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Kountry Kritters Coldspring, Texas I've always worked with animals and they have always been a big part of my life. As a kid I always had the dream that all little girls have; to be a veterinarian and save every animal from pain and suffering.

becoming her groomer and kennel manager. I was elated to become a manager but the groomer not so much.

You see I had this “touch” thing that everyone talked about. I had a knowledge for the animals that very few I moved to Oklahoma in the summer had apparently BUT I wanted to put that of '07 to go to Oklahoma State towards becoming a vet. I knew that if I University. Moving up there and leaving started grooming I wouldn't stop; the everything I knew was the easy part. truly sad part is I didn't want to become Even taking the tests to enter school was something I knew I would be truly easy compared to getting the tuition cost amazing at doing because I had other sheet. The first year alone was going to dreams. So enter my boss and mentor. break me so I decided to take it slow and She approached me with that look on her go part time so that I could at least afford face saying, “You are going to do this food. whether you like it or not!” She stopped and watched me for several minutes as I While living in Stillwater I took on nervously cleaned kennels. running a boarding, now I had worked and slaved in kennels almost my whole Finally she told me this, “I called the life. I say slaved because even from grooming school and you start next early childhood years I would get the week. Its five days a week, you can shovels and hose and have to go out to work here when you're not there. Then the kennels on the farm and clean the you will be my head groomer. Its $1000 hunting dog pens for my father. My to get enrolled…have fun.” With that my father gave me something that most kids jaw dropped and she turned and left me go without these days and that is to my professional poo cleaning. knowledge. I watched him stitch our Enter the Grooming school. I already hog dogs up after a less than fortunate knew the basics, washing dogs and cats, run with the wild rooters of the woods. cutting toe nails, cleaning out pads and He taught me to be patient and kind to all animals and you would generally get ears and even the more basic knowledge of shaving a dog and cat down to nothing the same in return. but that was it. I still to this day Caring for animals was just one of remember my first dog I groomed. He the few things he taught me. Without of course was a Shih Tzu and the most that early teaching of respect and spit fire one I have ever handled. discipline I can honestly say I would Anyways his name was the probably not be where I am today. Now traditional Gizmo and he did everything being in a different state, on my own and from bite to poo on me. Having with the whole world at my fingertips I completed my first ever Teddy bear cut I was ready to tackle anything. School was less than thrilled to have finally was progressing but it was a lot slower been talked into being a groomer. than I had hoped for. Of course I will not complain about ever having a job to I progressed quickly throughout the keep the roof over my head and food in school and mastered the cuts earning my my belly but making less than minimum certification at the end. So I started wage and living a fulfilling life is next to grooming and of course that is all I did, impossible. Until the day my life shortly after school I moved back to changed. Texas and I let being a vet go and started I was cleaning a dog run one day and in the field that apparently I was destined to thrive in. attempting to get a particularly hard piece of poo off the concrete when my Since that summer of 2007 I have boss approached me about about come a long way. I apprenticed under attending a Pet Grooming school and two Master Groomers and always

aspired to have my own business. Everything was put on hold however in 2009 with the birth of my amazing and utterly stubborn son. In 2012 I was given the opportunity to live in an amazing town called Coldspring. Things were grueling commuting to The Woodlands. When I had time I began to explore this little town that I had come to love without even really knowing it.

from my friend Dominique Bini. Then came my father; without him I wouldn't of had ability to be able to travel anywhere in life.

I opened my doors April 29th 2013. It was the proudest moment of my life to actually be living a dream that I had planted in my head so long ago. Now I am coming up on my 1st full year in business and in this year alone I have changed more than I have in my entire life. One of my proudest moments was On one rather uneventful day several getting The Best of San Jacinto County months after I moved here I noticed a for being the best pet groomer. But its small sign with paw prints. “All Breed times in the mornings however that I Grooming” is what it said. My heart really appreciate the small business I leapt! I instantly called the phone have made. When it's still early and just number and then as it told me it had been a little light is awakening outside and I disconnected my heart sank. All the walk into my shop to the smell of instant images of asking for a new job fragranced shampoos and a dirty litter where I wouldn't spend half my life box. I walk down the hall way and slide driving went out the window with the my hand along the painted walls. Even stagnant summer air. Later that evening though the smell may sicken others it the wheels started to turn. What if I brings a warming tenderness and the reopened the salon that used to be here in ultimate feeling of accomplishment to town? Within the month I had the space my soul. Without this place I would be leased and the business Kountry Kritters nothing and with this place I have gained LLC was born. I owe my success to the everything! support of my wonderful Grandparents Robert and Beverly Ryan. As well as the Katie Johnson, Kountry Kritters physical help of renovating my new shop Owner

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I am a stylist here with Brittany and Carolyn at A Cutting Edge. Being I grew up in Tarkington, met and raised here I am excited to be bringing married a Coldspring guy. We have my career back to where it all began, chosen to raise our family here because I Coldspring, Tx. After 10 years of love the welcoming experience that experience in the cosmetology field I comes from living in a small Texas have reached a point where I am able to town. I graduated from Sebring beauty work in my home town! This has school in 2009. This isn’t a job to me it always been a dream of mine. I love is one of my biggest passions next to bringing out the inner beauty in my God and family. I enjoy working here in back to the Houston area before we clients, and to be given the chance to do San Jacinto County because the people settled here in Coldspring. I chose that in a town full of people I love is are so friendly and roots run deep. It Coldspring over other locations and more rewarding than anything else I feels like home! DOING WHAT I other opportunities because this is where LOVE is truly a blessing! I couldn’t ask have experienced in my career this far. I felt led to open my own salon. In the 7 for a better place to be. Let me take this After working in nursing homes and years I have been open we are still corporate chains, and other private opportunity to invite each of you to welcoming new faces every day! I am come and enjoy a warm welcome in our salons that serviced families, I feel that I so excited that even though this town is little shop. After a year of working here am ready for this leap of faith! I thank growing, we have not lost our small the Lord for this opportunity and thanks and meeting dozens of new friends and town heart. I would like to personally neighbors I can honestly say, I can’t wait to each and every one of you that I meet invite you to come and meet me and the to meet the rest of you! So come on in from behind the chair! talented girls here if you haven’t already. some day for a cut, color, perm or just For more information or to make an We strive to give a memorable some friendly conversation. appointment please call 936-653-3300. experience every client. For me, I have a Kelli Ryan: special place in my heart for each of my clients it is like a visit with a friend. I hope to meet many more friends!

