Respect your parents.” - Gabrielle Hester (14) “Be kind to others and don’t bully. Be nice to people who don’t have friends.” - Abbie (11) & Adyson (8) Weaver

“My mother always had a really great sense of humor. I actually have a photo of her at age 82, sticking her tongue out at me. Even when she had Alzheimer’s, she never lost her smile. I use that picture on my phone, so it’s the first thing I see in the morning. It helps me always wake up with a smile.” - Paula Smith

Evangel Church


formation, 9 For more in at 664-088 ny Collins n e B t c ta n co at or register .org. lchurchpca e g n a v .e w ww mited. Space is li

“Why settle for a hot dog when you can have a steak?” - Becca Ankesheiln


Evangel Church PCA is sponsoring a Soccer Camp for Kids (Rising 2nd - 10th grade) at Buck Creek Park in Alabaster. Mark Wallace, the former JV boys head coach at Briarwood Christian School, will serve as the head instructor. Cost is $10 per child.

MAY 29 - JUNE 1 8 – 11 A.M. Buck Creek Park

701 Sixth Avenue SW., Alabaster, Alabama 35007


Dr. Kristi



June 5th

Dr. Kristi


Dr. Kristi


Authentic Family Involvement Philosophy: Safe & Strong Educational Environment Local Community EngagementAuthentic Family Involvement Safe & Strong Educational Environment Investing in New & Upgraded Facilities Local Community Engagement High Academic Achievement Investing in New & Upgraded Facilities High Academic Achievement Success of Every Student


S C H O O L S U P E R I N T E N D E NSuccess T of Every Student

Learn More on my

Webs i te Alabama, Montevallo, & UAB Graduate Alabama, Montevallo, & UAB Graduate Authentic Family Involvement



An Educator for Almost 30 yrs -AnAllEducator Levelsfor Almost 30 yrs - All Levels Safe & Strong Educational Environment AlabamaMember Superintendents’ Alabama Superintendents’ Academy 2018 Academy Member 2018 Local Community Engagement Leadership Shelby Graduate 2014 Shelby Graduate 2014 Investing in New & Leadership Upgraded Facilities District V High School Principal of the Year High Academic Achievement District V High School PrincipalResident of the ofYear Shelby County for 17 yrs 3 Wonderful Success of Every Student Resident of Shelby Countyofor yrs Children; Will, Haley & Son-in-law Jay n 17

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Webs i te Alabama, Montevallo, & UAB Graduate


n r a e L re Mo

Married to Colonel Steve 3 Wonderful Children; Will, Haley & Son-in-law JaySayers (retired) Married to Colonel Steve Sayers “I’m(retired) Asking for your Vote on June 5

An Educator for Almost “I’m 30 yrs Asking - All Levelsfor your Vote on June 5th Alabama Superintendents’ Academy Member 2018 Shelby County Superintendent” Leadership Shelby GraduateShelby 2014 County Superintendent” on my e District V High School Principal of the Year t i s b Resident for 17 yrs We of Shelby County Paid for by Friends to Elect Dr. Kristi Sayers 2601 Drennen Place Birmingham AL 35 3 Wonderful Children; Will, Haley & Son-in-law Jay Married to Colonel Steve Sayers (retired)

“I’m Asking for your Vote on June 5th

Paid for by Friends to Elect Dr. Kristi Sayers 2601 Drennen Place Birmingham AL 35242





CIRCUIT CLERK, SHELBY COUNTY • Lifelong resident of Alabaster, knowledgeable, hardworking, dedicated, accessible. • Worked in the Shelby County Clerk’s Office since 1972. • Circuit Clerk since 1999. • Served as Absentee Election Manager since 1988. • Unanimously voted by peers to serve 10 consecutive years on the Executive Board of the Alabama Circuit Clerk’s Association. • Worked with the state to initiate District Court Magistrate Certification Program and pushed having background checks done for court system employees. • Frequently volunteers clerk’s office to pilot IT programs that benefit not just Shelby County but the court system in the whole state.

• Recently asked by Secretary of State John Merrill to chair an Absentee Voting Task Force to streamline the absentee voting process and make it more user-friendly. • The Shelby County Clerk’s office is currently up to date with work and compliant with all audits by Examiners of Public Accounts, DIV of Risk Mgmt, Property Audit and New Orleans Passport Agency. • Frequently asked to train Absentee Election Managers, Magistrates and to mentor other Circuit Clerks throughout the state due to her knowledge of the court system.

Pd. For By Campaign To Re-Elect Mary H. Harris, P.O. Box 1042 Alabaster, AL 35007

Let our family care for yours.

Brookwood Baptist Health Specialty Care Network is proud to welcome our newest member, Michael Patterson, M.D. Dr. Patterson is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with over 18 years of experience and a special interest in studying the latest advancements in sports medicine and regenerative medicine. He provides comprehensive care in the treatment of sports injuries, arthroscopic surgery, fracture care, and pain of the muscles, tendons, and joints. We’re proud to welcome Michael Patterson, M.D. to our community of care.

Call (205) 715-5050 or visit to book an appointment.


MICHAEL PATTERSON, M.D. Sports Medicine & Orthopedics

30 Racquet Club Pkwy Pelham, AL 35124




s the newly appointed teen council members disembarked from the bus in front of Alabaster City Hall, they were greeted by the returning students who were lucky enough to catch a ride with a peer, as they all filed into the city council chambers they were divided into two groups. Returning members to the left and newly appointed members to the right. “There is a lot of responsibility, and a lot of work with being on Teen Council,” shared Mayor Marty Handlon in her opening remarks to the assembled teens. “That is the way you grow - this isn’t a babysitting service,” she exclaimed. This is the fifth year for the Alabaster Teen Council. Over time, the group has evolved into the part think-tank, part event planning, part philanthropic organization and part advocate for the teenagers of Alabaster that it is today. Just some of the ideas and activities the Alabaster Teen Council has promoted over the past five years include: Back to School Bash, Summer Movies in the Stadium, Donations to the Salvation Army, Mental Health Awareness training and prevention, I Care Enough Thanksgiving event, and the Alabaster Christmas Parade, just to name a few. Mayor Handlon birthed the idea of a teen council when she looked around and saw not only her own son, but also many other teenagers without a positive outlet for relationships and activities. “Too many of our young people have too much time on our hands to make bad choices. The way we change that is to give them positive things to do and a positive environment,” she shared with the teens. “This isn’t just about you, it is about your peers.” Each member of the teen council is to be an advocate for their peers, complete a minimum of 25 service hours, speak up about issues facing the teens of Alabaster,

