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Aventura St r Application Form (Please Print) Name of Contestant: _________________________________________________________ Age: _________ Name of Group (if applicable): _______________________________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name: ________________________________Relationship Relationship to Participant: _____________ Address: ___________________________________________

Apt #

Zip Code: _______________

Phone: Home: (___) _______________ Work: (___) _______________ Cell: (___) ______________________

I hereby h b authorize th i and d give i my consentt to t the th City Cit off Aventura A t to t use any pictures i t and d video id taken during the Aventura Star Talent Competition for use by the City. ________________________________________________________________________________ Authorized Signature (Parent or Guardian if contestant is a minor) Open Auditions are open to Aventura R id Residents Only O l Proof of Residency is required for all participants

ST R Category Junior Star (Ages 5 – 8)

Where: Community Recreation Center 3375 NE 188 Street

_____ Individual

Audition Dates:

Rising Star (Ages 9 – 12)

Sunday, September 26, 2010 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

_____ Individual

Saturday, October 16, 2010 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm y, October 26,, 2010 Tuesday, 5:30 – 7:30 pm Groups are limited to NO more than 5 contestants Finals held at Founders Park Bayside Sunday, November 7, 2010 starting at Noon For any questions F i or further f h information i f i please call 305-466-3883

_____ Group

_____ Group

Teen Star (Ages 13 – 17) ___ Individual

___ Group

Shooting Star (Ages 18 – 54) _____ Individual

_____ Group

Shining Star (Ages 55+) _____ Individual

_____ Group

Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations in order to participate must contact the Community Services Department at least 48 hours in advance

Aventura St r Rules and Regulations STAR Categories • Junior Star……………Ages 5 – 8 • Rising Star…………….Ages 9 - 12 • Teen Star………………Ages g 13 – 17 • Shooting Star……….Ages 18 – 54 • Shining Star………….Ages 55+

Awards for Winning Stars • All participants will receive a certificate of participation • First place winning stars will receive a $50.00 $50 00 gift certificate to the Aventura Mall • Second place winning stars will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to the Aventura Mall

Competition Rules • Aventura Star is limited to Aventura residents only • Proof of residency is required • Aventura Star is open to amateur individual contestants contestants, and amateur groups of up to 5 contestants • Groups that participate will be placed in the category according to the age of the oldest group member • Each group member is required to complete an application form; please place name of group on each form. All group members must be Aventura residents • Aventura Star Talent Competition is based on overall performance (i e a vocalist or dancer may compete against another type of performance) (i.e., • Participants are only allowed to participate in one act (individual or group) not both • Contestants will be rated on quality of performance in three areas: • Stage Presence • Talent • Audience Response • All decisions made by the judges are final. • The finals will be open to the public and admission is Free!

Performance Guidelines • All contestants are required to sign a waiver prior to participating; Minors (17 & under) must have a parent/guardian signature • Performers must provide their own accompaniment • A sound technician is available, but participants must provide CDs (with a backup CD on hand), marked with name, track number, and any stage instructions • Performances are limited to three minutes • Finals will be live performances only; lip-synching is not permitted • All contestants who make the Final Round will be contacted by phone no later than October 28, 2010

Aventura Star  
Aventura Star  

Aventura Star Application & Rules