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Eloisa Hudson owner of Sunglasses Etc. and Etcetera Boutique attended the University of California, Irvine with a major in Fine Arts and Platt College School of Design for Graphic Design.

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Text: Jacqueline PERRY Guzman

MAKEUP: Marie Tingson of Salon Fusion

Photography: Joe Cruz of Fstop Guam Photography

Wardrobe provided by: SM STORE

Hair: Camirin Duenas of Salon Fusion

How did you feel about winning people’s choice?

I was definitely surprised that I had won the people’s choice award. As soon as they announced my name my jaw just dropped. Nonetheless, I am truly thankful for all my family and friends who took the time to send emails and texts messages to help me win. How will you spend the $1,000 cash prize?

Since I am a student at the University of Guam as well as Guam Community College, I will use the prize money for my college fund because we all know college is very expensive especially when my major is nursing. What are you studying and why did you choose this area of study/field of work?

I am currently majoring in nursing. Growing up I was always interested in the medical field from being a veterinarian, a dentist, now

4 / JANUARY 2013

a nurse. I feel my calling in life is to help others and what better career is there that does so than nursing. I had taken classes in the certified nursing assistant program at Guam Community College and it gave me a little insight to what I will be expecting throughout my nursing education and career. I was truly honored to have taken the courses, it was not easy, but I had an abundant amount of support from my wonderful classmates and amazing teachers. Tell us about the photo shoot experience.

The fitting before the actual photo shoot was amazing and was more than I had expected. The fitting took a couple of hours but it was exciting. The next day I went to hair and makeup and the staff at Salon Fusion really dolled me up and made me feel comfortable. Then it was on to the location of the photo shoot. The location was beautiful. We took numerous photos and there were little visitors that enjoyed the action—mosquitoes.  The mosquitoes and other bugs did not stop me from having

a great time. The crew was hilarious and I enjoyed their company. I had to pose on uncomfortable surfaces, for instance, lying on the trunk of a tree and standing on rocky ground, but of course, I was willing to take one for the team to accomplish the shoot for the magazine. What are some of your interests? 

Some of my interests would include going to school, spending time with my beautiful family, spending time with my boyfriend Matthew— who is actually stationed in Key West since he is in the Coast Guard, but we get to Skype and he gets to come back home and visit when he can—and also relaxing with friends. When I was in elementary, middle and high school, I enjoyed playing sports. Some of the sports were soccer, basketball, volleyball and rugby. I also danced for Skip Entertainment when I was younger. I love to travel too. Embarking on a journey to a new place is what I always look forward to. Do you see more modeling in your future?

In the future, I see modeling as a

hobby because I believe that if I want to accomplish nursing as a career it will take up a majority of my time, not to mention how hardworking you must be in order to pass all the classes that it requires. I enjoy modeling and have always wanted to try it out, it is something fun and you get to meet new people which is what I love doing. If you could have one super power, what would it be?

I really question if this is a super power or not but I would want to be young forever, somewhat of a Peter Pan type of power. Being young you have so much energy and when I was younger I did not have to worry about bills, or driving myself everywhere, and then we had naps in school which I think should have been a necessity when we were in high school. But just feeling young, carefree, and always full of energy is something that I consider a super power, at least for me.


By Jolene Rae Toves

Zip Guam takes fun and adventure to new heights. Located at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa, Zip Guam provides a zip-line experience you will not easily forget. The skilled zip-line tour guide’s friendly attitudes and knowledge will be sure to help you put your worries aside to ensure a memorable and exciting experience. Zip Guam’s trained guides use special equipment and techniques to ensure its No. 1 priority safety is met. All who embark on this tour must first be securely strapped into the zip-line gear as each item plays a key role in maintaining safety. According to Zip Guam, a seat harness wraps the waistline and the thighs to provide safety with comfort. A chest harness is used in conjunction with the seat harness to keep you upright while on the cable. Pulleys allow the adventurer to travel from platform to platform on the cables. Multiple carabiners are used along with other course equipment to secure participants. A safety lanyard connects the participant to the transportation system and to the safety system. A pair of cloth gloves and a second pair of heavy duty leather gloves, are worn for protection and braking on the cable. To top it off a safety helmet is provided to all zip line adventurers to protect the head. Once dressed, a few moments are taken to view a zip line safety video; this short film explains the do’s and don’ts that will prepare you for your adventure.

