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South Australian Bangladeshi Com m u n ity Association (SnBCA)

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My beloved Bengal (Literal English Translation)

qlrIlSI CXl.ffin <TiqT,


csmw olq-{rFl


My Bengal of Gold, I love you.

crg-lrffin qFFFr, Forever your skies, Your air set my heart in tune As if it were a flute.

C6I4If, <ItrIT qFnsr gl("r <Tst-s <ifrt

â&#x201A;Ź {I,



sKq- qTrl-q.



qR EtI, Ttfl G.









{T{ qfil

ln spring, O mother mine, The fragrance from your mango groves

Makes me wild with joy, Ah, what a thrill! ln autumn, O mother mine, ln the full blossomed paddy fields I have seen spread all over sweet smiles.

Largest Human National Flag (till 14 February 2014)

Australians all let us rejoice, For we are young and free; We've golden soil and wealth for toil, Our home is girt by sea; Our land abounds in Nature's gifts Of beauty rich and rare; In history's page, let every stage Advance Australia fair. ln joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia fair.

f"We Remembeir' .


't' .-.

,, .::::



We express our profou,ld:grief and offer our deepeilt condoleiice! or,l,i, the sad demisâ&#x201A;Ź,rrof orir beloved Bangladeshi community Members an.d, ,

our beloved'relativel May Almighty rest the iJeii-aried,sorils in peac;. ,:a .r.l.1, ..1:.

f. ,;,.





E&tr8Rf4E the federol government

leqding to the lounch of SABCA.

SABCA, o non-profitoble, non-politicol ond democrotic orgonizotion hos been

worhing relentlessly to schieve


to recognize, embroce qnd volue ethnic diversity, Austrolion heritqge ond democrocY. We



understond ond grotefully ochnowledge

objectives. Every yeor in the lost decode, the contribr'rtions of indigenous people the members of SABCA, ot o teom, were ond tho:e who come loter from different successful in mqhing tremendous positive ports of the world.

contributions to our community ond the ploy o port to Austrolion society qt lorge by orgonizing We ore olso committed to of equolity volues q good number of events. The presence uphold the Austrolion peocefully together living of cross-culturol oudiences in different ond thus ond voluing understonding, positive through events is on indicqtion of the culturql sociol, religious, the respecting hormonious to build o f"n u"oru ogo in lonuorY 2oo4, a outcome Austrolion societY. We qre hugelY ond rociol differences. SABCA will strive group of Bonglodeshi living in Adeloide honored ond inspired by the presence of to contribute to build o unified ond

tooh q bold steP for odvoncing the the Lieutenont Governor, honouroble interest of our comrnunity by chortering Ministers, Members of Porlioment, o new ossociotion, colled South Moyor ond other dignitories of 5A in Austrolion Bonglodeshi community different events which mode us feel Associqtion (SABCA). The focus of the volued ond inclusive with the new ossociqtion wos to unite the moinstreqm. Community members believing in deep grqtitude qnd honesty, justice, equol right, mutuol We express our

hormonious societY thqt is sof e, welcoming, free from rocism ond inclusive for oll.

My deep oppreciotion qnd thqnhs go to

the honouroble President Dr Nizomul

to Multiculturol 5A for the grqnts to lounch the SABCA web Poge ond to celebrote the Bonglo New Veqr 'Pohelo Boishohh'. We wish to exPres5 our grotitude ond thonhs to the odvertisers whose generous finonciol support hos grestly helped in the publicqtion of this

respect ond tronsporency. lt wos strongly thonhs

felt thot our children should develop on oppreciotion of ond intimote tie with their trodition, longuoge, culture ond lifestyle. lt wos olso felt the need to

develop oworeness of Bonglodeshi

culture, longuoge, trodition ond lifestyle omong our Austrolion friends ond

neighbours. This is of Poromount importonce to build on inclusive, cohesive ond hormonious Austrolisn society where diversity is understood,

lslom qnd the members of the Executive Council of SABCA for selecting me os the

Editor ond olso for constont support throughout the publicotion process of this souvenir mogqzine. My speciol

thqnhs go to the Co-Editor

Mr Shohqdot Hossqin, the Grophics Designer Mr Mostofo M SoYeem ond the Cover Designer Mr Nioz Chowdhury Tuli for their involuoble contributions speciolly in designing the souvenir mogozine. I om

qlso indebted to the Convener

Noquibul lslom for his

Executive Council of the ossociotion heoded by Dr Abul Hossoin

ond voluoble odvice which contributed to improve the quolity of the souvenir mogozine. I would be foiling in my duty if I do not thonh oll post ond present members in qll cqtegories of SABCA for their support ond selfless contributions which ore the

(Choirperson) ond the first Monogement

driving force for the


respected ond suPPorted.


meeting of the founding members

held on the llth of lonuory 2oo4 selected

the first

Committee of the Bonglqdeshi

Community School heqded bY mYself (Principol). The some meeting qlso selected Dr Mustoque Ahmed os on Auditor ond me os o Public Officer of the new ossociotion. These positions were duly opproved by the first AGM held on June 2oo4. As the first public officer I hod the privilege to formulqte qnd lodge the droft constitution of SABCA to the Office of Consumer ond Business Affoirs (OCBA). SABCA received formol

opprouol from OCBA on the 24rh ol lonuory 2oo4. My sincere thonhs 9o to Dr lftehhor Ahmed ond other founding members for their input in finolizing the

I t





souvenir mogqzine. Our eornest request I sincerely opologize in odvonce to the is to give their potronoges reoders for ony unintentionol mistqhes to the odvertisers. or oversight onywhere of this booh.

to the reoders

SABCA is determined to foster unity As I looh oheod, I cqn visuqlize thot omong the communitY members ond SABCA will be flourishing ond will continue to Promote Bonglodeshi continue to serve the interest of culture, heritoge, trqdition ond lifestyle Bonglodeshi CommunitY in South to the wider 5A communities. SABCA is Austrolio. olso strongly committed to mointoin o New high stondord of educqtion in the Moy we hove o smoshing Bonglo strength couroge, brings 1421 thot Veor is which school Bonglodeshi community foce chollenges mohing essentiol to poss on longuoge, culture, ond wisdom to hqppy, Protperous, dutiful ond volues qnd notionol Pride to our us successf ul. thouc Nobcborrh c 1421. children.

hove the greot feeling to

We constitution. The enthusiosts orgonized o Austrolion os we ore living in on colorful inqugurol session of the new occepting ond hormonious society which ossociotion on the 13th Morch 2oo4 qt is mostly free from widespreod incident the lndion Community Holl ottrocting o of rociol intolerqnce. We hove the huge number of cross-culturol qudiences. privilege to live in o free ond democrotic Moy I tohe this opportunity to express country where we cqn use our tqlents my grotitude ond thonhs to oll founding ond shills to build our coreers ond thus to members for their much needed morol qdvonce Austrolio. Both the stqte ond ond finonciol support in the



Dr Abu ttddtque ilierh

Editcr 10 Veors of Achievement

loth Anniversory of South Austrolion

Bonglodeshi Community Associotion (SABCA)

4&8Râ&#x201A;Ź88 &e KeteA#E I hove the honour ond privilege to write o few words os the convener of the Souvenir Mogozine Sub-Committee on the occosion of the toth onniversory of South Austrolion Community Associotion (SABCA). The souvenir mogozine is on ottempt to showcose the different octivities of SABCA during the lost decode. SABCA, o socio-culturol community orgonizotion hos been mohing impressive progress by orgonizing o voriety of spectoculor events throughout the lost lo yeors. SABCA wos

estoblished in 2oo4 ond since then it hos been persistently worhing to promote Bonglodeshi trodition, culture ond heritoge through o voriety of culturql ond community events. We ore olso running o Bonglo longuoge school under the umbrello of SABCA which is nurturing our longuoge, culture, trodition ond lifestyle omong our young members. I believe thot the Bonglodeshi Community School is o ploce where the foundqtion of mutuol respect, honesty, discipline, couroge, sportsmonship ond leodership is loid to prepore our children to be ideol citizens of this notion.