A Cutting Edge Hair Salon A Cutting Edge Hair Salon opened for business in January 2007. We are located at 15110 Hwy 150 West Suite B in Coldspring, Texas. Also known as Sycamore Square. Our salon is set up differently than most salons in our area. We have 3 individual rooms where each stylist can shampoo, cut and color all in one place. Our goal is to be an elegant, comfortable, and friendly salon. Carolyn Biddy: I started working in the hair business in 1991 in Pasadena, Tx. I briefly lived and worked in Tyler,Tx and then moved Brittany Leasman:

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Third Annual Bass & Bugs Fishing Childrenz Haven will host its third annual Bass & Bugs Fishing Tournament May 10, 2014 beginning at 6am on Lake Livingston. We will also have a free fishing tournament for Junior Anglers starting at 7am. And beginning at 11a.m., we will host an All-You-Can-Eat Crawfish Boil. Like last year, the Crawfish Boil, Boat Launch, and Weigh-in will be held at Pontoons, 371 Navajo Trail in Onalaska. Adult tournament anglers may purchase discounted crawfish to-go boxes from the pier at Waterfront Lodge. This year Quality Marine of Onalaska, will sponsor the prizes for the anglers. Prizes for the fishing tournament will be First Place -$1500; Second Place -- $1200 and Third Place --$800. The children will receive prizes for the most fish and the biggest fish. Their trophies will be provided by Pontoons. Pontoons will also provide live

entertainment for most of the afternoon. We will also have several awesome raffle items. Childrenz Haven, Polk County’s Child Advocacy Center (CAC), is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 dedicated to helping abused children of Polk County. “Experts estimate that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused before their 18th birthdays. This means that in any classroom or neighborhood full of children, there are children who are silently bearing the burden of sexual abuse.” See more about Childrenz Haven at As a CAC, we provide a safe and neutral environment for children to be interviewed who may have been the victims of child sexual abuse. Our forensic interviewer has been trained to question

children in a non-leading way and in a private and secure setting. By creating such a safe, neutral haven for these children, we protect them from repeated interrogations by the various law enforcement groups and we protect those who may be falsely accused. We also offer free counseling to victims of abuse and non-offending family members. Our counselor has been trained in traumafocused cognitive behavioral therapy which has been found to be the most effective treatment for child sexual abuse victims. And we serve as a center where

law enforcement, CPS and the prosecutors can meet to discuss pending cases, so that no child’s case falls through the cracks. Our goal for this fiscal year is to raise $20 per child for each child residing in Polk County, or $200,000. So if you can join us for the fishing tournament and/or the Crawfish Boil, you can support our organization and, hopefully, have a lot of fun. And you just may take home an extra $1500 in prize money. Come join us. See the Bass and Bugs website at

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Come Clean Lake Livingston Come Clean Lake Livingston is around the corner. This year the event will be held May 17, 2014. It will begin on the shoreline of the Lake and end at Lake Livingston State Park. This event has two goals: one to clean up Lake Livingston and its surrounding lake front area, and the second goal is to bring awareness to the surrounding communities about the importance of keeping Lake Livingston clean. The main event starts that morning with a lake wide clean up. As teams of volunteers clean up designated areas of the lake other volunteers will be on the lake cleaning problem areas by boats and barges. The effort of these volunteers help make Lake Livingston a welcome place for visitors and those who live here year round. The main entities sponsoring this event are Trinity River Authority, Lake Livingston State Park and the Livingston-Polk County Chamber of Commerce. With sponsorships and the help of the Polk County Master Naturalists, Come Clean Lake Livingston is helping to boost our ecotourism here in Polk County. It allows people to see the many outdoor activities Lake Livingston has to offer -

birding, kayaking, fishing, etc. Come Clean Lake Livingston involves the counties surrounding the lake including Polk, San Jacinto, and Trinity. All community members, school districts, churches, youth organizations, businesses, and other organizations are invited to participate. To volunteer, call the Livingston-Polk County Chamber @ 327-4929. Or if you would like to make a contribution for this event you may also contact the Chamber for more information. This is a wonderful event that helps to bring awareness to the beauty of Lake Livingston. Come out and support this great cause.

Piney Woods Pathfinder, May, 2014, Page 7 various programs, including “Don’t Meth With Me,” Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. 2006 - present: Livingston Art League: various activities - coordinated painting of ceiling tiles for hospital and fundraising for the hospital (we raised over $17,000 for Memorial Medical Livingston) 1998-2006: Boys and Girls Club of First, I believe in governing with a I have the track record to get things done Polk County: founding member balanced approach, accountability and and humbly ask for your vote and 1996-2003: Workforce Development diplomacy. I welcome innovative ideas, a support. Board, original member respectful dialogue and I believe in the Education: 1996-2010: Livingston ISD Board of Texas “can do spirit”. 1997: Master of Education Trustees Second, I believe that it is extremely Counseling 1995-1997: SAAFE House Board: important that you are provided with a 1990: Master of Education - Science Polk and Walker County thorough background of any person that Composite 1994-1997: Polk Co. Memorial you are considering as an elected official; 1983: Teacher Certification - Science Hospital Foundation Director (now especially the person you choose to lead Composite Memorial Medical Center) Polk County. 1981: Bachelor of Science - Wildlife 1991-1994: Community Resources My education and professional Ecology and Management Coordinating: founding member experience has provided me with a unique Community: 1990-1997: Polk Co. Child Welfare perspective to address healthcare, 2012 - present: Escapees CARE Board Board economic development and growing jobs, 1989-2001: Youth Sports: Soccer, tourism, and understanding the problems of Directors. Responsible for oversight of the CARE facility, rehab and adult daySoftball coach and volunteer with and opportunities that face Lake Baseball Program Livingston. After all, I do have a Bachelor care program at the Escapees Park. 2010 - present, I-69 Representative for of Science in Wildlife Ecology and 1975-present: Volunteer translator Polk County - Segment 2. Liaison Management. 2008-present: Gulf Coast Chamber representing local interest and providing I understand the significance of Exec’s Association input with regards to Tx Dot planning for financial securtiy, providing new Professional Career I-69 (following the current Hwy. 59 route) opportunities and taking a proactive 2008-present: Livingston - Polk Co. 2007 - present: Rotary International: stance regarding emergency management. Chamber of Commerce