Returning member Noah Tanner encourages the new Teen Council to participate fully.

and represent the city well. “You are a reflection of our community and our city,” said Mayor Handlon, “Your behavior reflects on our city. You have a responsibility to reflect positively on all of us.” A CALL TO SERVICE The impact from the Teen Council has not gone unnoticed by city leaders. Scott Brakefield, City Council President and father of a teen council member, shared a few words of encouragement. “As I hear what you are doing and get to do, I think of one word, which is service. You are coming together to provide a service to teenagers in your community,” he shared with the group. “It is great to see that you want to get involved. You have a great year ahead of you, and it is going to be a lot of fun. I wish you nothing but the best this year.” ALL TOGETHER For tenth grader Zoie Casey, this is all new and exciting. “My friends made it sound fun and I feel like I wanted to put my input into what we do around the city,” she said. She is most looking forward to being more involved. “I feel like this will give me an opportunity to put myself out there and to make a difference.” Returning member Gracie Coker, a junior at Thompson High School, is entering into her fourth year. “It is such a fun way to get involved in the community and to serve,” she stated with excitement. Having served for three consecutive years now, Gracie has a unique perspective. “I think, as a whole, the teen council has grown so much. We come from all backgrounds, yet when you join Teen Council, you immediately get a voice. Our greatest accomplishment is getting to be involved. People know that I am on Teen Council and they come to me and seek help to problems, which we try to solve together,” she said. "When we come together," said Mayor Handlon, "our community is stronger." To find out more visit: AC





f you catch yourself performing car karaoke to hit songs like “Hey Jealousy,” “Follow You Down,” “Rockin’ Into the Night,” or “Chain Lightnin’,” you’ll definitely want to make plans to attend Alabaster CityFest on June 2, 2018. The Alabaster Arts Council and the event’s title sponsors – Central State Bank and Coca-Cola – have announced that the bands Gin Blossoms and 38 Special will be the featured headlining acts of this year’s 16th annual event! GIN BLOSSOMS BRING THE “JANGLE POP” From their late-80s start as Arizona’s top indie rock outfit, the Tempe-based combo has drawn critical praise and massive popular success for their trademark brand of chiming guitars, introspective lyrics and irresistible hooks. Gin Blossoms own a chain of pop and crossover favorites, from “Until I Fall Away” to the GRAMMY®-nominated “As Long As It Matters,” earning the band sales in excess of 10 million in the US alone. On the Main Stage at 7:00 pm, the band will perform its long chain of hits, along with songs from their new album, which releases on May 11.


38 Special

38 SPECIAL IS SIGNATURE SOUTHERN ROCK Even after more than three decades together and record sales in excess of 20 million, 38 Special still performs in over 100 cities a year! Their albums have reached Gold and Platinum status, and their arena-rock pop smashes are fan favorites, including “Hold On Loosely,” “Caught Up in You,” “Fantasy Girl,” “If I’d Been the One,” “Back Where You Belong,” “Second Chance,” and more.  Their most recent album is “Live from Texas,” which was recorded on tour at several different venues. The band’s tight, mature sound is captured in a way that was “finally able to deliver what we represent onstage,” says Don Barnes, the band’s longtime vocalist. That sound will be front and center on the Main Stage at 9 pm.  TUNES ALL DAY LONG The music lineup at Alabaster CityFest 2018 begins at 10:00 am on June 2 and continues until 38 Special wraps on the Main Stage at around 10:30 pm. Alabaster Arts Council’s Jamie Cole

recognizes that rock fans will already be excited about the evening’s headliners. But he points out that the full music lineup will be the most exciting and diverse in years. “Country, R&B, pop…it’s all going to be on stage at Alabaster CityFest throughout the day.” Delta Rae, alt-country rockers from Durham, N.C., highlight the afternoon lineup at 5:30. Their recent release features the hit single “No Peace In Quiet” and a phenomenal cover of the harmony-laden classic “Seven Bridges Road.” Other acts will include local and regional artists from across the genre spectrum.  PROVIDING ACCESS TO THE ARTS A commonly asked question is, “How are the music acts selected?” Unlike some other festivals around the state, CityFest is not exclusively country OR rock OR jazz, etc., throughout the day. Cole explains the Alabaster Arts Council attempts to pick great artists from every genre. “We have a very diverse community with diverse tastes, which we try to accommodate throughout the day,” he says. “And because we are an ARTS council, we also want to introduce the community to something new now and again.” ▶ Stay up-to-date online at and on Facebook @AlabasterCityFest.

FEATURE He shares that budget is also a huge factor for securing artists. “If a musical act costs $50-$100 per ticket to see at Oak Mountain or the BJCC, it's probably not reasonable to expect to see them for free at a festival. But we encourage folks to come sample the music all day long. It's part of what makes a festival great.” FIND THE MUSIC AT A NEW VENUE This year, the Alabaster Arts Council will be hosting CityFest, the area’s biggest and most popular FREE festival, on the grounds of the new Thompson High School in Alabaster, located at 1921 Warrior Parkway. At this location, visitors will appreciate more parking, more vendors and more room to enjoy the day’s activities. Festival organizers recommend visitors arrive via the school’s Thompson Road entrance and plan to spend the day enjoying the KidsFest, food and craft vendors, the drive-in car show, and, of course, a full day of world-class entertainment!

You've Got CityFest Questions? The Alabaster Arts Council Has Answers!


ext month will celebrate the 16th Annual Alabaster CityFest event! Even still, questions are often asked by festival-goers via social media about how it all works. To answer some of the most common questions about the event, we asked the Alabaster Arts Council to weigh in:

Q. How does CityFest continue to be successful after all these years?

A. There are several factors that keep it going and growing: community support, sponsor support, great volunteers and the willingness to change. CityFest has changed a lot in its 16 years, but the things that stay consistent are the fun, the free admission, and the family atmosphere.

Q. How can CityFest be FREE?

A. Obviously, the financial support from sponsors is important; without the cash, we can't book music artists or bring in the rides for the kids or even keep the lights on. But there are also dozens of "in-kind" sponsors who provide products and services for the event. For example, employees from the City of Alabaster— police, fire, parks and rec, leadership—all work tirelessly to get ready, maintain, and clean up after the event, as well as to keep it safe and accessible. Local businesses provide food and drink. And then there are the vendors that are onsite at the festival. When you spend your dollars on the foods, crafts and products on sale at CityFest, you're helping support everything else that happens there, too!

Q. Why is CityFest moving to the new Thompson High School?

A. The Alabaster Arts Council is just as proud of our new school as the rest of the community. But there are practical reasons for moving, too. We will have more room, more parking, and a better VIP experience. Q. What about coolers, pets, firearms?

