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No longer are parents tied to their home phones, waiting to receive calls from their children’s physicians. With the advent of mobile phone technology, they can be reached anytime and anywhere.


Timely Text Marketing & iLoop Mobile can enable a suite of mobile services for CHLA. You will further impact the lives of the families you serve, improve their clinical care and increase your revenues. We can make this happen via that ubiquitous tool in almost every pocket, purse or briefcase—the mobile phone. Although many of us use it to make voice calls, still many more of us carry one (or two) for the text-messaging and/or mobile web browsing capabilities. According to Senior Analyst Evan Neufiled of M:Metrics (which reports and summarizes market size, mobile

What does all of this mean for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles?

phone device reach, key demographics and mobile phone usage characteristics), “Over the past year, text messaging has seen explosive growth in terms of sheer numbers (from 70.1 million in Q2 ’06 to 88.6 million in Q2 ’07), year-over-year growth (26 percent) and quarter-overquarter growth (18.1 percent).” Furthermore, in the US alone, over 92.5 million of all mobile phone users are defined as active text message users. This is a highly active group that sends over 1 billion text messages almost every day in the United States. Don’t be fooled or mis-informed to think that this group is mostly teens. This target market is aged 18 to 54 and now that all of the major cell phone companies offer

at least one type of unlimited text messaging package to their subscribers, these users are increasingly using their phones to acquire information from a variety of businesses in the form of text messages. If you look at many of the Fortune 1000 companies today, you will find such companies as Chase Bank, Subway, Ford, Procter & Gamble, PBC, BP Oil, Progressive Direct, and many others deploying text messaging initiatives. They want to meet their customers where they are, not wait until they get home in front of a computer screen.

Well, for starters, it means that almost every parent or care-giver of every one of your patients has a cell phone with them at all times. Putting the aforementioned statistics into context, one quickly realizes that all of your families have immediate access to incredible amounts of information. It also means that they possess a number of ways to act on that information the VERY INSTANT they receive a communication from you.


Enable parents to keep family and friends abreast of each child’s progress with text messaging.

How many times has your cell phone rang and you looked-Only to decide to send the caller to voicemail? On the other hand, how many times have you received a text message and read it instantly? In general, because text messages are so short, we read them immediately and even save them to review at another time. To better serve your patients, this simple, yet effective technology can be harnessed in various forms: *Appointment reminders *Interactive calls

We know you are in the final stages of choosing an appointment service provider, but we want to introduce you to some pretty impressive features we can easily integrate with nearly any HL7 and HIPPA-compliant provider you choose: 1.


We can enhance your IVR customer care services. After the patient has spoken to your live agent, nurse or automated voice system, they can have text a message or mobile internet site link sent to their phone. For instance, a live agent could ask, “Would you like to have your appointment details text messaged to you?” Or the IVR system could say, “Say or press 1 to have your appointment details text messaged to you.” Upon the patient’s receipt of the message, the text would read, “Reply, Cancel or Reschedule.” If they choose to cancel, their appointment is batched and could be sent back to your provider so that another patient from a waiting list can be offered the appointment or rescheduled. You could also do this to schedule call-backs, trigger content, mobile internet sites or similar programs to the phone. Many CHLA families are facing incredible medical challenges with their loved ones. I was there. My daughter was brought to CHLA with a fatal diagnosis. At that time, I was so very hungry for information about her condition. It is possible with the services we are proposing for CHLA to make patient education (from sources of the hospital’s choosing) readily available to concerned families. Studies have shown that educated patients make better patients. It is a natural progression, then, that proper education and information from attending physicians or reliable, hospital-approved sources be made available to your families in an easy-toaccess and timely manner. Our platform is perfect for this content delivery.


You can handle prescription refill requests by text message as well. Families and care-givers will be able to easily re-order medicines for loved ones--often during a visit to the hospital.


We can also offer a viral program whereby families could send links, mobile internet sites or groups of text messages to many friends updating them as to most current status of patients during their stay at CHLA.