It is commendoble thct SABCA wos estoblished with creditoble ideols of honesty, iustice, equol right, mutuol respect ond tronsporency. lt is o privilege to be o member of such o dynomic ossociqtion. I solute the founding members for the visionory ideols thqt they hove incorporoted into the

foundotion of SABCA.

It wqs cohesive teqm worh thcrt contributed in mohing this excellent souvenir mogozine. My sincere thonhs go to the Editor Dr Abu Siddique Mioh, the Co-Editor Mr Shohodot Hossoin, the Grophics Designer Mr Mosiofo M Soyeem ona tn" Generol Secretory Mr Md Abdul Monnon for their tremendous efforts which morhs the souvenir mogozine ,to Veors of Achievement' o succest' I om olso thonfful to our Choirperson Dr Nizomul lslom ond other EC members of SABCA for their continuous support, encourogement ond odvice which were helpful in improving the quolity of this souvenir mogozine. I whole-heortedly welcome the honouroble members, non-members, distinguished guests ond dignitories in the combined function for the celebrqtion of 'loih Anniversory of SABCA' ond 'Pohelo Boishohh'. Thsnecessory contributions from members, potrons, odvertisers, Multiculturol SA ond dignitories ore pleosing ond most welcoming. With regords ond best wishes,

Dr Ncquibul lrtcrn Ccnuener loth Anniversory Celebrotion Orgonising Committee South Austrolion Bonglodeshi Community Associotion (SABCA)

#ffigAâ&#x201A;Ź,â&#x201A;Źffi& 6&K&W8ol{ ',thuuo Ncbobotrhc t421". Hoppy Bqnglo New Veor year 142l

brings you hoppiness, prosperity ond


Moy the Bonglo new


in porticulor is importont It gives me greot pleosure to let you hnow thot this yeor iPoh"lo-Boithqhh'qnd the lOih Neor New Bonglo of to us for combined celebrqtion q Anniversory of SABCA. lt is indeed most pleosing thot we ore publishing creotive the morhing ond informotive souvenir mogqzine titled 'lO yeors of Achievement' of history bochground fOt[ onniu"tsory of SABCA. This mqgozine will reflect the SABCA, its growth, ochievement ond contribution

community ond to mogozine '1o yeors



to South Austrolion Bonglqdeshi

lqrge. The publicotion of souvenir Achievement' olso morhs o significont ochievement of

the Austroliqn society


My sincere thonhs go to the Convener of the lgth Anniversory Celebrotion the orgqnising committee, the Editoriol teom ond the Grophics Designer of

effort to souvenir mogozine 'lO Veors of Achievement' for their greot ond relentless preceding oll to felicitotions publish this wonderful mogozine. I extend my heortiest potronisers ond suppoder for their contribution ond support to SABCA' I om groteful to members, present honouroble ond qchnowledging our contributions to the service of South the dignitories for their supports ond for providing 'goodwill messoges' Austrolions. of tolerqnce, mutuol respect, understonding, I believe thot our young members ore the driving force to strengthen the culture of the founding members with the commend vision the reolize justice ond tronsporency. SABCA will be worhing tirelessly to society. multiculturol just, hormonious ond open, equitoble oble objectives of estoblishing o

ond I hope SABCA will continue to I om pleosed thqt the support for SABCA hos been significontly increosing dqy by doy Austroliqn' strive io serve the interest of Bonglodeshi Community ond South

Dr. Nirrrnul ltlcrn Chcirpertcn

South Austrolion Bonglqdeshi Community Associotion (5ABCA)

EffiWffi# frE#e# f4( aevwffie 6p

p&ffi'tffifueg*wrv4ww## I extend my congrotulotions to the south Austrolion Bonglodeshi community for its celebrotion of ten yeors of service to the people of

Associotion (SABCA) South Austroliq.

This wonderful milestone is o testoment both

to the determinqtion ond

sense of

community shored by Bonglodeshi South Austrolions.

As Premier of south Austrolio, one of my priorities hos been to ensure thot Adeloide is o vibront city thot engoges ond excites oll South Austrolions. I would lihe to thqnh the sABcA for odding to Adeloide's vibroncy over the post ten yeors through its promotion of Bonglodeshi culture ond support for multiculturolism. sABCA's Boishohh celebrotion is on outstonding exomple of the energy thot culcontributed to Sor-rth Austrolio. I om pleosed to heor thot SABCA's ten-yeor onniversory ond Boishohh celebrotions this yeor will together showcose on exciting ronge of Bonglo donce, song, music, food ond hondicrofts. Whot o mognificent woy to celebrqte the richness of Bonglodeshi culture ond shore its joy with the brooder South Austrolion community!

turolly diverse communities hove

On beholf of the Government of South Austrolio, I congrotulote SABCA for its contribution over the post lo yeorr, ond send my best wishes to oll members of the Stote's Bonglo community for o sofe ond prosperous New Veor.

â&#x201A;Źs'T+r{ Shubho N6bob6rsho

T--o W. o.r', ), (\ Hcn. fcy Weatheritl llP Prernler of South Austrolio

&ESW€ffie# 4WE #e# {ffi#'lFffi ffi#'#(#€ ftp


South Austrqlion Bonglodeshi community ond for their contribution to the success yeor onniversory 10

I send my wormest congrotulotions to the

Aisociotion (sABcA) on tieir of multiculturolism in our Stote.

growing multiculturql society ond hos SABCA hos ployed on importont role in our Stote's culture, trodition, ond longuoge in South

been exemplory in promoting Bonglodeshi Austrqlio.