A. None of these are allowed by City Ordinance. Same goes for smoking. Of course, since we are now on school property, we don't sell alcohol or allow it, period. Q. How can I purchase VIP passes?

A. VIP passes are reserved for sponsors only. Sponsorship levels start at $500. If you are interested in supporting CityFest as a sponsor, visit: and review the sponsor application. VIP passes may occasionally be offered to individuals through contests or promotions with our sponsors. Be sure to follow us on Facebook @alabastercityfest Q. Nothing is free — what’s the catch?

Q. Do you recommend bringing children to the festival?

A. Absolutely! Alabaster CityFest is one of the state’s premier family festivals. We are proud of our KidsFest area (sponsored by Vic Smith, CPA). It includes inflatables, healthy eating demonstrations, hands-on arts & crafts, and various other activities. Q. Are the workers paid or volunteer?

A. The organizers of the event – the Alabaster Arts Council – from the leadership on down, is 100% volunteer. They do the work because they love the festival and the community. It's yearround work: gathering sponsors and booking music and entertainment starts right after CityFest ends every year! The event itself takes literally hundreds of volunteers to succeed!

A. There’s no catch! This event is truly free…to you! But you’re right, nothing is really free (except, maybe air). This funfilled day of entertainment is made possible by hundreds of volunteers donating their skills and time, and by generous sponsors donating 100% of the cost, equipment, advertising, VIP food and services needed to entertain tens of thousands of loyal attendees. It costs them something. So be sure to thank each Alabaster CityFest sponsor who helps to make this day possible. Let them know you love Alabaster CityFest and you appreciate their abundant generosity! AC Have more questions? Send a message to @AlabasterCityFest through Facebook or visit


Experienced. Conservative. Leader. Supported small business by passing a small business tax credit and continues to fight to remove red tape by eliminating unnecessary regulations Supported pay raises for educators and increased funding for classroom needs. Proponent for Alabama’s nationally-recognized “First Class” pre-kindergarten program Protected the life of the unborn by supporting and sponsoring many pieces of pro-life legislation Fought for and passed stricter laws on prescription drug abuse and serves on the Alabama Opioid Misuse and Abuse Task Force Paid for by the Committee to Elect April Weaver. P.O. Box 1349, Alabaster, AL 35007 Weaver Ad.indd 1

3/5/2018 8:19:53 AM




eidi Lynn and her sister, Brittney, were only 10 years old when they started volunteering every Saturday at a local humane society. It was there that they discovered the heartbreaking reality of what can happen to animals in shelters. “I was in fifth or sixth grade, in a room with 20 kittens, and was told that 10 would get to live and the other 10 would die…and we had to choose which was which,” Heidi recalled. “We held kittens while they took their last breath as they were euthanized. That really gives you perspective.” This early exposure to the desperate need for animals to find safe, loving homes is what motivated the sisters to co-found Sanctuary Animal Rescue.

forever homes are found. “We do mobile adoptions at the PetSmart in Alabaster. Every Saturday (but the fourth Saturday) of each month, we have our dogs and cats there for people to see and adopt. We require that at least two Saturdays a month, our fosters bring their animals to the mobile adoption site, or if they’re close, we’ll send a transport, to make sure their animals can come be seen by families who may want to adopt them.” Fosters must have a fenced-in yard for the dogs, and their other animals need to be up-to-date on their vaccinations, spayed and neutered. In order to foster, you need to meet the same qualifications as if you were adopting.

“We do mobile adoptions at the PetSmart in Alabaster. Every Saturday (but the fourth Saturday) of each month, we have our dogs and cats there for people to see and adopt." -Heidi Lynn OFFERING A SAFE HAVEN Sanctuary Animal Rescue officially became a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2008. “But we’ve been doing what we’re doing now for over 30 years, saving animals since we were 10 years old,” Heidi said warmly. Many of the dogs and cats rescued by the organization are strays off the street who have nobody looking out for them. However, a number of the animals are pulled off death row in animal shelters, as well. “Shelters have to euthanize for space. We don’t,” she explained. “The dogs we take in from shelters, 99% of them were going to die that week if we didn’t take them in.”

ALL ABOUT THE ANIMALS At any given time, the organization could be working with foster families for up to 30 dogs and 20 cats. It all depends on how many fosters are available. Some families foster for a week and their dog or cat gets adopted into a forever home. Other dogs stay in foster families longer-term because they’re not getting adopted. But the fostering structure ensures that the organization never has to euthanize for lack of space. “We sometimes even get to work with dogs that need some evaluation and temperament training. Our behaviorist works to rehab them so we can put them into the homes they need to be in.” Before an animal goes into a foster home, the Sanctuary team gets to know them. They have an animal behaviorist on staff to provide evaluations and to ensure that the dogs are non-aggressive and mentally stable.

FOSTERING LIFE Since Sanctuary does not have a physical shelter-type facility, they resource foster families (“fosters”) from the community to care for the homeless animals while

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE A lot of people are motivated to foster because it will literally save the life of a dog or cat. Others choose to foster to help socialize their current dog, without

Sanctuary's behavioralist, Brittney, was chosen to train with Cesar Milan in Florida.

actually having to pay for another dog. “We pay all costs of the dog being in your home. If they have the space and don’t mind sharing it with a dog who needs it, they gain another playmate for their dog!” This is one of the benefits of being a foster. When a family is looking for a certain kind of dog or cat, Heidi is able to reach out to shelters and find what’s next to be euthanized and pull from that list. “I can go and save a life based on what you want to foster!” THE NEED FOR FOSTERS IS REAL “We need fosters. We need them really, really badly,” Heidi pleaded. “We have more dogs than we have fosters. I have boarded more dogs in 2018 than in the 10 years we’ve been doing this, simply because we’ve had so many dogs come in on emergencies that we couldn’t turn down.” If you are interested in fostering, please contact Heidi at or visit PetSmart and talk to the volunteers or one of the organization founders there. AC






organ Lawley and Nik McCrimon are surprised the phones have not been ringing the whole time during the interview. “Normally, they ring all day none stop,” McCrimon said with surprise. Lawley and McCrimon are Athletic Managers with the Alabasters Park and Recreation department. As their title implies, they manage the sports leagues for the City. This includes youth and adult leagues. “I oversee baseball, both spring and fall, youth girl softball, both spring and fall, football and cheer, which are just fall sports, and Start Smart baseball. It is a lot of sports,” exclaimed Lawley. McCrimon manages basketball, adult softball and soccer. Between both of them, they provide youth and adults sports programs for over 3,000 participants each year. And it is growing. “As the city has grown, so have our programs,” shared McCrimon. And with the expected addition of a new Recreation Building, it is likely those numbers will grow. The new facility is expected to have basketball courts and meeting space. This could mean adding additional sports programs and leagues. While the growth is nice to see, and the addition of new facilities is great news, these are not the measurements by which these two managers judge success. “Everyone,” Lawley shared, “having the best experience they possibly could have and hoping they return the next year. Making sure they have a good experience and create those memories. I look at it as being a good season.”

