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“Our vision is your future.“ Steve White

Chief Operating Officer


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History of PuroClean


• PuroSystems is co-founded by Rory O’Dwyer and Dick Spohn in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


• PuroSystems creates franchise model


• First Purofirst franchise opens


• PuroSystems creates new franchise brand called PuroClean


• First PuroClean franchise office opened


• PuroClean reaches 100 franchise offices nationwide • PuroClean earns World Class Franchise designation second year in a row


• David McKinnon, former IFA Entrepreneur of the Year, joins partnership with Rory O’Dwyer • PuroClean Network grows to 200 franchise offices


• New Executive Team formed to continue PuroClean’s growth. • PuroClean named one of the Top 100 Franchises by Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500.


• Catastrophe & Large Loss and Residential Storm Divisions formed. • Unveiling of new PuroClean state-of-the-science training facility.

2012 2013

• PuroMetrix, proprietary claims management & operating system. • Patented OnSightLKQ, the industry’s first onsite floor covering valuation systems. • Online marketing initiatives to enhance search engine optimization. • New partnership established to bring exclusive leads to Franchise Owners.

The PuroClean Advantage Benefits Overview:

• $210 billion recession-proof industry

• Low investment • High margins • Operational flexibility with home-based and executive office models • No prior industry experience necessary • Open territory model enables unlimited growth opportunities • Access to local, regional and national accounts • Proprietary claims management and operating system • Catastrophe and Large Loss Operations Team • Integrated sales & marketing programs • Comprehensive three week training program • Ongoing field training and 24/7 technical support • National brand identity and recognition • Reduced expenses through collective purchases • Available health insurance benefits

Gain Freedom in Franchising E V I DR R YUOCCUESS S

Are you seeking financial stability and freedom? Perhaps you are looking for a better life for your family. Are you searching for a way to make a difference in your community? We invite you to take this moment to picture yourself in a career with unlimited potential for personal, professional and financial growth. PuroClean offers a unique opportunity to entrepreneurs. Can you visualize yourself owning a business that not only offers the financial security you desire, but also affords you the ability to whisk your family away on that dream vacation you’ve been putting off? PuroClean gives you that opportunity. PuroClean Franchise Owners have discovered what’s important, what a career really means‌and through their achievements, they have transformed their lives and the lives of their families. Franchising is about aligning yourself with a brand that has a proven business model, a fine-tuned operating system, and the training and support that will help you launch a successful business venture. With PuroClean, you will be leveraging our experience and knowledge in order to pave the pathway to freedom as a business owner.

my own business. My background was in Corporate Sales and Sales Management, so when I began my search for business opportunities, the restoration industry was not even on the radar.



My dream was to run

To date, my business has surpassed all expectations.

Ken McDermot Milton, Ontario Franchise Owner since May 2010




Mutual Evaluation Process PuroClean is focused on bringing the right people into our growing Network of Franchise Owners. When choosing a franchise company to partner with, you want to be sure the opportunity is right for you and that you are also right for the opportunity. We call this our Mutual Evaluation Process. At PuroClean, we pride ourselves on having one of the most comprehensive and interactive discovery processes in franchising. We provide you with the knowledge of our business and industry so that you can make a fully informed decision. Likewise, we want to be sure your qualifications and experiences are compatible with our PuroClean business opportunity. During our discovery process, you will work closely with one of our Franchise Development Directors, who will ensure you are well informed and prepared to determine if this is the right fit for you.

Why PuroClean Recognized as one of the fastest growing franchises, PuroClean is a leader in property emergency services, helping families and businesses overcome the devastating setbacks caused by water, fire, mold and other conditions resulting in property damage. Our Franchise Owners follow a time-tested business-to-business sales model that paves a pathway to success in the recession-proof multi-billion dollar industry of property damage restoration. Supported by a national business training support center, PuroClean Franchise Owners have become the property restoration provider of choice for insurance professionals and property owners throughout the United States and Canada. As a PuroClean Franchise Owner, you enjoy extremely attractive profit margins. You also make a tremendous impact on the communities you serve by offering essential services that help property owners in their time of need.