School, Bonglo New veor festivities' SABCA's involvement in the Bonglodeshi community porticulorly in

ond Eid Festivols, chorities, welfore, sporting ond culturol octivities, promoting lnternotionol Mother Longuoge Doy

As Minister for Multiculturol Affoirs,

rm pleosed thot the south



Austrqli*,g:Y:lln:T^,T::.:,^":,::::^t:^t::T*ti::f;: provide terriric

onniu"r,o.v ond Boishqhhi celebrotion f;:,Hiffi::iJoff|:;Hli;;"tl:'ili'ui,,=u?or' combined culture' Bonglodeshi of richness rf.ro*lor" for the incredible hittory ond





yeors to yeor onniversory ond moy their success continue for mony congrotulotions to oll members of SABCA on their ten New Veqr filled with joy ond prosperity' come. I olso tohe this opportunity to wish you oll o Hoppy

€g'ffi{d Shubho N6bob6rsho

Hon fenniler Rcnhlne


llinirter lor llulticultsrcl Aflcirr





is with much pleosure thqt I congrotulote South Austrolion Bonglodeshi community Associotion (sABcA) who ore observing the ten yeor onniversory ond publishing o colorful ond informotive souvenir. I would lihe to tohe this opportunity to convey my best wishes to oll member of sor.rth Austrolion Bonglodeshi community Associotion ond Bonglodeshi Living in South Austrolio on this ouspicious occosion.

Bonglodesh is o proud to be q rich culturol heritoge, longuoge ond trqdition. the best melting pot for multiculturolism focilitoting oll cultures to be procticed/observed. lt is porticulorly relevqrt to our community to mqintoin our culturql heritoge & trqditions ond ocquoint next generotion with Lihewise Austrolio is

these richness. At the some time we olso need

to let our friends in other communities shore ours vis-o-vis leorn theirr. We, then would be contributing towords our root os well os multiculturism in Austrolio. lnitiotives by SABCA ore no doubt proiseworthy ond I sincerely expect these to be continued in future os well. I

wish SABCA o grecrt success in oll their endeovours.

Lieutenernt Genercrl iloud Uddin Ghcwdhury High Gornrniricnel for The people Republic of Bonglodesh 57 Culgoo Circuit, O'MALLEV, ACT 2606, Austrqlio


effi4,â&#x201A;Źâ&#x201A;Źffi# ftR#el' wff tr4"4 Fcr the touth Aultrcrlicn Brrnglcdeftl Ccrnrnunity Aflccierticn toth Annluetletty Publicqtlcn gives me greot pleosure to congrotulote the South Austrolion Bonglodeshi publicotion of this community Associotion (SABCA) on its toth Anniversory ond on the


souvenir Progrom.

not only hos thrived' ln the post decode, the Bonglodeshi community in South Austrolio

but olso hos shown itself to


inclusive ond welcoming of people from

oll boch-


to 50uth Austrqlio The ossociotion's support of multiculturqlism hos greotly contributed world. in the societies hormonious most being recognised or one of the people of oll bochgrounds to come together in the I opploud sABcA on its commitment to providing opportunities for spiiit of community, friendship ond hope for the future' populor events on the cqlendor for oll South Vour Bonglo New Veor celebrotion in porticulor hos become one of the Austrolions.

to the culture, the longuoge ond troditions' The Bonglo New veor celebrotion is olso qn excellent woy to expose children I

giving boch to this Stote' thonh you for your good heorts ond compossion, ond your constont dedicotion to

Hieg Ucrn Le A.O. Lieutenqnt Gcuerncr of South Austrolio Gherlrrncn South Austrolion Multiculturol ond Ethnic Affoirs Commission



i3.; h'1

'.a i\? tr:l

;,4 "{'L,


4gwffiffi ffiEew ffiwee,f



Since the inception of SABCA in 2OO4,

it hos been orgonising yeors in Adeloide. This yeor neorly 2OO persons received high such os lfter Porty, Eid-reunion, Picnic, stondord consulor services from the consulor comp held ct o Sports, Consulor Comp, Austrolion Doy Porode, Victory Doy, centrql locotion of Adeloide. Bosqnto (Spring) Utshob, lndependence doy ond Pohelo This yeor the Uiclcry Dcy of Bonglodesh wos celebrqted in Boishohh. two phoses. ln the first phose on the t6ih December 2ol3 we lller Pcrty (fost-breohing dinner), on onnuol feoture of gothered in front of the porlioment house in Adeloide ond SABCA ollows unrestricted ottendqnce. The good turnout of song the notionol onthem 'Amqr sonor Bonglo ...' in o people from different religious beliefs proves thct the lfter befitting monner ot 4:31 pm Bonglodesh time reminiscing the signing of the surrender document by the occupied Pohistoni forces on the 16th December ol tg7l. The community members

o voriety of events

olso discuss the significonce of the doy. ln the second phose,

the victory doy (Bijoy Utshob) wos celebroted ot lorge scole in presence of obout 7OO multiculturol oudiences ond dignitories qt Lotvion Holl, Woyville. The importont crttroctions of Bijoy


is o symbol of hormony. The Etd Rennicnt ore usuolly orronged in o community centre or in o porh where cqhes, sweets ond troditionol foods ore shored. This yeor we celebroted Eid-reunion qt Goodwood Community Centre. More thon 4Oo multiculturol persons gcthered ond enjoyed

the delicious food ond o colourful culturol progrqm.

Annuol Plcnic cnd tporlt ore being regulorly orronged which foster unity omong the community members. Annuol Picnic is generolly held in o porh or ot the bonh of o river. This yeor Annuol picnic wos held of Bonython porh, ond more

Utshob were o documentory film ond o dromo (colled Porinoti) in the context of liberotion wor, songs, donces ond recitqtion of poems. A Melo (foir) comprising stolls of food, clothes, boohs, hondicrofts wos orronged in the premises.

This is the first time SABCA orgonised Btood Donrrtion compoign in 2013. Donoting blood undoubtedly demonstrotes generosity ond dedicotion to sove ond enhonce lives of humon beings. By orgonizing q well publicized blood donotion progrqm, SABCA showed its noble intention to roise the qworeness of the need for blood donotion. Our community members will be inspired to get on boord in soving lives. Our speciol thonhs go to Shohodot Hossoin Liton for his noble initiotive ond effort to mohe the blood donotion progrom o ruccess. SABCA members tohe every effort to mohe the new orrivols feel welcome in our community ond olso in our stcrte. To this end, SABCA orgonizes

o'Frefhertf Recepticn Pcrtyt


yeor where the moin ottroctions ore introducing eoch other, dinner ond o culturol progrom. A reception wos given to our

beloved cricheter lhcrhib Al Hctrrn by orgonising o dinner thon 4OO SABCA members ond guests porticipoted in the porty while he wqs in Adeloide for ploying in Big Bosh picnic porty. This is the first time SABCA set up o supervised Leogue. jumping costle for the children which received oppreciotion porticulorly from porents. A voriety of sports such os crichet, footboll were ployed ond prizes were given to the winners. The porticiponts enjoyed delicious food. The picnic porty wos finished by thonhs giving oddress of the SABCA Choirperson.