While the growth has been a big change, the biggest change has been less measurable. “The safety aspect has changed the most and for the better,” shared McCrimon. “The more information we get and the more information out there about safety, pertaining to kids, we have a responsibility to pass this along to the coaches and parents. The largest single safety aspect has been the understanding of concussions.” Each coach must take a safety course that teaches the signs and symptoms of concussions while also having the players avoid certain actions which might increase the risk of having a concussion. Lawley and McCrimon both enjoy their jobs. “I love working with the kids, I love being a part of working with the kids. And working with the parents and the coaches. I have always enjoyed it. It brings joy,” shared McCrimon, while Lawley nodded in agreement. Everything they do has these two goals in mind - keeping the kids safe and letting them have fun. “When we have to make a judgement call on fields, activities, or just about anything, we think through safety and fun, in that order,” Lawley shared. Morgan Lawley has worked in this role for over nine years. Nik McCrimon is going on five years full-time, with four years prior as a part-time worker with the department. Next time you see Morgan Lawley or Nik McCrimon, be sure to give them a big “Thank You”. It goes a long way. AC For more information, visit:

Kevin L. Morris, DMD 389 Huntley Pkwy. Pelham, AL 35124


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Jacob’s Corner’s simple elegance is a perfect backdrop for your special event. The stage is set for your event, whether you’re having a wedding ceremony, reception, celebrating an anniversary, getting a year older, having a corporate meeting or just looking to get together with family and friends. Whatever the reason or the season, come celebrate with us! We are pleased to announce the addition of Madison’s Place, our new indoor venue! 205-406-8000 105-A Plaza Circle Alabaster, AL 35007 Jacobs Corner Event Center







Leave It Two Weaver

Scott, Allison & Josh


veryone always asks Scott Weaver how he got into upholstering. “It’s just a God-talent. I think I learned to sew from Mike Hill’s wife, Carol, when she taught at SHS back in the day. I just picked it up!” His business, Leave It Two Weaver Upholstery, has been in business for over 14 years now. “Starting the business was kind of a multi-tasking thing that let my oldest boys (Chris and Joseph) go out and work with

me while I taught them to learn a trade and a strong work ethic,” Weaver explained. “My kids actually came up with the name. People always ask me why it’s spelled ‘two,’ instead of ‘to,’ in ‘Leave It Two Weaver',” he said with an easy laugh. “It’s because there were always two Weavers in the trailer working together!” His twins, Jacob and Kaitlyn are next in line. “Jacob helps me now, he’s my little man. He’s only 11, but he’s starting to learn!” BRINGING SOLUTIONS TO BUSINESSES


As a former sales rep designing and building fitness centers, Scott saw the need for quick, quality upholstering solutions for replacing the vinyl covers on the seats and pads on workout equipment. Working from a mobile trailer - one of the unique aspects of Scott’s business meets this need. He built a trailer complete with an air compressor, generator, AC and heat, and a commercial sewing machine that allows him to go on-site at fitness centers, take the pads off the equipment, reupholster them and put them right back on while he's in the parking lot.

“Every Saturday, I’d just go out and do some upholstering. It worked out real well when I’d be at a fitness center and someone would say, ‘Hey, I’ve got this restaurant. Can you…’ or, ‘Hey, I’ve got this medical…’ and it just kept growing and growing.” When Scott decided to go full time with his business, his wife, Michelle, asked him if he was sure he wanted to take the risk. He replied, “‘Well, no, but I’m going to put my faith in God and trust that He’ll lead me the right way as He always does’.” Sales in the first year went from $1.5 million to $3.5 million, and his business is continuing to grow! Now, in addition to the mobile trailer, Leave It Two Weaver has an almost 4,000 square foot spot on Hwy 11, next to the Chevron gas station and before you reach Joe’s Italian restaurant. Although customers will occasionally stop in there, typically connections and quotes are done over the phone through texting photos and questions. He explained that most upholstery places specialize in a single industry, like cars, convertible tops, or residential. Very few do boats or provide mobile upholstery services. However, last year alone, Scott and his small team did upholstery projects on 63 boats, in a number of medical, dental and chiropractic locations, and too many cars to count. “We get a little bit of everything now. It’s gotten to the point that our little call tag is, Just Ask If We Can Do It. We usually can!”, Scott said confidently. “Basically, anything that has vinyl, leather or fabric, we do it.” AC LEAVE IT TWO WEAVER UPHOLSTERY 205-624-3070 • Free Quotes • 24/7 availability • Licensed, Bonded & Insured




t 6’6” and 350 lbs., George Oldroyd is a giant of a man – both literally and figuratively. However, his brittle bones and rare immune disorder, which requires weekly infusions of a medicine made from donor blood plasma (for which he is deeply grateful!), have never stopped him from grabbing life with both hands and giving it a good shake! His left leg is amputated below the knee, along with part of his right foot, as a result of an infection incurred after breaking both feet running towards (not away from) a burning vehicle. However, his scars serve only as a testament to his dedication to the good of others above himself. This character trait is one that has shaped his highly decorated and lifelong passion for Scouting: “I joined the Cub Scouts when I was in second grade. Nobody told me I was allowed to quit, so I never did. My Dad was a career firefighter, and I think being a Scout made me feel like I was in the same ballpark,” he shared. When he was twelve, his mother’s auto body shop caught fire. He used cinder blocks to break the glass out of the old factory windows and pulled her out of the office. Soon after, she called the Scout office and they gave him the Heroism Award.  “Scouting gets to you after a while. It starts out being something you do, and sometimes it becomes something you are.” He went on to join a Fire/Rescue Explorer Post, became the youngest EMT in Connecticut, made Eagle Scout, earned 76 merit badges and nine Eagle palms, and ended up being selected as the most outstanding Eagle Scout in Connecticut by the Sons of the American Revolution. He was elected the Order of the Arrow Section Chief for the metro New York Area when he was in college and received the Vigil Honor. “Technically, I was the youngest Scoutmaster in the country, at least for a day, because my commission was effective the day