After a short walk from the hotel to the zip line, you will find yourself perched on the first platform, 24-feet high and 216feet long, the start of butterflies in the stomach is normal. “Are you ready,” the guide asks as he secures the pulley to the line. With the “OK” hand signal you are off. Zipping through the line, with eyes open and grin on face you forget that you are scared of heights and enjoy a new perspective of your surroundings. Standing on the second platform you are relieved and eager for more thrills. With Zip Guam there is a total of eight platforms the first course has four platforms totaling

1,030 feet in length. By the end of platform No. 4 you may feel you are getting the hang of zipping down the lines, grasping the techniques of maintaining a straight position and braking that the guides make seem so effortless. At the end of platform No. 4, the guides lead you on a walk back to where you began. Zipping through the air the distance flies by in a matter of seconds, the walk allows you to enjoy nature and to see exactly how far and high your zip experience really took you. The first course complete, a little out of breath, platform five marks the start of the longest zip line

of the course at an amazing 548 feet long. This 1,116-foot course takes you through the tree tops with a stunning view of the ocean and mountain areas. The preparation of the first course allows you to enjoy the breathtaking view. By the end of the second course there is a sense of fulfillment and yet the urge to do it again abounds. Zip Guam’s professional and friendly staff, quality service and customer care makes soaring through the air safe and comfortable providing a unique and memorable experience for any adventurer. Open Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

JANUARY 2013 / 13


By Patrick Lujan

It was an honor to host humble superstar Wanderlei Silva and his wife Tea for six days on our island. Guam made such a huge impression on the Silvas that they couldn’t stop praising the people and the island. “I will never forget Guam,” Wanderlei said. “The people here are the most respectful people I’ve ever come across.” That says something considering his years of traveling the world to fight or make guest appearances. His main focus on the trip was to promote the ever-growing sport of jiu jitsu on Guam, but this bigger-thanlife figure took away more than just memories of the GSPN Jiu Jitsu Open on Dec. 1. GSPN sat down with ‘The Axe Murderer” as he readied to head back to Las Vegas and start preparing to train for his next UFC fight in the early part of 2013.

How would you describe your first trip to Guam?

It’s such a beautiful place and the people are so amazing here. I’m so happy I came and participate in the GSPN tournament. What did you think of the tournament and the talent you were able to watch?

The level of the students over here is very high. The location looked good. Congratulations to you for making it happen. It’s important to have tournaments like that on the island to grow the level of the students and build them. Maybe soon you will have a world champion from the island. What kind of fun stuff did you do on Guam?

I visited the National Guard.

The guys here from the Army are really cool guys. I had a big reception with the Dydasco Family with my friend Vince Gumataotao who trains me and other UFC fighters in Vegas. I’m so happy for the great reception his family gave to me on Sunday. You have a lot of fight fans here on Guam and you signed a lot of Pride memorabilia. What does that say about how deep your fan base is?

I love to receive support from the guys from the island. This is the first time [to Guam] but definitely not the last. The reception from the fans was unbelievable. Everyone was respectful. I definitely want to come back for the next GSPN Open.


I have a fight coming up maybe in March. I don’t know my opponent yet but I’m going to start training now. You have a lot of fans on Guam and I think you gained a bunch more with your humbleness and the big heart you have.

It’s all the respect that the people have given me and I give the respect back. There’s a lot of fun guys on this island, a lot of good guys. I’m so glad for you and the tournament, the Guard guys were great, all my new friends on the island. If anybody from Guam comes to Vegas and meets me, I hope I give the same reception to you as you did to me.

JANUARY 2013 / 15


HE SAID, SHE SAID Dear Mark and Jacqueline ,

HE says: That long-hired Paul Mitchell

I have a strange problem. My male friend has long hair and refuses to cut it, but at the same time he wants a better job. His long, wavy hair is parted down the middle and fly-away hairs and frizz bunches up at the top of his head making him look very sloppy. I have spoken to him about this countless times. I have even asked our attractive female friends to point it out to no avail. Can you please explain why having this hairstyle might prevent him from getting a better job?


guy is worth $4 billion. So long hair isn’t necessarily a hindrance to finding a good career. However, some professions keep a clean-cut image in order to maintain credibility (think law enforcement, banking, and cleaning product spokesman). Some professions may attach a stigma to long hair, like “slacker” or “unkempt” or even “patchouli-smelling, commune-living, flower-child stoner.”  If your friend is adamant about keeping his identity (and hair) intact, he’ll just have to choose from professions that allow it.  He can be an advertising executive, movie producer, photographer, makeup artist, or small businessman who sells patchouli and flowers.