Bonglodeshi community members hove been urging SABCA

to tohe steps for the consulqr focilities in Adeloide. We ore groteful to our honouroble High Commissioner Lieutenont Generol Mosud Uddin Chowdhury (Retd) for his commitment of ot leost one Ccntulcr Ccrnp every yeor in Adeloide. We olreody hod two successful consulqr comps during the lost two


everY lndependence DcY ol Bcngtederh (zoth Morch) SABCAhosestoblishedotrqditiontoorgonizelcrewell yeor in o befitting monner. pcrty to show respect qnd recognize the contributions of Bcnglc Hew Yecr (Pchelc Bcirhchh) Gelebrcllcn is those who ore leoving Adeloide.

ond populor events celebroted by provide one of the most importont gives us on opportunity to event This in iAgCA in Adeloide' ulctfunt llood crnd cyclone lhe to flncnciql cfflflcnce .li"Uiot" Bonglodeshi culture ond history ond shqre it with from suffering Bonglodeshis event invisiting Bonglodesh olso to the oitrer Souttr Austroliqns. The moin feotures of the of exhibition the ond clude music, poetry, donce, dromo, clothes soris' embroidered tlonJi.tottt, clrtwoihs, souvenirs, presence of the onJ o uotilty of food. This event morhs the ony other f.rn"it nr-b", of cross-culturol oudience thon Lieutenont The regulor presence of honouroble the "uJnts. Clu"inot of Soutlr Austrolio Mr Hieu Von Le AO ond on odd dignitories other ond 5A minister for Multiculturql ai-"nsion to the event' The Bonglo New Veor event of this stote' "riro odd o colourful element to the culturol diversity the wider reoch We see this event os on opportunity to Austrolion the in qnd to promote hormony

Our community members were generous to

community 5ocietY.

monBnngtnderh Gcrnrnunity lchcol (BCt) under the

in sustqining' oeement of SABCA hqs been ploying o vitol role to our chilcultures ond ;;J developing Bonglo longuoge of the members principol' the Jr"n. W" or" it',onnfrlio the the porent ond the teochers' the Monog"rn"nt Committee, in oll enthusiosm with porticipotion octive ,tra"ni, for their is BCS The orgonised by SABdA ond olso by the school'

cttitlcnce lo lhe "u"ntt rnigrcted profelficncl perlonnel such os medicol on integroted proctitioner: qnd occountonts by helping to orrqnge

complex diseoses. SABCA extends its

Port of SABCA'

their job iounselling ond tutoring sessions in order to improve seorching obility in their respective fields' This is the first

time SABCA hos ottended llulliculturcrl

Fcod Fertlgcrl, held in Rundle Mqll, Adeloide' SABCA wos porticipqtion oworded with o certificote of oppreciotion for

of onJ Jt"t"nting the Bonglodeshifood with o high stqndord wos

,"ruk" ond hygiene. Certificote of oppreciotion porticipotion inoworded to SABCA for its octive ond colorful yeor on 26'" ot every Asttrctic Dcy Grcnd Pcrrcrde held


members lonuory. On the Austrolio Doy our community ond olso culture rich our o*ir.i our origins by showcosing in hormony in live to Jemonstrote our firm commitment Austrolio.

The publicotion of

louuenir rncrgcr-ine con be considered


th o londmorh ochievement of SABCA' I would lihe to tohe 1o the to thanhs opportunity to express my grotitude ond Edito the Committee' Anniuenory Celebrotion Orgonising it'r" Co-"aitor, the Grophics designer, the choirperson' th otht Executive Council members, the dignitories ond the tt to contribution involuoble their persons for [i""."t

go to I publicotion of souvenir mogozine' My speciol thqnhs Dr Ak to ond SABCA of Abul Hosoin the founder President

Sialicr" Mioh the founder Principol of Bonslodes of both tl Lo-*r"itv School for loying o good foundotioncommitted' o"olidion'ond the


school respectively' We ore

multicultur continue our endeovour for estoblishing o foir,

the lntelnationcl llclher ond hqrmonious South Austroliq' Lcnguqge Drry onnuolly on 2l't Februory morhing the Abdgl llrrnnrrn brutot hilting of students by Pohistoni police in Dhoho' Generol SecretorY South Austrolion Bonglodeshi Community Bonglqdeshinlglj2whentheywerecompoigningfor two (SABCA) the of one os Bonglo, longuqge, their of ieiolnition longuoges of ttie then Pqhiston' Bonglodesh is the their ".tiJ".f only notion who socrificed life for the recognition of the celebroting been hqs rnolth"r. longuoge. SABCA SABCA hos been observing


elffi &F &8ffi #ffi&ffi9 ftRffieffi, Fqll llernbert



Mr Sobbir Goffor Dr Abul Hossqin Ms Roihotun N Hossoin Ms Ahhtor Johon Rohmon

Dr Shomsul Khon

Dr lftehhor ohmed Ms Tosnimo Rohmon Mr Roniit Dos Ms BhorotiDos

Ms Roshon Forooque

Ms Roihon Sood Ferdousi Ms Kishowor Ferdousi


Ms ShilpiSorher

Dr Gios U Ahmed

Mr Kobir Ahmed Ms Shohnoz Begum Ms Jhunu Schropel Mr Ritendro Soho

Dr M Syed Ali Ms Bilhis Ali Dr Firoz Ahmed Ms Morjio Sultono Mr Kozi Sohhowqt Hosoin

Lotifun neso Hossoin Dr Abu Siddique Mioh Ms


Afroz Mortino

Mr Dovid Mortino Mr Abul Khoir Forooque Dr Tohiibul Anom Dr Shomimo Siddique Dr Puloh Moy Sorher

Ms Sonjido Azod

Ms Voness ML Ahmed

Dr Mustoque Ahmed Ms Shoheen Ahmed

Mr Rioz Ahmed Mr Md Abdul goffor Ms Morufo Hossneara Goffor Mr Tqnvir Goffor

Atrociate llernberr Mohqmmod Alom Ms lndro Ghose

Ms lndiro Soho

Mr Roshendro Dos Mr Hossoin Shohid Siddiqui

Dr Syed MohfuzulAziz Ms Tonzimq Rohmon

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Mr Mortin D Brodbury

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Ms Khurshido Shobnqm (2oo7-2014) Ms Forjono Veosmin (2OO7-2O12)

Ms Morufo Hosneorq Goffor

Ms Khodizo Vosmin

(zooo-zor) Mr Mostoh Ahmed Chowdhury



fecrcherf Ms Roihotun Nohor (zooq-zooo) Ms Roihon Sqod Ferdousi

(2oo4-2oo6) Ms Morufo Gqffor (2004-2006) Ms Moriio Sultonq (zooa) Ms lndrq Ghose (zoos-2oo6) Ms Soniido Azod (2005-2006) Ms Hobibo Khotun-E-Jonnot Ummey (2oo7-2ooe) Mr Angshu Roh mon(ZOO7 -2OO9) Ms Syeedo Sultono Shothi


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Nusrot Johon Sriti (2O1O-2O14) Nosimo Rohmon Aziz (2O1O-2O14) Moherino Soyeem (2o11-2otz) Foyozo Shobuddin (2or-2o13) Forhono Wohid (2oo9-2o11)

Nusrot Bori (2012-2013) Fotemo Sultono (2011-2c-14)

Sonjido Sohnqz (2012-2013) Mr Atoulloh Khon (2012-2013) Ms Riffot Nozneen (2013-2014)

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lectelary Ms Roihotun Nohor

Ms Gulshon Hossoin (2oo8-2o11) Ms Nosimo Rohmon Qolt-2o14)

(2oo4 -zoo7)