I turned 21. I soon became the camp program director, which led to being a Cubmaster and Scoutmaster for 1,100 boys. Eventually, I became the Skipper of a Sea Explorer Ship at the Coast Guard Academy.” He served as the first Order of the Arrow Chapter Adviser for Shelby County for a little over five years. Soon after, he was in a very serious car wreck. “I broke my back and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Since then, I've had to be more of a digital Scouter.” George says he’s been struck by lightning twice in his life: Once when he was nineteen, and then when he met his wife Rebecca in June of '97. A year later, he packed all his stuff into his '65 Coupe de Ville and headed south. “We were married in 2000 in Florence, Italy…at least, I'm pretty sure we did. The pastor only spoke Italian, so I took it on faith. For all I really know, he was talking about the weather, but he did it so beautifully...” His degree is in politics as a message strategist and speech writer. “I helped clients get elected to the legislature, to the judicial bench, to Congress, and Governors in several states. I did a little advance work for the White House when George W. Bush was President.” He studied in the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, and is now working on a degree in international relations and national security studies through the London School of Economics. He was the first college graduate in his family and was raised to the degree of Master Mason in Buck Creek Lodge 410, F&AM, in Alabaster. He came to Alabaster for Rebecca and says that she's what makes the place home. “I'd have moved to a flooded tenement basement in Kabul to be with her. Plus, Buddy's Barbecue. Ken's like a barbecue ninja. Now, if only we could move the train tracks…” AC


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rd's a o B n o ti ca fi ti u a e B r e st Alaba

h t n o m e h t f o s p i garden t By: Randi Dicus


ay is the swinging door into summer and, by the end of the month, we'll all be roasting in Zone 7's summer heat. Meanwhile, enjoy lovely spring flowers like phlox, irises, roses, daylilies (and Trilliums and maypops, down in the woods), and relish the harvest from our spring gardens.

CLEAR YOUR COMPOST BIN. Make sure you've got an empty compost

bin to hold finished pansies, cleared-out weeds, and any bags of leaves you decide to harvest from the curb. I usually start a new worm bin about this time, too.

FILL BALD SPOTS. On any bare places in the garden, sow a cover crop to build soil and out-compete weeds. I like buckwheat and black-eyed peas as summer covers.

SOW AND TRANSPLANT. You can sow or transplant beans, blackeyed peas, Crowder peas, cantaloupe, squash, melons, pumpkins, cucumbers, sweet corn, okra, hot weather lettuce

as st 4 years for the la nd family 3 7 t ic tr a is s ple of D tecting familie and ro e the peo ck r to serv matter - from p re. Your feedba o n o h n ctu en a that e. It has be address issues ads and infrastru mily, and to m fa to ro I sought necessities like the world to my nt state and you values, to ment have mea e between ge s. I hop balance te r a e d p n ro a encoura p m a ery g to restore ack overreachin oice in Montgom ur t h g fi to o b v e g ll e u v in n ro ti ti w a n to I will co ernments, and e your Conserv nsibility, and gro b o ov g to sp l e re ra m l e a d st fe fisc tru r taxes, tinue to will con t fights for lowe a . th y it e n ic u o av mm siness co small bu

Paid for by The Committee to Elect Matt Fridy • 1900 Spring Creek Road, Montevallo, Alabama 35115


Matt Fridy Ad 03052018.indd 1

3/5/2018 8:34:32 AM

mixes, tropical greens, basil, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and sweet potatoes.

CROP CARE. Harvest your cool season crops regularly, keep them watered and weeded. When the snow peas show signs of heat fatigue, you can dig them right into the bed to enrich the soil, or contribute to the compost.

HUMMINGBIRDS ARE BACK! Red flowers attract hummingbirds to your garden and they especially like tubular shaped blooms, like Penstemon— in my yard, they love Monarda, especially the old fashioned red one. AC


Scott Lamoreaux






rica Zoebelien, along with her family and other local families, represented the Autism Society of Alabama at the last City Council meeting in March as Mayor Handlon presented a proclamation recognizing April as Autism Awareness Month. For information on how you can support the Autism Society of Alabama, visit


SOUTHEAST GASTRO 1022 1st Street N, Suite 220

BLAIR PHARMACY 81 Weatherly Club Drive, Suite A


outheast Gastro celebrated the Grand Opening of their new office suite located in the 1022 Tower. The new offices feature an expanded and redesigned waiting room, convenient location in the heart of the Medical Mile, and a full range of medial care.

labaster resident Barbara Paschal attended the March City Council Meeting to communicate her appreciation for the city’s police and firefighters who searched for and quickly found her son, William, who had wandered away from the family in the Probst Promenade on March 20.


lair Pharmacy is excited to be part of the Alabaster Community. They are conveniently located off of Highway 11 on Weatherly Club Drive. As a family owned pharmacy they provide a hands on approach to service while offering everything you like about larger chain stores.

BUSINESS BEAUTIFICATION WINNER Linda’s Barbershop - Owner: Linda Curtis 208 1st Street South, Alabaster, AL 35007 Phone: (205) 663-9983 Linda states that she has done all the barbershop landscaping herself. She takes great pride in her business and has maintained a nice curb appeal which, hopefully, other owners will be inspired to do the same.

BEAUTIFICATION AWARD WINNER Larry and Pat Hall - 124 Kentwood Trail, Alabaster, AL 35007 Spring is always a beautiful time of the year, especially in the South. With the Dogwoods, Redbud trees, Azaleas, and so many perennials blooming, it is truly a joy to be outdoors. This property is located in Ward 5 and the backyard is just as pretty as the front. It is definitely the result of time well spent in making this neighborhood a place of beauty.




COMMUNITY MAY May 1 Water Board 7 pm May 2 Trial Dockets May 8 Housing Abatement Board May 9 Court Plea Dockets 9 am & 2 pm May 14 School Board 6 pm May 14 Council 7 pm May 21 Board of Zoning Adjustments 6:30 pm May 22 Planning Commission 7 pm May 23 Court Plea Dockets 9 am & 2 pm May 28 Council 7 pm

All meetings are held at 1953 Municipal Way in the Council Chamber. View full calendar, agendas and resolutions at

LIBRARY The Albert L. Scott Library is located at 100 9th Street N.W., Alabaster. Hours of operation are: Mon., Tue. and Thu.: 9 am - 7:50 pm Wednesday: 10 am - 5:50 pm Friday: 9 am - 5:50 pm Saturday: 10 am - 4:50 pm Sunday: 1 pm - 4:50 pm

If you would like more information concerning programs, please contact the Library at 664-6822. Closed Dates – April 1- Easter

CLOSED DATES May 28 – Memorial Day

ADULT COMPUTER CLASSES Call or come by to sign up. 664-6822. May 1 at 10 am

Microsoft Excel 2013 Part 2


Ya Ya Yarners! We will teach you how if you don’t know, and we will start you with one of two simple projects. We will supply the needles or hooks and yarn and a pattern. We also do community projects such as hats for service members, lap blankets, prayer shawls and many other things, plus we have a really good time. We hope you will join us! For more information, please call the library at 664-6822 or email Carol Smith at Program takes place in the meeting room.