Business Snapshot The Real Recession Proof Franchise速 Property damage occurs every day in every city across the country due to a variety of reasons. From poor weather conditions, to fires erupting, to water pipes bursting, water, fire and mold can be extremely destructive and cause permanent damage if not properly treated. Did you know that there are over 50,000 water losses per day in the United States? Not to mention the $21.6 million that is lost to fire damage every day! Property owners file claims with their insurance companies who in turn refer and pay a professional restoration company, such as PuroClean, to restore and clean up after the damage. The most lucrative part of the claim is emergency restoration services, which is constant and unaffected by economic swings such as interest rates, real estate, job market or stock market fluctuations.

during a recession, and while I watch businesses open and close around me, we have not only been able to keep our business open but also continue to grow year-over-year. It truly is a

We started our business We started our business

recession-proof industry and if you just follow the system… it works!

Edward & Sonia Ketchoyian Sterling, Virginia Franchise Owners since June 2008

plan and it worked. This business has phenomenal profit margins and PuroClean has truly answered our dreams. The most rewarding part is when I can schedule my own day and get out there and visit with our customers who are

We followed PuroClean’s

completely satisfied with the service we’ve provided them.

Misti & Rob Reed Van Alstyne, Texas

Franchise Owners since August 2009

Career Independence Serving the over $200 billion dollar recession-proof insurance industry, PuroClean Franchise Owners have the proven business model, superior support tools and brand power needed to achieve career success. With operational flexibility and low overhead, our business model ranges from home-based operations to executive office environments.

Financial Freedom

PuroClean allows you the opportunity to enjoy high profit margins with a low investment. Our Franchise Owners enjoy stability and a highly rewarding lifestyle with an unlimited earnings potential. Owning a PuroClean business is a legacy investment that you can proudly pass on to your family. Now you can have the peace of mind you desire to ensure the future financial well-being of you and your loved ones.

Opportunity to Make a Difference Known nationwide as “The Paramedics of Property Damage,� PuroClean Franchise Owners make a valuable community contribution by providing an essential service to homeowners and businesses in their time of need. Throughout the country, people turn to PuroClean for help when their property has been damaged. Become a highly respected member of your local community by offering quality restoration services as well as creating a wealth of job opportunities in your area.









Training & Support PuroClean offers one of the most comprehensive training and support programs in franchising. Your dedicated Quick Start Coordinator will provide you with the initial support in order to make the transition into PuroClean easy and effortless. Our initial three-week training class focuses on interactive learning and real-life scenario applications and then your Field Support Specialist will spend one-week at your office location to assist business start-up and to provide initial in-field training. PuroClean’s training program is ongoing and technical support is available 24/7. PuroClean’s newest training center, the PuroClean Academy, is one of the most state-of-the-science facilities delivering the highest level of training and certifications in our industry. The PuroClean Academy consists of EXCEL a new, high tech classroom with special features to facilitate distance learning opportunities such as interactive webinars; live, interactive video presentations; and other hands-on learning opportunities for the most effective adult education.

proven model, all you have to do is follow it and stay focused. They also do a great job of preparing you to be job-ready from day one! Our first week out of



PuroClean gives you a

training, we got a couple of jobs and we felt more than prepared.

George Cruz & Emilio Soli Brunswick, Ohio

Franchise Owners since January 2008

Franchisee Training, I felt I had the knowledge, the skills, and even more importantly, the confidence to be very successful. As much of an investment as this has been for me, PuroClean has just as much invested in their Franchise Owners and provided me



After completing New

with the training and the support to be job ready from day one.

Scott Majeski Chicago, Illinois Franchise Owner since April 2009

The PuroClean Academy includes a state-of-the-science, Applied Structural Drying (ASD) facility. Approved by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), our flood house is the focal point of real-life practical instruction. One of only 24 in the world, our facility is designed to emulate any residence in all regions of the country where by providing the very highest level of training available anywhere for our Franchise Owners.

There is also a specially designed Smoke and Soot Simulation room used specifically for fire/smoke/ soot remediation training. And a separate Contents Cleaning Room, comes fully equipped with the latest equipment where students will be able to learn the very best approach to cleaning contents after fire, flood, or mold damage.

One of only 24 in the world, our facility is designed to emulate any residence in all regions of the country where by providing the very highest level of training available anywhere for our Franchise Owners.