Dr Hoson Mohmudur (2oo7-2oo8)

fteetaret Dr Mustoque ohmed (2OO4-2OO5) Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr

Alomgir Hossoin (2005-2006) Roshidul Hoque (2o,c,6-2eoz)

Ariful Islom (2oo7-2oo8) M Kobir Ahmed (2oo8-2oto) Gousul Azom (2olo-2o11)

Atqulloh Khon


Hemben Dr Hqson Mqhmudur (2oo8-2oo9) Mr Ariful lslom (zooe-2oo9) Mr Abdul Mqnnon (2o1o-2oti) Ms Moherino Soyeem (2011-2012) Ms lrene Ahhter (2012-2013) Ms Khodizo Vosmin Chowdhury



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Mr Md Roshidul Hoque

Mr Md Rqshidul


Mr Kobir Ahmed

Mr Kqbir Ahmed

Mr Kqzi Sohhowot

Dr Mohfuz Aziz

Dr Mqhfuz

Mr Khqndoher Azqd

Mr Khondoher

Dr lftehhqr Ahmed

Mr Rqnjit Kumor


Mr Alomgir Hossoin

Mr Noyqmot Ullqh

Mr Noushod Ameen


Mr Shomin Joorder

Mr Kozi Sqhhowqt

Mr Shqmim loorder


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Mr Sobbir Goffor

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Mioh Brodbury

Mr Ashroful Alqm

Mr Shomim

Mr Kozi Sohhwqt





Ms Azi


Mr Kozi Sohhqwot

Mr Md Roshidul



Dr Mqhfuz Aziz

Dr Noquibul lslom


Mr Noushqd Ameen

Dr Mohomudur

Mioh Brqdbury

Ms Azi

Mr Noyomot

Mr Soyeedo Sultono Shqthi

Ms Soyeedo Sultono

Mr Arifur Rohmon

Dr Anis Ahmed

Mr Alomgir Hussoin

Mr Hobibur Rqhmon


Mr Ahlon




Mr Angshu



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Dr M M Hosson

Dr Noquibul lslom

Dr Mohfuz Aziz

Dr N M Nizomul lslqm

Dr Mohommod



Dr N M Nizomul lslom

Engr Kqmol Ahmod

Mr Mosum Mithu

Mr Md Abdul

Komql Ahmod

Monnqn Mr Abu Touhid Alom

Mr Md Abdul

Mr Md Abdul



Khunhido 5hobnqm

Ms Khurshido

Ms Nusrqt Johon




Mr lmtiqz Bohor

Mr Zioul Khon

Mr Ahosonul Hoque

Mr Ahosonul Hoque



Mr Abu Touhid Alqm

Mr Shohdot Hossqin

Mr Alomgir Hussoin

Ms Soyeedo Sultono


Chowdhury Mr Mosudur Rohmqn Mr Mosudur Rqhmon Ms lffqt Aro

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Dr Abul Hossoin





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Mr Kozi Roni

Mr Sqhhwqt Rqshed

Mr Mostofo M 5oyeem

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Ms Nusrqt Johon

Ms Nusrot Johqn

Dr Tuhin Sultqnq



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Mr Mohobub Alom

Ms Foizo

Dr Alouddin



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Mr Mostofo M 5oyeem

Mr Atour Rohmon

lffot Jorin Khon

(zooa -2c-14) Dr Mustoque Ahmed (2oo4 -2c,14); Psbtlc Officer: Dr Abu Siddique Mioh:

MrAKMMahabuburRahman Mr Abdul Mannan Mr Abdur Mollah Royal Dr Abu Siddique Miah Mr Abu Touhid AlamTannu Mr Abul Hasanat Mr Ahammed Hossain Bhuya Mr Ahmed Mostofa MrAhsanul Hoque Mr Ajit Das Mr Akhter Rahman Mr AKM Hasnat Alam Mr AKM Quamruzzaman Mr Alamgir Hussain Mr Alauddin Talukder Mr Alif IBN Hakim Mr Altaf Hossain Dr Anis Ahmed Ms Aniva Sharmin Mr Arifur Rahman Mr Ashraf Uddin Khan Mr Ataullah Khan Mr Ataur Rahman Mr Atiqul Haque Pathan Ms Ayne Noor Khadiza Ms Ayrin Akhter Mr Bahauddin Akhand Ms Bahija Khanom Mr Ballal Hossain Ms Bilkis Ali Mr Biplob Mondal Mr Dayem Chowdhury Mr Debashish Biswas Dr Dev Sanyal Dr Dewan Kaykobad Mr Didar Hossain Ms Dilruba Zuthi Ms Dosina Hossain

Mr Ehtasham Chowdhury Ms Farhana Akter Ms Farhana Alam Mr Farhana Mahmood Ms Farhana Rahman Shoma Ms Farhana Reza Ms Farhana Wahid Mr Farid Noman Mr Farook Ahmed Ms Farzana lslam Ms Farzana Popin Dr Fazana Yousuf Ms Fatema Binte Mohammad Ms Fatema Sultana Ms Fayaza Shahabuddin Ms Gulshan Hussain Mr Habibur Rahman Mr Hamidul Haque Mr Hasan lmam Mr Herbert Dickens Biswas Dr Hosne Zahan Ms Humairra Haque Ms lffat Ara Lucky Dr lmtiaz Choudhury Mr lshtiaque Shafique Ms lshtiaque Shafique

Ms lsrat Jahan Biva Mr Kabir Ahmed Mr Kaizer Ahmed Mr Kamal Ahmed Dr Kamruzzaman Mr Kazi Habibur Rahman Mr Kazi Hoque Mr Kazi lslam Mr Kazi Roni Mr Kazi Shakhawat Hossain Dr Khadiza Kubra Sweety Ms Khadiza Yasmin Choudhury Mr Khaleq Chowdhury Mr Khalequzzaman Khan Ms Khandaker Ahammed Mr Khandaker Hoque Mr Khondoker Moinuddin Mr Khondoker Shamim Hayder Mr Khorshed Alam Ms Khurshida Shabnam Ms Kishowar Ferdousi Ms Latifun Nessa Hossain Ms Liza Ahmedullah Dr Lovely Sanyal Mr M M Naushad Ameen (lmon) Mr M Syed Ali Ms Maherina Z Sayeem Ms Mahjabin Hoque Dr Mahmudur Hassan Ms Mahnaz Mahin Nitu Ms Majeda Bhuiyan Ms Marufa Hossneara Gaffar Mr Marufur Rahman Mr Masudur Rahman Mr Matiur Rahman Mr Md Abdul Alim Mr Md Abu Sayeed Dr Md Abul Hossain Mr Md Ali Dr Md Monowar Hossain Mr Md Monzur Murshed Mr Md Mosarraf Khan Mr Md Saifur Rashid Shaon Mr Md Selim Chowdhury Mr Md Younus Patoare Mr Md Zillur Rahman Ms Meghla Khandaker Dr Mizanur Rahman Mr Mizanur Rahman Dr Mohammad Ahmedullah Mr Mohammad AIam Mr Mohammad Asaduzzaman Mr Mohammad Hossain Mr Mohammad Hossain Mr Mohammad Hossain (Anowar) Mr Mohammad Kabir Mr Mohammad Masum Mr Mohammad Sabbir Siddiqui Dr Mohammad Wazid Mr Mohammed Abu Sheikh (Asek) Mr Mohammed Bhuiyan (Rubel) Mr Mohammed llias Hossain Mr Mohammed Mahpos Mr Moksuda Mahal