Sydney Murphy for County Judge

1996-2007: Licensed Professional Counselor 1990-1996: Livingston ISD 1993-1996: Bilingual / At Risk Counselor 1990-1993: High School Counselor, Tech Preo Coordinator; DETOG Summer Program Coordinator 1989-1990: Corrigan - Camden ISD; Counselor (7th-12th grades) 1988-1989: Livingston ISD: Jr. High Science Teacher and Department Chair. 1982-1988: Corrigan - Camben ISD; 9th - 12th Science Teacher and Department Chair. 1981-1982: Livingston ISD: 6th Grade Science Teacher Additional information: Bilingual Fluent in Spanish (Grew up in Durango, Mexico) Personal 1976-present: First United Methodist Church: served various committees and offices, including Administrative Board and Children’s Programs (Sunday School teacher, summer programs teacher and coordinator) Married 32 years to Matthew “Matt” Neal Murphy, Jr. Three Children: Matthew Neal Murphy III, 29; Jessica Alexandra Murphy, 24 and Helen Murphy Wiggins, 27, Husband Eric, 27

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Get Hooked on Livingston Shopping, Now Online If shopping is your passion, and you happen to live in or be passing through the Livingston, TX area, a cadre of local merchants offer happy hunting in a variety of antique, boutique, and funtique shops. This eclectic group of independent antique dealers, artisans, specialty boutiques, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, activity and entertainment providers promote shopping local amidst the nostalgic atmosphere in and around Livingston. Just look for "Sam the Fish" (the Guild’s playful mascot) decals and you'll know you're shopping with Guild members who support their community. "Get Hooked and Stay Hooked" is the message expressed by the Guild through "Sam the Fish.” If you’ve been anywhere in Livingston you’ve seen the "Get Hooked and Stay Hooked on

Livingston" Visitor Guides, updated and produced annually by the Guild and the City of Livingston. Now, you can go on line to the Guild’s new website, for the most current information about Guild members, Livingston activities, and maps. For an even greater shopping experience visit during the monthly Livingston Trade Days in Pedigo Park, just 2/10 mile off Highway 59 North, just outside the center of Livingston. Trade Days is open year-round on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the third Monday of each month (yeah, we try to keep it simple). Several of the Merchants Guild members and other vendors fill two covered pavilions and open-air lots with food, arts and crafts, collectible and antique vendors. MAY SHOPPING CALENDAR

May 2 – 4: Country Market Days About: Shop, have lunch, and browse arts and crafts, jewelry, vintage finds, yard art, and more. Where: Historic Thomas Mercantile, 2464 Old Highway 35 S, Livingston, TX 77351. Phone: (936) 967-5333 May 16 – 17: Livingston Trade Days, About: Monthly event, Where: Pedigo Park, Time: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. May 17: Spring Yard Sale, About: Clean out your stuff and sell, or come shop the bargains at this semi-annual community yard sale, Where: Pedigo Park, Time: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m, Price:$10 for a spot, Vendor Info: 936-327-3656 "Get Hooked and Stay Hooked on Livingston". Follow us on Facebook! Visit

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Square Dance Lessons Start Again in Livingston Hip 2 B Square Dance Club is offering an opportunity for people in Polk County to learn to square dance Hip 2 B Squares was formed last year. The club dances at the clubhouse of Escapees RV Club off Hwy 146 at 344 Esacpees Drive. President Jim Pead and Betsy Waite are long time square dancers and square dance leaders. They saw a need for a new square dance club right here in Polk County. With the support of the Escapees RV Club they gathered together a number of folks who wanted to learn to square dance and some experienced square dancers who wanted to create a new club right here in Polk County. They dance on Monday evening from 7:00 to 9:30 to leader and caller K. O. Jeanes. K.O. has been calling for many years and is an excellent caller and teacher. In addition to Hip 2 B Squares he currently calls for the Wildcatter of Humble and often for other clubs in Texas and Louisiana. After nearly a year of dancing and learning, the first class graduated in March. The club has been so successful that they are ready to offer a new class starting in May. They will be offering two free “Fun Nights” on May 5 and 12,

with regular class to begin on May 19. Square Dancing truly is “Friendship Set to Music.” It is the American Folk Dance and is practiced in every corner of America, plus in many countries worldwide. Jim and Betsy have danced in England, Germany, Switzerland, France, Australia, Russia and China. Dancing is a fun activity wherever it is practiced. Square dancers welcome fellow dancer everywhere. The calls are the same everywhere so it is easy to dance with groups wherever you go. For further information you can call 936-327-4610. Now is the time to do something for yourself and learn to dance!

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Livingston Lions Club’s

17th Annual Golf Tournament Livingston Lions Club’s 17th Annual Golf Tournament On Thursday, May 15 2014 at 1:00 pm Livingston Lions Club will be holding their 17th Annual Golf Tournament at Livingston Golf Course at Matthews Street Park. The event will be a 4-person scramble with a limit of 18 teams. Team entry will be $300, mulligans included (2 per person, used anywhere). It’s easy, just get 4 warm bodies and show up, no handicaps to worry about. Free hamburgers and drinks will be available from 11:30 – 1:00. Free soft drinks and cold beverages provided on the course. The event is open to both male and female golfers (must be over 18 years of age). Men will use blue tees, and women will use red tees. First place will receive $400, third place

$350, eighth place $350 and next to last place will receive $200. No prize money “give-backs” to the Lions Club will be solicited. For more information please contact Cecil Lanston at (936) 327-4777.