ABC & DS OF MEDICARE May 14 at 1 pm

Karen Haiflich of the Medicare Information Source will help you navigate through the process of Medicare. Learn about filing, benefits, and any other questions you might have. Program takes place in the meeting room.


BOOK SIGNING May 30 at 10 am

Bobby Joe Seales, former president of the Shelby County Historical Society and former director of the Shelby County Museum and Archives, in Columbiana will be signing copies of his beautiful new book, Alabaster & Siluria the Early Years ~ A Pictorial History.


All programs are in the Meeting Room behind the youth department. Children 6 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

May 17 at 7 pm


Join us in our discussion of A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline. To Christina Olson, the entire world was her family’s remote farm in the small coastal town of Cushing, Maine. Born in the home her family had lived in for generations, and increasingly incapacitated by illness, Christina seemed destined for a small life. Instead, for more than twenty years, she was host and inspiration for the artist Andrew Wyeth, and became the subject of one of the best known American paintings of the twentieth century. Program takes place in the meeting room.

Wednesdays at 10:15 am Outreach

May 8 at 10 am


May 22 at 6 pm



May 7, 14, and 21 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm

May 24 at 6 pm

The Ya Ya Yarners are meeting at the Albert L. Scott Library now! Do you knit or crochet? Would you like to learn how? If so, we have a group for you...the

Computers, tablets, and smartphones - your questions answered! Join us as Bob Fitzgerald of Personal Computer Consulting in Alabaster offers a FREE

workshop where experienced techs will answer your questions about your mobile electronic devices. Troubleshooting, how-to, and consulting provided. Program takes place in the meeting room.

Story Time at area day care centers Wednesdays at 3:30 pm Tunes & Tales for all ages in the meeting room Fridays at 10:30 am Toddler Tales for 2’s and 3’s in the meeting room Wednesday, May 23 at 10:15 am

Summer Break Story Time in the meeting room for all ages

MISS JENNIE’S STORY TIME THEMES: Lemonade Day is Coming! Happy Mother’s Day! What Day is it Today? May Flowers! Let’s Go On a Picnic!

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU DAY May 4 from 4 - 5 pm

Our special Star Wars program is set to blast off for families. Activities will include: a Lego® Station, a Creation ▶

CALENDAR Station, light refreshments, and more! Sign up is suggested and fans are encouraged to wear a costume if they like. Guests may receive a Star Wars mask while supplies last if they do not have a costume. All children must be with an adult. Program is in the meeting room.

SUMMER CHALLENGE STARTS THIS MONTH WITH BELLE Youngsters of all ages can take part in the Summer Challenge that kicks off on May 30. This is when they read our library books to earn prizes and a certificate for their accomplishments! The overall theme is music. The slogan is Libraries Rock. Families can come at either 10:30 am or 2 pm to meet Belle from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast, produced by the Red Mountain Theatre Company. Adults can register children for the Challenge before or after either show and get a goody bag and our activities calendar! Also, beginning May 21, you can register online at library but remember to pick up your bag at the kickoff or another time! The Young Adults (YAs), tweens and teens 11 to 18 years old, will have a separate kickoff on May 31 from 6 to 7:30 pm. The Tweens & Teens Rock Summer Challenge Kickoff Party will feature snacking on fun deserts and candies, socializing, and surprises. The Summer Challenge will include several weeks of entertaining and educational programs and activities, prizes, and more. Performers and activities for June are below. The 2018 Summer Reading Program is supported in whole or in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by the Alabama Public Library Service. We’d like to thank our sponsors to date: Alabama Shakespeare Festival, AmStar Cinemas, Bike Link, Birmingham Barons Baseball, Friends of the Library, Jim ‘N Nick’s Bar-B-Q Restau-

rant, McDonald’s, Oak Mountain Lanes, and Red Mountain Theatre Company.

MAY & JUNE SUMMER CHALLENGE ACTIVITIES May 30: Libraries Rock Summer Challenge Kickoff with Belle from Disney’s Beauty & the Beast produced by the Red Mountain Theatre Company at 10:30 am and 2 pm May 31: Tweens & Teens Rock Summer Challenge Kickoff Party at 6 pm (Ages 11-18) June 1: Toddler Tales at 10:30 am June 4: Skin & Bones Comedy Circus at 10:30am June 4: Iron Giant Percussion Concert & DIY Instrument Workshop for All Ages at 4pm June 5: Lego League 4 - 4:45 pm June 5: Drama Workshop 5:30 - 6:15pm Ages 8 to 11, sign up for all six weeks June 5: Drama Workshop 6:30 - 7:15 pm Ages 12 to 15, sign up for all six weeks June 6: Reading & Rocking Story Time at 10:15 am June 6: Tunes & Tales at 3:30 pm June 7: Maynard, Magic & Music at 10:30 am June 7: Tweens & Teens Rock ‘n’ Roll Music & Food Workshop at 4 pm (Ages 11-18) June 8: Toddler Tales at 10:30 am June 11: Be-at Your Best Drums at 10:30 am June 11: Music Mania Read & Re-Create Craft Studio at 4 pm June 12: Lego League from 4 - 4:45 pm June 12: Drama Workshop from 5:306:15 pm (Ages 8 to 11 continues) June 12: Drama Workshop from 6:30 7:15 pm (Ages 12 to 15 continues) June 13: Reading & Rocking Story Time at 10:15 am June 13: Tunes & Tales at 3:30 pm June 14: Birmingham Zoo to You: Animals Rock at 10:30 am June 14: Tweens & Teens Crafts Studio at 4 pm (Ages 11 to 18) June 15: Toddler Tales at 10:30 am June 18: Slightly Offbeat Musical Magic Show at 10:30 am June 18: Music Mania Read & Re-Create