Mr Molla Jalal Uddin Mr Mominul Haque Ms Momotaz Akter Dr Monirul lslam Khan

Ms Samina Sultana Mr Samiur Khandaker Dr Sania Rahman Ms Sanzida Shahnaz Dr Moniruzzaman Mr Sarder Azizur Rahman Ms Moniruzzaman Ms Sarwat Zahan Mr Mostafa Monowar Sayeem Ms Sayeeda Shathi Mr Mostak Ahmed Chowdhury Ms Selina Akhter Mr Muhammad Hye Ms Shafina Banu Mr Muhammad Mamun Mr Shafiqul lslam Ms Munmun Rupa Mr Shahadat Hossain Dr Mushfique Saleheen (Tarique) Dr Shaharin Sultana Dr Mushtaque Ahmed Ms Shaheen Ahmed Mr Mustafizur Rahman Ms Shahida Parveen MrN M Nizamul lslam Ms Shahin Banu Ms Nadera Begum Ms Shahina Shupti Ms Nafisa Nashat Ms Shaima Akhter Dr Naquibul lslam Mr Shakhawat Rasheed Ms Nasima Rahman Aziz Mr Shakil Ahmed Dr Nasir Uddin Dr Shakila Jahan Mr Nayeem Bin Newaz Mr Shamimul Ahsan Ms Nazia Hossain Ms Shamraj Arefin Ms Naznin Nahar Mr Shams Md. Mahmudul Karim Ms Nigar Sultana Ms Shanaz Begum Dr Noore Alam Siddique Ms Shanjana Shafi Ms Nowros Khan Ms Shanta lslam Ms Nuree Saba Nur Ms Sharif Kamrunnahar Ms Nusrat Bari Dr Sharmin Seraj Ms Nusrat J Smriti Ms Sharmin Sultana Ms Nusrat Jahan Ms Sharmina Rahman Ms Nusrat Jahan Ms Shazia Sultana Ms Ohida Akhter Chowdhury Mr Shefat Rahman Ms Olivia Juy Das Mr Shovan Rudro Ms Ommya Kulsum Ms Sohana Sultana Eva Ms Parvin Akter Ms Soheli Shoma Mr Preyanka Ghosh Ms Subarna Laila Mr Rabiul lslam Ms Sufia Taher Tripti Ms Ragina Parvin Ms Sumaiya Aziz Ms Raihan Saad Ferdousi Ms Sumaiya lslam Ms Raihatun Hossain Ms Sumitra Dhar Mr Rajib Debnath Ms Suraiya Banu Dr Rajib Raihan Mr Syed Hasnat Mr Rakibul Hassan Dr Syed Mahfuz Aziz Mr Rana Ahmed Ms Syeda Tasnuva Kamal Mr Ratish Das Ms Tanjima Rahman Ms Razia Akter Mr Tanvir Mashuk Ms Razia Sultana Mr Tarak Nath Ghosh Mr Rezaul Haque Ms Tasnum Nishat Mr Rezwan Ahmed Dr Tauhid Khan Mr Riasat Rajib Dr Tawhid Wahab (Titas) Mr Riaz Ahmed Mr f ofazzal Hossain Ms Rokshana Yasmin Dr Tony Amin Mr Rubaina Karim Ms Tuhin Sultana Ms Rubaiyat Kamal Rimi Dr Umme Habiba Ms Ruma Quraishi Mr Uzzal Adhikary Ms Rumana Haque Mr Wahiduzzaman Ms Rumana Mowla MrWasim Saeed Ms Sabiha Sultana Ms Yasmine Momtaj Ms Sabikun Nahar Mr Zafar lqbal Jami Ms Sadia Zaman Mr Zakaria Shiblee Dr Safia Nasrin Mr Zaman Khan Dr Salim Zaman Mr Ziaul Khan Jewel Ms Salma Khatun Mitul Ms Samia Naz

e4 #w affi#

60g&6tffi s6,#M (ffi8l

journey with 39 students enrolled The Bonglqdeshi community School commenced its Primory School' I grotefully premises Goodwood of i"if.t" tit i"Urroty 2OO4 on the "i Principol Dr Abu Siddique founding the of ochnowledge the involuoble contributions school (BCt. I om olso community Bonglodeshi the developing Mioh in lounching ond thonhful to my predecessor Mrs Mqrufo Hossneara Goffor for her commendoble contributions to the school.

qll students o non-profitoble ofter-hours longuoge ond culturol school open to worhing been hove Lgordless of their linguistic qnd religious bochground. We longuoge, Bonglo develop ond celselessly to educote our students to mointoin ond heritoge' we ensure the sofetv :"9.y-"!l-!:ll-n-11: 1Yg"lt:-11j:::Hs: ?l: lifestyle Bonslodeshi culture, trodition, of fthnic schools Boqrd' rhe funding ond qccolntobility requirements .^ -r^:rr--.^ i- o l^" ^.arridina in ^.,^^v children 70 obout veor bv providins io quqtity educction offerins H|r'ilil;,i;jffi:"jililil'ffi;;.',.il; ojI*."1"n." -^,,-.^ Ii..+ or" highry quoiified ond hove successfullv completed occreditotion course, first ;"il:'J:"jl,"J',*##;;:'il;;;;"il cleqronce' oid courie, child protection troining ond received criminol History Screening BCS is


of nqtionol significonce such qs lnternqtionol students of BCS enthusiosticolly pqrticipote in o vqriety of octivities or events Bonglo New Veor, Austrolion Doy Porode' Hormony Mother Longuoge Doy, lndependence ond Victory Doy of Bonglodesh, includes songs, donces, dromo' recitstion performonce Doy, children Doy, Eid Reunion, lftor Porty, spois oov, etc. students' qctivities promote the leorning of students thereby go-"r. These of poems, essoy writing, pointing, indoor ond outdooi qnd olso help in strengthening pride in their culturol contributing to the mointenonce ond development of Bonglo lqnguoge prornot" shoring ond exchonging heritqge ond views thereby ond linguistic identity. The inter-ethnic schools culturol octivities promoting o hormonious Austrolion Society.

the other members of the Executive I would lihe to express my heortfelt thonhs to the President Dr Nizomul lslom ond write obout BCS which worhs under the umbrello council of 5ABCA for the honour shown to me by giving on opportunity to mylhonhs'to the members of the Monogement Committee' dedicoted of SABCA. Moy I tohe this opportunity to "rpr"ri of school. I wish greoter glory of teoching stoff qnd oll greqt porents for their constont support to the development Bonglodeshi Community School to come in future'

lft llotlch Ahned GhcurdhurY Principetl


$ a.



pffitr& rc EF4 lcrhcrdcrt


Hcrcin Liton

Co-Editor, 10 yeors of Achievement

The notionol flog of Bonglodesh (Bengoli: ETiqKqnSI 5T-6T


wos odopted

officiolly on lT lonuory 1972.|t consists of o red disc on top of o green field, offset slightly toword the hoist so thot it oppeors centred when the flog is flying. The red disc represents the sun riring over Bengql, ond olso the blood of those who died for the independence of Bonglodesh. The green field stonds for the lushness of the lond of Bonglodesh. The flog is bosed on o similor flog used during the Bonglodesh Liberqtion Wor of t911, which hod o yellow mop of the country inside the red disc. ln 1972 this mop wos deleted from the flog. One reoson given wos the difficulty for rendering the mop correctly on both sides.

