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Personal Inform ation Muhammad Syaiful Bin Sam’an +65 9089 4904

Education 2011 - 2012 RMIT University Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) with Distinction 2006 - 2009 Singapore Polytechnic Diploma in Creative Media Design 2002 - 2005 Hougang Secondary School GCE O Level 1996 - 2001 Xinmin Primary School PSLE

A chievem ents


2008 Crowbar Advertising Boot Camp Bronze Award ! Crowbar Awards Napkin (Advertising) Bronze Award ! 2007 SPinnovex 2007 Display & Presentation Project: IKEA Art Chair ! IKEA Art Chair Exhibition ! Singapore Polytechnic Flag Day Logo Design 1st Runner up

Design Related Pinch Design Feb - Mar 2008 Intern ! CRUSH Advertising Dec 2010 Freelance FA Artist ! NUS Excellence Day Dec 2011 - Feb 2012 Freelance Event Designer



Softw are Skills !

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign ! Apple Final Cut Pro ! Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel


MIRROR September 2012 – Present Founder Masjid Haji Yusoff Jan 2013 – Present Freelance Designer VIZIER Feb 2013 – Present Graphic Designer Others SAF Oct 2009 - Aug 2011 Soldier Freelance Assistant Homemaker July - December 2012




Title: Energy Saving Tips Client: National Environment Agency (NEA) A 3-piece series of public service anouncement on energy saving.

Energy Saving Tip #01

Lighten Up Change to energy saving lightbulbs. They use 75% less electricity and last 10 times longer.

Energy Saving Tip #02


Chill Out Set your air-conditioner temperature to 25ËšC. The higher the temperature setting, the less energy used.

Energy Saving Tip #03

Cool Down

Change to fans. Fans use less than 1/10 the electricity used by air-conditioners.

Client: Expresso Target Audience: Young Working Adults (25-40) Expresso is the first ever 3-in-1 instant latte art. Latte art can now be done anywhere, anytime. Expresso encourages people to express(o) themselves through latte art. This teaser ad rides on the idea of latte art, thus using the QR code as the art on this cup of latte. The QR code leads audience to Expresso’s website.

Expresso Yourself

Expresso Scan the QR Code and learn to Expresso Yourself.

Client: Goodness Sake Target Audience: The health conscious who might not have the time to be. Young working adults (21-45). Goodness Sake is a convenience store in the CBD that caters healthy food & beverages products for busy working adults who are too busy to agonize over the nutritional value of food produce. The teaser and launch poster ads play with the pun of the name of the store, Goodness Sake. The teaser depicts early morning incidents that would relate to the target audience, while the launch informs them that the store is open, coming across with the tone of “finally it is here!�.



Title: Reserved Seat Client: Nivea Visage Product: Vital-soy anti-age day cream

Title: Red Balloon Client: SAGA CITY – 2012 Saga International Balloon Festival An ad to promote 2012 Saga International Balloon Festival. Saga International Balloon Festival is a hot air balloon event held annually in Japan.


2012 Saga International Balloon Festival

Title: Smoking is Suicidal Client: Health Promotion Board – Quitline Duration: 30s

Title: Smoking is Suicidal Client: Quitline Duration: 30s

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Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3

VFX: Close up of lips. Mouth exhaling smoke. SFX: -

VFX: Close up on finger flicking ash off cigarette into “ash tray”. SFX: -

VFX: Close up of lips. Mouth exhaling smoke. SFX: -

Frame 4

Frame 5

Frame 6

VFX: Side view of finger flicking cigarette. Only top of “ash tray” SFX: -

VFX: Close up of lips. Mouth exhaling smoke. SFX: -

VFX: Shows the full view of “ash tray”, which is actually an urn. SFX: -

Title: Smoking is Suicidal Client: Quitline Duration: 30s

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Every cigarette you smoke reduces your life by 11 minutes.

Smoking is Suicidal

Frame 7

Frame 8

Frame 3

VFX: Text fades in and out. SFX: -

VFX: SUPER fades in and out. SFX: -

VFX: Quitline logo. SFX: -

Crowbar Awards2008 Bronze Napkin - Advertising



From pen strokes to key strokes A concertina fold publication showcasing typography. One side having formal typography, the other informal. Concept: Grids & Guides Grids & guides are important in typography, thus I used it as the concept for both sides. The aim is to portray how the same concept can be interpreted differently.




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