Stages of Development Training & Continuing Education As a PuroClean Franchise Owner, your success is our number one priority! We understand that as a new owner, you will have different needs for training and support than a more veteran Franchise Owner. Our Stages of Development Training has been tailored to focus on specific training and support needs at every level of growth a Franchise Owner will experience. Our continuing education programs arm our Franchise Owners with the tools to exceed their goals for growth and achievement.

Revenue with Dimensions As the experts in the industry, PuroClean provides a variety of services to our customers. This not only allows our Franchise Owners to offer a full service platform, but also gives them multiple revenue streams by which they can continuously grow their business.


Thanks to the multiple services I can provide our customers, insurance agents and adjusters love working with us. When I walk into a home that has just suffered a loss, I see countless opportunities where PuroClean can help restore the property to pre-loss condition as well as make a respectable profit as the result. This one-stop-shop mentality gives us an edge over the


Jason Smith Stevensville, MD

Franchise Owner since December 2011

• Water Damage Restoration • Fire Damage Restoration • Mold Remediation • Biohazard Remediation • Smoke and Soot Cleanup • Puff Back Cleanup • Odor Identification and Deodorization • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning • Stain Removal • Commercial Drying • Dehumidification • Duct Cleaning • Pack-Outs • Contents Cleaning • Ultrasonic Cleaning • Textile Restoration • Document Drying & Recovery • Temporary Protection and Board-Up

Kelli Smith Nashville, TN



There are so many facets to this business that the possibilities are endless! We found that the mitigation industry appeared to be recession resistant and from every aspect, PuroClean has exceeded any and all expectations that we had for our growth, training and support.

Franchise Owner since March 2009

Business Development Certified Priority Response Part of PuroClean’s National Business Development efforts focus on our program called Certified Priority Response (CPR). PuroClean’s Certified Priority Response Program is designed to help insurance companies reduce claim costs and increase satisfaction by employing strict certification standards, clear protocols and mutually agreed-upon scope pre-approvals. When joining the PuroClean Network, you are tapping into a wealth of experience and well-connected industry experts that never stop working for you! Our National Business Development team is constantly working from the top down to position PuroClean as the premier choice for regional and national insurers in order to help drive additional business to our Network. Our National Call Center receives claims from these structured relationships, and dispatches out each job to our franchise network. Our Business Development Team is made up of restoration veterans with the experience, knowledge and contacts to position PuroClean as the preferred partner for insurers nationwide.

PuroMetrix™ is the answer to building a seamless internal system that allows me to manage my customer base, jobs, costing and sales and marketing efforts. While I am also excited about the opportunities to earn more business from various list programs that will be tied to PuroMetrix™, I view this software as a comprehensive business management tool that sets us apart from all of our competitors.

Becky Edgren Dayton, OH

Franchise Owner since September 2008

Proprietary Operating and Claims Management System Our goal is to provide 24/7 easy access, and then respond quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, every time! We accomplish this through our proprietary operating and claims management system called PuroMetrix™. PuroMetrix™ is the single greatest, most cutting edge technology in our industry today. It centralizes loss notice assignments, job data collection and reporting back to the insurance company, adjuster or claims manager all in one easy and effective platform. One of its key features, PuroView, is an online tool that provides real-time information to your customers 24/7. Second to none, the PuroMetrix™ system allows all of our offices to run their business smart and efficiently while providing the superior customer experience PuroClean clients have come to trust.



The OnSightLKQ system was developed to help you move through the floor covering replacement cost valuation process quicker, while offering a new level of service to your customers. Assessing the replacement cost value of the flooring early in the claim allows for a more informed decision regarding the restoration protocol. You and your customer will appreciate knowing the flooring allowance early in the claim so you can move forward with the completion of the restoration effort, and your customer can proceed in selecting their replacement flooring.


Lab evaluations are an excellent way to evaluate unique or potentially expensive flooring materials and should be used in those situations. OnSightLKQ is designed to help you determine which surfaces warrant a lab analysis and those that can be evaluated right then at the loss site without cutting the material! OnSightLKQ allows your customers to view and even participate in the deductive process of identifying the damaged flooring; reducing valuation pushback and increasing customer approval.