Piney Woods Pathfinder, May, 2014, Page 11 historical significance of the county. We must practice proper preservation methods for objects and artifacts to survive for the enjoyment and education of future generations. PRESERVATION MATTERS because it can transform a community ensure the restoration and maintenance of from a place where we like to a place that these county treasures. Polk County has we love. It enhances our pride, gives us and continues to participate in the roots. Further, it encourages travel and program. heritage tourism and economic development. The primary mission of the Polk County Memorial Museum is to collect, Article written by:Wanda Bobinger, preserve, exhibit and interpret objects of Curator, Polk Co. Museum

Polk County Historical Commission Recognizes Preservation Month May is Preservation Month across the state of Texas and in Livingston, the Polk County Historical Commission will observe by placing signs around the area where buildings or homes have been preserved, including structures that are in the process of being restored. Preservation Month acknowledges a mission of the historical Commission to help cultivate a love of historic places and to help others understand the importance of saving the history of our community. PRESERVATION MATTERS because it protects places that tell stories of our past, the memories of people, places and events that are meaningful in our lives. Every generation occupies their space as temporary trustees, as guardians of the past. In our thinking, our decisions, and our actions, we must accommodate the needs of the future. History and those

remnants that are its symbols are evidence that there are times beyond our own, that the future is as real as today and is as real as the past. There are so many areas of preservation right here in Polk County and in every community that can define us as a people and a place. Cemeteries for instance, are among the most valuable of historic resources. They teach us about settlement patterns, about religions, lifestyles, and genealogy. Approximately one hundred and fifty historic cemeteries have been recorded and documented in Polk County. There are perhaps no better symbols of Texas history than Courthouses found in each county throughout the state. These architecturally beautiful buildings have always been and remain the center of a community. There has been an ongoing Texas Historical Courthouse Preservation Program since 1999 to

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Rotary Club of Livigston

11th Annual Golf Tournament On Saturday, May 17, 2014 the Rotary Club of Livingston will be having their 11th Annual Golf Tournament. The event will be a 4 person scramble, mixed teams are welcome. Shotgun is slated for 8 am. The tournament will be held at Livingston Golf Club, 936327-4777. Entry fee will be $60 per person, men will use blue tees and women will use red

tees. Entry deadline will be the day of the tournament. Prizes include $400 to first place, $300 for second and $200 for next to last. There will be a longest drive and closest to the pin contest and lunch and refreshment will be available on course. For more information please call Dan Ellis at 936-328-9088.

The Livingston Area Community Band and The First United Methodist Church Choir Will Join for a Patriotic Concert The choir and band will join in performance of “God Bless America”, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, “This is America”, which includes “The Caissons Go Rolling Along”, "Anchors Aweigh”, “Semper Paratus”, "The Marine Corps Hymn”, and “The U. S. Air Force”. In addition the band will perform “The Battle Cry of Freedom”, "Portrait of the American West”, “A Tribute to Marvin Hamlisch”. Other music will be performed by the groups. Memorial Day, Monday, May 26 is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces and Friday, July 4 is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. In recognizing those two important dates, this year the Livingston Area Community Band under the direction of Lowell Clark and the Livingston First United Methodist Church Choir under the direction of Nate Shockey are joining groups to present a patriotic concert.

This concert will be at the First United Methodist Church of Livingston on Monday, June 2, at 7:00 p.m. This is a free concert. We consider this is a gift to our community. We hope you will join us in recognizing these two important dates in our country’s history. Pictured to the Right: Band Director Lowell Clark

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Pet Talk: The Importance of Identity While we do our very best to keep a close eye on Fido, he tends to let curiosity get the best of him when engaging in an unsupervised stroll around the neighborhood. When this happens, you’ll be thankful that you just invested in that slightly-overpricedbut-irresistibly-cute dog collar, personalized ID tags, and microchip. “ID tags can help with identification in case they get lost or run away,” said Dr. Stacy Eckman, a lecturer at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. “It lets people know that the dog is owned and is very helpful when trying to reunite the animal with the owner.” In addition to decorating your pets

with ID tags, microchips have become an increasingly popular way to keep track of your pets in the case they go missing. “Unlike a tag or a collar, it cannot come off and is placed under the skin with a small needle,” said Eckman. “It is not painful to the pet and they will not notice it, and neither will the owner in most instances.” Many people have the misconception that microchips are a GPS tracker and can locate a lost pet, but really, it just holds the pet and owner information. “Once a pet is scanned, the information can be looked up to try and reunite the owner and pet,” said Eckman. “An important thing

to keep in mind about microchips is that may find to be too much trouble. the information has to be updated if you Even if Fido and Fluffy spend their move—it is not automatic.” time indoors, having both ID tags and They are very beneficial because microchips are recommended. “There most shelters and facilities scan for are instances when they can run out the microchips when an animal comes in, door, slip through their leash or collar which makes it much easier to reunite and get away,” said Eckman. an owner with their pet. However, it is “Identification will help them find their important to keep in mind that way home.” Both of these painless microchips do not replace the need for precautions can save you and your pet a ID tags, but merely supplement them. lot of heartache in the long run. “Some shelters do not have microchip scanners or the one they have may not read your pet’s particular microchip (though there are a handful of manufacturers on the market and the scanners are getting better at picking up all the different kinds),” said Eckman. “If a Good Samaritan finds your pet, having visible tags will let them know it is owned.” This way, they can quickly contact the owner without having to hassle with posting “found pet” signs around the neighborhood, which some

As important as our pets are to us, having them go missing is a feeling we hope never to experience. By investing in both a microchip and detailed ID tags, Fido has a much greater chance of returning back from his sporadic squirrel-chase safe and sound. ### Pet Talk is a service of the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, Texas A&M University.