Craft Studio at 4 pm June 19: Lego League from 4 - 4:45 pm June 19: Drama Workshop from 5:30 6:15 pm (Ages 8 to 11 continues) June 19: Drama Workshop from 6:30 7:15 pm (Ages 12 to 15 continues) June 20: Reading & Rocking Story Time at 10:15 am June 20: Tunes & Tales at 3:30 pm June 21: Kids’ Tempo Time at 10:30 am June 21: Tweens & Teens Tempo Time at 4 pm (Ages 11 to 18) June 22: Toddler Tales at 10:30 am June 25: Science of Music at 10:30 am June 26: Block Party - Lego-inspired fun from 3:30 - 4:30 pm June 26: Drama Workshop from 5:30 6:15 pm (Ages 8 to 11 continues) June 26: Drama Workshop from 6:30 7:15 pm (Ages 12 to 15 continues) June 27: Reading & Rocking Story Time at 10:15 am June 27: Tunes & Tales & Treats @ Mr. Mac’s Mad Hatter Hoe Down at 3:30 pm June 28: Food Fun: Jam Making at 10:30 am (First grade to fifth grade) June 28: Tweens & Teens Jam Session: Music and Jam Making at 4 pm (Ages 11-18) June 29: Toddler Tales at 10:30 am Programs are in the meeting room. Children age 6 and younger must be with an adult.

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY MOST SUCCESSFUL BOOK SALE IN HISTORY! LIBRARY FRIENDS LOOK FORWARD Friends of the Albert L. Scott Library held their Annual Meeting on Monday, April 9 and look forward to continued success with the election of officers for 2018-19. The Friend’s group is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation organized to enhance the programs and services of Alabaster’s Albert L. Scott Public Library. The Semi-Annual Book and Bake Sale occurred April 6 - April 8. ▶


CALENDAR The event was the most successful sale in the organization’s history, which dates back to 1983. President Judy Mosely expressed her gratitude and appreciation to everyone whose efforts made the sale such a success: “It is through your efforts and those of many other members of the community that the sale was so successful. Thank you!” Proceeds of the sale will fund donations to the library to enhance existing programs, and to offer new programs and services to benefit the community and patrons of the library. In new business, the membership elected officers and directors who will serve the Friend’s group until the next annual meeting. Those elected were: President: Judy Mosely 1st Vice President: Amanda Turner 2nd Vice President: Judy Fields Secretary: Stacey Fitch Asst. Secretary: Christi Hamlin Treasurer: Judy Wood Publicity Chair: Hoyt Filyaw Board Of Directors: Ruth Dunmire, Jeanette Hughes, Richie Irvin, Sarah Jones, Renee Palmer, Jackie Scott, Daisy Washington The Friends invite anyone who supports the library to join us. For more information, contact Membership Vice-President Judy Fields at 663-6747, or speak to any Librarian and leave contact information at the desk. There are also membership applications available at the library.


The Parks and Recreation office has moved to Veterans Park. We are located on the farright side of the parking lot in the modular building beside the Maintenance Shop. Our physical/mailing address is: 7305 Hwy. 119, Alabaster, AL 35007.



If you would like to receive emails from Parks and Recreation regarding registrations and events, you can sign up by going to and

scrolling down the page to the SIGN-UP link. The only required information is your name and email address. NOTE: We cannot accept Checks as a method of payment. Please be prepared to pay for any fees with Cash, Debit, Visa, Master Card, or Discover.

HOLIDAY CLOSING The Parks and Recreation Office and Veterans Skate Park will be closed on the following date: May 28, Memorial Day


The community-wide yard sale will be held on Saturday, May 12, from 8 until 12 noon. Be sure to stop by Buck Creek Park and discover some treasures at bargain prices. The address is 701 Sixth Avenue S.W., Alabaster. Rain-out date: May 19 (same time, same location).

TRASH TO TREASURES EXTRAVAGANZA REGISTRATION (Only 50 booths available) *As soon as all 50 booths are reserved, registration will close out even if it’s prior to May 4.* On-Line Registration continues through May 4 at 11:00 pm. Walk-in Registration at the Alabaster Parks and Recreation Office continues through May 4, weekdays only from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The registration fee is $10 which can be paid with cash, debit, Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. No checks accepted. The fee includes a 20x20 booth. You must provide your own table and chairs.

FOOTBALL REGISTRATION (FULL CONTACT) Available to K5 through 6th grade. OnLine Registration at www.alabasterparks. org continues through June 1 at 11:00 pm. Walk-in Registration at the Alabaster Parks and Recreation continues through June 1, weekdays only from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Football registration cost:

$165.00. Multi-child discount: 10% after oldest child pays full price.

CHEER REGISTRATION Available to K5 through 6th grade. OnLine Registration at www.alabasterparks. org continues through June 1 at 11:00 pm. Walk-in Registration at the Alabaster Parks and Recreation continues through June 1, weekdays only from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Cheer registration cost: $165.00. Non-residents: Additional 10% per child. Multi-child discount: 10% after oldest child pays full price. FLAG FOOTBALL REGISTRATION Available to K5 through 8th grade boys and girls. On-Line Registration at www. continues through June 1 at 11:00 pm. Walk-in Registration at the Alabaster Parks and Recreation continues through June 1, weekdays only from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Flag Football registration cost: $115.00. Non-residents: Additional 10% per child. Multichild discount: 10% after oldest child pays full price.

ADULT SOFTBALL Games begin the week of May 1 at Buck Creek Park. Great family entertainment, and there’s no admittance fee! The game schedule can be viewed at on the Adult Softball page.

PAVILIONS FOR RENT On-Line Pavilion Rentals – available at Several of our City Parks offer pavilions for events such as picnics, family reunions and birthday parties. The best way to assure your event happens at the location of your choice is to reserve it early. Please do not send out invitations listing one of our parks as the event location before you have secured a pavilion through Parks and Recreation. The pavilion you plan on using may not be available. Pavilions are available for use by permit only. There is a $40 rental ▶

CALENDAR fee (no checks accepted) which must be paid before your reservation is complete. Note: Inflatables, charcoal grills, and piñatas are not allowed in any of the City parks. Please see our web site for a complete list of rules. All open picnic tables (those not under a covering) are available free of charge on a first come, first served basis.

Beautiful, memorable songs and production numbers, from the deeply romantic to the wildly humorous, all from two centuries worth of wonderful light operas. Cost is $22 to reserve your spot, which includes transportation and admission to the performance.


July 12 from 10 am - 6:30 pm


The National Infantry Museum is one of the nation’s leading destinations to learn about military history. We will have a 75-minute guided tour of the museum and we will watch a 45-minute documentary film. You will also have free time to walk around the museum. We will eat lunch at the Fife and Drum Restaurant on site. Bring $10-15 for lunch. There is a lot of walking on this tour. Cost: $20 to reserve your spot.


