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To obtain any grace Most Holy Virgin of the Revelation, you who are in the Divine Trinity, deign we beg you; turn your merciful and kind glance towards us. Oh Mary! You are our powerful advocate before God, who by this soil of Sin will obtain graces and miracles for the conversion of sinners, grant that we obtain from Your Son Jesus, salvation of the soul, perfect health of body and the graces which we need. Grant to the Church and its head, the Roman Pontiff, the joy of seeing the conversion of His enemies, the propagation of the Kingdom of God over all the earth, the unity of all believers in Christ, peace among nations in order that we can love and serve You better in this life and one day deserve to see and thank you eternally in Heaven. Amen Nihil obstat + Bishop Ilario

MISSIONARIES OF DIVINE REVELATION For information or to arrange a guided tour or Parish Mission: Missionaries of Divine Revelation Via delle Vigne Nuove, 459 00139 Rome - ITALY Tel / Fax (+39) 0687130963 mobile (0039) 3668015308 To sustain our mission Banca Prossima Iban IT 59K0335901600100000103420 MissionariesDivine Revelation

Missionaries of Divine Revelation


Be missionaries

of the Word of Truth The Virgin of Revelation

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12 APRIL 1947 The Virgin Mary appeared in Rome on the 12th April 1947 to Bruno Cornacchiola (1913-2001) and his three children in a Grotto in a place known as Tre Fontane (Three Fountains) Rome. Bruno was an anti-clerical protestant who wanted to murder Pope Pius XII. The Mother of God introduced herself with an entirely new title saying, ‘I am the Virgin of the Revelation’. She told Bruno to return to the Catholic Church inviting him to undertake a mission to testify that: ‘the true Church of Her Son is founded upon three white loves: the Eucharist, the Immaculate Virgin Mary and the Pope.... be missionaries of the Word of Truth.’ The Virgin also spoke of Her Assumption into heaven saying, ‘My body could not perish and did not perish. My Son and the Angels came to claim me at the moment of my death.’ Pope Pius XII proclaimed the dogma of the Assumption shortly after the apparition on the 1st November 1950. In 1997 Saint John Paul II approved a new name for the place where the Virgin appeared: St Mary of the Third Millennium at Tre Fontane

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The Missionaries of Divine Revelation were spiritually born at the Grotto of Tre Fontane. Our motto, ‘Serviam - I will Serve’ synthesises our strong will to serve Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church. Our name ‘Missionaries of Divine Revelation’ symbolises our specific vocation:

The beauty of art born from the Faith.

TO GUARD with a passionate love the Word

ITINERARIES • Vatican Museum • St Peter’s Basilica • St John Lateran’s Basilica • Saint Mary Majors • St Paul’s Outside the Walls • The Holy Cross of Jerusalem and all roman Basilicas.

of God.

TO SPREAD the Word of God in communion with the Magisterium of the Church and with constant reference to the Eucharist, the Immaculate Virgin Mary and the Holy Father. TO SERVE our brothers through our catechetical apostolate in the parishes, in parish missions, in the family and through the itinerary of Art and Faith.

We are the Official Guides for St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums for the Art and Faith itinerary. We also work in St John Lateran’s Basilica, Cathedral of the Holy Father and Mother Church of all the churches in the world.

God Bless Us And The Virgin Protect Us

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Missionaries of Divine Revelation sestino eng 2015  

Missionaries of Divine Revelation sestino eng 2015

Missionaries of Divine Revelation sestino eng 2015  

Missionaries of Divine Revelation sestino eng 2015

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