! I

Jotiyo Songsqd Bhobon.or Notionol Porlioment House, (Bengoli: sT-6T I-i{q gftI Jotiyo Songsod Bhobon) is the house of the Porlioment of Bonglodesh, locoted ot Sher-eBqnglq Nogor in the Bonglodeshi copitol of Dhqhq. Designed by orchitect Louis Kohn, the complex, which occommodqtes oll Bonglodesh's seven porlioments, is one of the lorgest legislotive complexes in the world, comprising 2oo qcres (eoo,ooo mz)

The Shoheed Minor (Bengoli: 'TftT fr+m Snonid Minor lit. "Mortyr Monument") is o notionol monument in Dhoho, Bonglodesh, estoblished to commemorqte those hilled during the Bengoli Longuoge Movement demonstrotions of 1952. On Februory 21, 1952 dozens of students ond politicol octivists were hilled when the Pohistqni police force opened fire on Bengoli protesters who were demonding equol stotus for their notive tongue, Bengoli. The mossocre occurred neor Dhoho Medicql College ond Romno Porh in Dhoho. At present, oll nqtionol, mourning, culturol ond other octivities held eoch yeor, regqrding 21 Februory, hqve been centred qround the Shoheed Minor. Jotiyo Sriti Shoudho (Bengoli: s.'imT

qfu dq

Jdio Sriti Shoudho) or Notionol Mortyrs' Memoriol is the nqtionol monument of Bonglodesh is the symbol in the memory of the

volour ond the socrifice of oll those who gove their lives in the Bonglodesh Liberotion Wor of 1971, which brought independence qnd seporoted Bonglodesh from Pohistqn. The monument is locoted in Sovqr, qbout 35 hm north-west of the copitol, Dhoho. lt wos designed by Syed Moinul Hossqin.

TqK<O, Shundorbon) is the lorgest single bloch of tidol holophytic mongrove forest in the world. The Sunderbons is o UNESCO World Heritoge

The Sundorbons

Site, most of which situoted in Bonglodesh qnd the remoining in lndio. The Sundorbqns Nqtionol Porh is o Nqtionql Porh, Tiger Reserve, ond o Biosphere Reserve locoted in the Sundorbons delto in the lndion stqte of West Bengql. Sundorbons South, Eost qnd West ore three protected forests in Bonglqdesh. This region is densely covered by mongrove forests, ond is one of the lorgest reserves for the Bengol tiger.

+-q'{S'l-fl Kohsbojor) is o seoside town, o fishing port ond district heodquorters in Bonglodesh. lt is hnown for its wide ond long sondy beoch, which is considered by mony os the world's longest noturol sondy seo beoch. The beoch in Cox's Bozor is on unbrohen 125 hilometres (zs mi) sondy seo beoch with o gentle slope. lt is located 15o hilometres (sf mi) south of the industriol port of Chittogong. Cox's Bozor is olso hnown by the nome Ponowo, whose literol tronslotion meons "yellow flower". lts Cox's Bozor (Bengoli:

other old nome wor "Pqlonghee". Source: Wikipedia

rffiwwwSFm#â&#x201A;Ź,*are# Rcchterfrr Pcuthi Vr & Glenungo lnternotionol High School, 5A

The t6th of December is the victory doy of Bonglodesh. After 9 months of the dreodful wor, independence wos won by the People's Republic of Bonglodesh. The Liberotion Wor begqn between the West ond Eqst Pohiston becouse of neglect ond obuse on ports of Eost Pohiston. Eost Pqhiston hod no voice when it come to its own offoirs ond government. Two-thirds of Pohiston's foreign currency wos eorned by exporting Eost Pohiston's iute for which the Bengoli formers never received o foir price. Urdu wos told to be used os the only stote longuoge whereos the moiority of the populotion spohe Bonglq'

On the 7th of Morch 1971, Bongobondhu Sheihh Mujibur Rohmon mode his historic freedom speech. The sentence "Our struggle is for our freedom. Our struggle if for our independence", ("IKIGGI TiflrI $FIR!3I nF< frfn, l<ll3Gl {itfl6l Tfq-{6K TiflFl'), influenced ond united the generol public to stond up for their rights. The PohistoniArmy lounched the Operotion Seorchlight ot midnight on the 2sthof Morch 1971 morhing the stort of otrocities. On the 27th ot

Morch, Mojor Ziour Rohmon declored the independence of the People's Republic of Bonglodesh, on beholf of Bongobondhu Sheihh

Mujibur Rohmon from Kolurghst Rodio Stotion. To leod the independence, Syed Nozrul lslom olong with 12 other porlioment members formed o temporory government of Mujibnogor in Kushtio.

The West Pohistoni ormy stood occused of hilling opproximctely three million Bengolis ond roping oround four hundred thousond women. On the t4ih of December, they qlso hilled mony intellectuols of Bonglodesh. On the 16th of December 1971, Lieutenont-Generol A A K Niqzi, the Commonding Officer of the Pohiston Armed Forces officiolly surrendered to the joint commqnder of the Bqnglodesh-lndion Allied Forces. The new born country wos nomed Bonglodesh. is o public holidoy in Bonglodesh. On this doy we remember those who socrificed their lives for this motherlond. People from oll wolhs of life throng the lotiyo Smriti Shoudho ond ploces wreoths os o sign of respect ond grotitude to the mortyrs. TV ond Rodio Stqtions broodcqst speciol progromr ond potriotic iongs. Militory porodes qre held in the Notionol Porode Ground consisting of ceremoniol meetings, speeches, lectures qnd fireworhs. The moin streets ore decoroted with nqtionol flogs. All religious ploces hold speciol proyers for the mortyrs. Speciol food is served in orphonoges, hospitols ond joils.

Victory Doy



our duty to protect our independency of ony cost.

Noter This orticle received first prize in on essoy competition orgonised by SABCA on the occosion of 'Bijoy Utshqb'2013.


lr 3r


P0#e4 80/s#461 ilr Nlfrcl fchcn trnrily Culturql Affqirs Secretory

Pohelc Bcbhchh stonds for the first doy of the Bonglo colendor yeor. Bonglo cqlendqr wos first introduced by Ahbor, the greqt Mughol emperor for eosier tox collection motching with the hqrvest sessions. lt is celebrqted with greot excitement by obout 3OO million Bonglo speohing people irrespective of regionol qnd religious differences living in Bonglodesh, the lndion stote of West Bengol, Assom, Tripuro ond other ports of the world. lt is the occosion to welcome the New-Veqr with o new hope of peoce, prosperity, hoppiness ond 5ucce5s. ln Bonglodesh, it is q notionol holidoy celebrqted on the l4ih of April ond in West Bengol ond Assqm it is o public (stote) holidoy.