SHE says: Can’t you do him a favor and

show him some products he can use in his hair to look neater? A decent haircut could also do him some good. He doesn’t have to cut all his long hair off, but he could get a trim that would make his hair look neater. If he refuses to cut his hair then I guess after these options there is little you can do. I admit I don’t know that many successful people who look “sloppy” as you put it.

“He said, She said” is a regular relationship advice column in MDM. To get advice from the columnists, send your questions to and type “He said, She said” in the subject line.

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18 / JANUARY 2013

JANUARY 2013 / 19


By Carmen Rojas Owner, Varsity Personal Training

Good Habits Happy New Year! This is a great time to start a new fitness routine or change your current routine to keep those results coming. This is also a great time to get rid of a bad habit and adopt a new one. So what habits do you need to take a second look at? Read below to find out what bad habits are holding you back the most, and what good habits will set your fitness results free.

Bad Habits Let’s get a jump start on the 2013 Naughty List and address some of the common habits that are wreaking havoc on your health and fitness. Smoking. If you change nothing else, this is the habit to change. This singular habit is reducing your life span and the quality of your life with every puff. This one habit increases not just emphysema and lung cancer, but increased rates of heart disease, other types of cancer, complications with diabetes, and other potentially fatal conditions are associated with smoking. It is worth the challenge of quitting to get this habit out of your system for good. Drinking. I don’t mean that you can never enjoy another glass of wine, or have a beer with your friends. What you have to change is drinking to excess. For most people, a social drink every now and then is not harmful, and even has some health benefits. Excess can be defined as consumption beyond the legal driving limit. If you have consumed to the point that you can no longer drive, this is considered excess. Drinking adds calories, and leads to dehydration which are both detrimental to any fitness goal. Keep it light and social, and you will be fine.

Here is how to line up next year’s Nice List. Eat whole foods. If it didn’t grow from the ground, or have parents it’s not whole. And if it’s had more than two processes applied to it in the process of going from field to shelf, it does not meet my definition of whole. Whole foods taste better, are better for you, and will leave you feeling fuller longer than processed foods. Exercise. Get out and exercise three to five days per week. Depending on your fitness goals, you can adjust how many days per week and what type of activities you do. If you want to lose weight, 60 minutes five times per week is recommended. If you are looking to define or add muscle three intense workouts per week are sufficient. Exercise not only burns calories and makes your heart happy, it keeps your brain sharp and can help ward off Alzheimer’s disease. Take my advice, and start this year off on a healthy foot.

Staying up late. Lack of sleep is proven to make it harder for people to lose weight. There are hormones that are important to weight loss that are released in your sleep. And, how many of you have tried to run a mile after only five hours of sleep? Didn’t go so well, did it? In order to do the exercises that you need to, in order to lose weight, you have to get adequate sleep at night. Sleep is critical, and it feels good too.

JANUARY 2013 / 21

JANUARY 2013 / 25


CHANGES By Kyle Mandapat

WHAT YOU MISSED IN 2012 Hafa adai and Happy New Year to my peepsquad! Holy cow, it has been a heck of a year behind us. I for one would like to congratulate everyone who had a stellar 2012, and tell everyone who did not have such a good time, that 2013 is totally yours. Of course, one of the biggest things that I can say I am thankful for in this the first month of a new is that all that 12/21/12 stuff was misinterpreted. The good news is that we can now start to resume our lives. All the people who spent all last year in a storm shed or an underground dungeon probably missed out on a lot last year. It is with that in mind that I present — THE PLANET KYLE REAL LIFE GUIDE TO THINGS THAT HAVE CHANGED ON GUAM IN THE PAST TWELVE MONTHS SINCE YOU HAVE BEEN HOLED UP IN THAT SHELTER.

IT TAKES LONGER TO DRIVE Okay, let me clarify. The roads on Guam didn’t get longer or anything. There are not more bridges, no tolls, no trolls, creatures or magical gateways or anything like that. There are just a whole bunch of people with their licenses. I am going to go out on a limb and say that it takes 20 minutes per village. That’s right 20 minutes per village and that’s only if there isn’t someone bush-cutting in the middle of the road, or a bikini car wash that will slow things down.

NO MORE LIFTING UP TO THE LORD Another, huge difference you are going to find on Guam if you haven’t left your house in one year is going to hit you like a Sunday ... on Sunday when you go to church. So here’s the deal, someone has changed the verbiage to all your favorite parts of Mass. I know it’s going to take some getting used to, but by golly once you get the hang of it, you’ll be okay. I’ll tell you this, since we all started trying to re-memorize the order of Mass the new way, I have notices fewer and fewer people falling asleep...

