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“In 2007, when I was diagnosed with the first autoimmune disease – Graves’ disease, it stunned me,” recounted Deven Woods, founder of Many Infinities. “I thought, ‘Well, let me figure this thing out,’ because it didn’t make any sense to me.” She began researching the disease to discover the scarcity of resources available for patients or family members. Before she had enough time to grasp hold of her new circumstance, she had also developed Pernicious anemia and finally, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. “The common link between all 100+ autoimmune diseases is autoimmunity – hereditary confusion of the immune system,” she expounded. “Your immune system is meant to protect all that is you, but with autoimmunity, your immune system says, ‘I don’t like you anymore so I’m going on the attack.’” If you are predisposed to autoimmunity, when the attack takes place, it becomes a matter of where and how your body is attacked. That determines the disease which you develop. Varying according to family history, physical activity, and even environment, some may develop multiple diseases. A wife, the mother of four children, a marine, a career-driven and overall active woman – and then it

Deven Woods founded Many Infinities as a resource to help others.

all changed. Woods recalled the devastating moments that altered her life forever. At one point while Woods was hospitalized, the sicknesses were so overwhelming that she accepted her mortality and began making preparations for her family to move forward without her. Then her youngest child asked her if she was going to die. That was enough for her to fight to live. “I prayed for God to heal me, to take this away, to not be in this position,” Woods shared as she listed the reasons that kept her fighting to live. “Then I started having these dreams of people being educated and of people getting understanding.”

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