Pohelo Boishohh celebrqtions morh o doy of culturol unity without distinction between clqss, rqce, ethnicity ond religious qffiliotions. Pohelo Boishohh celebrotion hqs the deep connection to the simple Iifestyle ond the rurql cultures of Bonglodesh, west Bengql, Assom ond Tripuro. On this doy rurol houses qre cleqned ond rurql people tohe qn eorly both. While young lodies weor white sqris with red borders, the boys put on Kurto ond poyejomo. The doy is storted with q trqditionol breohfqst of woter soqhed rice qnd fried Hilso fish. Songs welcoming the New Veqr qre sung by the singers. The doy is morhed by processions, jctro ploy, foirs, ond puppet shows. Though Pohelq Boishqhh hqs o rurql origin, it hqs now been euolved to an inrportont notionql event celebrsted with profound joys by the clty dweilers. Pohelq Boishqhh is now on integrol port of Bengoli culture. People from qll cross-section of the society con porticipote in the festivities without reveoling their closs or religious identity, or finqnciql obility. Pohelq Boishohh is qll qbout bringing unity omong oll Bqnglo speqhing people, spreqding love qnd hoppiness, nourishing the rurol culture ond lifestyle qnd wishing eoch other wellbeing ond prosperity. The doy il olso morhed by visiting relotivel, friends ond neighbors qnd by entertoining guests with speciol

a *w


Pohelo Boishohh is believed to be on ouspicious doy for storting new ventures businesses. On this doy old ledger is closed ond o new ledger with new entries of qccount is opened (Hcclhhclc). The Bcfuhcrhhi llelc (foir) is orronged qll over the country ond usuolly lost for o weeh. Agriculturol products, hqndicrofts, toys, cosmetics, food ond sweets ore sold. Activities of Melo include singing (speciolly folh songs), dqncing, puppet show, circus, jotro plqy (rurql dromo), nouho boich (boot roce), hite flying, bull rocing, coch fights ond flying


# etn

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:,' ''t

Bengoli friends greet eoch other by soying lhqbhc Ncrba Bcrrthcl" (Hoppy New Veor!). ln Adeloide, SABCA celebrotes Pohelq Boishqhh every yeor in presence of o lorge number of culturolly diversified qudiences ond dignitqries.

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't ::!!!l:1iavj{q.


: ,-*


ngfig'rr&#@w Diobetes is o long-term condition where blood glucose levels (sugor levels) become too high becquse the body either produces little or no insulin, or connot use insulin properly. This is one of the commonest chronic problem offecting the lorger populotion of monhind. Persons who ore overweight or obese ore qt high rish of developinS Type 2 diobetes (olso hnown os "insulin resistont" or "qdult-onset" diobetes), porticulorly if ony close fomily member is olreody offected with diobetes. Therefore, it is very importont to mointoin o heolthy body weight in order to protect from developing o chronic diseose lihe diobetes.

Overweight refers to o weight qbove the "normol "ronge. This is determined by colculoting the body moss index by weight in hilogroms divided by height in meters squored (BMl-weight in hg/m2). 5o normol weight BMI within 26, overweight 26-29 ond obese >29. Severol studies show thot with BMI more thon 26 ond higher hos increosed

mortolity rote, independent of gender qnd ethnicity. ln severol surveys of odults populotion, show thot overweight ond obesity hos higher rish of: (t) High Blood pressure (z) Diobetes Mellitus, (f) High Cholesterol, (+) Gqll stone, (s) Strohe, (6) Heort diseose (Z) Arthritis ond (8) Sleep disturbonce lihe obstructive sleep opnoeo.

thot cqn cquse obesity ore diets, high in fot/sugor ond loch of exercise. However, sometimes thot q to become obese. Type 2 diobetes is strongly ossocioted with obesity in oll ethnic group ond increosed diobetes-relqted deoths. lnsulin connot worh properly with increosed weight due body fots leoding to

The two moin foctors

person's genetic mohe-up con predisposed


to monoge your diobetes tohes time, potience ond effort. Vou moy olso be coping with difficult emotions ofter diognosis. ln order to stoy well, it's Leorn

importont to monitor your blood glucose (sugor) level regulorly, ond to understond how it is offected by

food ond exercise. Vou moy olso need diobetes medicotion or insulin injection to heep your blood glucose level stoble. lt's olso importont to tohe other steps to help monoge the condition rish of further heolth problems.

On the bright side, there's

ond lower your

Medical Complications of Obesity dio pathic in$ae{anial hypertsnsion

Pulmonary disease


abnormal function obstructive sleep apnea bygSV-enljlalig.f syndro


Sffoke e


}lonalcoholic fatty liver



o lot you con do to

minimise your rish of these problems: (t) Mointoin o heolthy weight, (Z) Eot o heolthy, bolqnced diet thot's low in fot, sqlt ond sugor, (Z) Don't smohe, (3) Do brish wolh or cqrdio exercise for 30 minutes o doy, five times o weeh, (+) Chech your feet every doy. ([he nerve domoge thot con occur in diobetes most commonly offects feet) ond (5) Keep your oppointments ond regulor chech-ups with your diobetes core teqm.


Coronary heail dbease Diabetes






Hypenenspn Sernre na.ngs^a$h

Gall bladder disease


Gynecologh ebnorm allties abnormal menses

breast, uterus, cervix


colon, esophagus, pancreas kidney, prostate

ptySJS!"c. ova

ria n



Dr. Bcrhlicr Khrrncrn


Consultont Physicion & Rheumatologist Flinders Medicol Centre

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S48Cr14AiP0 2o/1 The Executive Council of SABCA gronts'SABCA Aword'to those who mode outstonding contributions to the wellbeing of the community. The oword recipients ore:

Dr ftlcnlrnut.nnrrn



for being exemplory compossionote ond helpful to the heolth core need of new migronts, refugees ond students.

llohnmrncd Abu Bchor

thiddih Abu

oworded for being exceptionolly coring ond helpful to the successful settlement of new migronts ond is


Dr Abu tiddique }lirrh

is oworded for to the community service os the founding principol of Bqnglqdeshi Community School qnd olso for formulqting

his dedicqtion

the constitution of SABCA.

Dr Engr Kcrncl Ahrned

lfizonul hlon Choirperson

Abdsl ]lqnncn Generql Secretory

Vice Choirperson

lf rrtrert Zohern trnrllee Culturol Secretory

Abu foghld Alcrn

Ahqlangl Hoque Public Relqtion Secretory

Finonce Secretory

llctlcfa ltl toyeern

thchcdal Hcraln 5tudent Affoirs Secretory

Dr fuhin


Astt Culturol

Asstt Generol Secretory


}ld Alcrrr Rqhnqn Executive Member

Executive Member



Profile for Md Saroar Jahan

SABCA Magazine 2014  

SABCA Magazine 2014