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Fireworks To Debut At “Waterway Nights”

Live Music Series The Waterway Nights Summer Series returns to the picturesque setting of Waterway Square in The Woodlands with great-sounding live music and for the first time, post-concert fireworks every Saturday night in June from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Produced by The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau, the free concert series and fireworks features live music acts presenting the best of Texas country, Zydeco and Latin sounds. Jugglers, clowns, magicians and more will accompany each night’s live music performance. The 2014 Waterway Nights entertainment schedule is as follows: * June 7: Texas country music sounds from Grady Skelton * June 14: The Cajun and Zydeco sounds of Dr. Zog * June 21: Austin-based

singer/songwriter and guitarist Scott Evans * June 28: The hot Latin and pop sounds from Yelba A spectacular fireworks display will follow each concert starting at approximately 8:55 p.m., weather permitting. “Many families come early and grab a patio dining spot in one of the restaurants in Waterway Square or they can enjoy a picnic right in front of the fountains,” says Nick Wolda, president of The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Plus, the addition of fireworks after each concert makes Waterway Nights a great part of a getaway to The Woodlands.” Blankets, lawn chairs and coolers are allowed in Waterway Square. Paid covered parking is available at the 24 Waterway Parking Garage (located at corner of Fountain Plaza & Lake Robbins Drive), the Waterway Square Parking Garage (between Fountain Plaza and Woodloch Court) and the surface parking lot along the corner of Waterway Avenue and Timberloch Place. “Waterway Nights” attendees will also find limited, free curbside parking along Lake Robbins Drive, Waterway Avenue, Waterway Square Place, and

Timberloch Place. Waterway Nights is free and open to the public, thanks to The Woodlands Development Company, Munday Chevrolet, Houston Family Magazine, Xfinity, Kroger and Pinot’s Palette. For more information on The Woodlands CVB and other summer events in The Woodlands, go to

Piney Woods Pathfinder, May, 2014, Page 17 Livingston area: * Vitex Trees: Shrub or small tree; lavender blooms shaped like lilacs bloom four of five times each year; highly fragrant * Purple Duranta: Grows to 8 feet if not pruned, arching purple flowers from Spring through Fall; returns after freeze * Hibiscus: Potted or in the ground; multiple colors; will freeze * Trumpet Vine: Red tube shaped lantanas, zinnias, pentas, salvias, and even flowers; can grow to 30 feet dill and fennel. * Salvias: Perennials, multiple colors Now, for hummers. If you haven’t hung up a hummingbird feeder and enjoyed the * Hamelia/Hummingbird Bush: Grows frisky free flyers in late summer then you’re to six feet if left unpruned, small orange missing some great fun. They’ll buzz your tube shaped flowers; comes back from root ears, aggressively defend their feeding spot, after freeze and when you hit it right, can drain a gallon * Other plants/flowers: zinnias, of nectar a day. columbine, cape or coral honeysuckle, I’m already seeing Rufus and I think a morning glory, bee balm, Turk’s cap Ruby Throat hummers. They’ve mostly May Garden To-Dos been at feeders since flowers in the garden are just beginning to show. 1. Loosen Soil and Mulch: If you haven’t dug out or turned old leaves in the DO NOT ADD RED FOOD beds, it’s time to air the beds. Add 1.5 to 2 COLORING TO NECTAR. Sorry, was I yelling? Most hummingbird feeders already inches of fresh mulch. Not too much or water won’t sink through. have red and yellow to attract the birds. They need lots of nectar, enough to put on 2. Give Plants a Haircut…Lightly: three times their body weight for the Never take off more than a third of existing migratory flight across the Gulf of Mexico growth, it’s too much of a shock, unless in the fall. It’s easy to make your own you’re trimming freeze damage. Then just nectar. Hummingbird Nectar Recipe – 1 Gallon Mix 4 cups sugar with 1 gallon water; bring to rolling boil and remove from heat, immediately. Cool. Fill feeders, refrigerate remaining nectar. Refill feeders when empty or every 3 days, whichever comes first. Two quick feeder tips: 1. Clean with warm water only, no soap 2. Dip hanging hooks in petroleum jelly to keep ants from entering the feeders We generally don’t get the flocks until late May and early June, then the big flood comes in August, so there’s time to prep your garden. Hummers enjoy many of the same plants as butterflies, and they’re especially drawn to red, purple, or yellow tube flowers. Here are some of the plants and trees easily found and grown in the

Communing with Nature

Make Way for Butterflies and Hummers By: Beth S. Miller East Texans love nature. While we have plenty of it on and around Lake Livingston, there can never be enough colorful flowers to attract the variety of butterflies and hummingbirds moving through our community. This month’s Communing with Nature focuses on keeping the flood of butterflies and hummers, expected through our area in the coming months, fluttering and buzzing happily in our yards. It’s not hard, and best of all, many of the plants they love are East Texas natives, perennials that reseed year after year, through heat and ice, wet and dry. First, let’s discuss butterflies. We all know the Monarch with its dramatic black, gold, and white markings. Well, to entice them, think orange and yellow, think milkweed, or Mexican Butterfly Weed. It’s a full life-cycle plant. The flowers attract the butterflies and the leaves feed the larva. The wispy seeds form just below the blooms and fly away to fill your yard with new plants for new butterflies. They’re drought tolerant, and come back after a freeze. As milkweed is to Monarchs, so passionflower vines are to the Gulf Fritillary. These less colorful butterflies use the passion vines for laying eggs and the larva strip the plants nearly bare before entering their cocoons. Then the vines come back just in time for new butterflies to emerge. Butterflies like sunny areas with lots of nectar-rich yellow, pink, and red blooms. They also like flat rocks or wood to rest on, and some water in shallow, ground-level pans. Add some of the following and your yard will seem to flutter: * Butterfly Bush (Buddleia davidi) Fragrant, deciduous perennial in lavender, pink, white; grows up to 6' tall; blooms on new growth from summer to fall; may die back in winter * Coreopsis (Coreopsis lanceolata)Single- or double-petaled yellow flowers on wiry stems; pinch flowers or deadhead for continuous blooms May to July * Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea) - Grows 2' to 4' with colors from purple to white; tolerant of heat and drought * Other butterfly favorites include:

cut what’s dead or brown. Trim up perennials to give them a boost. 3. Keep Roses Fed: They like regular feeding, every four to six weeks. Bayer’s makes a great All-In-One fertilizer with systemic fungicide and insecticide 4. Watering to Beat Droughts: Deep water your grass twice a week. This means watering for at least an hour, no quick drench or tree roots grow to the surface.. If there’s rain, no worries. Resources: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Texas Butterflies - Hummingbird Journal North: html Hummingbird Central: ingbird-migration.htm About the Author: Beth, known professionally as the Communication Gardener, is a relatively new full-time Livingston resident but an experienced grower of orchids, tropical plants, and Texas perennials. She’s an avid backyard birder and loves to talk dirt. Email:

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Piney Woods Pathfinder, May, 2014, Page 19

Mt. Rose Country Store Celebrates 1st Anniversary Mt. Rose Country Store located at 2116 S. FM 1988 (2 miles from Thomas Supply) on the way to the Lake Livingston State Park opened their door on April 19th, 2013. This quaint little store started with a small grocery line, a little bait and a few gifts like Circle E Candles and handmade pottery. Their gift line has grown tremendously with over 20 vendor’s show casing their talents in Leather, Wood, Pottery, Jewelry , Kitchen and Wine Accessories. Susan kicked off her customized Gift Basket Creations at Valentine’s Day with a bang! She fills them with many in store items like the candles, wine and homemade whipped lotion and sugar scrub – whatever the customer chooses. So for that Special Occasion, come to

Mt. Rose Country Store. They are ever increasing their Wine selection with Texas Wines as the priority! Bonnie garden and flowering plants were added this Spring – with more home and garden to come – with the great homegrown vegetables and herbs – and don’t forget about the Farm Fresh Eggs. The Bait Barn has been moved beside the store to provide for your live bait needs. They carry both small and large minnows, goldfish and perch when available. The other live bait includes night crawlers, dillies and meal worms. Mt. Rose Country Store also carries frozen bait of Shrimp, Shad, Chicken Livers and Hearts.

They will be adding Propane so you Have a Hot Dog for lunch! Register can get your cylinders refilled very soon! for Door Prizes and visit with many of the Vendors, Neighbors and Friends. Ted Please Celebrate with Ted and Susan and Susan want to thank everyone for as they cut the ribbon with the Polk their patronage! Shopping Local is what County Chamber of Commerce on keeps our town and community Thursday, May 15th at 10:30 am and growing!! Thanks Again. then stay for an Open House from 11a to 2p. Come on out and see what’s happening at Mt. Rose Country Store!!!

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Bulkhead Birding

Bluebirds of Happiness Bulkhead Birding Series By: Bronwyn Clear Our Eastern Bluebirds are not considered to be water birds. They don’t live on the water or in the water, but they absolutely love being over the water! They dive, careen, and roll between the docks all along our Lake Livingston bulkhead area. On a windy day they soar, drop and dart as if they are living life on a crazy giant roller coaster! Bluebirds have voracious appetites and these aerial stunts are mostly done to catch insects. They fly out over the water chasing down the latest insect hatches. Some of the air show theatrics may be done to attract mates and some are done to dive bomb fellow bluebirds intruding into precious territory. In the flock these little blue dynamos are absolutely dizzying to watch! “The bluebird carries the sky on his back” - Henry David Thoreau. The

Eastern Bluebird males have gorgeous bright blue backs and rust brown throats and breasts. The females are more muted in color with less blue and more brown on their backs. Weighing in at a mere 1 ounce, these birds are only about 6” long with a 9” wing span. When they sing, you may hear a beautiful melodious warble that brings to mind the famous song from the Wizard of Oz “…where happy little bluebirds fly....” Or you may hear the raucous squabbling of a batch of fussy little birds fighting each other over their space! If you see bluebirds in your area, try this. In the morning, gather up the June bugs that accumulate outside your windows…the ones that are still slightly wiggling. Put them on a shallow saucer and place it out wherever they like to fly by. Back away, then wait and watch. Our bluebirds scarf up the June bugs within 30 minutes, and sometimes lick

Male Bluebird guarding Purple Martin house

Cold day in Coldspring the saucer clean! This is an entertaining “recycling” program that has us tidying up our outdoor patio for a great cause. Nesting begins when a male tries to lure a female by warbling and flapping, or by putting a twig or two into a nesting space. If he is successful, the female continues to build the nest. They may have about 2 to 4 clutches a year, each with about 4 or more eggs. Both male and female are excellent parents and both care for their young. In less than three weeks, and if all goes well, each chick is ready to head off into the wild blue yonder, carrying “…the sky on his back”. Surprisingly, we have bluebirds nesting in our brand new Purple Martin house, which sits high on our dock and waves in the wind! Bluebirds made themselves at home before the Martins showed up this spring. The white coating

on the birdhouse keeps the interior temperature comfortable. Predator birds, like Starlings, can’t get into the small holes, and snakes and critters that eat bird eggs can’t climb up the pole. It can also be lowered to let us clean out old nests. However, it is not ideal for bluebirds. There is a lot of wasted space in that 3story apartment complex, because one mated pair of bluebirds is far more territorial than an entire Martin colony. In spite of this there is no chance our bluebirds will be evicted this year, but next year we may look for a new and better house specifically made for bluebirds. Certified Texas Master Naturalist, Kathleen Appelbaum, provided a reference to an outstanding website on bluebirds - Bet Zimmerman created this excellent website, and it offers bluebird enthusiasts a large range of information - how to attract them, feed them, keep them safe, help them breed, and much much more.