PLASTIC BAGS ARE EVIL Finally, if you decided to leave your house for the first time on Wednesday then you probably already know this. At select stores on Wednesdays, YOU HAVE TO BRING YOUR OWN GROCERY BAGS! It’s true. If you don’t you are going to be carrying out those carrots, those two gallons of laundry detergent, that pack of diapers and those three bananas in your shirt, or in a box. Come to think of it, the fact that we are using less plastic bags is probably the reason the world didn’t end last year...

Alright friends, thank you again for joining me on this journey. Thanks to everyone who has made this column so much fun. Until next month, I will see you on the radio!

JANUARY 2013 / 27


By Jolene Rae Toves Captain Kid Café has opened its fourth location at Sateena Mall in Dededo. Captain Kid Café first opened in 2003 at the Guam International Airport where it has a café and two kiosks. The three airport locations have serviced tourists, flight attendants and airport employees for many years. Antonio C. Macasaquit, owner of Captain Kid, wanted to expand his consumer market to include more local customers. Macasaquit says, “Based on the local market, Dededo is becoming crowded, I noticed there is no coffee shop in this area. Our regular customers have

also been pushing us to open a location outside of the airport. For many years I have been searching for a place to open in Dededo and I think it’s a good year to open up a coffee shop.” Macasaquit celebrated the soft opening of his coffee shop on Nov. 23. The coffee shop’s space spans 975 square feet with an 800-square-foot dining space able to accommodate 35 guests. Macasaquit hired 3R Construction Company to renovate the space to meet fire and safety standards but the interior design of Captain Kid is a reflection of Macasaquit’s passion

for aviation which he developed in childhood. Macasaquit’s love for aviation is not only evident in the name but tied into every aspect of the décor. The décor features airplane pictures and memorabilia as well as ceiling fan blades fashioned as propellers. The décor is a definite treat for fellow aviation enthusiasts who are eager to get away from the hustle and bustle, and soar in the clouds with Captain Kid. Macasaquit says, “We always listen to our customers, we see our customers as family and we try to offer what our customers want.” Captain Kid serves baked

goods, chocolate snacks, grilled sandwiches and wraps, 14 types of soup including arrozcaldo, and ramen. Macasaquit says Captain Kid serves two types of soup every day but the arroz caldo is a menu staple as it is a local favorite. Captain Kid also has a special sandwich every week that is highlighted. “We are looking forward to adding rice to the menu, a lot of customers have been asking and we try to bring what they ask to the table,” says Macasaquit. The Café also serves a selection of pearl shakes, smoothies, frappes, coffee, and teas. Continued to page 30

JANUARY 2013 / 29

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The friendly dining experience, tasty food and drink along with the decorative motif make Captain Kid not just a coffee shop but a delightful venue. Macasaquit says “we have good, quality service and great food.� Captain Kid has six employees and is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. See coupon on page 36


By Tom Strohmeyer

I am writing this article on Evernote. I find I do most of my writing on Evernote these days. Articles, letters, meeting minutes, blog posts — Evernote has become my external brain. So what is Evernote? Simply put, it is a text editor/notepad that is linked to the Internet. Everything I write down on the app is synchronized to Evernote’s website. Which means instant, effortless backup to the cloud. Everything I write in one Evernote app appears on any other Evernote app linked to my account on No more saving and moving files around from computer to computer.

Get started here:

And then there’s the Evernote Trunk. Trunk is the app store for Evernote — plug-ins and apps that hook into Evernote, capturing Web pages you visit, recording drawings and sketches you make in meetings, and even offering hardware that syncs with Evernote. One of the coolest gadgets available is the Livescribe Smartpen. It’s a pen that records what you write down on a piece of paper directly into Evernote, no typing required. So if you prefer to handwrite your meeting notes, you can still get the benefits of Evernote.

The real bonus is how every note gets sync’ed to other installs across my different computers. I write a note on the iPad, it shows up on my BlackBerry. I make a couple changes to the note on my BlackBerry and it shows up on my computer at work. I finish up the notes on my computer and it shows up on my laptop. And if I need it, I can just log into the Evernote website and pull up my stuff there as well. I actually wrote this article on Evernote; I wrote it on my iPad, edited it some more on my laptop at home, finally printed off a final copy from my desktop computer.

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