ANNIE PLAY AT SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL We will travel to Montgomery and eat lunch at Fried Tomato Buffet, and then enjoy the play/musical of “Annie” at the Shakespeare Festival in Montgomery. This outing will be a combined outing with our Therapeutic Recreation programs for individuals with disabilities. Cost is $40/person, which includes transportation and admission to the performance. Bring $10-12 for lunch.


This exercise class will focus on improving one’s balance, flexibility, muscular strength, mobility, help to decrease pain and prevent falls. Space is limited. $2/class.

May 9 from 10 - 11:15 am

Celebrate with us. We will have vendors, education info, door prizes and lots of fun.

DROP PENDANT NECKLACE May 11 from 12 – 2 pm

Create an eclectic pendant by stacking semiprecious gemstones and wrapping with ribbon and wire and assorted accent beads. Tools are provided. $18.00 to reserve spot. All supplies are included.

CREATIVE CRAFT May 22 from 9 – 11 am No experience necessary. We will be decorating summer birdhouses for decoration only. $8 to reserve your spot. All supplies are included.

OPERETTA SPECTACULAR June 10 from 1 - 5:15 pm

GENTLE YOGA Tuesdays from 1:15 - 2:30 pm Thursdays from 2:15 – 3:30 pm

Combines traditional/modified yoga postures and breathing techniques. Come improve your overall health through understanding your body better and leave feeling refreshed and reenergized. Gentle movement is modified to allow the class to be completed by a standing or seated participant; all levels of fitness are welcome. Space is limited. $2/class. ARTHRITIS EXERCISE PROGRAM Wednesdays from 9:30 - 10:30 am

Helps alleviate pain and stiffness, maintain range of motion, improve balance and coordination, increase endurance and overall health. This is a seated class with

health tips given on steps you can take to healthier living. Space is limited. $2/class. INTERMEDIATE LINE DANCING Thursdays starting at 9:15 am

For dancers with some prior line dance experience. High beginner and intermediate dances will be taught with more complicated steps and at a faster pace. Students may move up to this class when they feel they are ready. Space is limited. $2/class. BEGINNER CLASS LINE DANCING Thursdays from 10:10 – 11 am

For students new to line dancing. Several easy beginner dances will be taught in each class. Instruction will proceed at an easy pace and repetition will be emphasized. Appropriate supportive shoes should be worn such as tennis shoes, boots, and flats. High heels and backless shoes are not appropriate.  Safety is a priority. Space is limited. $2/class.

AGELESS ADVENTURES IN MOVEMENT Thursdays from 12:30 - 2 pm

Uses movement as a language to express an idea. As we explore some issues of aging and learn the basics of creative movement. We’ll learn to use the elements of dance to tell our stories and explore the concept of the relationship between dance and the well-being of mind, body and spirit. No prior dance experience is necessary. We’ll build our dance vocabulary as we go! This is an ongoing class $2/class.

MOVIN’N GROOVIN Fridays from 9:30 - 10:20 am

Focuses on stretching, cardio, light weights and having fun! All taught to music! Learn safe ways to improve muscles to make every day activities easier. Emphasis is on improving and maintaining overall health from head to toe. All levels are welcome. Space is limited. $2/class. AC



CITY COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES (ABRIDGED) Unabridged version of minutes and resolutions/ordinances can be found on the city webpage at

MARCH 12, 2018, 7 PM

Present: Sophie Martin (1), Rick Ellis (2), Stacy Rakestraw (3), Greg Farrell (4), Russell Bedsole (5), Scott Brakefield (6), Kerri Pate (7)

Mayor Proclamations Proclamation – John Ellison Proclamation – 5th Grade Boys City League Basketball Proclamation – Thompson High School Wrestling Swearing In Ceremony – Timothy Love, Fire Chief

Agenda Items 1. Resolution 031218 Video Visions Media Marketing Agreement Motion Passed Unanimously 2. Resolution 031218-A Approve Fire Department Purchase of Three Cardiac Monitors Motion Passed Unanimously 3. Resolution 031218-B Authorize Financing for Police Department Vehicles Motion Passed Unanimously 4. Resolution 031218-C Adopt Debt and Investment Policies Motion Passed Unanimously

Audience Comments


1. Caleb Collins of 1127 Thompson Rd, Alabaster spoke asking for an update and verifying information on District 31 Development.

Mr. Collins also complained regarding the moving of the water lines on Thompson Rd, claiming that grass on his property was not replaced as it should have been. SAID MEETING ADJOURNED AT 7:42 PM. MARCH 26, 2018, 7 PM

Present: Sophie Martin (1), Rick Ellis (2), Greg Farrell (4), Russell Bedsole (5), Kerri Pate (7) Absent: Stacy Rakestraw (3), Scott Brakefield (6)

Mayor Proclamations 1. Proclamation – Autism Awareness - Erika Zoebelien present to accept Proclamation. 2. Guest – Barbara Paschal Commended Public Safety on locating her son, William.

Council Reports: February Reports: ALS Library – Council Member Ellis Public Works and Garbage – Council Member Pate Police Department – Council Member Bedsole Fire Department – Council Member Farrell

Agenda Items 1. Resolution 032618 Jazz in the Park Motion Passed Unanimously

2. Resolution 032618-A Albert L. Scott Library LSTA Grant Motion Passed Unanimously 3. Resolution 032618-B Amend Job Description for Wastewater Treatment Operator Motion Passed Unanimously 4. Resolution 032618-C Rename & Reorganize the Planning / Safety Division of the Alabaster Fire Department and Amend the Fire Marshal Job Description Motion Passed Unanimously 5. Resolution 032618-D Authorize City Manager to Execute Annual Certifications of ALDOT 5310 Grant Regarding Senior Center Transportation Motion Passed Unanimously 6. Resolution 032618-E

Authorize Lease Agreement of Copiers for City Offices through US Communities Purchasing Co-operative Motion Passed Unanimously 7. Motion - Alcohol License Request by Cornucopia Restaurants LLC doing business as Buck Creek Pizza & Wings Motion Passed Unanimously

Council Member Comments: 1. Council President Pro-Tem Martin announced the City Council would be conducting interviews for the Alabaster City School Board of Education on April 4th, 2018 beginning at 6:00 pm to be held at 1953 Municipal Way. SAID MEETING ADJOURNED AT 7:30 PM AC

Memorial Day The City of Alabaster would like to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the heroes and their families who have sacrificed so much for the good of our community and our nation. Thank you!


CITY OF ALABASTER 1953 Municipal Way Alabaster, AL 35007 664-6800 MARTY HANDLON, MAYOR 664-6831





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