Female Eastern Bluebird eating a saucer full of June bugs

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Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend With A “Picnic On The Green” Featuring Live Music, Fireworks And More At Town Green Park Enjoy a two-day “Picnic on the Green” with free concerts, fireworks, strolling entertainers, activities and more at the annual “Memorial Day Weekend” produced by The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau, May 24 – 25, 2014 from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. at Town Green Park, 2099 Lake Robbins Drive.

The two-day celebration at Town Green Park in The Woodlands is free and open to the public thanks to Wells Fargo, Xfinity, Kyle Sherburne – State Farm Insurance, Munday Chevrolet, Bud Light, Houston Family Magazine and Sunny 99.1.

For more information on the The rolling green space of event, go to Town Green Park will serve as the home or call of “Memorial Day Weekend” for 2014 281-363-2447. due to construction in Waterway Square. About The Woodlands Families are encouraged to bring picnics and coolers. Located just 30 minutes north of Houston, Texas and minutes from On Saturday, May 24, bring a George Bush Intercontinental Airport, blanket or lawn chair to Town Green The Woodlands is the destination for Park and enjoy the alternative rock and leisure guests, individual business blues sounds of The Knowhow from 6 travelers and groups of all sizes. Visitors p.m. to 7:20 p.m. followed by the pop to The Woodlands and residents of the sounds of Will Makar & The Redline community enjoy more than eight from 7:40 p.m. to 9 p.m. Immediately million square feet of world-class following the concert, enjoy a fantastic shopping, dining and entertainment fireworks display presented by Wells options, more than 194 miles of hikeFargo, weather permitting. and-bike trails, 124 parks, the 1,700The celebration continues at acre George Mitchell Nature Preserve, Town Green Park on Sunday, May 25 the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, with The Buck Yeager Band from 6 p.m. kayaking on Lake Woodlands, and to 7:20 p.m. followed by the popular taking a cruise on The Woodlands Leannasaurus Rex from 7:40 p.m. to 9 Waterway. The Woodlands features p.m. The night sky once again will light world-class sporting events including up with a dazzling fireworks display, the Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas, weather permitting, after the concert. Insperity Golf Championship and the Nike South Invitational. The Woodlands Besides the great music, both also is home to more than 1,500 nights families will enjoy activities, a guestrooms in upscale and boutique face painter, balloon artist and strolling properties, select service, limited entertainers who are always a big hit service, conference and convention with the kids. centers and a resort.

The Polk County Republican Club May 6th Meeting The Polk County Republican Club has invited Ben Streusand and Brian Babin to speak at their May 6th meeting. Both men are campaigning to represent the citizens in the Texas 36th District of the U.S. House of Representatives All meetings of the

group are held on the first Tuesday of the month at "My Place Restaurant" in Livingston starting at 6:00 PM. Anyone interested is welcome to come to listen; ask questions; and join the club (membership is only $10.00 for the year).

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Monthly Meetings American Association of University Women (AAUW) Polk County Branch Meets the fourth Monday of each month, September thru April except December, at the First National Bank, W Hwy 190, Livingston, TX, 6:45 pm. For more information call 936-967-2531 or 936-9675065. American Legion Post 629 - Meets in Camilla Texas across from Browder’s Marina, we have our regular meeting every 2nd Saturday of each month at 10:00 AM for the legionnaire's. Our physical address is 1348 FM 3278 our post phone number is: 936-653-4708 for other info. Care Share Mission, Inc. of San Jacinto County - is a food pantry open from 10am until 2pm, weekly Monday and Thursday. We serve qualifying residents of San Jacinto County. We are located at 21 Butler St., Coldspring, Texas. You may call for more information during our working hours at 936-653-5543. CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocates – For information to become a volunteer donating time for children of Polk County, call Joanis Robertson at 936523-0519. Coldspring's Area Business and Merchants - Meets the second Thursday of the month at 8 a.m. at Paradise Grille. Call 936-653-2332 Coldspring / San Jacinto County Chamber of Commerce - Meets 3rd Tuesday, every other month. Dates are 5/14, 7/16/, 9/17, 11/19. Meeting are at noon for member luncheon at the Coldspring Community Center. Please RSVP to or call 936-653-2184. Board Meeting is the first Thursday of each month at 8 a.m. at the Chamber office. Families and Individuals thanking heroes – Meets the second Thursday of each month from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Livingston Physical Therapy office. For information, call Andrea at 936-327-4084. Friends of Myrphy Memorial Library- Friends are active workers in library projects and raise funds for library projects. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 11:00 a.m. at the library, 601 W. Church Street. Friends of the Onalaska LibraryFriends of the Onalaska Library support a wide variety of library projects. For details, contact the Onalaska City Hall between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays. You may also call librarian Jenny Quintin, at 936-646- Book (2665).