Use the OnSightLKQ Field Reference Guides and secured website to answer questions based on the manufacturing characteristics of the affected flooring to generate the valuation in minutes.


The OnSightLKQ database contains thousands of line items of floor covering manufacturing characteristics that will match virtually any carpet type and style with retail pricing for local market accuracy and like kind quality assurance.


OnSightLKQ creates a detailed valuation report for you, which can be immediately emailed to complete the assessment and move to the next phase of restoration.

Catastrophe & Large Loss Operations Team and Residential Storm Division At PuroClean, we know that time is critical and experience is everything when a business has suffered a tragic loss from a hurricane, flood, tornado or other emergency. Our team of large loss and disaster restoration experts has over 100 years of experience and handled more than 1,000 large loss projects. With PuroClean’s Catastrophe and Large Loss Team, you will always have the support and equipment to handle any size disaster and restore businesses back to normal. Our team of experts has your back so you will never have to say no to a job! PuroClean’s Large Loss and Catastrophe team is equipped with two 53’ response trailers and readied with equipment, supplies, and a core response team. Additionally, this division supports and teaches the PuroClean System how to secure and market the large loss segment in order to add revenue to their business. Additionally, our Residential Storm Division works hand-in-hand with our Franchise Owners to help residences put their lives back together after a surge event has occurred.



Team is so easy and great to work with. They’re always there when we need their support and expertise. The partnership is seamless and very

PuroClean’s Large Loss

profitable, and having the support of Large Loss and RSD Team is priceless.

Wayne Terry Jacksonville, Florida Franchise Owner since October 2007



After hearing about PuroClean at many tradeshows and national conventions, as well as reading about them in major industry publications, we decided to pay them a visit. What we found was a large network of industry professionals that shared the same ethics, commitment to service and technology, and devotion that we had thrived to achieve. I know that if I had started off as a PuroClean franchise, my annual revenues would be three times what they are now! Everette Wroten Baltimore, Maryland 15-year Independent Restoration Professional Converted to PuroClean in January 2010




Integrated Sales and Marketing Approach

Products & Equipment Support

PuroClean provides full marketing training and support and offers a variety of integrated sales and marketing programs and materials developed by our award winning in-house team of professionals. Our extensive library of print and promotional products has been developed to help you make every client’s visit memorable. And our expert Public Relations Team helps you build your business with secured placements in national publications and media outlets.

PuroClean Franchise Owners stay ahead of the competition with PuroClean branded products and equipment and ongoing research and development. PuroClean’s QuickDry System™ utilizes the most state-of-the-science equipment, and our nationally branded fleets of rescue vehicles set us apart. Our competitive pricing and shipping advantages ensure that Franchise Owners get the best products and the best prices.

Growing Together It is a terrific statement of our PuroClean core values to partner with an organization such as the American Red Cross. As a sponsor of the American Red Cross Disaster Responder Program, PuroClean supports the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, which enables the Red Cross to respond to disasters immediately, in every community nationwide. Because of their commitment to saving lives and keeping our communities safe in advance of disasters, Disaster Responders are among the Red Cross’ most valuable partners. This important alliance with the American Red Cross allows us the opportunity to give back to our communities as well as to gain valuable credibility and greater recognition by being associated with such a strong brand.

When you join the PuroClean Network, you are not only gaining ongoing support, but you’re also joining a family. While we strive to make a difference through the jobs we do, we also want to make sure that we foster a culture of fun, fellowship, and family during the process. Through our continued efforts to grow and support our Network, we have mastered the phrase “work together and play together.” Our numerous tradeshows and annual conventions provide great networking opportunities as well as new tools & ideas to help our Franchise Owners surpass the competition in service, satisfaction and revenues. We also celebrate in your successes both through our annual awards banquet and President’s Circle meetings.

When property damage occurs, PuroClean is driven to provide unmatched service experience quickly, professional, ethically and with compassion resulting in peace of mind for all concerned. We pledge to support and do whatever it takes, in order for our Franchise Network to respond, restore and rescue properties in all the communities we serve. This is our brand‌ this is our promise‌ this is PuroClean!

The PuroClean Opportunity