*Patient updates & education *Patient experience surveys *Prescription refill requests *Administrative communications

To better serve your staff, this mobile platform can also be utilized for: *Hospital-wide announcements *Inter-departmental communications *Emergency directives

Text messaging can also be used for hospital administration, enabling vital communication between physicians, staff, students and families. Keep personnel and staff abreast of meetings, guest speakers, press conferences, important luncheons, etc. The types of information services we can create together is almost limit-less.

How much does all of this cost? Appointment reminders, interactive and multi-modul calls, patient updates/viral campaigns, patient education, customer service surveys, prescription refills and administrative communication. Indeed that is an impressive list of capabilities. The answer to the question is in two parts: it can have a cost or it can be FREE. It’s up to you and your choice of implementation. We are ready to discuss your needs so that you can be given a firm quote on any of the aforementioned services. Also keep in mind that we are able to listen to your suggestions for any other application or functionality you might need. Or, should you choose to do so, allow us to show you how these services can be monetized and with careful implementation, they can be used by CHLA at a reduced cost, free or generate revenue for the hospital. Yes, you read that correctly: by choosing Timely Text Marketing + iLoop Mobile and the correct positioning, our services can earn revenues for CHLA. With shrinking budgets and increasing patient loads, our offerings can markedly have a positive impact on your bottom line. We are eager to hear from you at your earliest convenience.

Michelle Dumay and Timely Text Marketing MICHELLE DUMAY ( --entrepreneur and marketing consultant. Timely Text Marketing was created after the birth of her daughter. She faced many challenges attempting to provide medical care to her critically ill child. Ms. Dumay theorized that many physicians could automate office practices such as appointment scheduling and reminders, prescription refill requests and patient education. To this end, research revealed that all of this and more was possible on a mobile platform. Two-way communication between physicians and families allows all entities to better manage medical care for all patients in general, and the terminally ill in particular. Timely Text Marketing, launched in 2007, offers a mobile phone marketing system that businesses of every size can easily set up, making it easier for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of new mobile technologies. Owners can instantly create a keyword on a 5-digit short code, and configure their campaigns through a simple web based platform. Timely Text Marketing offers a 100% spam-free, opt-in service. All users must send a text message with a selected keyword to the short code. Customers are encouraged to opt-in by way of contest promotions, voting, coupons, specials, or by providing information via text message. Using our open API (application programming interface), businesses are able to send any content to a mobile phone. Timely Text Marketing solutions can be easily integrated into existing systems, for dynamic real time content delivery.

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Michael Becker and iLoop Mobile MICHAEL BECKER ( —entrepreneur, volunteer, and academic —is a leader in the mobile marketing industry. Mr. Becker is EVP of Business Development at iLoop Mobile, the maker of the mFinity Platform--winner of the 2007 MMA Innovation Award. He is a key influencer within the mobile marketing industry through numerous professional and volunteer roles.  In addition to his role at iLoop Mobile, Mr. Becker is a Mobile Marketing Association  (MMA) North American Board of Directors member (2004, 2005, 2007, 2008--member of 2008 Executive Committee, Director at Large), founder and Co-chair of award winning MMA Academic Outreach Committee, founder and Co-editor of award winning MMA International Journal of Mobile Marketing, DotMobi MAG Steering Committee member and MAG Education Council Chair.  Mr. Becker has written over 35 papers on mobile marketing, freely shares his knowledge one-on-one, through webinars, and conferences, and for his contributions to the industry was the recipient of the 2007 MMA Outstanding Individual Achievement award. iLoop Mobile is the leader in mobile services and technology for interactive mobile marketing, mobile advertising and mobile content distribution. The company's patent-pending mFinity™ platform makes it fast and easy for brands, marketing agencies, content owners and other companies to create compelling and effective mobile phone initiatives worldwide. iLoop Mobile is privately held and is headquartered in San Jose, CA, with European offices in Copenhagen.

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