Future Farmers of America - FFA members learn leadership skills, public speaking and occupational skills. Call Candis Carraway at 936-328-2257 for information about FFA programs. Habitat for Humanity of Polk County Applicant Meeting - Meetings are held the last Wednesday of every month at First National Bank Westside. Applicants must be residents of Polk County. Meeting begins at 1:00 and generally lasts about an hour, depending on number of applicants in attendance. Please call our office at 936328-8529 or e-mail our office manager at for more information. Historical Jail Museum , Coldspring, Texas – Open 2nd and 4th Sat. of each month. Contact Barbara Shelton 713-6282402 for Tours. Hook 'Needle Charities Club – Meets the second Wednesday of each month from 1 to 2:30 p.m. at Memorial Medical Center – Livingston dinning room. The club crochets, knits and sews items for needy individuals. For information, call Joan Reeves at 936-327-1989. Lake Livingston Singles Club Meets the last Monday of each month at Jalisco's Texas Pepper Restaurant - Dinner @ 5 PM - Meeting @ 6 PM - for more information call 936 646-6707 or 926 3292234. The Livingston Art League - meets on the 4th Monday of the months Sept., Oct, Jan., Feb., April, and May, also the 1st Monday of Dec. at St. Luke's Episcopal Church at 836 Jones St., Livingston, TX 77351. Our time is 9:00am to 12:00 for our paint-in (everyone welcome to come and paint on whatever you chose) and 12:00 to 3:00pm for our meeting. We have refreshments and demonstrators who show all mediums. For more info. call Celeste Williamson, 936 967-2161 or email: Livingston Lion’s Club - Meets every Wednesday at 12 noon at Camp Cho-Yeh, For more information on meetings or joining contact Casey Evans 936-328-4888 or Henry Ager 936-327-0936 Livingston Rotary Club – Every Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. at Cho Yeh, For information , call Ray Gearing at 936327-2752. Piecemakers Quilt Guild – Meets the second Monday of each month at 9:30 a.m. at the First Baptist Church, 106 Colt Rd (59 the Hospital area). "Bees" are held at various times throughout the month. Call Kay Hardy at 936-329-3660 for more information. Come expand your quilting experience. Piney Wood Lakes Chapter of Texas Master Naturalist - Meets the first Thursday of each month at the Polk County Chamber of Commerce located on Hwy 59 North of Livingston. Our meeting time is 2 PM. Polk County Republican Club Meets every first Tuesday of the month at La Casita Mexican Restaurant on old Highway 59 (Washington Street) starting at 6:00PM for those wanting to eat and visit. The program begins at 6:30. Everyone is cordially invited to attend. For more information contact Penny Uselton at 713553-0962 Polk County Social Club – Meets every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the VFW hall. For more information, call Mary at 936-327-9015. Polk County SPCA - Meets the first Thursday at 6:00 p.m. at our new location, 802 S. Houston (Hwy 146). Use the Mary Street entrance. 936-327-7722 San Jacinto County Chamber of Commerce - Meets first Thursday of the month at 8 a.m. in at the Chamber's Office. San Jacinto Co. Historical Commission Presents Trade Days - 4th Saturday of the month, March - Nov. Call Amanda for more information 936-5228493. Shepherd Chamber of Commerce – Meets the fourth Monday of every month at 6:00 pm at the EDC Building on the corner of Rt 150 and McKellar St, in Shepherd. Call 936-628-3890. SJC Historical Commission - Meeting is the 2nd wed. of each month at 6pm at Paradise Grille. SJC Women's League - The Women's League of San Jacinto County meets on the second Thursday of each month, September through May, at the Coldspring Community Center. The monthly meetings begin at noon and include lunch and a program. For more information, call Katy Smith at 936-653-5556. Square Dancing - More fun than you

can imagine! Great Exercised! Fun, nice people having fun. No experience necessary, casual dress. Monday evenings at 7 pm at the Escapees Clubhouse 6 miles South of Livingston on 146, turn right on Providence, left on Escapees Drive. Call Jim & Betsy at 936-327-6410 for more information. Stroke Support Group “The Preventers” – The 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month, 1 pm at Guardian Health Care in Northridge Plaza, next to the hospital on the Hwy 59 feeder raod, Suite 400. A hands – on community forum for preventing stroke and helping those affected by stroke. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Livingston Chapter - Meets Thursday evening at Livingston Memorial Hospital lunch room. Weigh in starts at 4:30 pm. Meeting starts at 5:30 pm. For more information call Alice at 936-967-8811 or Teresa at 936-328-4170. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Onalaska Chapter - meets Thursday morning at Pine Forest Baptist Church on Hwy. 190 W. Weigh-in 9:00A.M. Meeting starts 9:30A.M. For more information call Betty Willis at 936-967-3913 or Doris Daniels at 936-967-8850. United Daughters of the Confederacy – Meets the second Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the Livingston Heritage House. The genealogical society welcomes the public. Veteran’s of Foreign Wars - Meets the 3rd Monday of the month at the Post Home, located at 3916 US Highway 59 North in Livingston (3 miles north of Livingston). Covered dish menu at 6:30 pm and the meeting starts at 7:30 pm. For more info 936-327-9119, Youth Movie Night - 2nd Friday of each month @ 7pm at Indian Ministries for Jesus, 195 Owl Hoot Trail, Livingston, Texas in Indian Springs Subdivision. Everyone is invited. Popcorn & Refreshments served. Pastor Lolo Garza. Please call Kim for directions or more info: 936-435-4203

To Submit your Monthly Meeting to Piney Woods Pathfinder please email info@PineyWoods This is a free service that is provided to the community.

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The Coldspring Merchants Present

5th Annual Car Show The Coldsprings Merchants would like to personally invite you to our 5th Annual car show. We are committed to making this a family friendly weekend and a car show no one will forget. We will also have vendors around the courthouse square, so the family will have plenty to do. You are asking where the heck is Coldsprings, and why would I want to go to a car show there? Coldsprings is 40 miles north of Humble Tx, 10 miles from Highway 59. It is a historical, quaint little town nestled in the middle of the Sam Houston National Forest and Lake Livingston. It is the gateway to Lake Livingston, and has some of the best camping and fishing in Texas. Whether you come in from Houston, Conroe or Huntsville, it is a beautiful scenic drive through the Sam Houston national Forest. The drive alone is worth the trip.

We are giving trophies (Plaques) for 17 different categories, 2 places for each category. The first 75 to register will also get a free hat. We will have 50/50 drawing, and all of our 50% will go to are Local Care Share, a worthy cause in itself. We are not out to make money, but to honor the hard work and time you have put into making your cars what they are, and to let others appreciate the work. We are just trying to cover the costs of advertising, trophies and rent. The Lake area will be packed with people, and we want them to enjoy something special. If you think your Rod is the best, please come and put your hard work against the competition if you dare. There are plenty of classes for every type of vehicle, so you are competing directly with like type cars . But only one will be

the overall best, will it be you? So come for the day, or bring the whole family up and spend the weekend. There is plenty of camping, Sunday houses and other place to stay for the weekend. The car show will be on May 31,2014, Registration starts at 9am judging starts at noon . This is an all-day

event, with Music-Food and Vendors around the court house selling their wares. For more Information please call Barbara Shelton 936-653-2332 or go to Hope to see you there, if you dare, Barbara Shelton, Merchants Association of Coldspring

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