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SEO Provides The Highest ROI There are several reasons why your business should begin a Search Engine Optimization campaign immediately, but the number one reason is because it will deliver the highest ROI compared to all other forms of advertising. Too many businesses think of their website as an expense and that is the wrong mentality to have! The quicker you can understand that your website is a revenue stream that can be optimized to work for you around the clock, the quicker you can begin to see and increase in organic search engine traffic which will lead to conversions and revenue. We are going to look at a recent case study involving a local law firm that was doing an incredible amount of business but had a very small presence online and didn’t spend a dime on their website. They were running a pay per click advertising campaign focusing on multiple “Attorney” and “Lawyer” keywords and phrases. These are some of the most expensive keywords to bid on, and a recent release of the top 20 most expensive keywords revealed that #4 was “Attorney” with an average cost per click at $47.07, and “Lawyer” came in at #6 with an average cost per click of $42.51. This is per click, regardless of how long the visitor stays on the website or if they turn into a client. As you can imagine this can get very expensive. Based on their located their average cost per click was a bit lower at $35, and their average monthly spend on pay per click advertising was $17,500 which resulted in about 500 clicks to their website each month. This law firm put a dollar value of each new client that they acquired at $10,000 and figured out that the traffic to their website was converting at 0.5%. Out of the 500 clicks each month they would average 2.5 clients, with a value to the firm at $25,000. Their monthly spend was $17,500 and that would bring in $25,000 resulting in a bottom line of $7,500. Not bad, but we knew that we could increase that greatly with the seo services in miami at Market Domination Media on the case. After three months of using our Platinum SEO service the results were amazing. We were targeting 48 keywords with a monthly search volume of 14,400 and the majority of the keywords were showing up in the top 3 results for each keyword on Google. Month number three saw 8,000 organic search clicks as a result of our SEO efforts. The conversion rate dropped slightly to 0.2% and brought in 16 traceable conversions with a client value of $160,000. Now the SEO service cost them $2,597 which resulted in a bottom line of $157,403. Do you think they now see the benefits of organic traffic? You bet they do! Their ROI from their pay per click campaign was approximately 43%, which is very strong, but what we are about to show you next is going to blow your mind. In month three of the SEO campaign the ROI went through the roof at 6,061%. Yes, you read that right: over six thousand percent! Now ask yourself why you are not starting a Search Engine Optimization campaign right now!

The benefits are tremendous and they will only continue to get better as the campaign is further optimized and the rankings improve even more. SEO is an ongoing process and it does not stop once a keyword reaches the number one position. Once we get a term in the top spot the heat is turned up because every other business is trying to get that coveted spot, so we then turn our focus to strengthening the position and making sure that the competition will not be able to out rank us. There are two choices when it comes to getting high quality targeted traffic to your business website. You can either pay for each click and spend an insane amount of money, or your can invest in the longevity of your brand and work on getting the website ranked for terms that will bring organic search traffic in a greater amounts around the clock. The cost is lower, and the results from SEO are better. There is no other form of advertising that can deliver the kind of ROI that an optimization campaign can deliver and it will only continue to get better. If you do not take action immediately then there is a good chance that your competition will and if you let them get too far ahead it will be next to impossible to catch up. As it becomes more evident that SEO is the way to go in terms of where to put your advertising budget, more and more companies will be stepping up their effort and it will become a race to the top. Are you going to sit back or are you going to take action and make sure it is your company that shows up in the top search position? If you are ready to dominate your market, whether local or national, our expert SEO professionals are ready to take you to the top. You can fill out the form on our homepage or contact page or simply pick up the phone and give our office a call. We can review your website with you, discus your goals and objectives and then create a custom solution designed to explode your revenue and position your business as the leader and top dog. We don’t play to come in second place. Our passion and pure love for what we do along with our competitiveness and expertise is the driving force behind every campaign. Knowing that you have the best people working on your SEO allows you to focus on what you are good at, and that is running your business. We know how to rank sites safely using ethical and moral methods that do not violate and of the search engine terms and conditions. If you are ready to reach the top contact us today and see what we can do for you! Visit

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0-24 seo services in miami  

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